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Trunks earned her wings on January 3, 2011

Updated: January 3, 2011

Trunks has earned her wings on January 3, 2011

Updated: November 20, 2010

Trunks sadly has lymphoscarcoma all her lymph nodes are enlarged she is 2# with fluid retention Doc did an aspiration we are going to start pred with the hope that will assist in getting the nodes smaller and under control if by Monday the nodes have not become smaller then we will start her on Lasix to remove the fluid  

Brenda!!! I so can't believe I have over looked this little kid for so long.... He has been missing on the website this whole time. Can I have any details about him and maybe a picture too!  Thanks, Mindy

No - you did not over look her I did she was one of 4 of the boarders that were dropped off as boarders and were never picked up she is the last of the 4 left in the shelter they were dropped off on October 07 2005 their mom Beth W. and grandma Sheri V. dumped them they were from Clifton Springs NY story was mom was going back to school and she and her boyfriend were moving in with grandma truth was mom was dumping boy friend moving in with mom and they did not want to pay me the surrender fee that at the time I charged they are the reason I now see the red flags of people that want to long term board with me and are really trying to dump - another reason I went to requiring vaccines and check-ups with documentation before coming to the shelter no surrender fee is now required no need to get them to Doc after they get here this was about the time I could not get web site to work so they did not get on there you and I are getting things caught up (permission to post this as written) 

Also Trunks is a girl VBG

Updated: June 23, 2010

The explanation of the picture of Trunks she got the plastic loose on the window in the ferret room got in there and went to sleep more ferret proofing was done so that no one else could do that - do not think I put them behind plastic.