Owen's ferrets

   • The Rochester Crew found a new Forever Home on September 27, 2006 .
   • A local pair found a new Forever Home on October 11, 2006.
   • Bernie found a new Forever Home October 29, 2006.

Rochester Crew:
  3 males 1 female range from 5 months to 1.5 years old Rockee, Mulligan, Gizmo and Cealyn they were living in a small cage very little out of cage time. Mom and daughter had each bought 2 Mom had repeatedly lost one and replaced it. Then both decided they didn't want ferrets anymore. They were fed cat food but otherwise healthy just a bit over weight.

Local Rescue:
  This pair were not sent to my via Brenda but Brenda's passion kind of has had an effect on us and her help via phone calls when I couldn't get a hold of anyone else saved Timmee. 2 boys being kept in a cage outside in a carport during October cold in Buffalo temps as low as 30's overnight being fed Friskies and very little at that filthy cage. Picked them up Thursday of the freak October snow storm; Timmee got real sick on Friday vomiting and green slime poops with Brenda verifying my ideas and offering more, Timme was doing much better by Saturday night and is now a healthy happy ferret. Charlee 2 yrs old, Timmee 1 year old.

  Bernie was with a woman who was supposed to be babysitting this little guy for a month for her neighbor's son while he went into the hospital. Needless to say it has been almost a year and they let her know that they will not be taking him back. As much as the lady that was sitting with him, likes him, they own three, large Malamutes who try their best to eat poor Bernie whenever they get near his cage. She told us, "Luckily it has held up so far but I would imagine that Bernie could have a much happier life without my dogs." I had a good friend of mine pick Bernie up and bring him to me and I placed him with another friend who had ferrets in the past and wanted to get another. He is a happy spoiled fert now.