Possum's Special Additions AKA Rants 2010

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Possum Senior Reporter's Special Additions to the News

December 25, 2010 

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas everybody – Possum from the Lakeroad Ferret Farm here – just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome presents all you humans sent to us – man oh man mum is still putting things away for us – if you want to see us opening our presents you can see that here - http://www.ferretfarm.org/GivingTree10.htm Miss Mindy is getting the pictures up just as fast as our mum takes them – 

You humans are so kind and generous to us fur kids here at this shelter – mum even got some special things in our gift boxes – so we all want to say thank you for making our Christmas special again this year – 

We also want to say thank you to all the humans that work hard at getting the giving tree up to make these gift giving possible to all the shelters out there – Miss Melanee had to help our mum several times this year because she can’t figure out computer stuff – so an extra thanks goes out to Miss Melanee for taking the time to help our mum –

Thanks everyone for all our wonderful gifts - we hope you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year – Possum and all the fur kids that live here - 


December 24, 2010 

Hey what happened to telling me what is going on and what is going to go on here at the shelter – don’t you remember I am the senior reporter and should be kept in the loop – see even Mr. Dick says so "Tel-e-phone Tel-e-graph Tel-e-possum" -

I needed to know there were going to be lots and lots of humans here last Saturday but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a word to me – It was kept from me ** Possum tapping her foot in frustration ** I gotta tell ya mum was not prepared for that surprise – if I had known - I could have at least told her she needed to get dressed in her real cloths not in her hanging out “me day” cloths – Mum was not prepared for that day – no way - no how - she had to go get some real cloths on when she found out what was going to happen – you guys sure do keep good secrets – again I am the senior reporter – I should have been told –

Miss Mindy got the surprise up on the web site here http://www.ferretfarm.org/Birthday_Christmas_Surprise2010.htm Miss Brie brought the video she took to mum so she has it on You Tube here http://www.youtube.com/user/ferretfarm

Mr. Pete has video too but mum does not have that yet - 

Anyway mum told me I needed to tell you that she is going to be away for a bit today – Christmas Eve - she is going to have dinner with Old Lady Kay at noon then she is going to go see her 2 legged furless grand kids – why she wants me to tell you this is beyond me - I was not told or allowed to be in on the Birthday/Christmas surprise that was put together for our mum – but she said you needed to know – HUMP

I guess things around here are on a need to know basis now - 

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year 

Possum SENIOR REPORTER needs to know - 



September 25, 2010 

Possum here - Just reminding you that this is yard sale weekend – mum will be busy – tied up – not paying attention to me – so if you want to come get me out to love on me – I am on the east wall under Suzie Q and Trunks - in the middle of the bank of cages - Miss Cathy D where are you – 

Suzie Q here – ignore Possum – mum is not ignoring any of us – most notably Possum – we are just letting you know that the computer will be getting ignored over the weekend because mum will be busy with us and the yard sale. If you need mum to address something in a timely manner call her on the machine that is attached to the wall – mum will get back to you when she sees the message on the machine -



September 17, 2010 

Hey all you humans out there – are you enjoying the cooler weather – we sure are – we get to play on the porch now that it is cooler – mum asked me to give you an updated report on the upcoming yard sale weekend – 

Mum has saved some of the emails from the humans that said they would help – she did not save others – silly silly mum - so will you guys drop her a line to let her know what you told her so she can put the schedule together for next weekend –

Thanks Possum 



July 25, 2010 

Hello you humans out there! Possum here – today is the last day of the weekend yard sale – mum is pooped she said she would hate to think how much more pooped she would be had all the humans that were here to help had not been here! Mum says 3 cheers to all our helpers and a BIG thank you! 

Mum keeps muttering about how blessed we are to have so many shelter friends willing to take time out of their lives to spend time here helping shelter mum with the things she needs help with. 

Yesterday was hot! Hot! hot but no rain! Mums God Box worked – she tucked the day into her God Box for no rain so she could take things out of the barn – the things came out of the barn and were out all day! Well no rain is not all true we got big rain right after Miss Iliana and Miss Vicky closed up shop – mum was in the house with 2 people that told mum they have a ferret shelter up near Rome NY – they said some pretty dumb things about what they were doing – meaning it was harmful to us fur kids – so mum told the girls she was going to bring these people in to teach them some stuff they can do that is not harmful – the girls agreed mum needed to do that – they heard the things they were saying too! Mum spent a good amount of time showing them around the shelter and giving them tips on what she does with the things she was uncomfortable with what they were doing. Mum even got me out so they could love on me! Mum gave them some papers that she and shelter friends put together with good safe ideas for us. She sent some toys home with them for their fur kids too – mum calls that building bridges. 

