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Baby Food Raffle Campaign

Congratulations to Priscilla for winning the ferret umbrella!!

Mum says we fuzz butts are in need of baby food, the food we received in our last campaign is almost gone so she is going to give up one of her prized possessions to raffle off for baby food for us...Oh the things our Mum does to keep us happy and full!
  This prize possession of hers, is a large umbrella, Mum has carried this in the van for years. It is a discontinued item, no longer available on the market. The umbrella has a plastic protective sleeve for safe storage. She has used it once since she got it, probably 15 yrs ago.
  We hope you will help restock our baby food shelf! Good luck! - Daisy

We will draw the winning ticket on Clinic Day (June 4, 2016). The winner does not need to be in attendance.

How to enter:

We use both Gerber and Beechnut brands and we like both chicken and turkey!

One jar of food = one ticket
Five jars of food = six tickets