Tick and Tock Have A New Home

Tick silver boy DOB May 2008
Tock Sable boy DOB May 2008
Both surrendered on November 07, 2008

Tock earn his wings on March 13, 2012

Tick and Tock have a new home now with their Sponsors!  March 13, 2009

Tick the silver boy was found in a garage by a Huron dog warden and was turned into Cracker Box Palace in Alton New York.
Tock the sable boy was found in the middle of the road by the Sodus Highway department and was taken to Cracker Box Palace.

Both boys are intact, meaning not fixed.  A local rescue was contacted; Cheri scooped them up, got them back in good health then contacted us. Thanks Cheri for saving these beautiful kids. Miss Cherie called shelter mum and asked if she had room for us. She did! Mum says she always has room for runaway fur babies and the little ones that need to learn that human hands don’t always hurt. 


Video's of the Ferrets

Video - Click Here To View Updated: January 3, 2012

Master Toby, Tick and Tock with baby Foxy playing with a new turtle bed that they received for Christmas.  Izzy was in another room sleeping at the time, since she can not be nice to Foxy.

Click here to watch Video Update: January 1, 2012

Toby and Izzy playing. Tock then joins in on the fun.  Both boys end up pouting waiting for Izzy to come back. Tick and Foxy were in a different room at the time.

Click here to watch Video Update: September 30, 2011

Tock and Foxy playing just shortly after Foxy was adopted.

Update: May 14, 2012
Dr. G said Tick looked great for being 5 years old.

Foxy is doing good and at a good weight. Some concern - her tail hair is very thin – much thinner then when we first had her. Could be coat change/losing the kit fur – but something to watch.

Toby is well Toby. We went ahead and did the des implant. That will help with the coat, itchy, and maybe not feeling well. However, Toby was very tender when doc was pressing around his lower belly. If it is a prostrate issue, the implant will help. We have also added Amoxy and Pepto-bismol to try and control the diarrhea. We will try this for a few weeks before upping the pred. 

They also did an aspiration on his tummy to just make sure that it was fat/pred belly – and not a build up for fluid. That came back as just weight gain.

I treated all of the kids for ear mites last Wednesday – and today they still have mites. So we are stuck treating weekly with Ivomec.

over all it was a good visit. In the next week or so I will need to get Izzy in for her implant as well. I just couldn’t afford all four at the same time. And since Foxy and Tick were overdue for their six month... I picked that to pair with all of Toby’s issues.

Please just let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Update: March 13, 2012
Three years to the day that we adopted Tick and Tock - we had Tock put to sleep.  He will be missed and he was very much loved.

On Monday March 5th, Tock and Toby were taken to the vet.  Toby has green yucky poop and Tock had been having small amounts of bright red blood in his poop on and off for about three weeks.  Never two times in a row and only once a week. They were both put on Amoxi and Metronidazoie. A fecal exam and a gram stain was done with both.  Tock was found to be alright, however Toby had a high helicobacter count on the gram stain - 30 - 45 depending on the different views looked at.

On Sunday March 11th, I found Tock looking like he was having an issue with low blood sugar at about noon. Kero and soup were given, both of which he really didn't want. It was follow up every hour with different things trying to get him to eat something - ferretone, pumpkin, soup, and Vivify.  It was about five when I started forcing him to eat 0.5 of watered down soup every two hours.  He was having a hard time standing and walking.

On Monday morning at 3 am Tock and I drove to the shelter so that Brenda could help him with a 20cc Sub-Q.  Just minutes after the Sub-Q he was happy to walk around Brenda's space - it was a favorite spot of his when he was living at the shelter.  He even found two different beds to lay down in.  While there he had black tarry poop. Together Tock and I left the shelter at 6 am and went directly to the vets.  We were in the parking lot just after 7 am.  

It was about 9 am before they were able to see Tock.  While in the exam room Tock had a massive all blood poop.  He was weighed and a temperature was taken before he was admitted to the hospital.  Temperature was normal at 101.9... and he had gained an oz during the week.

