Rosie and Ralfie with an F

Rosey and Ralfie with an F please!

Rosy is a Dark Sable Female 4 years old
Ralfie with and F looks like a Silver boy 4 years old

Rosy earned her Wings on February 14, 2009
Ralfie earned his Wings on October 8, 2009

Arrived at the shelter on August 23, 2008
Rosie and Ralfie came in named NBK and Rosie:

NBK the female, Rosie the male, Cathy changed the names to fit the kids. The fur kids were living in Dunkirk, New York with a family that had little ferret knowledge.

Ralfie with an F was brought in to me already battling adrenal disease; fortunately, Cathy R. did the meet up with the owner for surrender. Because Cathy lives in Brockport, they were already just minutes from the vet we use. Cathy R. kept them until Doctor Edwards could look him over; Ralfie with an f had adrenal surgery Four days after being surrendered to the shelter.

Rosie and Ralfie with an F

Update: December 24, 2010

Hello; I am the former owner of Rosie and NBK. I just learned of their passing by going to your site. I could not bring myself to do so until now as I knew they were sick and knew what I would eventually find out. I am in tears writing this!!!

I am sick and saddened that I ever had to give them up, and missed them every day once they were gone. even to this day. but our home was in foreclosure and we have since lost that home. I Do however, object to the bio saying we had "little ferret knowledge", that was not true, we had Little money!!

before we surrendered them to your rescue they had warm bedding, a clean cage, toys and plenty of out time and excersise, lots of love and handling! treats and medicine.... until things changed so drastically with our family. I need to ask you to please remember that not all of us are blessed with financial stability. moving, job loss and a handicapped daughter have been very hard on our family and our pets. we did not "replace" our ferrets. we know enough not to get any animals we cannot afford to care for completely.

I contacted you because I was not going to sit back and watch these babies be sick when I KNEW I could no longer care for them financially. isn't that what rescue is about? my life was falling down around me at the time and we are STILL barely making it because of the economy and lack of jobs in our area, 

please, please, I appreciate all you did for these 2, I truly do!!

but when you take an animal Into rescue try to remember you are sometimes leaving a broken hearted, desperate family behind, who are experiencing a loss that cannot ever be truly healed! please count your own blessings that you have the means to, and are willing to be a rescuer! Thank you again for your care of my babies. I will be a long time getting over what I read.... 

Update: June 26, 2009

I had to run Ralfie to Doc today. He had puss coming out of his penis this morning. When I called the office they wanted to see him. So Ralfie and I packed up and headed off to Brockport. Bless Doc’s heart he took us in the exam room within minutes of arriving at the hospital. 

Doc’s words and concern was “why is he still having prostatic issues 4 weeks after surgery”? His concern was Ralfie not being able to pee. 

Ralfie bless his little heart left a puddle of pee on the floor, Doc was thrilled to see it, picked it up with a syringe filling that 3 ml syringe to the max with his deposit. That concern over; Doc did a palpation and found Ralfie’s bladder was still full. He expressed the bladder getting 2 more good size puddles out of him. 

The course of action we are taking is putting him on Baytril ¼ tab once a day for 2 weeks. Ralfie and I were happy to come home together. 

Ralfie has had his soup with his first dose of Batryl this evening. 

Update: May 29, 2009

I talked with Mary yesterday Ralfie did go through surgery, he was up rearranging his cage while I was speaking with her. She said it was likely he could leave for home on Friday

I would like him out of the hospital today if they will let him go, Stephanie will you do that for me if they say he can leave? They told me to call at 9. Donna said she would meet up with you to get him to Naples. 

Sorry about not getting back to you yesterday, I was interrupted several times when I came up to email to let you know what I found out. I tried to leave you a message on your cell it would not allow me to do so.

I called Tom and left the message with him.

Update: February 14, 2009

Rosey and Ralfie were part of the night crew last night; I found them both in the toy box cuddled together. I put them up into their cage with some ferretone and went about putting the remainder of the night crew away. At 6 am I went back to the shelter with the soup, Ralfie and Rosey were getting soup just because. I started Rosey on soup and Moxy when she was sick a few weeks back, she at the time did not like soup, but as time went on she would increasingly take more soup. She was up to 25 to 30 mls each feeding. 

I was no longer giving her meds but was still getting soup two times a day, actually eating it on her own. This morning her little butt was hanging out of the cube sack, I took her out to give her, her soup and discovered she was gone. It appears she died on her way into the sack. 

Rosey has been here less than a year, it saddens me that these kids get so little time to spend with ample food, warm clean bedding and all the love their little bodies can take in. She is going to be missed.

Christmas Gifts Picture - 2008

For Ralfie from Abigail

For Ralfie from Mildred

For Rosey from Jackie