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Possum's Special Additions, AKA Rants

   Reporter Possum left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2012. Reporter Sarah left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 12, 2014.

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October 10, 2015:
  Hey Cyber friends...Wow did we have a crew here yesterday to help clean our shelter! They made a bigger mess before they got it cleaned up! They pulled things away from the walls to scrub the walls, ceilings, light fixtures and floors. Toys were sorted, toy boxes and dig boxes cleaned, bedding stripped and sent to the laundry room. We had a table for food and drinks so our worker bees could fuel up as needed. Mum kept saying how blessed we are to have so many folks that are willing to help keep us going. We were all locked up in our cages so the barriers could be removed for free flow cleaning.
  We want to thank everyone for all they do to help our Mum keep us fed, housed and cared for...without the volunteers and supporters we would not have it so good....We are blessed to have so many with time, talent and treasure to help.
  Now for the names of the new kids on the block, Mum says you had great ideas and some were chosen. This is what was decided:
Autumn, Cooper, Ebony, Mocha, Reggie, Ruby, Star, Tiny Tim (he is the paraplegic)
Thank you for helping name the crew.
  Daisy and Wilson

September 23, 2015:
  Hey cyber friends, Ally and Bruno checking in to say hi and remind you that we have a shelter work day coming up on October 10th, 10 am till done. If you would like to join us drop Mum a line Ferretfarm@frontiernet.net so there will be enough lunch to go around. Mum made us work so hard putting this post together that we had to take a nap. We are going to snooze for a while to get our energy back.
Ta Ta
  Ally and Bruno


September 3, 2015:
  Hey! Hey! Hey shelter friends... we just got this link and it has one of our very own shelter volunteers and far away Mom to Angel in the article Miss Priscilla... Nice Job!
  We are sharing some pictures of her Buddha who Miss Priscilla speaks about in the article. Enjoy... Angel sends her love.


August 24, 2015:
  Hey shelter friends, remember me? Jack, I'm the one that was climbing up high and getting into trouble. You know the one reporting to you about the Gisele auction going on. Anyway, Mum decided she needed to do something to keep me down and from getting hurt, so she put this pen up to keep me down and in the room.
  The pen keeps me down and out of trouble but look at Razzle, he was able to get in and behind but could not get out. He's in jail! Once again Mum works on making it more secure to keep Razzle out, well as Mum was on her hands and knees working on securing the pen, Razzle gets behind the pen once again and Mum did not see him do it until he was there. We fur kids sure keep Mum busy...
  I am going to go find something to get into. - Jack


August 15, 2015:
  Hey shelter supporters, Jack here rummaging around for things to donate for the auction fund raiser that is going on for us. You can find what I am talking about here.
  Anyway I just wanted to let you know that there are lots of really cool things up for auction some of it is not even ferret related. More about who, what, when and how below my handsome picture. Please pass this information on to your friends too. Thanks!
Driving our Mum to drink,

August 1, 2015:
  The Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue Shelter fur kids want to say thank you for your generous support! Thanks to Satin Angel Facebook auction site, for the auction items, along with humans that put those items up for auction, donating a portion of the proceeds to us, and the humans that bought the items in support of us, you all did a marvellous job!
  We are dooking and dancing in gratitude and thanks for the many donations that came in from everyone that sent them to help our Mum take care of us!
  Many thanks from all of us, Mum says thanks too!


July 29, 2015:
  Hey shelter supporters, we got this post from Miss Lisa; she and Miss Jessie are going to run a fundraiser for us, below is the post she sent Mum and how you can join in on the fun, if you have something you would like to put up for auction to help support our medical expenses that would be great, if not please share this on your Facebook pages so more supporters know what is going on. what, where, when and how is all in the post below. Mum already sent Miss Lisa the information she needs to make this all happen.. We hope you have fun with this auction site. Me and Dazzle are the featured fur kids.


Hi Brenda,
Let me tell you first a little bit about how the Gisele FUNdraisers work.
  You can find our event page here - we keep it live between FUNdraisers to let people post the prizes they have received and to drop in and visit with each other. Right now we are running a little photo contest for the October page of our Gisele FUNd calendar (the other pages will feature ferrets the Gisele FUNd has helped throughout the year).
  You will be paired with Southshore Ferret Care (Diane Wall) - we thought you would be a good match.
  All of the proceeds from the FUNdraiser go directly to shelter ferrets one way or another - the sellers / donors do not receive any compensation for the items they post.
  The Gisele FUNd will keep a portion of the proceeds to have available for emergency requests from shelters or sanctuaries - the remainder will be split between the two participating shelters. We ask for your vet information since the we transfer the bulk of monies raised on your behalf directly to your vet bill and depending on how well the FUNdraiser does we may also send some dollars directly to your shelter paypal account so we will need that information too.
  At the end of the FUNdraiser - all money is sent to the Gisele FUNd - as payments are confirmed we post so that donors know payment has been received and it is ok to ship to winners. Shipping costs unless otherwise stated are the responsibility of the winners and they pay the donors - Gisele does not get in the middle of shipping arrangements but we will follow up if an item is reported as not received.
  Jessie and I "seed" each FUNdraiser with items we have personally purchased or solicited from donors - this starts the ball rolling and means even if shelters have a tough time rallying support we still start out strong - we actually encourage the posting of new items throughout the event to keep things fresh so you have that extra bit of time to rally the troops.

