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   To Honor Master Largo for all the work he did on the newsletter we have kept our letter titled Master Largo News.

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March 2018

Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters!
  Boy do I have some news for you! It's been one crazy winter!
  Remember I told you Mum made the decision to suspend all private surrenders last year? If families needed to surrender their fur kids Mum had approved families ready to slid those fur kids into that home. Mum says she needs to be in better health if she is going to care for us properly. Because of her SLOWNESS Mum needs more time to get what we need, done. She is improving and getting back to her lightning fast feet but there are days when her feet don't move so fast.
  A family needed to surrender their two ferrets back in January so Mum got in touch with Miss Danielle who had agreed to help well before she was needed.
  The two fur kids went directly to Miss Danielle from their old home. You can read about how they are adjusting and see all the pictures Miss Danielle has taken of them here.
  The week of March 9 through 11 a winter storm hit our area, we went without power for 3 days. Mum covered our cages with blankets and kept us in them to keep us warm. The house got down to 40 degrees during the day, colder over night. Mum figured the power would only be out for a little while. Well Mum was sure wrong about that! Plus she could not pick up the gas can to fill the generator to get that started, so the generator sat quiet until Mum's 2 legged furless kid came over Saturday mid-morning to help her, and Mr. Dave get our generator going so we could have heat and some lighting. The generator will run the furnace for heat, and our main shelter room only. Mum dragged the blender and the small one cup coffee maker into the shelter room to heat water and make soup for us. Mum's two legged furless kid dug us out, made paths Mum could navigate without falling.
  We got so much snow, that it broke lots and lots of trees, and shrubby in our yard. There was a plus side to all the snow, Mum brought some snow in for us to play in. Jax, M and M loved it, they had a ball playing in the snow, it was too cold for my bouncing feet.
  Before the big snow storm hit little Shasta went to a new 4-ever home! That same family is coming back on March 24th to pick up M and M so they can have a new 4-ever home too. Mum took M & M to see OFD on Friday 3/16/18 to get them all checked out and update their shots so they can go live with Miss Karra, Murray, and Shasta.
  M & M and Shasta were playtime buddies while Shasta was here. Mum says it is too hard to find a home for 3 or more bonded fur kids going to the same home, so keeping them as a single or 2 gives them a better chance to find a new home. Mum says she is thrilled that Miss Karra decided to come back to get M and M.
  Scully may have a new home, the Talledo family adopted Marshmallow and Ollie, their two legged furless children fell in love with Scully so the family is hoping that Marshmallow and Ollie will accept Scully into the family. Mum got pictures of the family when they visited to introduce Marshmallow and Ollie to Scully. Marshmallow loves to hang from the toys his family squeaks.
  Mum and Doc Charlie went to Genesee Community College this year to help teach two vet tech classes. The students get to handle the ferrets we take with us, cut nails and check temps, and learn how to sex them. A valuable experience to students that would not normally get hands on classroom experience with ferrets. We are grateful to GCC and Carrie Caccamise, DVM - the Director, Vet Tech Program for inviting us year after year to bring our ferrets in to teach her classes.
  Mum is still working part-time she is doing better but as Doc.Charlie told her, she is going to have good days and bad days.. thankfully Doc Charlie has her doing more good days than bad but driving the big yellow thingy and running the shelter are a lot for her at this time. Mum is doing 2 runs a day, by the time she gets home after her afternoon run she is pooped. Doc Charlie has her doing part-time work until the middle of April. He says the warmer weather will make it easier on Mum. Mum says she hopes so.
  Since Mum is back to work and doing better she and the board have decided they will host The Annual Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic day this year. Tune-up date it is June 2, 2018. Mum has been holding off on announcing the date because she was not sure she was going to be physically up to hosting it.
  Many of our volunteers have said they will help get things ready. Mum sure hopes so because it's 3 weeks of prep work before the Friday before the event, and she was too sick to do much putting things away last fall. There is a lot of clean up to do.
  We have a new shelter supporter, Mr. Antonio, he and his wife live in Brazil. Mum says Brazil is far far away but Mr. Antonio says not so far that he can't help Mum take care of us. We are so very blessed to have so many humans that like to help.

Oops, it is time for me to go bounce


January 2018

Hello cyber friends and shelter supporters,
  Lance here bouncing in to bring you some news. Me and Mum think it's good news! Mum seems to be on the mend. That makes me want to bounce even more! It seems the medicine Mum was told to take is doing what it's suppose to be doing, making Mum better! Thanks Doc Charlie for giving us our Mum back !
  So far this week (1/6 - 1/9) she's had 3 good days out of 4! That to me with a ferret brain, and springs on my feet, means things are looking up, things are getting better, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we are getting our Mum back!
  We may have to start running away from her feet again, she has been walking so slow (if you could call what she was doing walking) these last 15 weeks, we would lay at her feet to be picked up. Miss Marcia was here last Wed to help around the shelter. Mum told her how we get underfoot these days, Miss Marcia got to see us in action. The 5 pack were in the room Mum was trying to get out of and they all surrounded her feet, Miss Marcia had to come to the room, to pick them up to help Mum get out of the room.
  I said; Mum was on the mend, not exactly stable on her feet just yet.
  Before Mum got sick if we got anywhere near her feet we would be getting hurt. We knew better than to get too close to her fast as lighting moving feet. Not these days, but it seems that we could be seeing the lightning feet coming back in the very near future. I call that a good thing.
  Mum is so thrilled about her improvement, she told Doc Charlie she was changing his name to Miracle Worker Doc! If things continue to get better the way they have these last few days, Mum will be returning to work in Feb to drive the Big Yellow Thingy.
  Mum will have to take a physical agility test, before she will be allowed to drive the Big Yellow Thingy again. Once she passes that test on Friday 2/2/18 she will be back to driving 2/5/18.
  That of course is on the assumption Doc Charlie thinks she is ready to go back to work, and he writes he a return to work paper. Mum thinks she will be ready by then by the way she is feeling.
  We got a phone call from Miss Donna Z. yesterday - the news paper collector for the shelter - . Miss Donna Z fell down and went boom last Friday on the ice! She went down hard and broke her hip. Humans had to take her in the human ambulance to the human hospital. She got home from the hospital Monday after having shinny metal sticks put in her hip to put her back together.
  Miss Donna Z called to tell Mum there won't be any news papers for a while, she is going to be out of work for at least 6 weeks. No driving and since picking up stacks and stacks of news papers and delivering them to stores requires driving - we are out of luck for papers until she can go back to work. We hope you get better real soon Miss Donna Z. Mum says she is keeping you in her God Box!
  We have a new shelter supporter/volunteer Mr. Tom R. Thanks to Miss Tina B. he found us, stopped in and saw what he liked. Mum's not sure how, since the day he stopped, Mum was in lots of pain and not walking real well at all. Mum was hurt-en for certain that day, Miss Marcia was here helping Mum keep caught up.
  But Mr. Tom as taken an interest in our shelter, sending us fur kids things we need when we need them. He's dropping my to help this week. Miss Donna D has been here to help with things too, all our volunteers have been great helping while Mum was so sick and unable to do things around here. We are blessed to have them.
  I'm sending a picture of Bombay and all his new Christmas things. Bombay was bare naked when he came to the shelter last June, look at that boy now!
Okay gotta bounce,