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Possum's Special Additions, AKA Rants

   Reporter Possum left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2012. Reporter Sarah left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 12, 2014.

   Reporter Daisy's special additions to the Newsletter

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Happy, Happy New Year! A time to celebrate the new and leave the old behind.. Well not Mum, she is old but we want to keep her around!
  We wish to thank each and everyone of you for all you did to help Mum keep us in food, bedding, medicine, toys, and the art work we use to show us off. For keeping our Facebook page running, our web site updated, the shelter running when Mum was on the road running us to Our Favorite Doc. All the things that help Mum do what needs doing around here to keep us going. She says we are her love, her life and her passion but we know without all the hands that help it would not and could not be the success it is.
  Thank you for a fabulous year of love, friendship, support and loyalty, we hope what you have shown us will come back to you 10 fold!
Daisy and all the fur kids that live at the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Shelter.


From all of us, to all of you, we wish for you a warm and wonderful holiday season no matter how you celebrate! We fur kids here at the shelter celebrate Christmas with Mum hanging out with us for a full 12 days. No Big Yellow Thingy! We are doing the happy dance!
  Miss Tina is planning to come spend a couple of days with us weather permitting, Mum has an appointment with OFD for Ebony - surgery - but most of the time Mum is just going to hang with us. A and O are coming to camp.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
  Ferret Farm Shelter kids and Mum

We wish for all our friends, volunteers and supporters a delightful day with family, lots off good food, good conversation and a fun filled day with those that are dear to you. We are going to have our Mum all to ourselves for a full day.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you!

Hey! Hey! Hey, cyber friends and supporters! Wow was yesterday a wild and crazy day. There were humans all over the place and they had Mum going in all different directions! NO, that's a good thing! See I think I told you in the news that back in August Mum had a face to face board meeting and in that meeting the BoD decided the big barn out next to the road needed to be cleaned out. See the shelter volunteers had a barn sale many years ago and what was left over was still there...
  My oh my there was a mess out there, a bigger mess than all of us shelter ferrets could have made even if Mum did not clean up after us for a month!
  All the humans that could get here yesterday brought gloves, shovels, hand truck and such to start unloading that mess! We had a dumpster sitting out front - to haul it all into. They got started about 10 am, took a break for lunch about 1 - they had pizza and wings and I did not get any!! Go figure I get the news out and I don't get lunch! They got back to work and finished up about 3.. Mum forgot to take "before" pictures but I told her I thought that was a good thing, because it was really disgusting out there. Anyway Mum did get pictures of the activity during the day and the finished job.
  All this happened because of the wonderful shelter volunteers that give their time, talent and Treasure! The shelter board members that could not be on site to help did their part by contributing to the cost of the dumpster, lunch, gloves and face masks.
  Mum says we fur kids are blessed to have so many humans that love us to help Mum do what needs done around here.


October 8, 2016:
We got an email from scatinc@aol.com asking us if we would like to be included in goblin project Miss Mary Beth A. picked us to send us presents! She sent us filters for all the fountains we have in our play areas We got the filters she sent us the other day, Mum got a picture of each of us checking this stuff out. Mum still does not have us on our web site we are so new to the shelter! Dear Miss Mary Beth, the box of things you got for us got here, Mum got pictures of us checking out the things you got for us.. Wow! You sent a lot, thank you for helpen out Mum take care of us!
  Mum is going to have Miss Sheilla put this up on our Facebook page too! She will let you know when it gets there! Thanks so much for helpen our Mum take care of us. Scully, Sophia and Raine


September 17, 2016:
(Reposting with permission)

Thank you everyone for submitting those great photos of your furkids once again for the FML/Support Our Shelters calendar. Special thanks to BIG for his assistance with this project.

I'm pleased to announce the 2016/2017 calendar kids. Congrats go out to:
Squishy & Pebbles Thompson, Buddha Gabrielle, Magii - Lakeroad Ferret Farm Clinic Day Event, Gabby Boleman, Ethel Hachey, Fenway Loughlin, Bing Loughlin, Jimmy Colton, Squiggy Keith, Freta - Lakeroad Ferret Farm Clinic Day Event, Duncan Mathuin, and Mocha Shaskin.

