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Possum's Special Additions, AKA Rants - 2012 Edition

   Reporter Possum left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2012. Reporter Sarah left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 12, 2014.

   Reporter Daisy's special additions to the Newsletter

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November 6, 2012:
  It's too bad Ferrets can't vote. Shelter Mum would need to borrow the big yellow thingy to get everybody to the polling place.
  Ferret voting would be fun to watch! First of all, Shelter Mum would pull up to the polling place with all her fur kids jumping up and down with excitement that they are here and they get to vote now!
  As Shelter Mum opens the door, all her fur kids go piling off the bus. Shelter Mum calls out to them to line up alphabetically once they get inside and not to do a thing until she gets there.
  Shelter Mum steps inside the polling place to see all her kids lined up nice and straight. She pulls out the name cards and starts to give a name card to each ferret. Ally is first, then Avery, then Bear III, then Big Foot, then Bruno and so on up the line.
  Ally goes up a small wire ladder hooked up to the front of the table to the nice election lady and places his name card down on the table. The nice election lady then looks up Ally's name and photo in the big election book. Once Ally is located and his ID verified, he presses his little paw into an ink pad and "signs" his name by pressing his paw print into the election book right next to all the other paw prints he had made over the years when he signed in to vote in the past.
  Ally then goes down another wire ladder hooked up to the side of the sign-in table and makes his way up another wire ladder to the voting machine. Another nice election lady guides Ally as he votes for his favorites on the ticket and for the various other candidates running that year. At last, the voting machine confirms that Ally votes have been registered and weasel happy dancing ensues!!!
  Shelter Mum congratulates Ally and then instructs him that since he is now done voting, please go back and wait on the bus for everyone else to finish.
  So the day goes on. Each of Shelter Mum's ferrets signing in to vote, voting, dancing and then back to the bus to wait for the trip home. Finally Shelter Mum, herself, votes and heads back to the bus to drive everyone back to the Shelter. Once on board, she finds she has to break up a major wrestling match. It seems Pickles voted for different favorites on the ticket and this is not sitting well with his fellow fuzzbutts. See if anybody shares their treats with him for the next month.
  After a stern lecture from Shelter Mum about the beauty of these United States is the freedom we all have to make whatever choices we want without being punished for them, the fuzzies all ride home in silence. Once home, Shelter Mum has to scooch everyone off the bus in a hurry because she has to go back to Naples and make the afternoon run for all the 2 legged furless kids.
  While Shelter Mum is away, one by one, the sweet ferrets all come up to Pickles and apologize for giving him a hard time about his choice. Shelter Mum is right. In this country we are free to make our choice from multiple options. It's wrong to punish someone because they were given a choice and made the choice different from everyone else. All the other fur kids come up to Pickles and begin to share their treats with him again. MEB

September 9, 2012:
  Hey Hey Hey this special message is sponsored by all the fur kids that live at the Shelter! Mum is up to her ears in tomatoes (canning them) and we are leaving land mines in all areas that are not poopy area so between us an the tomatoes mum is not around enough for us to do our news – she said get this information out NOW   Our Christmas in October is coming up!
  Next week September 15, Mum and Miss Iliana are going to be at Central Tractor for adoption days 11 to 3 – looks like Mum is going to take Hammy and Pickles this time.

  Come join us at either or both if you can
  So until Mum comes out of the kitchen this is all the news you will get from us –

