Sir Biscuit and Sir Gravy

Sir Biscut and Sir Gravy

Sir Biscuit is a Sable Male - earned his wings on October 9, 2010
Sir Gravy is a Sable Mitt Male - earned his wings on April 16, 2010

Adopted on August 9, 2003

Sir Biscuit and Sir Gravy came to this shelter on June 10, 2002 The boys came from a family that had a life change that did not include them, they were only 9 mo olds when they got here.

Update: October 9, 2010

It is ironic you sent your note today as we just got back from Brockport. It is a very sad day as we had Biscuit put to sleep. The house feels empty with out any ferrets We have had ferrets in our house for around 15 years. I can't believe it. Hopefully we will be down to see you soon. Eileen

Update: October 2, 2010

Hi Brenda, I am trying to figure out what to do about Biscuit. He had another B/G test this morning and he had a 44. Dr. Edwards increased his prednisone from 1 pill a day to 1 and a half. I didn't talk to Dr. Edwards as it was rather busy this morning. I am concerned about how low his B/G is and how he will tolerate an increase, He is already grinding his teeth and has carafate before he takes his pred. now.

Sometimes Biscuit is not too bad and other times he is just really slow and tired. I guess I can try and see how he does. Eileen

Update: July 24, 2010

Hi Brenda, I know you are busy with your yard sale and may not see this.

I am going to have to call the hospital this morning. I heard Biscuit kind of thrashing around in his cage around 2:30 am this morning. I checked on him and couldn't figure out what was up with him but I got him up about 5 and discovered he is peeing blood in his urine.

I hope Dr. Edwards is there today.

Hi Brenda, Bscuit is back home. Luckily Dr. Edwards was working today and he saw Biscuit. He is hoping it is just a bladder infection because it came on so suddenly. Dr. Edwards gave him an injection and put him on amoxicillin. Biscuit is resting in his playpen so I can keep an eye on him. He had 2 bowls of soup when he got back home.

I hope your garage sale is going well.

Update: July 6, 2010

Hi Brenda, I am glad you had a safe trip and were able to get to your son's wedding. I also hope you and the fuzzies are staying cool. It is just so hot. Dusty and Biscuit are trying but you can tell the heat is bothering them . I am sure the air conditioner is trying to keep up.

We took Biscuit for his B/G test yesterday and he had a 58. He can't have anymore medicine as he is on the max he can have. is 58 super low ? I know he is an older guy and is real slow getting around and sleeps most of the time. He is a real sweet fellow. He doesn't always make the newspaper and poops on his blanket so I have to make sure his blankets and sleeping bag is clean.

I hope all your kids are doing well. Give hugs and kisses to them for me.

Update: June 14, 2010

Hi Brenda, Biscuit is going to need soup in a week. Will you have time to send him 2 or 3 soups ?

I remember it was on its way out just a little bit ago. I am sorry to be asking during your busy time. I didn't realize you would be so busy. It has been a little crazy around here and I haven't had time to think too far ahead.

I took Biscuit to see Dr. Edwards about a week or so ago. I thought he had the same problem as Gravy had but he doesn't so far. He has soup belly. He was put back on carafate because he had an upset stomach . He does so hate it. I feel bad for him. I have been putting perxide on a sore he has on his shoulder which seems to be helping.
Thank You

Update: May 1, 2010

Hi Brenda,
We took Biscuit for a B/G test this morning. He had a 62. His meds stayed the same and he goes back in 2 months for another B/G test. He is still on his carafate and amoxicillin. His poops are still on the dark side. He is such a little cutie but he does so dislike his carafate.

I hope all is well with you and your little ones. 

We also picked up Gravy's ashes that was quite sad as we all miss him especially Biscuit.

Update: April 22, 2010

We took Biscuit to the hospital in Brockport on Wednesday to make sure he was okay. He is now on amoxicillin as well as carafate for his stomach ulcer. I think he is depressed over losing his buddy.

Update: April 16, 2010

Gravy earned his wings today.

I just thought I would let you know that we said goodbye to Gravy. He was worse today than yesterday. We all went to the hospital a little while ago and held him until he went over the Rainbow Bridge. His eyes said he was ready to go. He did not have energy left.