Our Calendar Kids who are featured for the months of September 2016 through December 2016 are:
Jimmy Colton, Finny Deem, Buddha Schubert, and Ari Arielle Trowbridge.

The calendars are 11" x 8.5" closed, 11" x 17" open and are filled with 32 Full Color pages printed on 100# gloss paper stock that begin with September 2016 and go through December 2017 and are packed with lots of cute fuzzie photos. Order yours now!!

For a complete list of the calendar kids and to view the cover please visit the calendar page at: http://supportourshelters.org/FML_Calendar.html

All of you are winners for your support of shelter ferrets through this project!

for Support Our Shelters


September 3, 2016:
  Miss Ili sent this picture of her girls to Mum...This is how you know your fur kids like soup!
  Do you know how important soup is? It will and has kept ferrets alive through very serious illness' It allows you to give your kids meds without a fuss because they don't know they are in the soup..
Here is a message from another ferret owner:
  I wanted to thank you again for getting my guys on soup while you boarded them. I am convinced that the soup saved Ygrittes life this weekend. Unfortunately I'm at drill out of town now and no vets had space to examine her Friday (several ferrets were in the same condition that day, weird since this is the same time Achilles always got sick too), so I won't know what's going on until this week. She had diarrhea and was refusing food, water and soup to the point she could barely move. But she finally responded to a dropper. She took a tiny bit at first and I kept trying every few hours. She took a bit more with each feeding and this morning she was really going to town. I actually had to quit feeding her to get to drill, but before I left the house she was eating on her own. My pet sitter will continue the soup. I know it kept her hydrated enough to pull thru, so thank you!!
  if you go here there is a piece about the Duck soup imposter.
Thanks for listening!


July 28, 2016:
  We got this post and thought it was important to share with our ferret shelter followers. We are reposting with permission from Vanessa.

Get your Ferret an Air Conditioner!
  With heat advisories blanketing large parts of the US, make sure your ferrets are safe. When the temperature rises over 85 degrees, ferrets can suffer from hyperthermia. Hyperthermia – also known as heat stroke or heat exhaustion – can be fatal. According to veterinarians, as little as 10 minutes confined in temperatures over 90 damage a ferret’s internal organs.

Heat stroke/exhaustion symptoms include:
· Open-mouth breathing, progressing to rapid panting
· Weakness/lethargy
· Red tongue/pale gums
· Vomiting/diarrhea
· Fainting or coma

  If your ferret shows these signs in hot weather, lower their body temperature by immersing their body in room-temperature (not cold!) water. Place them on a damp towel and, as soon as possible, transport to the vet in an air conditioned vehicle so a doctor can determine if they require further supportive care.
  Prevention is the best medicine. Ferrets are designed for temperate zones. High heat and humidity is more serious for them than for people – pets can’t control their environment. Be sure to keep ferret cages out of the sun on days when temps will rise, and never house a ferret outdoors.
  With the cost of a room-sized air conditioner as low as $100, it’s foolish to risk your ferret’s health; the cost of an emergency vet visit will be hundreds more.
  If you can’t install an air unit, at least move your ferret’s cage to a basement during heat waves, where the surrounding ground keeps spaces cooler. But closely monitor air quality, since unfinished basements can be damp & musty.

  Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc. - L. Vanessa Gruden, Executive Director.

July 4, 2016:
  Hey shelter friends and volunteers. We want to say Happy 4th of July… Have fun, enjoy your friends and family but most of all be safe! Mum is planning to hide out and get some down time before she goes back to work on the big yellow thingy July 6th for the summer run.
  Mum tried talking us into going on a starvation diet so she did not have to work this summer; but we put our paws down, stuck our heads under our blankets and would not listen to her proposal.