Shelters are asked to rally their volunteers and supporters to:
- Provide donations (big or small, ferret related or not ) For each item the donor is asked to provide a picture, description and starting bid - if anyone needs help we are there to be of assistance. Bedding is usually a popular item; ferret related art also tends to do well. Part of the fun of each event is seeing the variety of items donated and I am often surprised not only by what shows up but by how well different and unexpected items can do.
- Encourage bidders - share the event (we will make some promo videos and announcements you can use ahead of the event but feel free to get creative on your own - share on your shelter page, website, newsletters....whatever works for you)
- If your supporters can't donate, or bid - that is ok - sharing to expand our audience helps particularly once the event gets going - sharing specific items with people who may be interested in them not only brings new people to the event page but helps maximize the bids on items to your benefit.

Welcome aboard - looking forward to a very successful event for you!

June 22, 2015:
  The pressure is off, the shelter is quiet, Mum is slowly recovering from clinic day. Mum told me I could share some pictures of campers that are here. Mum lets campers use her space just like we get to do, and most of the time campers get Mum's space first. Crumpets Blair little black girl got adopted through our shelter. Little Fiona Foster light silver girl has been coming to camp with her brother and sister for several years. Both families are due to go home next week.
  School is almost over for summer, so Mum will have some down time before she starts driving for summer school. She hopes to get some extra things done while she has time off.
  Gotta run, things to do, barriers to jump, cages to climb, food bags to play in. Tata


June 8, 2015:
  Phew! It was a grand day Saturday.. Mum's God box works! The weather was perfect, sun shine but not hot. Lots of humans hanging out with their ferrets. Some new folks even stopped by to say hi and check us out...
  Thank you to all that helped Mum clean up, set up, tear down and pick up before and after the event.. without the extra hands this event would not be possible or as successful. We love hosting the yearly event, we love that folks like to congregate, so the extra hands are needed and appreciated!
  Miss Wendy contacted the folks for the donations we had for our raffles. Other folks donated things for our auction so Miss Mary B. could offer them up with the stylish way she does.
  Miss Wendy also takes the beautiful pictures during our event!
  Food oh my; there was lots and lots of food, everyone had plenty to eat.. Mr. Mike manned the grill, a fine job indeed. We had a blast, my far away Mom brought me out so I could report on the goings on of the day and then the next thing I know I am on the table in front of OFD getting hurt sticks. Pretty sneaky thing to do to me Mum! All and all it was another successful day with Our Favorite Doc and shelter friends.
  Enjoy the pictures...Here are more pictures Miss Wendy took during the day.


Many thanks to the following:
- Those who donated raffle items
- Drs. Foster and Smith
- Isabella Gucci Jones Collection
- Marshall Pet Products
- Pet Threads
- Rodent Pro
- Snoopy's Snuggler
- Wysong
- Kathy C and Marilyn H
- Anna Walker
- Patty Saville

April 5, 2015:

We wish you a warm and colorful Easter from our house to yours!
  Daisy and Wilson

March 17, 2015:

​May your blessings outnumber
  The shamrocks that grow
  And may troubles avoid you
  Wherever you go

March 3, 2015:
  It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to a loyal shelter supporter and friend. Stacie died this morning in her home with her Mom at her side at age 35.
  It was a week ago Sunday her Mom, Bonnie called to ask me if I could help get Stacie's car home, Stacie had called her Mom to say she was too ill to stay at work she needed to come home. We went to get Stacie and her car Sunday morning 2/22/15.
  Tuesday 2/24/15 Stacie called to update me on her status. She had been admitted to the hospital after being told by the urgent care staff and emergency room staff they could not identify what was wrong.
  Bonnie called me on Wednesday 2/25/15 to let me know Stacie was home from the hospital, her diagnoses was uterine cancer with the ovaries also affected. She saw the cancer specialist on Monday 3/1/15.
  Bonnie called at 9 this morning to tell me Stacie was gone. She had gotten up to go to the bathroom, told her Mom she was dizzy sat down and died.
  My heart breaks knowing children should not die before their parents, Stacie was a neighborhood friend growing up with my 2 boys, became a good customer when our store was servicing ferret owners, and becoming a loyal shelter supporter. Stacie would drop by with fresh veggies out of her garden for us in the fall.
  Stacie touched many of our shelter supporters being involved in many of our onsite events, she house sat for Ili and Bob's ferret girls when they could not take them with them. I have included a few pictures of Stacie at some of our events...

Stacie you will be missed by many. Fly high my friend.


December 15, 2014:
  Miss Trish sent this link to Mum; she thought you would love to see it.. the first edition has ended but if you click on the "Wait I still want one button" if they get 14 reservations they will bring the design back!
  Mum thinks this is an awesome hoodie...What do you think? Can we get 14 more to reserve so they will bring the design back? lets try!
  Daisy and Wilson