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October 16, 2017:
  Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters here is an update on our steps/deck and Mr. Dave. The project is done, Mr Dave completed it last Sunday just before he was to go into the hospital for surgery. He told Mum he was going to finish the job just in case he does not come home.
  The cards we requested are coming in, Mum delivered 6 of them to him yesterday, Mr. Dave says thank you for the cards, Mr Dave told Mum she had permission to tell you he was ill and needed surgery.
Thank you for helping Mum say thank you for keeping Mum safe.
Okay I gotta bounce



October 7, 2017:
Hello cyber friends and Shelter supporters. Lance here, bouncing in to ask a small favor.
  Here is the back story. Mum has a couple of times fallen down/off the outside steps to the house. She has a friend/volunteer who told her if she could get the materials he would build Mum a new set of steps/deck that would be safer and easier for her to come up and down.
  Mum did manage to get the materials that were needed. Mr. Dave started building the deck and steps back in June right after our Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic. In the middle of the project, he got some "not so good news," and the work slowed to almost a stop. Mr. Dave has been trying to get the project done to make Mum safe this winter. He is near the end part of the project. Now for the favor:
  Mum and I thought, from the prompting of Miss Kathy, that it would be nice if all of our volunteers and Shelter supporters would send cards acknowledging the hours of work and the expert talent Mr. Dave put into keeping our Mum safe.
  The cards could be sent here to us at the Shelter, and Mum would deliver them to Mr. Dave. He is a pretty private person so sending the cards directly to him is not an option. We think Mr. Dave deserves more than Mum saying thank you and an occasional chocolate bar. We think a card from each of our supporters and volunteers would be a great way of letting Mr. Dave know how much we appreciate his time and talent in keeping our Mum safe.
  Okay, thanks for taking the time to read my request. Mum and I hope you will help let Mr. Dave know just how much we appreciate all he has done. Before and after pictures attached.

You can send the cards here:
  Dave Zona
  C/O Lakeroad Ferret Farm
  P.O. Box 698
  Naples, New York 14512

Gotta bounce,



September 16, 2017:
HELLOOOOOOOO cyber friends and shelter supporters...I wanted to bounce in to tell you about the 2 newest fur kids that have come to live at the shelter.
  Mum got a call from SPCA of Tompkins County a couple of weeks ago asking her if she knew anyone that would/could take 2 medically challenged ferrets. Well you can guess what Mum told them!
  It took some time for SPCA to sort some things out for the girl, but we got the call on Monday 9/ 11/ 17 from Mr. Doug asking Mum is she was sure she could take the girls, and if so does she have a way of getting them to Naples or did they have to find them a ride? Mum told Mr. Doug she would check with one of our volunteers that lives in the vicinity of SPCA and get back to them.
  Mr. Pete stepped up for us once again and told Mum and Mr. Doug he would get the girls to Naples on Thursday afternoon 9/14/17. Mr. Pete needed to take the afternoon off from work to do this for us.
  Mr. Pete arrived at the shelter with Sasha and Rasha at 4 in the afternoon. They are tiny little girls but Mum says she can fatten them up some. She offered them some duck soup by dropper the evening they came in. by Saturday morning 9/16/17 they were eating duck soup on their own out of a shallow dish. The girls were bouncing and dooking Friday morning when Mum took them out of their cage to play. I think they are happy to be here.
Okay time to go bounce!

September 5, 2017:
Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters
  I am happy to report Odessa has gone to a new forever home with Miss Janette, she left Saturday morning. Miss Janette wanted to give her 3 full days of her being home with Odessa to let her adjust to her new home. That is the happy news.
  Gus is pouting and sad because Mum goes back to work driving the big yellow thingy tomorrow morning. Vacation is over, it is back to a schedule with no snooze alarm and hanging out for hours doing whatever.
It's time for me to go bounce


August 22, 2017:
  Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters, I have some great, great news to share! Remi has a new home, meet Mr. Joe and Miss Whitney - this is the day Remi when home with them. Her new family sen​t​ Mum some pictures to share. She sure looks happy living in her new home.
Thanks Mr. Joe and Miss Whitney for loving that girl!