As of 6:30 pm on Monday - Tock had stopped bleeding and had tried to eat a little soup for them.  An ultrasound was done earlier that afternoon and Tock had a mass on his liver, Right adrenal (we thought maybe, but this confirm it), severely enlarged spleen and a thicken stomach lining. This last report was that he was looking for attention from them and wanting to be petted. 

As of Tuesday morning at 9:00 the vets called to say that Tock was bleeding out, and turning septic.  Instead of causing Tock more pain he was put to sleep...  


So Tock will be missed and as a family of ferrets we are no longer whole.  He will be cremated and brought home.  Today I do know know if his ashes will stay here on a shelf or if, as a family, we will pick a nice spring day and spread the ashes at the shelter.  There is a favorite spot of mine on the property near the stream that will be nice.

I have said before that my first ferret Toby saved my life and gave me a better life to live.  Toby started my life with the ferrets, and Brenda has let me to be apart of the shelter. There are a few ferrets that I will never forget; many of my first - the first ferret to bite me--Mau - the first ferret that I sub-qed--Toume - the first ferret who really hated/feared me--Ticker Sticker (she would go after me until I left the room, I was never able to change her mind) - and now my very own big boy Tock is my first ferret to pass on to the Rainbow Bridge.

I choose to believe that he will find his way and be with Annie (my sweet dog who was put to rest in February 2011).  I will forever remember Tock and his love of toy Easter eggs.  The toys he would not let you watch him play with, but in the middle of the night I would wake up and listen to him playing.

Thank you to Brenda for allowing Tock to come and live with us. Thank you Tock for allowing me to be apart of your life.

Update: December 29, 2011
Tock gave us a hung scare on November 29th.  We found him - head titled and ridged/stiff along with a little drooling- soup was given as we made an emergency visit to the vet.  Dr G did a bg test on him right away and it was in the low 30's.  He did not have any other signs of being sick.  It was a shock and the first time I have seen a ferret hold his head to the side when having a sugar issue.  I was so worried that it was something major, like a stroke or a heart issue.  It was a relief to find out it was his bg level.  So he was started on meds that night.

On December 19th, Tock and Izzy went back to the vets for a one month follow up to check their bg levels.  Tock was at 102 and Izzy was at 93 after a two hour fast.  Both look good and are bouncing around, everyone's winter coat has come in.  All five ferrets will have  a vet visit in March - Toby and Izzy for Dex implants - Toby, Izzy, Tick and Tock will have their cbc/bg levels checked - and Tick and Foxy will have a wellness visit.  It will be the first time Dr G sees Foxy.

Izzy started meds back in October.  She has been funky with taking meds.  I think she now believes if I give her anything to eat that it has meds it.  Izzy's grandmother has to give her soup with the meds in it or she will not eat.  Spoiled for sure, but so worth it.  It took Izzy much longer to stabilize after starting the meds and not crashing.  However, she is so much easier to read when she is starting to not feel better that its easier to catch.

Tock crashed hard on December 27th - head titling, drooling and throwing up.  Kero was given along with Soup - then more soup was given a few hours later.  It was the first time he has done that since we started the meds.  I wish he would tell me sooner when he is not feeling good - or that I would get better at reading him.  We had a talk about that! LOL

I have to share that Foxy coming into the household has been a blessing to Tick.  She is now his own little playmate and making him work outside of his comfort zone - which is great to see.  She is such a little trooper too.  No mater how hard he plays she is all up for it.  Just a nice breath of fresh air for them.

Izzy is still a brat and will not tolerate Foxy. The boys have all taken to being able to sleep with Foxy but Izzy still can not be around Foxy.  I am still hopeful in time Izzy will at least be able to be in the same room - but we are far from that.

Update: November 22, 2011
On November 17th the boys had their teeth cleaned by Dr. G.  They did well.  Tock was still pretty drugged when he came home and was just happy to sleep it off.  

We have ear mites again/still.  So this week has been spent shampooing carpets, changing rice dig boxes, and of course washing bedding.  We have also upping the dose of Revolution to see if we can clear this up and keep the mites out of the kids ears.


