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   • Surrendered to the Shelter on March 18, 2015.
   • Gypsy is a female.

   • Read about how they arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.    • Gypsy has a far away family in San Diego, CA!

January 5, 2018:
  I forgot to tell you about Gypsy… that little girl has come a very long way.. Miss Donna was able to pick her up and handle her when she was here last Saturday. Miss Marcia got her out of her cage and moved to the play area when she was here last Wed. Gypsy is starting to trust more than me.

September 10, 2017:
  I got Gypsy moved into the ferret room - she is on the south side of the room in a bottom cage but up off the floor. she has 2 storage drawers under her cage so any fuzz butt walking by would have to stand up to look into her cage, they generally don't do that. Raine was in that cage so the cage door was already covered in coroplast to keep Gypsy from removing her cards.

September 3, 2017:
  Gypsy should have been moved but she is still not ready to be around a lot of activity - she is settling in nicely I don't want to cause her to go backwards.

July 3, 2017:
  I got the barrier where Chardonnay was poking her nose through and got bit by Gypsy covered with a piece of coroplast. It could be secured better but I need a second set of hands to do that. This will keep noses out from between the bars.

June 27, 2017:
AM: I have Gypsy in the window end of the dining room, the 3 new kids in the kitchen end. I was finishing up getting kids into play areas when I heard screaming from the dining room end of the house.
  Gypsy and Chardonnay were face to face at the gate, Gypsy had Chardonnays nose pulled though the wire and would not let her go. Chardonnay was screaming and crying - her face is a mess. When Gypsy finally let Chardonnay go char had tears in her eyes and was just screeching. I padded her face will cool water to clean the blood off her. I brought her up to give her a pain med shot. I will need to start her on Moxy too her little face is torn up.

PM: There is little swelling on her face a few spots where Gypsy's teeth broke the skin. Char is eating kibble so I guess she is not in a lot of pain any longer. I gave her soup with Moxy tonight I will keep her on that for at least 7 days to be sure she does not get an infection.

June 21, 2017:
  Gypsy got into trouble today, I have no idea how she got to that shelf. Before I got her down she had that shelf she was on cleaned off, all the rags fell into the water fountain. Little snot!


May 27, 2017:
  Gypsy spent her first night in a cage. Up until yesterday she was living in the playpen. She has shown in her demeanor that she has become comfortable in all areas, allows me to wake her to move her. I decided it was time to put her in a cage. She moved into Mr. T's cage. I found her in the hammock this morning.

May 12, 2017:
  Gypsy got to use the library first this morning, she found the rice box.. Oh my she was having a ball. She is beginning to act like a ferret, she seemed interested in chasing my feet this morning, trouble is I had my slippers on so I was a bit unsure I wanted her to catch me.

May 11, 2017:
  Gypsy is back in the kitchen end of the dining room this morning, I heard her in the bean box. Her shaking has stopped, she will come to the barrier and allow me to pick her up. she is still a bit timid when I reach for her but allows me to pick her up.

May 10, 2017:
  I put Gypsy in the front end of the dining room, she found the bean box. Oh my she is having a ball - digging, jumping and running from end to end. I believe she is starting to feel like she is safe. She has shown no signs of wanting to bite me. I am being careful but she is starting to trust me. She is going to do fine, and be happy. Here she is in the box and then getting out to see what the flash was when the camera went off.


May 10, 2017:
  The lady that brought her was calling her Gypsy. She is still pretty scared but no bites.

Arrival story, May 9, 2017:
  She is from MA - she was found out in a back yard, when she was captured she was found to be a severe bitter, in the county. she was found in, there is a no quarantine S.O.P. the decision was made to get her out of the state before she could be euthanized.
  We were contacted early yesterday morning asked if we could help. I told them if you can get her here we will help. She got here about 6:00 - I fed and watered the person that brought here in, she left about 6:45. I put the little one in the playpen for the night, she is terrified, but looks to be in good health. Little albino girl. She ate, and drank through the night, I offered her an N-bone - she took it she likes them. I am being careful of my hands but I am guessing the bite was because she was out and about, scared and captured. I expect once she knows she is safe she will be fine.