Gotta bounce


July 23, 2017:
  Well blow me away with a feather! Hi cyber friends and shelter supporters.. we had a wing ding of a day yesterday!
  A new family came to see us last Thursday, they are looking for a friend for their Gizmo.. OFD turned these folks on to us.. Mum got a couple of us out to hang with Miss Whitney and Mr. Joe; Sophia and Remi clicked with these folks. Then Saturday they came back with their Gizmo to see if he would click with one of them.
  Mum let Remi out first, she and Gizmo did the I'll sniff yours, you sniff mine circling each other. They did the I'm going to be the boss thing too but neither of them were terribly convincing at it. All the humans stood around to watch the progress or not, ready to jump in and grab one of them if they got to beating on each other. Didn't happen!
  They did okay! After a fair amount of time Mum put Remi back to give them both a break, Gizmo did the investigating a new space thing. Mum got Remi up again to let them once again see each other, Mum could tell they were both pretty tired so she gave them belly juice and set them on the bed together, a trick Mum uses to introduce our kids to someone looking for a friend.
  It worked! Take a look at how that went. Remi finished her belly juice first so she went to helpen Gizmo with his. Gizmo and his Mom are coming back next weekend to see if another visit will confirm what Mum thinks.. that Remi will be happy in a new home with Gizmo as her friend.
  I even got to show off my bounce! Speaking of bounce - gotta bounce


July 17, 2017:
  HELLOOOOOOOOOOO cyber friends and shelter supporters, we want to introduce you to one of the newest shelter kids at the farm.. Buster … he was caught in a Have a Heart trap in a barn. Mum got a early morning call to see if she could help. Mum went to see what was going on, sure enough there was this ferret sitting in this trap with nowhere to go or get out. Mum got him freed, into one of the carriers she keeps in the van all the time for just this kind of call. The little guy came home with Mum she set him up with a cage, but no ID tag or name. Mum likes to give it time to see if the owners come forward to claim them. One week went by, no one called to say do you have my ferret so Mum named him Buster and had OFD take a look at him on Fuzzbutt day. OFD found he has something in his little body so Mum scheduled him to have surgery on June 29th. This is what OFD took out of our new little charge Buster. His masses were not cancerous, there is not likely they will come back, blue strings are out of his belly and he is back in his cage. Buster is a funny little man that makes Mum laugh a lot.
  Oh! Oh! You have got to check out this link - a 3 min video that was sent to Mum… she keeps watching it.. it is off topic of ferrets but it has lots of different fur kids walking past the camera.. check it out! Enjoy!

July 9, 2017:
  So when things get warm around here in the shelter, sometimes we have to give Mum some signs that it is time to turn on the AC. Mum can be a bit slow on the uptake so we have to make it really obvious we want the AC turned on!
  This is Reggie telling Mum that it is time to turn on the AC! Mum has the AC on now so I am going to go find something to do.
  Tiny Tim


July 3, 2017:
   Hello Shelter friends and supporters: I am forwarding a message from some of our newest arrivals at the shelter.
  Wow! We were scared when we got brought to the shelter. We were not sure what was going to happen to us. We found once here we have many play areas to hang in, lots of places to sleep in, many toys to play with, dishes of food, and a fountain of fresh water to drink in most of the rooms we hang in.
  Then Mum tells us that Miss Sharon from www.scatinc.org had a "Pick Your Patriot event this Independence Day" and we got to be included in that! The box they shipped to us came the other day, Mum has been busy with post-op fur kids so it took her a bit of time to get that box opened for us to check out all the awesome goodies they sent. Their events keeps us in filters for our fountains - Mum says the filters need to be replaced every 2 weeks.. The folks at www.scatinc.org help Mum make that happen.
  They even added some really cool things we did not ask for. How special is that~? Coming to the shelter for us; has been a great thing. We even got to meet Our Favorite Doc - we got hurt sticks at the same time, but we were told, OFD was not doing hurt sticks to us, he was doing hurt sticks for us.
  We have added pictures of the box of things they sent with us checking all the great stuff out, we are blessed that www.scatinc.org helps our Mum take care of us, Mum says they are a blessing in our lives!

Thank You!
  Bombay, Chardonnay and Josie


June 16, 2017:
  Good Morning cyber friends and shelter supporters. I heard Mum groan, and say "what are you doing up there"? I ran to see what was going on. This news reporting is hard work sometimes; catching up with happenings when they are happening! Phew!
  That Jack is always getting into trouble, if he is not climbing up on things he is jumping into the playpen to harass the fur kid that is in there! Here is a picture of what Mum was seeing when I heard her say "what are you doing up there?"
Gotta bounce