Update: August 7, 2011
It has been far too long without an update for the website on the kids.  Please know that we are still very active with the shelter. I have been good at updating the website for everyone else, and have let Tick and Tock's page slide.

This is Tock going for a swim on Clinic Day June 2011. We were using a small child's pool filled just deep enough to let them swim.  Tock was grateful for the relief from the heat, but honest does not like to go swimming. He spent the next ten minutes rolling around in the grass to dry himself off.

In March of 2011 we all went to see our Vet again.  This week I will be calling the office and setting up another appointment for the kids.  Izzy and Toby will be getting implants of Dex.  Tick and Tock will be going for a wellness visit also.

I do not believe that Tick has any issues, but Tock has been losing some weight so we are just going to make sure that there is nothing going on.  In March we had tested Tock's BG level which looked good.  I just want to stay on top of him.  He is so laid back and easy going that sometimes I worry that I am missing something.

I can not believe that the boys are over three years old now.  It just doesn't seam right!

Update: October 2010
Just a quick update and a wave.  Guess who is in the S.O.S 2011 ferret calendar... Here is a hint: take a look at December 2010 page and Lord Tock can be seen.  Busy Izzy is the calendar girl for May 2011!!!  Master Toby and Sir Tick got special treats and loving for not making it in this year. We are hoping maybe next year.

Update: August 18, 2010
I just wanted to do a quick update on the boys.  Both of who are just great.  They are also due for another vet visit in October or November. There are no problems now and I do not foresee an issues.  Can you believe they are over two years old now?  I can not.

Tock is the sweetest most gentle big boy ever.  He has never been huge on being held and cuddled but will send hours laying next to you and letting you pet him.  In Tock's world that is the only reason anyone ever goes into the bathroom and sits down, just to pet him. His newest trick is that he has learned that his size will allow him to knock things down. Which doesn't sound like much, but when you watch him throw himself against the baby gate so that he can move it just enough to get past it... It's something to see!

Tick on the other hand has made the most progress out of any of my ferrets. He-who-was-too-scared to get involved with the world, too-reserved to join in, too-clumsy to land a little jump without landing on his head, and my-little-watcher... Is not anymore!  He is a dancing little mad man who more often gets so excited that he jumps, rolls, and shakes his head, then falls down.  The only problem with that is when he gets that excited he forgets how to move forward so he often loses the game of chase! Then he does some more dancing because the other kids ran away.

Update: March 21, 2010
Izzy, Toby, and Tick saw the vet yesterday.

Izzy has another implant done. Dr G cleaned the area, did the implant and glued it shut in about three minutes. She was really calm during and after. There was oh most no blood or hair loss from him. Even last night it was hard to see where the injection had been and she wasn't effect by it at all. Within two hours of coming home, she spent ten minutes digging at the card table (used as a baby gate) to get into the kitchen. So it couldn't have been hurting her to much.

Tick was fitted into the visit, which wasn't planed, because on Friday I was setting up the carrier and Izzy and Tick were in a hurry to test it out. I was finishing it up and one of them yelped pretty good. When Tick came out his eye was starting to swell up. I ran cold water over it and he kept holding it half open. It wasn't weeping or showing any sighs of an injury. But I wanted to have him seen and just make sure. The vet did the dye test and the eye itself isn't scratch. I was right there when it happen with my head about five inches away... And I still don't know what happen. If it was a foot that got him or a tooth.

Tick tried to climb up the inside of the Vet Tech's pant leg. She was a really good sport about it. Tick only does that to new people he meets and really don't want him to do that! So he is sending an I'm sorry card to her.

On Saturday morning Tick's eye looked much better and only a tiny bit swollen. If you didn't know it had happened, you wouldn't have seen it. And today I can't tell which eye it was. So we are good.

Toby was seen because for the life of me, I can't tell if his just reacting to Izzy's adrenal or if he is starting. You add the spring coat change in too... And its hard to tell if his tail is starting to go adrenal or if its just the coat change. But I wanted the Vet to see him now if he is borderline so that in the summer if something changes we have a baseline. I don't want to wait until he cant pee and then be like oh there might be an issue.

Tock when for the car ride too. But he's just a happy, coat blowing, big bear so he didn't get a vet appointment.

