Jack aka Eggie Bear

Jack and Sammy came to the shelter September 10, 2007
DOB 2005

Sammie has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge

Jack has found a new Forever Home and his wings on May 26, 2010

Jack and Sammie came from a home in Cheektowaga, N.Y. Another story of a parent buying a pet for the children, the parent expecting the children to care for the pet independently and the children do not take care of them. Both sweet furkids are 1 and 1/2 years old.

Updated: May 27, 2010 

It is me, Jillie Feet Ryan, I have to type softly as Momma is sleepin. She did a Chakkra Blessing on Eggie last night and asked the angels to take him to Rainbow Bridge in the light of Our Grandmother Moon. She felt his spirit leave and placed him in his special cage to let his body give up. 

I held her special with my little paws as we stood looking out at the bright full moon. She said Eggie gave her ferret kisses many times yesterday. Eggie Bear is not a kissy kind of Bear and that is how she knew.

Thanks for putting Brother Eggie in the God Box, it helped him get to the Bridge and he didn't really suffer much at all. Momma thinks lymphoma too. 
Jillie Feet Ryan

Updated: May 26, 2010
EPooossssuuuummmmm and Quuueeee:

Are you there???

This is Jillie Feet Ryan. Eggie Bear (he was the kid who lived with Sammie who passed to the Bridge before she got moved over here in Brockport - Our now Momma called him Jillie Jack after me cause he looked like me.)

Eggie needs you two or Mum to put him in your special God Box.

He is not feeling too good. He gots insulinoma now and Doc and Momma been working on his meds to get him balanced. Momma thinks he gots something else going on so he is getting blood work and fluids at Doc G's. 

He was just there the other day because Momma didn't think he was acting right. She calls him her "complex bear" as he hides stuff with his cheery, happy go lucky personality. Momma said he was very alert and very interested in the new smells when she dropped him off but he was not his strong, pink and handsome self. 

You may bill us later for one God Box Prevention Session as I still have a bank account on account of I still mop floors.

And I take care of my buds.

Thanks Possum and Q for the help, say hi to all the other kids and Mum for us. 
Miss Jillie Feet Ryan

Updated: March 19, 2010
Edgar is doing well, he makes me think of Traveler as he is a bit more fragile than the others and while he is caged with and snuggles in a huge "pig pile," of five others he is still some what of a loner. We have started treating him for IBD and I have a new treatment I have to talk over with Doc Gshrey that other shelters are finding helpful. He also has a new Des implant and again, a gorgeous fluffy body of fur. His eye injury has never been a problem, only an inconvenience to which he has adapted well. I make it a point to start his feedings holding him to be sure he is taking in enough food. He is like the goats that run and fall over feet in the air -- giggling goats? I think they are called. He comes to the kitchen "lounging rug" and rolls over feet up, hanging out with us. He too is selective regarding snacks.

Updated: February 13, 2010
All kids are well. Luke and Eggie are going to get ultrasounds to compare original measurements as I think they are running out of Des in the implant - Luke is getting aggressive - Luke of all ferrets - the lover!! 17 months isn't bad! Both have gorgeous coats still. Scooter got Des in October, had new Des hairs in 4 weeks. Scooter and Charlie are very cuddly bears now. Jack and Jill are hysterical. They are like watching three Stooges movies with toys in and out of rooms chasing each other. Both still have the beautiful coats they came with. Jillie is still mopping!
More later CR.

Updated: September 29, 2008
Hi Mum;

Itís me Eggie, the ferret of the world. You remember, Edgar Cayce Ryan, alias Jack and Jumping Jack Flash! Iím having a good time over here in Brockport. My new Mom takes me along with Feetsie (heís our Grandpa Bear) whenever she travels cause he has to have his meds. My job is to be his companion bear. I came back to the shelter for Clinic Day. Remember? Mom helped run the raffle table and Poppa had to go play Civil War, that meant no one was home to give Feetsie his meds. Thatís how Feetsie and I got to come and meet the people and have a good sniff of the yard and all Mary and Joyís fur kids. We even got our picture taken! Iíve also traveled to Grandma Schausí house twice and even far away to Pittsburgh to visit our friend Jackie the ferret stencil lady! Sheís got fur kids. She even had our ferret motel rooms ready. Feetsie and I were suppose to share a double, but Lukey Dukey Boy decided he liked his hammie in the carrier and Feetsie wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers sack on the first floor Ė he went right to bed after a few cruises and sniffs of the neighborhood. I however, am a high energy bear and stayed up late with Mom. At bedtime I got the second floor single with the nice view!

Mom says I am a manic depressive bear. When I am quiescent, I am very quiet. When I am up and going, I am Jumping Jack Flash. I can clear three feet and even latch onto Momís bare knees. This is not something she particularly likes, but she seems to understand and still chases me, plays bull fighter with kitchen towels, throws blankets over me and stuffs me in tubes!

I like to play with Tunie, she and Feetsie are my most bestest buds. White Bear and Smokey are very friendly too. Travvie is a little bit ascared still, since he never used to come out of his cage or have any friends before Mom and you saved him. Luke and I donít particularly see eye to eye yet, but Mom hopes we can become friends. Jack and Jill and Scooter and Charlie donít like me to be around when they are out. They are kind of the bullies of the block. Mom says she thinks they are jealous that more kids have come to share their house, family and toys. Mom says sheís got lots of love for all of us and those four will not be shorted their share of hugs and kisses. She says Poppaís got lots of love too, but he doesnít like people to know he is really a marshmallow inside. He always scoops me up and thinks I am Eppy, cause he thinks I am having Episodes just like Jilllie! You know, looking like Eppy is how I got picked for a new forever home. Mom started calling me Jillie Jack and Sammie Sammie Jack, because she looked like Jack from Jack and Jill.

I miss you and Sammie, but have a good life over here. Thanks for giving me a home until my Forever home came along. Mom said she will send new pics when my hair comes back.

I have to go now, it is my turn to jump around and cruise the joint!
Catch you later Mum! Eggie.