May 22, 2017:
  Hey cyber friends and supporters, man did Mum have a busy weekend.. lots and lots going on.. some was getting ready for our Annual Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic day. But the really important thing was Mr. T found a new 4-ever home. Mum did the home visit on Saturday, Miss Patty came to pick Mr. T up to take him home Sunday afternoon. You can read how he came to be at the shelter at the link above.
  I got to meet some new folks yesterday, a Mom and Dad, and two of the little people came to see us, the 2 little people ride on Mum's Big Yellow Thingy. Miss Mallory was holding me for a bit. They were fun to hang out with.
Gotta bounce


April 11, 2017:
  Hey! Hey! Hey, cyber friends and supporters Mum asked me to stop bouncing long enough to give you a message. I am including a picture of Snowball sound asleep in his Snoopy bed. Mum was doing shelter duties when she looked up and saw his face sticking out of his bed. She grabbed the camera took a picture of him. He was out cold, he did not flinch when the flash went off. You can read his story here.
  Last Saturday Mum had Daniel here helping, he loves hanging out with the Long Island kids, I am sending a picture of Daniel playing with Reggie. Reggie gets crazy when Daniel is here, and Daniel laughs a lot when Reggie is hanging with him. You can read their story here.
  Now for some important news, our Annual Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic is just 3 weeks away, if you want OFD to see your kids please let Mum know so she can send you the registration form. The deadline is just 2 weeks away. Mum needs to let OFD know how many hurt sticks he needs to bring with him that day. If you don't need OFD to see your kids, just come for the picnic and ferrets games and fun.
Okay gotta bounce


April 11, 2017:
  Miss Tina B brought M & M back Saturday afternoon from the Tails on Trails event, Mum brought them up to their pen. When Mum shuts the shelter down for the night, she takes M & M down to the library. Mum came up to get them, she found Mario like this. They sure were pooped from their day at the event.


Hey cyber friends and shelter supporters, Miss Donna D. was here helpen yesterday she got to meet M and M - Mayhem AKA Maria fell in love with Miss Donna, she fell asleep in Miss Donnas arms. Miss Donna let both M & M crawl up her pant legs. They had a grand time hanging out with Miss Donna.
  Now that M & M belong to the shelter Miss Tori can put them on the Website for us. There is no link yet for them.
Gotta bounce


Hey cyber friends and shelter supporters - Miss Daisy taught me to say that - I want to tell you all about Mum's day at Genesee Community College (GCC) yesterday. Mum went to help teach the Vet Tech classes about us ferrets, I did not get to go. Mr. T, Bonnie and Clyde, Jax and Penelope, and Junior did get to go.. Miss Donna D. took care of the shelter while Mum was gone. When Miss Donna left, when Mum went to bed, all 6 of them filled me in on the day they spent in class with college students.
  Mum got lots of pictures throughout the day. I've attached class pictures for you to see. Mum said she they were two great classes; very engaging and fun to work with. There was a new instructor for the class - Miss Dani - awesome person knows a ton about us ferrets, Mr. T gave me that information, he said Miss Dani kept telling Mum she was going to take him home. Mum says it was fun to have her in class, they worked off each other. Mum would explain a medical problem we've had here at the shelter, Miss Dani would put it into medical terms for the students. All the fur kids that went with Mum said It was a great day, they got lots and lots of love.
I am going to go do some bouncing - have fun looking at our pictures

Hey cyber friends and supporters, I would like to introduce you to Lance, he is a bouncy fellow with springs on his feet and a orange strip down his back. I am helping him learn how to do the news, I am getting tired, slowing down and ornery at times. Mum says I was born in 2007 - so I'm 10 yrs old - Mum says I can consider retiring from doing the news, so that is just what I am going to do. I will jump in from time to time but I think it is time to pass the news on to a younger more energetic ferret. Lance fits that bill to a T!
  I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to Lance as well as the two newest volunteers that come help at the shelter. Daniel and Lexa both ride on the Big Yellow Thingy that Mum drives. They come on Saturdays to help. I am sending picture of the two volunteers and Lance.
Tata for now - I am going to go catch a nap


Happy, Happy New Year! A time to celebrate the new and leave the old behind.. Well not Mum, she is old but we want to keep her around!
  We wish to thank each and everyone of you for all you did to help Mum keep us in food, bedding, medicine, toys, and the art work we use to show us off. For keeping our Facebook page running, our web site updated, the shelter running when Mum was on the road running us to Our Favorite Doc. All the things that help Mum do what needs doing around here to keep us going. She says we are her love, her life and her passion but we know without all the hands that help it would not and could not be the success it is.
  Thank you for a fabulous year of love, friendship, support and loyalty, we hope what you have shown us will come back to you 10 fold!
Daisy and all the fur kids that live at the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Shelter.