I dropped Gravy off at the hospital early this morning to be checked.. Gravy's problem isn't low blood sugar as I though it was but congestive heart failure. I spoke with Dr. Edwards this afternoon before I picked Tom up at work and took him to his eye appt. Dr. Edwards said that Gravy's B/G was 82. He asked me if I noticed he had an extended stomach. I knew he was a little chubby but I didn't know he was full of fluid. I feel badly I didn't notice this. Dr. Edwards has put Gravy on some kind of medicine to see if it will remove the fluid. Gravy is still at the hospital. If that doesn't work then he will have to be put to sleep. I Thought he was getting chubby because he was eating so much soup and he was eating his crunchies. Gravy did seem uncomfortable at times but I thought it was age related and because of his insulinoma. I will be calling the hospital midmorning tomorrow to see what to do. 


I noticed yesterday that Gravy didn't have very much energy. He is eating his soup but every thing he does seems to drain him. He even is drained it looks like anyways when he pees and poops. He is flat out when he goes and needs to rest. I dry him off when I see he is wet. I did call Brockport to see if I should be doing anything else. Dr. Edwards had me increase the times he gets .5 Diazoxide from 2x to 3x. If he isn't improved in a day or so, he has to go see Dr. Edwards. I hope he isn't in any pain. All he wants to do is sleep. He kind of needs a bath but I don't know if I should put him through a bath. I clean him up as best I can. Is ths normal for ferrets his age? He is now 8 years old. I am not sure he is very happy. Any suggestion you can give me is muchly appreciated., I hope it doesn't matter if he gets his next dose of Diazoxide in 5-6 hours as I got home from work at 4 and this will be an off day for a 3 rd dose.

He has been having trouble with standing and peeing for awhile and he doesn't have any control over when he poops so he does get poop on him and his bedding.. However up until recently he has been out and running around for awhile. It was yesterday that I really noticed him not doing very much at all .Yesterday and today I have kept him in his playpen because I did not think it was a good idea to let him out. 

He seems really weak and I have been giving him soup. In fact even after he eats his soup I don't see him having any more energy. It is very hard to let go .

I do know that Biscuit cannot handle Diazoxide as it did make him sick to his stomach.
Thank You


Update: April 12, 2010

I noticed yesterday that Gravy didn't have very much energy. He is eating his soup but every thing he does seems to drain him. He even is drained it looks like anyways when he pees and poops. He is flat out when he goes and needs to rest. I dry him off when I see he is wet. I did call Brockport to see if I should be doing anything else. Dr. Edwards had me increase the times he gets .5 diazoxide from 2x to 3x. If he isn't improved in a day or so, he has to go see Dr. Edwards. I hope he isn't in any pain. All he wants to do is sleep. He kind of needs a bath but I don't know if I should put him through a bath. I clean him up as best I can. Is ths normal for ferrets his age ? He is now 8 years old. I am not sure he is very happy. Any suggestion you can give me is muchly appreciated., I hope it doesn't matter if he gets his next dose of diazoxide in 5-6 hours as I got home from work at 4 and this will be an off day for a 3 rd dose.
Thank You

Update: April 2, 2010

We took Biscuit and Gravy for their B/G test today. Biscuit had a 78 and his meds stayed the same. Gravy didn't make out as well. He had a 52 and his B/G tests have been going down so he had his meds changed. The prednisone stayed the same but the diazoxide was raised from .35 to .5. 
Take Care

Update: February 4, 2010

I just thought I would give you an update on Gravy. Yesterday morning he was coughing or gagging quite hard and just kind of collapsed on his newspapers in his playpen. he didn't look very good at all. His eyes looked a little different. I almost called you. Tom had brought him downstairs from his cage for meds and soup. we had seen him coughing or gagging a couple of times on the weekend but then he seemed okay. I was really worried about him but then he heard Tom open the bottle of ferrotone and perked up a little, I gave him his meds and 2 bowls of soup and he seemed a little better. We took him to see Dr. Edwards late yesterday afternoon as he was also circling and circling before he would pee. Dr Edwards checked him and thinks he had low blood sugar as he was doing okay when he checked him. so far so good today. He goes for another B/G test a week from Saturday. I hate it when they get old. 

How is your little one doing that went to the hospital ? I hope she is okay.

Update: January 30, 2010

Gravy is back home with his buddy Biscuit and his family. WE picked him up this morning around 8:30 or a little before. He has a new medicine to take. It is Baytril. He takes 1/4 pill a day. So far so good.

