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   To Honor Master Largo for all the work he did on the newsletter we have kept our letter titled Master Largo News.

   Master Largo left for the Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2004. Ziggy left for the Rainbow Bridge November 4, 2005. Andy left for the Rainbow Bridge October 16, 2006. Suzie Q left for the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2011. Possum Left for the Rainbow Bridge February 13, 2012.

   Ziggy, Reporter of a higher order, along with Andy, Suzie Q, & Possum, watching from the Rainbow Bridge.

   Sarah, Senior Reporter, with Daisy, Helper.

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September/October, 2016

  Okay so who turned up the calendar to fast? I told mum I needed the computer because I needed to do the September news, Mum said it was already October 2nd.. You could have knocked me over with a feather with that news! No pun intended! Mum said I could do a double news letter to include last month and the current month! so that is just what I am going to do.
  Lots has happened in the past 32 days; we have a new shelter volunteer, she found us on our Facebook page. Miss Tina B. came to hang with us last month, since the calendar got turned up so fast, Miss Tina was back here again yesterday to help. She lives far away, she said she would come once a month because it takes so long to get here and home. she stays the entire day. Miss Tina got all our nails cut, cleaned all our fountains, we now have 4 of them, oh and the best part is she loved on us lots and lots! Miss Loana and Mr. Clair dropped by so Mr. Clair could hang out with Lance. He and Lance are buds. While Lance danced and played with Mr. Clair, Mum visited with Miss Loana.
  Miss Tori, Mr. Mike, Miss Marcia, Miss Donna, and Miss Ili and Mr. Bob were all here last month too! We sure are lucky fur kids to have so many volunteers love us enough to come help Mum take care of us!
  Boy oh boy did I get lots of positive emails about the news letter, I had no idea so many of you missed me doing the news. Mum says she didn't know it either but I am back even if I am a bit late doing news for September! Wilson's far away Mom had a few words with Wilson about not taking direction from me, she told him he needed to buck up but I don't think he is going to.. Thanks for trying Miss Lori!

  Mum is back doing the Big Yellow Thingy, some of the bus routes got moved around, Mum kept her old route but has a couple of new stops added so instead of just 8 elementary furless kids on her bus she has 22! Mum says it has been a challenge because she has to teach 14 new furless kids her bus rules. Mum says they are coming around, they are learning that, Mum says what she means and means what she says. I am really glad she isn't that way with us 4 legged fur kids! We beg for treats she says no you already had treats but if we beg long enough she will give in and give us more.. she says we are different, she's right we have 4 legs and fur and the kids on the bus are 2 legged furless kids.
  Mum is adjusting to her work schedule as well as a very full shelter... we had a bunch of new surrenders come in last month, and lots of campers. The Poulin kids have come to camp and gone home, there were 5 of them! little Brownie D. was here for a couple of weeks, she has gone home. The Bird girls and little Rosario are still here, both their families are in California. A place we ferrets are not welcome! Louise's far away family lives in California, when they want to send her presents they can't find anything for ferrets in the stores. I say if we are not welcome than we don't want to go there anyway!
  The new kids at the shelter are Raine, Sophia, Silky and Bain, Scully, and the newest fur kid Mr. T. Miss Brie named him because she's the one that helped save him. He was found out and about on a construction site. Mum got a message that he needed a place to go on Friday Sept 23rd so Mum contacted Miss Brie.. Miss Brie met up with the folks that had found him got him settled at her place, made an appointment for him to see OFD on Monday afternoon the 26th, once he got his check up and hurt sticks, Miss Brie and Mum met 1/2 way in the middle to pass Mr. T over to Mum. Mr. Miss Brie has done quite a few ferret pickups for us through the years. Mr. T had a nasty boo boo on his leg Mum had to keep treating per OFD instructions. He is all better now, putting on weight and learning to like duck soup.

  There was ferret emergency that Mum was called to help by Miss Ann G. in Connecticut, Mum found a phone message from Miss Ann, the ferret was gravely sick and the family could not afford to get her to the vet.. She lived down in Elmira so Mum got in touch with another one of our volunteers that lives down that way, Mr. Pete B... she asked him if he could get to this little girl. He agreed to help, Mum did her best to get the family to surrender her to the shelter so Mum could get her vetted but when Mr. Pete got to her she died in the carrier while he tried to get them to sign her over to us. Mum gets really upset when humans put their feelings first before the health of the fur kids. Mr. Pete has done a few of the pickup and rescues down his way for us.
  Many of you have asked if we are going to have Christmas in October again this year. It was decided we are not. Mum says the majority of our volunteers live too far away to help with set up of an event that large and Mum says she is just getting too old to pull off 2 events in the same year. Mum and the BoD decided they would discontinue Christmas in October. Another big change will be the auction on the day of our Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic. Miss Mary B. is retiring from being the auctioneer, so the auction too will be discontinued. Oh Miss Mary B. told Mum her big boy Ivan has gone to Rainbow Bridge. everybody at the picnic just loved Ivan.
  Our GoFundMe campaign is still going, we are 1/3 to our goal...To all who have donated we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.
  Mum got an email from the folks at www.scatinc.org asking her if we would like to participate in their goblin event. Mum sent 3 of the newest fur kids names that have come in to be the recipients. That origination has included our shelter ferrets for the past couple of years. They are great supporters of the Lakeroad Ferret Farm.
  The 2016/2017 Ferrets of the FML Calendar will ship out next week. Thank you to those who have placed your orders already. I'd like to encourage everyone else to order now as calendars start with September 2016 and you can enjoy and use them now. Mum has a bunch ordered so if you want one or two or 3 just let Mum know at ferretfarm@frontiernet.net she will set one aside for you when they get here .
  I guess I have reported all the news. You all have a fantastic month, stay safe and happy.
  Daisy - Senior reporter