Anyway the day was a huge success Miss Stacie and Miss Jill stopped in for a bit – Miss Stacie helped mum get one of the huge cages that was down in the garage for over a year – brought it up to the barn yard - it sold 45 min after it got put there!~ yeah thanks Miss Stacie for helping mum get that up there! 

So one more day mum will not be on line or answering the telephone – mum says she will be glad to go back to work on Monday she does not work so hard there! 

Suz and I will report in tomorrow morning with weekend results! POSSUM it is SUZIE not Suz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

OKAY! Suzie 

Until tomorrow 



July 24, 2010 

Hey! Hey! Hey you humans out there! Mum came in from the barn/ yard sale all soggy like a potato chip sitting in a water dish – I know what soggy is because that is how I like my chips when I can snatch one from mums bag – 

Anyway it rained and rained all day yesterday – mum and Miss Jackie opened up the yard sale at 8 am folks started rolling in shortly after – mum and miss Jackie put plastic up on the sides of all the canopies they have up over stuff – but there was so much rain that things were getting wet – Miss Jackie did a wonderful job making sure that anything that would be ruined in the wet got put someplace it would not get wet. Mum changed into dry cloths 3 times. 

Mum had us kids settled until it was time to move first shift back to bed and get second shift up – Miss Jackie watched the sale while mum came in to do the shift change and get something to eat. Mum had some of that yummy fast gluten free food that came in the mail – Mums brother Tim and Al came to look at our garage roof that is falling in – Mr. Tim – mums brother - says the roof can not be saved! It needs to be torn down so mum is in a quandary over that – but she said she was not going to think about it until after the yard sale is done and over! 

Miss Sue K pulled in about 11 so that freed mum up to come up here to finally take care of us – Possum stop it – okay so it is still raining off and on all day so Miss Sue and Miss Jackie take care of things up at the barn while mum is in here taking care of us – then mum got back up to help for a little bit before she had to go to work – Miss Brie pulled in about 1:45 to relieve mum for work and Miss Jackie to go food shopping for her week with her 2 legged furless grandkids. 

When mum got home from work Miss Brie, Miss Sue and Mum closed up the yard sale about 4:30 so they could go in to help mum get the shelter caught up. Mum had second shift to put away, third shift to get up, meds to do and cages to clean. With the help of Miss Sue and Miss Brie mum had us done on time and no one got sick because meds were late. Thanks Miss Sue for coming in special to love on me! Miss Brie thanks for giving us our meds. 

So it starts all over again today Mum is opening the sale at 8 am and Miss Jackie said she and her grand kids were going to be here by 9 – do not expect to hear from mum again until tomorrow morning if you call her she will not be in the house to answer the phone. So far the sale has been a success – we hope to sell out of everything today - 

Possum and Suzie Q



July 13, 2010 

I have a secret for you humans out there owned by ferrets or not! 

As we told you a bit ago we are having a yard sale on July 23, 24, and 25 a lot of what we are selling is from the home of old lady Kay that mum was caring for. Her daughter has requested that the proceeds from the sale come to us - the fur kids here at the shelter! Other stuff is from Miss Jackie and Miss Mindy. 

Now for the secret – mum says if you guys come to help and work you should also bring something to wear to get in the pool. It is going to be hot so when you need a break- if you need to cool off - you can go jump in the pool. 

So here is the plan: 

The sale is going to start on Friday the 23rd if anyone is available to help that would be great because mum is now doing her summer bus run so she will have to leave at 2 pm to go do her run she will need someone to watch the sale then. 

Saturday the 24th mum thought we could have a picnic along with the sale – bring a dish to pass – and we can eat – work and swim if you need to cool off. 

Sunday the 25th will be some sale and clean up day, again mum needs some help – we fur kids do not stop making messes when things like this are going on - so mum will need someone to help watch the sale while she is in moving us around and cleaning up after us. 

So will you please come help us do the sale to make money for us? PLEEEEASE?

