Pooh and Honey AKA Lily and Iris

Pooh and Honey AKA Lily and Iris

Lily and Iris have a new home as of May 3, 2003.

Lilly left for Rainbow Bridge on June 18, 2004
Iris left for Rainbow Bridge on December 6, 2004

Pooh and Honey, now known as Lily and Iris, went to live in Masadon, NY. Pooh and Honey came from Pa. in August of 2002, with a cage mate Tequila. Tequila crossed over Rainbow Bridge in February 2003, from Lymphoscarcoma. Pooh and Honey AKA Lily and Iris have found a forever home with three wonderful ladies.

This piece is from Lilly's owner (12 yrs old).
Lily was the Best ferret ever. She was the sweetest thing who loved everyone and everyone loved her. God Bless her soul forever....!

This post is from her owner Alicia to her mom the morning after Iris died
..... I am eating Lucky Charms right now... I've been eating the Cinnamon Toast crunch to try to avoid them because of Iris. I just remember feeding them to her. But the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is gone so I have to eat the Lucky Charms. I think of her when i eat them though... its so weird. Oh well... i really think there is a heaven where she is young and runs and plays with Lily. And Lily was waiting right there for her to come over "the rainbow bridge" And I bet iris can see and hear and have all of her young kid fur. She probably gets all the ferrettone, soup and foamy fries she wants (along w/Lucky Charms!) She is probably really happy up there!!!
Love, Alicia

Update: November 28, 2004
Okay, Iris is training me very well. She ate some kibble yesterday as long as I hand feed her! I am feeling optimistic.

Update: September 20, 2004
I just wonder if you have any suggestions for a mostly bald senior ferret girl with itchy dry skin? Can I put some kind of lotion or something on her? She gets small sores occasionally from scratching with no fur to protect her skin. Too bad we cant put clothes on her!

Update June 16, 04
Dear Shelter Mom
We just had to show you how much we like our new bright summer stuff! The hammy is sooooooooo soft- we love it the best!
Lily & Iris