Update: January 17, 2010
Everyone when to see Dr. G in November 2009 and everyone got a prefect bill of health! Everyone is happy and healthy!

Tock is really doing good and even with all the extra weight its nothing to be worried about.  As of now (Jan 2010) those lumps that I was so worried about have gone, and he is just a bear of a boy. Just all love!

I did have Dr. G take an extra good look at Tick.  Tick from day one will wake up after sleeping with a couching/sneezing fit. It goes away after a few moments (or if I am home a bit of ferretone or Vite) but I was worried about it.  On Tick's behalf he sleeps with this tongue sticking out and he SNORES!  This week I spent a good 20 minutes petting him while he was snoring in his hammy.  I'm not joking!  I ended up waking him up just to make sure he was alright.  Yup, just sleeping.

Master Toby, Busy Izzy, Tick and Tock too were busy this holiday.  We sent out some cloth tunnels that the kids though others would like. Of course each one had to be tested first by Izzy! The kids also picked a couple of friends off the Giving Tree and sent some things that they no longer were playing with.  Tock did however disagree with a few of the stuffed balls/toys and those were promptly removed when he saw them.  No such thing as talking to him about the sprit of giving! Izzy herself had a very hard time giving up some Treats, but in the end understood why.

Tock may not have been up to giving away some toys, but him and Tick did send a box full of stuff Dad had needed when he was sick to Cracker Box Palace.  Dad is now feeling great and back at work, and the boys wanted to do something to say thank you for taking such good care of them! They don't have ferrets so the kids sent some stuff for the bunnies.

The kids also ordered a box of digging peanuts for Roger since he liked theirs so much when he stayed for a few days before seeing Doc and finding his own forever home. Last but not least they also put together a box for a friend of a friend and sent it.  They giggled when it took so long for Colesferry Ferret Home Ferret Shelter to find out they did it and why.... Why? Because it was Christmas! (also because they sponsor some kids here at the shelter)

In January we got a ton of snow all at one time and they had a blast not only when I brought the snow inside and filled the small swimming pool with it, but also when I put the boys on leashes and we went outside for a snow day.

Izzy is too small to stay in a harness (or its an easy trick to slip out of it) so she could only go outside on my shoulder or for a short run across the steps.  She had a great time and would have liked to hang out there longer, however she is such a great tunnel-er I could easily lose her under all the snow. So it didn't last very long for her.

Another note about Tick, he has just blossomed into this big boy 100% ferret these days.  The playing and dancing and just loving everything.  No more not understanding that he can push something out of his way, or dig under it, or do something just because he wants to. No more standing and watching the other kids.  Nope not Tick.  Now he is in the middle of it all and happy to be there!

This morning I sat and watched Toby clean Tick's ears when they didn't think I was watching. Those two have really been hanging out together a lot. It was just a nice quite moment and it reminded me just how lucky we are to have the big boys in our home!

Update: October 25, 2009
The boys are doing just great!  We are so in love with them.

This week Tock has learned to jump vertical to from the foot stool to the desk chair, then onto the desk - A no no ferret space. Izzy has been the master of that and I guess Tock had just watched her enough to try it himself.  Tock has also taken to sleeping with me nightly. Him and Master Toby have been great alarm clock in the morning. I am a little worried that Tock has put on to much weight for the winter. He's just a huge boy and is starting to get little fat balls on each side of his neck. We have a Vet appointment to check him out. He is still playing but bellying up to the food dish quite often.

Tick has come so far.  His favorite thing is laying next to dad's feet and taking a rest.  Just hanging out with Dad is what we call it.  He has learned to sit up for a treat too.  We are working on teaching them to roll over.  Tick's favorite game is to play chase with Izzy. The two of them just run and do laps around the room.  Tick and his out of control war dance!  He still just doesn't think hand games are cool and will just start to play before running away. He's too cool for that. LOL

Update: June 26, 2009
This is a long over due update on the boys.  I can't believe that they have been with us for three months now.  These guys are truly very loving and special little kids.