Possum and Suzie Q



July 5, 2010 

Oh boy what a weekend we had with Miss Donna D! You were right Suzie - Miss Donna does get us up more. When Mum got home Miss Donna said she only had one more kid to get up – you – and things were done in the shelter. I did not tell her we were not supposed to be getting up until morning. Mum looked around and discovered what Miss Donna had done. She was getting our bank of cages up again after putting us away the same morning. Mum laughed and laughed.

Miss Donna did a super job taking care of us and got all kinds of things done while she was here. We had a great time hanging out with her all weekend long. Miss Donna you can come stay with us anytime…

Mum got home about 6 Sunday night, and took a “me” day to recuperate on Monday. She took care of us, napped – took care of us - she was up past her bed time all weekend long. Like past 10 PM so she was really pooped when she got in. 

Anyway Mum is home – we are happy – Miss Donna is happy to have her life back too! We love you Miss Donna thanks for taking care of us while our mum was gone. 

Oh Yeah the wedding was beautiful and mum says she is really glad she went. 

More about the weekend in our next news. 

Possum and Suzie Q



June 5, 2010 

Hey! Hey! Hey out there in human land. Mum told me I could send out a note to remind you that today YES today is clinic day. The day has finally arrived and mum really did not have too many outburst, I am not sure if that means she is getting used to doing this or she is old enough to decide what gets done gets done and the rest does not matter. 

It is raining out side this morning, it is cooler, mum keeps muttering she hopes it stays that way, the canopies will keep the humans dry but we fuzz butts like to dance in the wet grass. Mum says this weather is better than HOT weather, I have to agree. 

As you can imagine when mum spends days getting things ready out in the yard for clinic day not much in our shelter gets done, well the cages get cleaned and we get out and moved but not much else gets attended too. This morning there is clean laundry stacked on top of our sleep bunk, the floors need to be swept but mum says she has tomorrow to do that when clinic is all done. 

Miss Mindy made a surprise visit on Friday, Miss Stacie, Miss Jackie and Miss Jill all came to help get canopies and tables up, chairs out, the play yard mowed and the toys and pool ready for our fuzzy cousins to come out to play in our play yard. 

Shelter mum wants you to know she will take Sunday to recoup and rest she will check in with you all on Monday.

If you are close enough to come hang out we would love to have you stop by to have some ferrety fun. 

Have a wonderful weekend I know we are going to! Psst will someone come get me and take me out so I can be the one site reporter, I really hate having to report second hand news. 

Senior Reporter

Well another clinic day under our belts or fur depending on if you are 2 legged or 4 legged. 

Mum is bushed, hardly walking if you want to know the truth. Clinic day was a huge success mum got to meet two new ferret families, which she has been connected to by computer only. Finn is a sweet albino boy and Meiko is a beautiful black sable. Mum loved on them both. 

Mum told Meiko that she has never met a ferret she did not like, and that is the truth. Mum said I could send out a short note tonight and then tomorrow mum will have me and Suzie Q do the news for you all to hear about our day.

Mum says she is going to bed… 


April 28, 2010 

Hello humans out there!

We have a special report for you. I heard shelter mum talking to Miss Iliana and shelter mum was telling her that our 12th Annual Ferrets Only Clinic day is just around the corner; it is just 5 weeks away. If you want all the details you can find them here


You do not have to come to see our favorite Doc. (ferrets that is not you humans) you can come have fun with other humans that are owned by ferrets, and learn more awesome stuff about us,  your ferrets can come hang out in our special “famous” play yard, you humans can eat all the foods that shelter mum can not eat, plus there is going to be 2 auctions this year, one auction is the one our Miss Mary B. puts on every year with all kinds of ferrety things you can get for your fur kids.

The second auction is special this year; Miss Lynne W. made another stained glass piece for us. Thanks Miss Lynne for all your hard work to help support us fuzz butts here at the shelter.  You did an awesome job again this year! We are auctioning it this year because of the new raffle laws in effect. So come join us on clinic day and get in on the bidding! This is what the piece looks like http://community.webshots.com/user/lakeroad2

Registrations are rolling in so if you need a special time to see our favorite doc. please get your registration in so shelter mum can help you get the time you need. We look forward to seeing you on clinic day! 

Possum senior reporter.