Tom gave him soup when he got home. He is currently sleeping under a Christmas tree skirt. I haven't put it away yet because Gravy loves to sleep under it.

Update: January 29, 2010

I talked to Dr. Edwards around 2:00 PM and he said Gravy had peed and it did not have blood in it. He is going to be on antibiotics for a bit. I plan on picking him up first thing tomorrow. He misses Biscuit and his family and Biscuit misses Gravy. Gravy could have gone home today but I wasn't able to pick him up by closing time which on Friday is 5:00 PM. I had to take Dan to a Dr.'s appt out towards Lollypop Farm after I got out of work. Dr. Edwards thinks his problem is tied to adrenal gland. He doesn't think he has an infection. I am just gad that so far the antibiotics are working.


Gravy is currently in the hospital and will be spending the night. This morning I noticed he was having trouble peeing. He was straining and only a little would come out and it was bloody. I dropped him off in the morning as I had to get back to work. I talked to Dr. Edwards around 4 and he said Gravy was only going a little it so he expressed him and blood clots came out also. He isn't sure if he has an infection or perhaps an enlarged prostate gland. Gravy had an Xray to see if he had a stone but he did not. He was put on an antibiotic. I can't remember the name but it wasn't amoxicillin. I think it started with a B.

Biscuit is missing Gravy and has been looking for him but Gravy is where he needs to be as he is feeling quite poorly.

Update: January 17, 2010
We took the boys to see Dr. Edwards for their physicals yesterday. They also had a B/G test. Biscuit had a 50 and Gravy had a 68. They have to go back in a month for another B/G test. Their meds stayed the same. Gravy weighs almost 3 pounds. I know Biscuit gained a little but I can't remember his weight. Biscuit has sparse fur on his tail and on his back towards his tail. We have to watch him to see if it comes back or he loses more fur. if he as adrenal gland problem, he will get some new medicine that was just approved to be used in this country. It lasts 17 months.

Update: December 29, 2009
We took Gravy to Brockport for his B/G test. He had gone from a 78 to a 47 2 weeks ago. Dr Edwards increased his diazoxde from .25 to .35 and today he had a 113. It wasn't very busy there today so I got the results almost immediately.

Both Gravy and Biscuit have to go for their check up with Dr Edwards on Saturday January 16. 
Take Care

Update: December 22, 2009
I talked to Dr. Edwards last night and he is wondering why Gravy's B/G dropped so much in such a short time. He raised Gravy's Diazoxide to .35 from .25. Gravy has to go again on next Tuesday for another B/G test. I wish ferrets had a longer life span. There time on earth is so short.

I was wondering if you were going to be around for the Christmas holiday? I know that Brockport is going to be closed for a 3 day weekend which will be nice for all that work there. It is always good to have some time off. 
Have a Happy and Safe Christmas. 

Dr. Edwards called when I was at a Dr.ís appointment with Tom as he can't drive. He left a message on the recorder which asked me to call him. I did return his call and am waiting for him to call me back. He was with a patient when I called. He did say in the message that Biscuit was the same for his B/G test which is really frustrating as we having been giving him lots of soup and he had had his medicine increased from the time before to a full pill. Gravy was a lot worse as he had dropped about 30 points or so from 78 to 47. I don't understand why Gravy should have dropped in such a short time. In fact this time I didn't really fast Gravy. He had soup about 1 and half hours before his appointment. Whereas the time before he fasted for the 4 hours. I have noticed that Gravy seems to have less energy. 

Update: November 20, 2009
We took the boys for their B/G test this morning. Dr. Edwards called a little while ago with the results. Gravy was okay. He had a 78 after fasting. Biscuit did not fast and his was still really low. He had a 44 which is rather bothersome as we have been giving him soup 4x a day. Dr. Edwards raised his prednisone to a half a pill 2x a day. I hope this helps him and he doesn't get an upset stomach from the increase in his meds.

Do you have any suggestions? Should I give him more soup?

Update: October 25, 2009
Hello Brenda and Possum, I hope you are feeling better. I wasn't feeling very well myself Saturday so Tom took the boys for their B/G test. I don't know the results yet as Dr. Edwards wasn't working on Saturday and he reviews the results and then lets us know if there will be changes to their meds. The boys still run around but they have slowed down quite a bit. They still manage to get into mischief but not as much as they used to.

I will give both of them hugs and kisses for you and please do the same for me with yours 
I hope you are able to get some rest.

Update: August 8, 2009
I took Biscuit and Gravy for their B/G tests today. I fasted Gravy for

4 hours and he had a 78. I didn't fast Biscuit. Biscuit had soup about an hour before his B/G test and he had a 74. They don't have to go back for 2 months and hopefully they won't have to go back before 2 months. 

Biscuit had 3 bowls of soup before he went for his B/G test . I gave both the boys soup when we got home. Gravy had 2 bowls of soup before he went on his 4 hour fast.

Update: July 13, 2009
I got the B/G tests for the boys today. Gravy had a 78 so his meds stayed the same but Biscuit had a 58 so his meds were raised The diazoxide went from .6 to .7 Biscuit as you know hates his meds. I have noticed that when he takes his meds , he kind of grinds his teeth. I don't notice him doing it at other times. Only when we give him his meds. Would carafate help him with this ? They both have to go back in a month for another B/G test.

Update: May 31, 2009
Hi Brenda  I am trying to figure out what is going on with Biscuit. He has done a bit of balking drinking his soup a couple of times the past 2 days. Tonight when i was trying to give him his meds with the dropper he flatly refused to take the meds in the dropper. He would turn his head and make the ferret noises . He seemed to be rather upset and did not want the meds and soup mixture from the dropper. He had been taking them this way. I mix the meds with soup in the dropper. I finally put the meds in his bowl of soup and he did eat it I am wondering if he is getting an upset stomach with the increase in the diazoxide but I don't know. Unless he is getting afraid of the dropper for some reason. I think I am careful feeding him the mixture with the dropper. So far Gravy doesn't seem to mind it.

Update: May 30, 2009
I took Biscuit for another B/G test this morning and it was a 75. Two weeks ago he was a 63. Dr. Edwards wants it higher so he has increased his Diazoxide again. He wants him to take .5 of Diazoxide from .4. 

Biscuit has to go back in 2 more weeks for another B/G test.

Update: May 15, 2009
The boys went for another B/G test today. I just talked to Dr. Edwards and Gravy was pretty good. He was an 88. Gravy's meds will remain the same and he won't have to go back for another B/G test for 3 months. 

Biscuit didn't do as well. He was only a 63 so Dr. Edwards raised his Diazoxide to . 4 from .25 and I have to make an appt. for him for 2 weeks for another B/G test.

I almost forgot the soup came yesterday and the cute little toys. We all thank you including Biscuit and Gravy.

Update: May 2, 2009
I took the boys for another B/G test today. Pat just called and said Biscuit has gone lower from 59 to 54 and Gravy went from 61 to 74. Dr Edwards is going to add another medicine to the prednisone. He is going to have them both take Diazoxide. I think that is the name. I have to pick it up on Monday as the hospital is closed now for the weekend.. I am going to try giving Biscuit his meds in a dropper like I do Gravy to make sure he is getting it all. I have been putting it in his soup as he eats even the crunchies on the bottom. We will see if that helps.

Update: April 20, 2009
Hi Brenda,
I hope all is going well with you and the fuzzies. I took the boys for a B/G test on Saturday. Pat just called and said Dr. Edwards wants both of them on prednisone. Their numbers really dropped. On 01-17-09 Biscuit had a 93 and is now 59 and Gravy was 85 and is now 61.They have to go back in 2 weeks for another B/G test on Saturday May 2nd. Gravy today again seems to be balking at taking his soup so I gave him his meds in a dropper with soup., They both are on a 1/4 pill 2x a day and had their first pill a little while ago.

Update: February 25, 2009
He is eating soup on his own and I hope he continues to do this.

The dropper worked out much better. He didn't try and shake the Moxy out of his mouth. Last night we all got hit with Moxy. He sent it flying everywhere.

Update: February 24, 2009
I saw Gravy eating some crunchies this morning. He is to be on his meds for 2 weeks and I know he isn't a happy camper taking his meds.

Update: February 23, 2009
Gravy had his meds this morning and has eaten his Gravy had his meds this morning and has eaten his soup. I did call Brockport and Dr Edwards has put him back on his meds for 2 weeks.

