Here is Hope

Hope has a new home as of August 31, 1999.
Hope went to live in Corning, NY with Gus, Zak and her paranoid momster.

Update December 27, 2004
I'm reeling at the moment, trying to get my head and heart around this thing. They did 2 x-rays and then a barium x-ray. I was there until 7:30 PM waiting on those results.

There was impingement from the outside on the small intestine. She went into surgery this morning at 8:30. He essentially took a biopsy and closed her up as there is cancer all the way thru her. He feels because she had so much energy and vigor, and ate so well, that she has some quality time IF the meds work. She'll have to be on anti-inflammatory as that's why she's having to go potty all the time... it's inflamed. There is bowel movement. We'll know better what meds to use after the biopsy comes back with type of cancer. Whatever it is, time is limited of course.

I thought perhaps she'd be the ferret to live to be an old lady. She's 6... I haven't had a ferret live beyond 6 years old.

Update 12-29 2004
Well the little poop is home. She ate soup at the vets but wouldn't crunch. They made sure that I knew she could survive on soup if she refused crunching. Let me tell you...I walked in the door, set the cage down, opened the door and reached in and picked up a piece of kibble and dunked it in water. She CHOWED it! She then proceeded to eat about 8 pieces of kibble. I let her out to walk around a bit for a couple of minutes and she wanted to RUN!

So far, according to Mary, she hasn't had to strain to poop since getting the Pred! YAHOO!! She did a fairly normal poop in the cage on the way home. I say fairly...it was slightly formed and soft. Before it wasn't even formed the least.