March 15, 2010 

Possum here: HEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out there in the human world, Mum asked me to send out a SOS. NO not Support Our Shelters! A real SOS although I don’t know why because we are not on a ship! Anyway here’s the scoop. Mum needs a really really smart person that knows how to fix lectric stuffs like stoves and ovens. The shelter's stove and oven is acting up sorta like me when I am on a rant only the stove/oven is ranting with wrong temps, and burning things up on mum. I at least don’t burn things up! Some of the burners only work on high. The oven temp thing is off and when Mum tried to use it, she set it at 350 and the oven went to 400. Mum turned it down and the oven BROILED instead of baking. What we would like is to get it fixed cause it is only 10 yrs old and it all works it just does not work at the right temperature, does anyone out there know how to fix stuffs like this? If you do can you come help mum fix our stove/oven.

Possum here: Just want you to know mum is not MIA. She has had some new kids come in that do not want to be here so she is spending lots of extra time doing dropper feedings and lots of extra loves so they learn they will be happy here with us. 

We are up to 47 kids so Mum is BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! We still have 6 empty cages so we hope NO ONE needs us any time soon……….. 

Mum says she will get to your email (she has 83 of them) when she gets the new kids stable and happy. 

Thanks for understanding.   

February 25, 2010 

Possum here: Mum told me I need to make a huge apology to Miss Kathy for complaining about the rooms I could not play in while she was here. She also told me that I will be eating crow for a few days because of it. Here is the very, very special report and the reason I am sending Miss Kathy the apology! 

Good morning- we are having snow again- no place to go today so I am doing my research on the 501 project- when you can, will you send me all the documents you have- the corp documents- a list of the board etc- the mission statement- or direct me to the person who has them- and also alert folks who care that I am "on to this"- at no cost to you or anyone- What is perfect is that the shelter corporation has few or no assets- I assume- IRS loves groups to start from nothing, not to have a major gift that has to be explained- I did this process with $3.3 Million gift- and that took a lawyer and some time- but I can do this one without a lawyer and on my nickel- there is a fee to the IRS- Marilyn and I will cover that- Also starting to search for grant makers who like ferrets! Hope your day goes very well- kjc

SOOOOOOOOOOOO My sincere apologies Miss Kathy for being a fuzzy brat to you last week! Mum tells us fur kids all the time that we are blessed by the people that touch our lives. She is right. You have touched ours in inmeasurable magnatuedes (do I sound smart?) sorry I am supose to be serious here! So shelter friends, Miss Kathy is going to work on getting us not for profit tatus………..THANK YOU MISS KATHY.

PS: Her kitty Hannah is sponsoring the new kid Titch that came in last week, too. I guess I need to start listening to Mum about our blessings. Sincer apoligies Miss Kathy for being a fuzzy brat! 

February 19, 2010 - 3 pm  

Possum here: The non-ferret human has gone home! She just left… we have our house back!

February 19, 2010 - 9 am  Possum here: Will somebody please come get me outta here! I don’t want to be in the shelter anymore; I am being used and abused in this house!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Cathy D. Please come get me! Mum has Old Lady Kay’s daughter staying with us, (Miss Kathy) she came in Tuesday from New Mexico and is STILL HERE! Mum says she and Miss Kathy are trying to find Old Lady Kay a safe place to live! HUMP some excuse that is, I don’t believe her! Mum has kicked us out of the kitchen, upstairs bathroom, and HER living room, all because Miss Kathy is here staying with us. (Miss Kathy is a NON-FERRET human) Oh she likes us well enough, and she does talk to us and sometimes when Mum is around she will ask to hold and love on us BUT mum WILL NOT LET US IN THE REST OF THE HOUSE! Mum’s excuse is we poo whereever we want, (only sometimes) and we drag toys out in the middle of the rooms (on occasion) and we get into things like Miss Kathy’s cosmetic bag (thanks Precious Heart for escaping and making that EXCUSE true!) Precious Heart got into Miss Kathy’s room too and rummaged through her travel bag. Somebody come save me from this abuse! 

Possum Senior Reporter .until someone saves me!   

February 9, 2010  

Possum here: I just wanted to let everyone know there will be no shelter day this coming Sunday, February 14th, at the Lakeroad Ferret Farm in Naples New York. Mum is going out to do a home visit for a family that Chloe and Izzy picked to fall in love with and want to go live with. Miss Donna and the Garman that Miss Loana got Mum for Christmas are going with Mum so she does not get lost. We need her to come home to take care of us. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!