Be safe


March 27, 2016:
  Mum had a very busy week, many things keeping her on her toes, up to and including us.. She grabbed pictures to share of some of us that caused her to have to spend time looking for us!
  Tiny Tim as you know is paraplegic , but gets around quit well. Mum had the Long Island six out and about when it was time for bed, she found 5 of them pretty easily.. she was missing Tiny Tim, now where would you look for that boy knowing he is paraplegic? Mum spent a fair amount of time looking in, under and around. When she could not find him she went about doing shelter duties waiting for him to appear.
  Mum heard this noise way up in the sleep box she built for us, she grabbed the camera, climbed the step stool to see what was making that noise. She found Tiny Tim up top in the sleep box, he had crawled his little body all the way through and up the tube to get to the top of that cage to spend his time in the sleep box up top the highest place he could find.
  Mum says when one has a disability it is only as disabling as one allows one's self, as Tiny Tim proves there are no limits to life when you see no limits. Mum was so surprised to find TT up there, Tiny Tim was as surprised to find Mum at eye level taking a picture of him.


  Lance loves to hang out in the ferret room when Mum is cleaning cages. Lance found the pile of bedding Mum is setting aside for Miss Ellen. Miss Ellen is going to do some mending for us, Lance seems to think that is just a perfect place to hang out to watch what Mum is doing!


  Snowball found the box of bedding Dr. Sandra sent us. Mum was looking all over for him and there he was right in the box under the drawer where Mum had the box sitting. He was really sound asleep, snuggled in happy as can be.


  We fur kids sure do keep Mum on her toes when we find places to sleep she does not expect to find us. I am going to go find something to do.. thanks for letting us drop in.

March 27, 2016:
  From our house to yours we wish you a warm, colorful Easter. Be safe, be blessed and be happy.
Ferret Farm Shelter Kids

March 12, 2016:
  With the weather becoming warmer and the days longer the ferrets at the shelter have been showing some lighthearted enthusiasm for life.
  Mum captured some pictures of Sasha playing in a box Mum is putting together with used items for our clinic day raffle. Sasha thought that was the perfect place to hang out in to watch what Mum was up to.
  Mum later caught Pheona and Wilson doing the rough and tumble when let them into Mum's space kitchen area to play. They were raising the dust bunnies running from one corner to the next.


February 4, 2016:
Dear Miss Nicole, our Mum opened the box of Kong toys. She put them in a plastic tub for us. The toys were cold so we did not want to crawl into the tub with the toys but we sure did want to. Mum got pictures of us for you. She also got a video of us she will send that once she gets a link for you.
Thanks for helpen our Mum take care of us.
  Ferret Farm Shelter kids


January 31, 2016:
  Hey! Hey! Hey! a big shout out to SCAT Inc. - Sharon's Critters Action Team they included us in their Lonely Hearts Album this Valentine’s Year. They sent me (Angel) and Tiny Tim presents.. Remember Rosario sent a message of thanks...Well that's because Mum forgot about the Valentine Day from SCAT Inc. that stuff was for me Angel.
  Anyway here is a second message from us and Tiny Tim with pictures, directly to Miss Roberta. Thanks for helpen Mum take care of us.

Dear Miss Roberta, Mum let me get into my valentines presents you sent me. Mum took pictures of me, my cage buddies got to help check them out after I got to check them out on my own. That’s me (white) sitting on the top with my stuff I can't stand on my back legs like my buddies do. I love my valentine presents!
Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me.
  Tiny Tim


January 20, 2016:
  Hey cyber friends Aunt Brenda is letting me do a message for the shelter. Yup that's me Rosario first thing this morning when Aunt Brenda got me up at 3 am. She usually opens the door, picks me up for a little loving then sets me down on the floor. This morning she stood there in front of me with this blue thing pointing at me. Anyway here is the message Aunt Brenda wanted me to send:
  A 16 oz bottle of ferretone, and a 12 count box of chicken baby food was sent from Amazon.com, addressed to Angel ferret at Lakeroad. Aunt Brenda says there is no name to indicate who sent these items.
  Aunt Brenda says if you want to remain anonymous she says that is fine she just wants you to know it got here and thanks for sending it.
  If you want to let her know you sent it you can let her know here ferretfarm@frontiernet.net. Thanks for helping Aunt Brenda take care of all the fur kids that live here and camp here on occasion.