I have to pick up more meds a little later. Thank you for helping. I really appreciate it. It is hard when a family member is sick. Gravy still wants to hide under the newspaper at times.

Update: February 22, 2009
Gravy had his meds tonight and ate a bowl of soup on his own. He tries to hide under the newspaper in his playpen at times so I figure he feels kind of crummy.

I will call Brockport tomorrow to let Dr. Edwards know what is going on with him and also to see about getting some more meds as I am almost out of them.

Gravy had his meds and then 30 minutes later he had some soup. He did eat it on his own this morning but not the whole bowl. I think he had at least4 mlís. I know he doesn't feel well because sometimes he hides under the news paper. I have him and Biscuit in the playpen.

Update: February 21, 2009
Gravy did not eat his soup this morning and I thought he just needed a break but I tried giving him some soup a little while ago and he again refused it. I tried giving him a bandit and he refused that also. Dan said he heard him coughing this afternoon and we both noticed him grinding his teeth so I think he has a sick stomach again. I gave him some carafate as I still had a little left from when he was sick before. I hope this is okay.

Before today he seemed to be doing okay and had been eating his crunchies.

I still have some liquid amoxicillin left but I don't know if it is still good and if it is I don't know if I should use it. I don't want to make him feel worse.

Please advise

Update: February 14, 2009
Gravy is doing pretty good. He eats his soup by himself which is good. Dan saw him eating crunchies yesterday and I gave him a bandit today which he ate. I think he may have eaten Biscuit's also.

Update: February 11, 2009
5:00 AM:  Gravy has eaten better today. He had a half a bowl around 5:15 AM. He had almost a whole bowl around 8:15 AM. He had another half a bowl or more around noon and a whole bowl around 3:00 PM. I just gave him his second dose of carafate and shortly will give him his amoxicillin and give him more soup.

He has been a little more active today also. Thank you for the prayers.  They are working. I really appreciate all the support you have given me.

5:00 PM: Dan told me that Gravy has started eating his crunchies!!!

Update: February 9, 2009
I believe he is pooping brown.

I gave him his meds early this morning and then he ate with some help about a half or more of soup. Dan gave him another bowl later in the morning and he ate about half a bowl. Tom got home from work and Gravy ate the whole bowl.

Update: February 8, 2009
He is about the same. He had his meds and then 30 minutes later his soup. He is still not eating on his own. He will take a couple of sips sometimes and then stops so he is being fed with a dropper. I hope he starts eating on his own by tomorrow as no one will be home to feed him for a good part of the day.

Gravy has eaten out of his soup bowl a couple of times. He ate most of

1 bowl. At least half of another. We have to hold him to make sure he eats and doesn't take off. The other 2 times he ate I think about 9 ml of soup. We have had to use the dropper today also. I hope this is enough. He isn't setting any record for the most soup eaten. He has had his meds. He has those 2 x a day. I hope he eats better tomorrow. 

Yesterday Pat said not to force him to eat. I don't know how much soup he needs each day. He still isn't eating his crunches. He sleeps when we don't have him out to eat.

Update: February 7, 2009
Yes the boys are in the playpen together but I know Biscuit would like to get out. Gravy is just about 7 years old in April.
I didn't quite follow what he was saying something about some helicobacter factor . I think he expected him to get better, but I am not so sure myself. I have got to say going into the weekend not knowing and having him suffer bothers me. 

Got any advice ?  (a private replay email was sent by shelter mum)

I just spoke with Pat at the hospital and she said to try and give Gravy some chicken baby food with a dropper instead of the syringe and to feed him a little every other hour so I will try that. She said she saw him and his fur looked good and she thought he would be okay. She said it was his stomach ulcer causing him to feel so bad. I will keep you posted.

We have been feeding him with a dropper every 2 - 3 hours and giving him as much as he will take without fighting and grinding his teeth. I hope he is getting enough nourishment. Do you think it is okay if we try some regular soup with him also or should we just stick to the baby food chicken? He isn't too fond of any food yet but I don't know if he isn't fond of the baby food because it is strange to him or if it is because of his ulcer?

Update: February 3, 2009
I talked to Dr. Edwards last night and I spoke to someone there this morning. Dr. Edwards said Gravy was doing a little better but was not where he needed to be to come home. This morning I called and Gravy is about the same so I am to call tomorrow morning.