So where is Sir Tick now?  He is just doing great.  He loves dangle toys and has started to get the idea of those dangle toys on the end of poles are play toys too.  He is doing much better at being able to be picked up and held for a long period of time.  The biggest thing that I think makes Tick so special is that he is the only ferret that I know what will make faces at you.  He must have spent the first three weeks just watching and staring at us.  Not out of fear, but more I think he was actively waiting for us to mess up.  To do something that he could then choose not to trust us. Then like a light switch he made up his mind that everything was going to be alright.  Since then he has been just one happy little guy.  He is the only ferret here that will give kisses, were Master Toby just wants to help keep your toes clean.  Tick's war dance is just the most out of control, bounce off the wall, fall down dance I have ever seen.  But when he does it you just see the little sprite within him.

And what about Lord Tock?  What can I say about a face like that!  He was the one that I thought was going to be 'special' and need help learning things.  But don't let those eyes fool you!  He has just learned how to train those humans around him.  He is a champ at the flat begging ferret act. This week was the first time that he curled up and took a nap with me in the bed!  He would have stayed longer had I not bear hugged him when I woke up and found him.  I just couldn't help myself.  His is my little piggy too.  Tock is the one that finishes everyone else soup and finds their food stanches. 

Both the boys have learned how to play and rump and to Dook too.  Tick was the teacher of the duck, shoulder push and roll move.  It took forever for little Busy Izzy to learn how to tackle the big kids.  She would come and jump on them like she does with Master Toby but they would just keep walking with her hanging off of them.  Tick would do his little 'move' and brush her off.  She has now learned that she needs to get up a bit of speed first, then she can jump and push them off their feet.  Which turns into a great big game of chase... Everyone's favorite game!  Now Tock's all time favorite is the hide and seek game with Izzy on the bed (over and under pillows).  He will stand in the center of the bed and Dook all by himself until she comes up with him... Then he starts his little war dance and ends up falling off the bed... Which only makes him Dook harder as he climbs back onto the bed to do it again!

There is just too much love here!

Update: March 14, 2009 - Welcome Home

Here are a few snap shots of the first meeting between Tick and Tock with their new ferret family.  All of the worries that we had of bring in the Boys in and meeting Master Toby and Busy Izzy have been put to rest.  The three of us were just in aw of how well the first meeting went.  It just couldn’t have been better.

 Master Toby climbed right into the playpen as soon as he was let into the living room and the first thing he did was start cleaning Tick's ears.  Then he found Tock and tried to do both at the same time.  The Boys took right to him too as if they had been together forever.

When Izzy was added to the playpen (she needed help getting over the bar) it was just alot of butt smelling and ear cleaning but within four minutes Izzy was laying with Tock and soon after Tick joined them.

Poor little Tock was just in need of a nap.  He was the first one to go find some place to sleep and the others just wouldn't let him be alone.  Within the first hour I had kids sleeping together.

I will still keep them apart when no one is with them.  The Boys were already ready for bed when they come home and the little kids weren't read to get up and play so I am sure that has alot to do with how things worked out.  But it was such a great first meeting!

Tick and Tock don't mind the dog at all.  When she sniffs too close they turn and look at her and the dog backs away.  Neither of the boys even blinked when she started barking when someone came to the front door.

The second day home: we still have not had a disagreement and Tock ate some soup before heading off to bed.  We are sharing Tone and the little kids have taken to showing the boys around the house.  Both Tick and Tock have found new toys that they have spent time with.  Tick found a cat toy mouse, and Tock took one of the dog’s stuff toys and dragged it upstairs to play with alone in a box.

Thank you to everyone that helped these Boys find a loving home!


Update: November 22, 2008
The boys are now in the same cage and hanging out together!

Update: December 4, 2008
Both the boys have been 'fixed' with a trip to the vets.  It only took them a few days to get back to feeling good.


This is Tick
This is TICK


This is Tock
This is TOCK

Can be found in the S.O.S 2011 ferret calendar!


Master Toby (small sable), Busy Izzy (cinnamon), Tick & Tock

Tick and Tock sleeping with Busy Izzy!

The boys just before they left the shelter to go home.