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   Reporter Possum left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2012.
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February 14, 2018:
Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters!
  Happy Valentine's Day! We are sending you a picture of a Valentine picture of Cooper and Tiny Tim. Mum caught them snuggling while she was getting that crew up for playtime.
  We hope you get to spend time with the people and fur kids you love.
Gotta bounce


February 4, 2018:
Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters,
  We have some exciting news! Mum took her physical performance test Friday morning, this is a required test if Mum wants to go back to driving the big yellow thingy after being out sick all this time. She Passed the test!
  Doc Charlie has signed a return to work slip so she can be back to work Monday morning. Doc Charlie has her on part time work for two weeks to see how things go. But as of now Mum is going back to work.
  Mum is excited about going back to work. We not so much, we are sad she is not going to be home with us all day like she has been for several months. We got used to having her home with us all day, every day.
  But we do understand we need to let her get back to doing what she does now that she is feeling better.
  Mum has spent many years sharing her time between the two legged furless kids and us 4 legged fur kids. 20 of them to be exact.
  We know sharing Mum with the two legged furless kids is important to Mum. We expect it will take Mum a bit of time to get back into the routine of in and out all day. As we told you last time we sent news, her feet don't move quite so fast as they used to however they are picking up speed.
We thought we should share the good news.
Okay gotta bounce


January 27, 2018:
Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters,
  Mum and me are sounding the alarm about…. Laundry, clean and dirty!
  Mum has spent a lot of years getting tearful telephone calls and emails telling her of the accident that happened that took a fur kids life.
  Mum tries to teach ferrents about the dangers of things to us 4 legged fur kids around the home. Sometimes she is successful in getting the humans to listen and take seriously the dangers she is trying to tell them about. Sometimes not so much. That's when Mum cries a lot!
  What we are sounding the alarm about is laundry - dirty and clean. We fur kids love to sleep in dirty laundry, we love to sleep in clean laundry, anything that is laying on the floor we can crawl into to sleep is a great place to take a nap. We also love to climb up, up, up to places that are probably not so safe for us to get to. Actually I know they aren't safe because Mum scrambles to catch us doing it before we reach our destination.
  Mum has devised a way to keep us from getting washed in the washing machine, (yes she has gotten calls about fur kids getting washed) she has devised a way to keep us from getting dried in the clothes dryer, (yes, she has gotten calls about drying a fur kid) she had devised a way for us to climb mountains of clean laundry safely within the safety of our playrooms.)
  You see, Mum keeps the dirty laundry basket up on a shelf that she can reach and is easy to fill with dirty laundry but we can't get to it to sleep in it. She makes sure that anything sitting on the floor is not going to get picked up and tossed to the basement laundry room with one of us in it. ( yes, she has gotten calls about kids being tossed to the basement)
  However; Mum keeps us gloriously happy by putting the clean laundry on the floor in the ferret room as she brings it up from the laundry room. Piles and piles of it, (well until she gets a minute to fold it and put it away)
  We get to climb the mountains of clean laundry with no worry about getting washed, dried or tossed to the basement where we would have acess to getting outdoors where other fur animals live that can harm us. Mum says they would eat us for lunch. I am of the fur kind that would rather eat lunch than be lunch thank you very much.
  Shy, and Big Mike are our two most creative climbers, so having a pile of clean laundry on the floor for them to get their climbing in, keeps them happy, and keeps Mum's feet planted firmly on the floor because they are not on top of a cage that Mum has to pull them off from.
  Please be mindful of where you put your dirty laundry so you don't make a mistake and wash your fuzz butt. We don't come out of the washer in very good condition if you toss us in there.

Okay enough of this serious stuff!
Gotta Bounce,


January 1, 2018:
Hi cyber friends and shelter supporters,
  A quick check in, to say hi and show you what Mike and Jack have been up to. Did you see that Jack made it into the SOS/FML calendar for 2018? Jack was being the trouble maker he is. If you want to see the trouble he gets into you can click on the link above to see him.
  Anyway this is Jack and Mike when Mum opened the doors to get them up for playtime, you can see in their faces how they are saying it's our turn.. Yippie it's play time!
Okay gotta bounce

December 30, 2017:
Helloooo, cyber friends and shelter supporters, Happy New Year!
  We would like to convey to all of our friends and supporters; a wish for success, a prayer for good health, the hope that you have the knowledge to make wise decisions, loyal friends and committed family should you need them. (Mum taught me all those big words)
  We are blessed to have friends and supporters that shower us with their time, talent and treasure! Mum told me to remind you that we will be adding a 2017 donors page to our web site in January if you have not told Mum not to put your name up it will be there for all to see.. If you wish that Mum and Miss Tori do not name you, please let Mum know as soon as possible so she can make sure your name does not show.

Gotta Bounce!


Oh happy day! Hey, hey, hey there cyber friends and shelter supporters!
  The calendars are in! ​Mum says let her know how many you want, send her your full physical address and she will let you know how much the shipping will be to get your calendar(s) to you.

For payment:
PayPal address: ferretfarm@frontiernet.net please pay with friends and family option.
If you wish to write a check:
  PO Box 698
  Naples, NY 14512

Prices are:
  1 Calendar $11.25 + shipping
  2 Calendars $21.50 + shipping
  3 Calendars $30.65 + shipping

Here is a sneak peek of what the first 2 pages look like: