Rocky and Trouble

Rocky and Trouble

Rocky a Sable
Trouble a Sable Mitt
Rocky earned his wing 4-2006

Trouble earned his wing 5-2010

Have a new home! January 29, 2005

Rocky and Trouble came to the shelter on October 28, 2004 from a family that had a life change that did not include them. They appeared to be well cared for and well loved. The Boys took a bit to adjust to shelter life but it did not take Rocky long to figure out how to get himself from one play room to another without shelter mums knowledge. Until of coarse there was a scuffle between Rocky and the fur kids that were in the play area Rocky invaded. Keeping in mind all rooms are divided with 29" barriers; either paneling or Plexiglas.

Update: May 26, 2010
Dear Brenda, I want to let you know that Trouble left for the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. For several weeks he had not been doing well. He had lost use of his hindquarters and getting around was difficult. I was happy to give him a little bath each day and he had gotten accustomed to my fussing but was still having more and more episodes of crashing in spite of his insulinoma meds. I think according to my records Trouble lived a wonderful eight years, two more than predicted by Doc Edwards. I think Love kept him with us.
Sadly, Debh

Update: August 10, 2007
The kids are all doing well. Trouble is still on his pred with no change at all. I am amazed he is maintaining his health for so long, its been almost 6 months I think since his insulinoma surgery and he seems better than ever. I keep my fingers crossed. I picked up a kiddie swimming pool this summer for them and it is in their playroom filled with some topsoil! They are having a blast digging and tunneling. I am having as much fun watching. I keep adding new things to the mix. I do have to wonder though, how many sane people have swimming pools filled with topsoil in their basements?

Update: December 15, 2006
As for those wonderful ferrets, they are the light in my day! I am not kidding. We have a daily routine. They watch me get everything going in the morning before I let them out in their room downstairs for the day. First, who could resist those three faces peering out side by side. Then, when I open the cage door, Kiwi stretches and yawns and slides into my hands, Sprite sort of tumbles out next, and last, Trouble rolls over on his back to look at me upside down and wait for his morning rub and scratch before he will come out. He is so adorable.

Update: December 13, 2005
The boys look great, especially Trouble. He was loosing the hair on his tail over the summer and I was worried. Now that the weather has changed he has grown this beautiful coat all over and has a thick tail like a kid. They are both awesome boys. I think that their previous owner must have been wonderful with them. Rocky especially loves to play and wrestle with humans just like a puppy.

Update: February 22, 2005
Well we decided to try Rocky first with Kiwi because between the two it looks like Trouble is the more dominant ferret. It worked out well. Kiwi tried to be a little bossy at first and he just took it in stride, kind of shrugged her off. She chased him and got bottle brush tail but he did not get agitated. After awhile they ignored each other and then played a little hide and seek. I think we are going to have them out together for supervised play a little each day until they are comfortable before we add Trouble (pun intended!).

Update: June 06, 2005
Rocky and Trouble are doing great. Kiwi has actually taken a liking to Sprite and the two of them are now staying together. This gives us two pairs of ferrets and its easy to juggle. Rocky and Trouble are rarely in their cage now. They alternate between Alicia's room and the cool basement room. They only go to their cage at bedtime.

The boys are doing great especially Rocky. They are starting to adjust to our schedule and expect playtime with Alicia in the new room after school or late afternoon. They listen for her voice and I really think Trouble knows his name when you call him. We are using our new basement room as a place to take them for supervised play for short periods and doing the same thing with Kiwi at a different time. Hoping to eventually use it as a neutral place to introduce them. Rocky really likes a digging box we have filled with rice and loves chasing humans that will run from him. Trouble is still kind of quiet but I am getting the feeling this is just who he is. He gets under things and lays on his back to peak out at you upside down. He also uses his front paws instead of his teeth to drag things underneath dressers etc. Very cute!

Update: February 02, 2005
Just wanted to let you know how the boys are doing.. They are both a little quiet today, doing alot of sleeping. They both lay flat on the floor after playing. Hope they are not too stressed. Rocky will play with us but Trouble is a worrier. He watches us and likes to be picked up. They both seem to be doing okay as far as eating goes. Trouble is eating soup if I give it in a dropper but I see him eating kibble regularly.

Update: January 31, 2005
Trouble still not eating soup but BOTH boys are eating kibble. Rocky has been busy trying to open a cupboard door that is shut pretty tight today. Hasn't succeeded...........yet!! They both love the fleece tube, fell asleep in it this afternoon. So far so good.

Update: January 30, 2005
Well we now have 30 inch barrier instead of 24! It was funny, as soon as we put it up Rocky took a good look and did not even attempt to climb.

Very smart little guy! Anyway, we made up some soup later this afternoon. Trouble not interested but Rocky drank up both bowls. They were both a little stressed/excited when they first got here but they seemed alot better settled by nighttime, spent time playing in tunnels and investigating their new humans. Will keep you posted...........

Deb, Alicia and Holly