Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

This is Roger! He found a Forever Home October of 2009. You can read his story here.

Adoptions at the Shelter

  All adoptions are suspended from November 24th - January 2nd.

  Pets are not gifts, they are responsibilities. If your application was in process before the 24th, we will continue that process. Any application submitted to us after the 24th of November will be held until January 2nd.


  We make every effort to place ferrets in our shelter into loving, permanent homes. Like any other humane society, we do not ship ferrets. We require onsite shelter visits from potential adopters to meet ferrets eligible for adoption and to become well informed about the demands of quality ferret ownership. All ferrets eligible for adoption are current on vaccinations (rabies and canine distemper). There is a sliding fee scale for adoptions ranging from $60-90, depending on age of the ferret.

  Step 1. Come hang out with the fuzzies at the Shelter on Sundays, Noon-4PM (except holidays). No appointment is necessary, but to be assured that some ferret emergency has not occurred forcing closure of the Shelter, email Shelter Mum that you plan to come.

  Step 2. Head to your public library or bookstore and read about ferrets!

  Step 3. Complete the application and bring it with you when you come to visit, or mail it to the Shelter. Doing so will help feed a ferret for a day!

Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.
PO Box 698
Naples, NY 14512

  Step 4. Shelter Mum or a volunteer will contact you to arrange an onsite interview at the Shelter. If this is your first visit to the Shelter, expect to stay 2-2½ hours. You can expect that two or more visits will be necessary to identify an excellent match of ferret(s) and potential owners. During these interviews, an assessment will be made as to the potential for the adopter to provide permanent care at all ages and health status changes for the ferret. Shelter Mum will give her best advice about costs of care.

  Step 5. Shelter Mum or a volunteer may determine that a home visit to the adopter's home is necessary to be assured that the ferret will have appropriate cage and play areas, nutrition, and medical care.

  Step 6. When there is mutual agreement on an adoption, the adopter will come to the Shelter with appropriate transport equipment, pay the adoption fee, and celebrate with Shelter Mum and volunteers that another ferret is heading to a new life of love, companionship, and joy!

  Step 7. Stay in touch! We want to hear about the transition to the new home. We are available by email to answer any questions. Come join us for Ferret Clinic on the first Saturday in June!





Docs: Adoption Application & Adopter's Copy