Have you had any of yours at the hospital for this long ? We miss him but want to make sure he is where he should be before he comes home.

I told Dr. Edwards last night that Biscuit was upset his buddy was missing and he was starting to have the black stools so Biscuit is now on meds also.

Update: January 18, 2008
We took the boys for their physicals today. They did pretty good. They had  a B/G test also.  Biscuit had a 93 and Gravy had an 83.  They go back in 3 months for another B/G test. Hopefully they won't have to go back before then. Biscuit gave us a scare on Wednesday. Tom saw that he had blood in his urine. He and Dan took him to see Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards didn't find anything wrong and is thinking he may have passed a stone. We are supposed to keep an eye on him. He seems okay so far.. I hope.

Update: November 16, 2008
The boys went for their B/G tests today. Biscuit had a 113 and Gravy had an 85. I believe they are about the same as the last time. I wish Gravy's would come up a little higher. They have an appt. in January for their physicals, distemper immunization and another B/G test.

Update: January 13, 2007
I just thought I would give you an update on Biscuit and Gravy. The boys had their physical yesterday and they made out pretty good. Biscuit weighed 2.5 lbs and Gravy was 2.11 lbs. Gravy gained his weight back after being sick. Remember when they all were put on Albon.They also had their blood glucose test. Gravy had an 83 and Biscuit had a 97. They said those were good numbers. They had their distemper immunization and they go back next week for their rabies.

Update January 08, 2006
I just thought I would give you an update on Genny and the boys visit to Doc yesterday. Genny just had to have a Blood test. Her blood glucose test came back 92 . I know she had one a couple of months ago and it was on the low side so she had to be retested. This one seems okay. The boys went in for their physicals and their distemper shot. They have to go back in a couple of weeks for their rabies shot. I got a little anxious with the boys as they were in a cage together and one of them we discovered when we got home was throwing up white foamy stuff. I was concerned he was having a reaction to his shot. They seemed okay when we got them out of their carrying cage. I called Dr. Edwards and he said they would still be acting sick if they were having a reaction to the shot but they were not.

Update: December 21, 2005
Gravy is home I picked him up around noon today. We kept the car warm for him. Actually it was kind of hot. He did try to stretch when he was in his cage but stopped. We gave him soup and he ate all of it. We put him in that little snuggly blanket you gave him. Thank You very very much. He is sleeping in it in his cage. Genny went in to check things out and she seemed okay with him. Biscuit hasn't been in the cage with him yet. Gravy has to take carafate and amoxicillin 2x a day for 14 days. He has an appointment on Jan. 2nd for his stitches to be taken out. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the info. I gave him his moxy in soup 10 minutes after he had his carafate. It worked out pretty good. He drank all of his soup. I put the moxy in a small amount of soup and after he drank that I gave him some more. I wanted to make sure he got the meds in him. He sure does hate his meds. He really likes sleeping in his sleep bag you gave him. I put a couple of blankets in it with him.

Update: November 18. 2005
I thought I would give you an update on Gravy's appointment with Dr. Edwards. He was tested for insulinoma and he doesn't have it. Dr. Edwards said his blood sugar was fine at 92.He also said he would not have that much energy as he had after fasting for 4 hours if he had it. However he said he may have an adrenal problem as we had told him that he has become more aggressive and Doc noticed that his fur toward his tail was rather thin. He is giving him 3 weeks to see if his fur will thicken up and if it doesn't he will need surgery.

Update: February 06, 2005
The kids are doing well. They went for their rabies shots on Saturday. I made an early appointment so I did not have to keep them caged a good portion of the day. I cannot count on them to show up when needed. They were glad to get home and play.

Update: January 01, 2005
The little guys had a whole lot of fun helping us take the tree down and put the ornaments away. We had to be careful they didn't get put away with the ornaments. We did a head count before we put everything away. All were accounted for. The tree was really dropping its needles even though we cut it down. It was never out of water. Oh well.

Update: August 2, 2006
I can't remember if I told you this but Mary suggested that I have Gravy's BG tested. I did on Monday and it was okay. It was 98 and he had gained 4 ounces. I think I will have Biscuit tested also. I should have had them both done at the same time but I didn't think of it and Gravy was the one I was concerned about. He still acts a little strange at times. I hope it is just the heat.