  Sarah and Daisy

August 13, 2012:
  Sarah: Hey Daisy! Did you know Miss Sheilla placed our Shelter on a Facebook page?
  Daisy: Yeah. I heard Mum talking about it. Sarah, what is the big deal with Facebook when we have Miss Tori doing our web site?
  Sarah: Daisy, you are still acting like a cub reporter. The big deal is this: we now have two very special ladies, doing two very special things, to help more humans know about the Ferret Farm and how to help our shelter. I've been here longer than you and I know just how important it is to keep folks informed about us. Informing folks helps Mum feed us, take care of our medical needs and keep us in clean blankies. The humans that become our far away families help, too. We eat a lot, and make all kinds of mess! It's why Delilah's far away mom, Miss Iliana, comes every Thursday to help Mum clean our play areas. We mess things up faster than Mum can clean up! Then, there is Miss Donna. She comes once a week to keep our play yard mowed and tended so we can use it.
  Daisy: Hmm... I still don't get it, Sarah.
  Sarah: Look, Daisy. The more humans that know about all the good work done for us here at our shelter – OUR HOME – the easier it is for Mum to care for us!
  Daisy: So how long has Mum been taking care of us?
  Sarah: 20 years, Daisy. That's longer than you and I put together have been alive! Mum tells folks its her love, her life and her passion, and it sure is! But its also lots of work. So the more we tell the humans owned or not owned by ferrets, the easier it could be for Mum to continue to do what she does best! Mum can love us, keep us safe and save the fur kids that need help when they need it. Just like you and me!
  Daisy: Oh, now I get it! The more humans that know about us, the better it is for the fur kids out there that may need a place to go! Like Squiggles. She was found running around on a four-lane highway. Some lady got her off the road and Miss Brie picked her up then gave her to Mum.
  Sarah: Yep, Daisy. Now you get it!

June 15, 2012:
  Sarah here, mum wanted me to remind you that she is still working on the Big Yellow Thingy – she has today and next week before she is done. Naples is giving their Regent's exams for high school students which means that mum is driving more runs to get them to and from school before morning and afternoon exams.
  Then the elementary school kids go home. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this just means mum is not home long enough to take care of us and the computer emails that are coming in. Mum is focusing her time at home on us. Mum will work on answering you this weekend when she gets a minute to breathe. If you have a sick kid you need help with put important in the subject line and mum will make sure she reads your mail and takes care of it before she goes back out on the road.

March 9, 2012:
  Sarah here; special edition to our news that can not wait!

  The shelter is now a Charitable Non-profit Organization; mum got the letter from the IRS yesterday! Is that weasel dancing news or what? Mum and I have been dancing the happy dance since the letter was pulled from our PO Box.
  Three major benefits:
    1. All future donations to the shelter are tax deductible for the donor;
    2. The shelter is eligible to apply for grants that require charitable non-profit status from granting groups;
    3. The shelter is eligible to apply for NY sales tax exemption for all its expenses.

  Thank you Miss Kathy for putting up with our mum and the board to get this done! You all rock!
  A wonderful humbling event here at the shelter.

February 13, 2012:
  NO! NO! NO! It can't be true!
  Possum left for Rainbow Bridge this morning! Mum got her up at 5 am to feed her, mum held her while she ate her soup and had her meds. Mum put her back in the sick pen, then left for work. When mum got home she found Possum gone – she left for the bridge while mum was at work. Possum knew mum would not want her to go!
  Oh we are so sad we lost our Possum!

    Final Goodbye

  I look upon your upturned face
  Your eyes half closed to sleep
  Serenity overcomes you
  Your breath comes soft and deep
  I knew this time was nearing
  Though I never guessed so soon
  It seems it was just yesterday
  That I first brought you home
  Oh the joy that you have brought me
  Over all these years we've shared
  Mean more to me than anything
  You were an answer to my prayers
  I sense that you must leave now
  And so I say farewell
  Just know that I still love you
  And that I always will

    By Brenda Kay Bookman

January 1, 2012:
  Sarah here – mum said I could do the new years wish this year so here goes , we are 5 hours into the new year – mum slept through the parties and the crazy ball drop! The nice thing is she got to watch all that stuff without staying up past her bed time because they are running it on the TV this morning.
  We wish for all of you the best year ever, good health, good friends, loving family and lots of weasel dances in your life.
  We also want to thank you for being loyal shelter friends, making what mum loves to do easier because of the things you do for us! To name all the things that get done for us would be miles and miles of words so to keep this simple and short.
  Me and mum say thanks for touching our lives, for being who you are, for doing what you do to help us here, for caring for the mum that cares for us, for picking us off the giving tree, for taking some of us home with you to love, without you in our lives this shelter would not run as smoothly as it does.
  So the New Year brings with our wish to you a grand thank you for all you do!