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Razzle & Dazzle

   • Surrendered to the Shelter in October, 2014.
   • Dazzle is a sable female.
   • Razzle is a silver blaze female.

   • Dazzle and Razzle have a new far away Mom in Fulton, NY.

February 14, 2017:
  I am dropper feeding Clyde, Wilson and Dazzle because they were not finishing their medicated soup. Dazzle and Clyde were looking really bad for a couple of days but they seem to be doing better this morning. Both are on life's edge.

December 3, 2015:
  Did a BG on Dazzle yesterday, her numbers were 49.

August 23, 2015:
  I got the fencing secured yesterday morning after I found Razzle back behind it again within 5 min of putting him and his sissy in the room. (see attached) While I was on my hands and knees securing it he got behind there again. I did not see how he managed to do so. I think I have it secured so they can't get behind it but if I lose someone that will be the first place I look, from now on.

August 21, 2015:
  I spent many hours looking for Razzle, he was missing from 6 last night. KC came so she and I pulled the big cage away from the wall and got all the bedding out of there, he was not back there. KC pulled the food closet apart, he was not there. KC found him in the corner behind the new pen barrier in the library that I put up last week. They are finding their way in but not able to get out. I need to fix that, but I am not sure how. Once Razzle was found we got to work putting up the new white board.


May 8, 2015:
  Our career day was a great success.. IMHO camera is still in the van. I pulled kids got them in the house, put morning shift kids that were still up away. 57 - 2 legged furless kids came through to see us. We had the science room, we even got the teacher that uses that room, so he set up our web page on the screen and we scrolled through our web site. I need to learn how to do a power point because there were questions asked that I know I could have shown on the screen but could not find it.
  The room was very warm so the ferrets were a bit subdued until I took them to the sink to wet them down, they gave the students a good show dancing and crawling under the blankets to dry off. Dazzle is not a good ambassador, Razzle was great. Ili did a lot of passing Dazzle around so she did not nibble on the students. One of the girls got a pretty good nip right off the bat.

May 7, 2015:
  When Ili got here I was upstairs, I heard her say have you been down here to see this? I came down to see what she was talking about.. Jack had gotten high enough on the shelves in the library to have knocked the napkins and paper towels onto the floor. He had managed to rip open at least one package of napkin. Ili cleaned it up so I am not sure how many he destroyed. We put those 3 to bed. Ili steam mopped the library floor then we put Razzle and Dazzle in that room. Razzle managed to get up onto the 4th shelf. I swear there are times I want to string them up!

March 19, 2015:
  I did not find food messes in any of the cages I put food sacks in.. much easier to clean up the cages now and no more wasted food.

March 18, 2015:
  I let Razzle and Dazzle have Mums space - that was a nightmare. I ended up gating the living room because they would not leave me alone. Dazzle snuck up on me and bit my arm. They will not get Mums space for the night again any time soon. I installed 2 food sacks in 2 cages this morning, one in Pickles cage one in Razzle and Dazzle's cage I am tired of all the food all over the bottom of the cage, most of the time I must toss it because it is fur, lint and crud in it when I sweep it up.

March 4, 2015:
  I decided to take the Rochester crew, Razzle and Dazzle, Pheona and Wilson with us to GCC today. They need their nails clipped and the class could use some fun disruption… Razzle and Dazzle can handle that. I thought about taking Max and Princess but they still nibble on occasion.

January 01, 2015:
  Mum let us open our presents! Wow we love them… We got so excited we fell off the couch a couple of times. Thank you thank you Miss Patty for including us in Christmas!
Thanks again
  Razzle and Dazzle


November 7, 2014:
  I found a new mouse catcher that works! It is called Razzle and Dazzle!
  I was leaving the living room to go down stairs, I saw something that looked like a good size piece of lint from the clean clothes on the floor. It was a dead baby mouse. I bent over to pick it up and toss it when Dazzle came up grabbed it and ran under the cabinet with it. Razzle was right on her tail to get it from her. They were fighting over the silly thing. The mouse looked pretty beat up so they may have killed it.
  Maybe I should leave them up at night to catch the mice I can't seem to catch in traps.

October 24, 2014:
  Brie got here about 12:30 with Razzle and Dazzle so we had time to empty her car, and get the 2 new kids put in the dining room to get some run time before I put them away. I got pictures of them when I got home from work before I put them in their cage . Dazzle bit me pretty hard, hard enough that she was dangling from my hand when I tried to bring my hand back. The woman that had them said she bit but had gotten her to stop. Not so much. We will make her happy and trust hands. I offered them both soup by dropper tonight, Razzle took about 4 mLs before he was done, Dazzle took 15 mLs, then I tucked them up in their new cage.


Initial Contact, October 21, 2014:
  I was given your information by a caring ferret individual who said if I could not find private adoption this is the only place she would surrender them. I recently bought 2 young ferrets. I am quite fond of them - they are everything people say friendly, fun, social. However, this was the wrong time in my life to have taken on the responsibility that comes with them.
  I have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 3 standard size horse, and was finally down to 3 minis after a several year breeding program, when the the next day one of the mares I am keeping as a pet foaled her last baby for me. She is taking every few hour care as she is a weak feeder, and thats where my priority lies.
  I have been torn what to do because I come home from work, let them out as they have free range of the den for 2 hours, but I have so much else to do I spend only minutes a day with them. They are social and seek attention and I feel quilty they get almost none. They are kept clean and plenty of water and food, but they need more.
  I don't trust 2 of my cats and one of the dogs, so they stay in their cage or in the den.
  I have debated building a pen of some sort so they are in that all the time and don't have to be let out, but I feel I am spending more on a venture that has already been not a good idea. I am not an irresponsible animal owner, but I know when to claim defeat as welll. I bit off more than I could chew.
  When I first got them the male was really good about the litter. The female took a little longer, but I believe she did not feel well. They were both using the litter. I went away over Columbus weekend and no one would care for them for me, so they got all that time to just be out in the den. The little brats have decided now they don't need to use the litter. I don't have the time to sit in there and throw them in the litter pan when they are naughtly. They are young though and do not feel that will be a problem with tjhe proper supervision.
  The male was purchased at PETCO in Oneonta NY. He has done little biting. The female came from PETCO in Syracuse, I was told prior to by the employee she had been working with her because she had become quite bitey. She was ok and then got in with some youngster. I have worked with her and she has bit me, and it hurts, but I am an animal person and endured and worked on this following the instructions of the pet employee. She is much much much better. she also used to shake like a leaf on a tree but doesnt know and she probably seeks my attention more than the male.
  I advertised them for sale on Craigslist but put a stipulation that I would not sell to someone who does not have ferrets or has had them. I DON'T WANT THEM PASSED AROUND. I have received no response. The employee at PETCO is unable to take them and the one at Country Max said I think she is in the process of moving.
  I would like to surrender them as soon as possible while they are quite young. I would like your expertise in placing them in an appropriate home(s).
Thank you,