August, 2016

  We're back! I know; where have we been? I am not sure how to answer that.. Mum, Miss Sheilla, Miss Ili and Miss Tori have been doing their best to keep folks informed, at the links I have added here (Facebook), but after the Lakeroad board meeting yesterday they - the board members decided they needed me to get back on the job to do the news!
  Soooooo here I am! A bit rusty and a lot older, but I will do my very best to keep you informed of the absolute craziness that happens here at the shelter. I heard Mum telling Miss Brie that I am 7 yrs old - that's 84 in human years! I had no idea I was an old lady! I have to admit jumping into and out of the play pen is no longer a goal for my days.
  Any way somebody around here needs to stop the world so we can get off! Summer is just whizzing by! Mum has the last 2 weeks of August off then she goes back to driving the Big Yellow Thingy! It is going to take me some time to catch you up on things that have been going on around here.
  I guess the first thing to tell you is we had our Annual Clinic day, the board members renamed it last year - The Annual Ferret Fuzzbutt Tune-up and Picnic or for short (AFFTuP) this last June. We have been trying to get new humans and their ferrets to join us for that day and it was discovered some humans thought it was only a day to see Our Favorite Doc (OFD) and go home. They did not realize there was much more to the day than OFD. Here is a link to some of the pictures taken that day... Mum is still working on getting more pictures to Miss Tori to add to this link. It is a good day to see OFD for sure and a lot of us did. Miss Mary Ellen got 5 of us out there to see OFD for checkups and hurt sticks. They are her far away fur kids. Thanks Miss ME for paying to get us vetted! We had ferret games, raffles and silent auction and best of all food, oh so much food. Doc Charlie and Master Reilly did the grilling for everyone. There was time to hang in the play yard with our humans, in the play yard there is a ball pit, 2 sand boxes, lots of tubes to run through and a swimming pool to get cooled down in.
  We did have a few new faces that day, it was hot! hot! hot! We ferrets were not real happy hanging out there in the pens without the frozen water bottles and being dunked in the pool to cool off now and then. We do a rent a fur kid for the day so we shelter kids can be included in all the fun, the rent of $5.00 for the day goes to the shelter. If you are a far away family you get to take your fur kids out too but without renting us. Miss Wendy rented Snow Ball for the day and wet him down so often his blue stripe got washed off. Mum was a bit scared at first thinking she had a fur kid in the wrong cage when it was time to shut things down, but then Mum - working with brain fade - at the end of AFFTuP finally saw the note Miss Wendy and Snow Ball left on the front of the cage telling Mum the stripe was gone. Mum got it back on him in a jiffy. We had 3 ferrets here at the shelter that all looked the same, so Mum put a color code food coloring strip down their backs so she did not get them mixed up!
  Snow Ball has a blue stripe, Fred had a green strip, he left for rainbow Bridge last month, and Pickles has a purple strip. Mum first put a red strip on him but every time she saw him she thought he was bleeding so she added blue to the already red strip and made it purple. Good thing Mum remembers how to make different colors out of the Primary colors huh?
  Miss Patty has spent a week with us to help Mum get some electric improvements done, Miss Patty retired from that kind of work. It's looking good thanks Miss Patty!
  Some of the new faces at the shelter are Mr. Bill and Miss Pam who adopted Laverne and Shirley and Mr. Bruce and Miss Sandy who adopted Daisy and Fern. Miss Harmony and her family adopted some kids that could not come here because our shelter was full at the time, so Mum connected the family that had them and Miss Harmony! We are still waiting for pictures and updates to add to our web site from Miss Harmony.
  We took in a new fur kid this week, her humans had 2 one was really sick and they did not know how to fix her, they called Mum. Mum said get them to OFD - sign them over to the shelter and she will get them looked at, the little one that was sick was full of cancer and OFD could not fix her. OFD and Mum decided she had suffered long enough so they let her go. Her sissy however was looked over and sent home to us via Miss Brie. Both ferrets were/are only 10 months old. Miss Rain is a bit edgy but we expect once she knows she is no longer being moved from place to place she will settle into a very loving girl.


  I am looking for a new cub reporter Wilson stepped down he does not want to do it, he says I am too bossy and pushy! I was thinking maybe Leo - he looks and acts just like Master Largo, he would have to take orders from a girl "ME" what do you humans think about that idea?


  We have another little one that came into the shelter back in February, Remi, she has a far way dad in Germany.
  When we fur kids have far away families Mum posts a picture of them on our web page, well actually Mum sends it to Miss Tori and Miss Tori puts it on the web site, she is our web master, and one on our cage (with their permission) to let humans know we have someone sponsoring us with a monthly stipend. We have humans all over the country and world helping Mum take care of us. Well Mum says I must close for now, we don't want to over load our shelter friends and supporters with too much information or as the 2 legged furless kids say to Mum on her Big Yellow Thingy "TMI"
  Tata for now, until next month, the news letter is back!
  Daisy senior reporter for the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue Shelter.