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   Master Largo left for the Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2004. Ziggy left for the Rainbow Bridge November 4, 2005. Andy left for the Rainbow Bridge October 16, 2006. Suzie Q left for the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2011. Possum Left for the Rainbow Bridge February 13, 2012.

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October/November, 2013

Sarah Here: Well Daisy we are doing double duty again this month! I am not sure where the time goes but we missed getting the October news out.

Daisy Here: I know where the time went, into taking care of us, Mum getting things ready for open house this month, which I will say was a huge success! Getting those of us that do not have far away families on the Christmas Giving Tree all of the kids on the tree have Santa's I might add, and driving the Big Yellow Thingy... Would you like me to go on?

Sarah Here: Alright already that was a rhetorical question not one you NEEDED to answer! Mum has also been trying to keep Sandy in one of the enrichment rooms she uses for new fur kids because it is generally escape proof. However Sandy got out of that room. Mum spent two hours revamping the barrier to the kitchen and Sandy still got out! Now Mum has to tag her cage "No Dining Room" you know like Mum did with you Daisy because of all the places you cannot go? Then Lucy found that same spot and got into the enrichment room.. Mum fixed it again and it looks like this time it is fixed. Mum put the pink ladies in that room for a trial run and Sandy was unable to escape.
  Miss Donna and Mr. Paul were here to work on the property. Mr. Charlie, Master Reilly and Miss Patty set up at Mattydale Petco. Then Mr. Charlie, Master Reilly and Daisy's far away mom set up in Auburn Petco. Pictures will be up soon for that. Miss Jackie brought Pudge over for camp so she can stay with her son while he recuperates from surgery. Miss Jackie stayed long enough to help Mum empty the attic over the new activity center.
  Miss Donna Z stopped by to deliver papers, Chase came to camp shortly after Nora and Chip left for home, they were at camp for a week. Mum found Chip and Nora sleeping together in the same sleep box, on the same end of the box so it seems there has been a break though. They were playing on the stairs this morning chasing each other up and down. That is a first sleep together since Chip went to live with little Nora.

Daisy Here: One day when Miss Ili walk in, Mum heard ( Mum was in the ferret room) her say WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE IT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF. She had not yet gotten to the ferret room. Mum was in one of her everything goes moods so bedding was being stripped from everywhere. Toys going in the laundry too! Miss Jackie popped in shortly after that and she was just as shocked to find the place in such upheaval. Miss Ili and Mum were getting the cage off the porch when Miss Jackie came in. Miss Brie showed up shortly after that. All of them were trying to keep up with Mum trashing the place as they were picking it up. It was pretty funny from where I was watching but I am not so sure that Miss Brie, Miss Jackie and Miss Ili thought so.
  Miss Patty came to Naples to help Mum get more done out in the activity center she got more of our lumber painted, Janette stopped by to pick up the cage we had we were not using. She intends to fill it but we are waiting for just the right one that comes though our doors. Patty was working on the activity center while my far away mom Marcia came the same time and helped Mum catch up in the shelter.
  Miss Patty taught Mum how to wire the emergency lights she got one of them done yesterday she will work on the second another day. Mum got word just the other day there is a fur kid in need of a new home, his mom is being shipped out and she cannot take him with her. Miss Abby contacted Mum to see if she could help. Well turns out this fur kid has a new home with Miss Janette. Miss Abby and Miss Janette are going to meet at Our Favorite Doc's on the 23rd so little Wesson can get a clean bill of health and he will go home with Miss Janette that day. A happy ending to a sad situation.

Sarah Here: Mum let Daisy in the ferret room to hang out with her for a bit while she was cleaning our cages, she left the room to move some of us kids when she came back in to put Daisy away she could not find her. Mum kept hearing this rattle but could not find where it was coming from, she turned off the audio book she was listening too. The sound was coming out of the drawer where Mum stores all our dishes. When Mum opened the drawer there Daisy was. Daisy must have gotten in there when Mum was putting the clean dishes away and Mum did not see here when she closed the drawer.
  Miss Jackie came to help Mum get boxes broke down and to the road, and more stuff out of the activity center. Mum got yard stuff she could do by herself put away, Miss Jackie helped her get the round table into the garage and the left door pulled down. Miss Jackie cleaned up the mast cell on Fluffy Gingers ear, it was looking big and nasty. She got it cleaned up and looking better treated it with some antibiotic cream to moisten it.
  Henry has a new 4-ever home, he left yesterday with Miss Erin and Mr. Chris. Miss Tori has been working on our Web site to make it easier and more user friendly, and we now have a raffle page on our site that we will use to raffle off the wonderful things folks send us for that purpose. The kick off to that page is Sunday 11/17/13. We hope you like the new look and will enjoy the new page. Me and Daisy welcome your thoughts on the new look. we gotta go, this letter is going to be really long and Mr. BIG may not be able to put it on the FML if it gets any longer.

We hope your Thanksgiving is a warm and enjoyable one.
  Sarah and Daisy.

September, 2013

Sarah Here: Oh my another wild month at the shelter! It has been nuts around here! Miss Mary Ellen came to spend the weekend with us and her far away fur kids - the pink ladies and lord Jenkins.
  Miss Donna and Mr. Paul have been here to keep our property looking awesome. Mr. Paul is pretty handy to have around he is big and tall so he helped get the tin roofing up to Mum (she was up on the shed roof) so Mum could secure it. It blew off in one of the big wind storms we had this summer. Then he helped Mum get the attic stairs down in our new activity center. They are very big and heavy stairs so it was so good to have Mr. Paul help Mum so they did not fall on her head when it was unlatched.
  Miss Loana came for dinner the weekend Miss Mary Ellen was here, they were all having dinner when Mum got a phone call from a lady that said she was at the door... Mum had forgotten they were coming to see the shelter and us fur kids. OOPS!

Daisy Here: We had 2 sets of new families in to see us fur kids the families that stopped were nice. One family left saying nope ferrets are not for us, the second family mom and her 15 yr old daughter (the ones Mum forgot were coming) wanted to touch and hold everyone of us.
  Munch was to come to camp for a few days but he left for Rainbow Bridge on Saturday before he was to arrive on the following Wednesday. His family brought us all of his things, they told Mum several years ago they were not going to get another ferret once Munch was gone. Fly High Munch you will be missed! Miss Donna Z stopped by with a car load of papers for us. Thanks Miss Donna Z! Mum and our volunteers have been working hard to transform what used to be our pet supply store into an extension of the shelter as an activity center. Mum wants to set it up so if school kids want to write a report or learn more about us fuzz butts there will be tons of information right at our center. Walls and shelving have been moved out table and chairs moved in. We think it is going to be really cool when they get it done! Mum says it is going to be a ferret free zone! Yeah like we believe that line!

Sarah Here: Stop that Daisy! Mum went to spend some time with her 2 legged furless grand kids, she took stuff so they could help Mum put some wagons together for our next Christmas in October event. We are having a wagon train contest. We shelter kids get to be in the contest too! We can't wait.
  Mum has talked so much about us and what she does here at the shelter to the humans that she works with that Miss Kris elementary school principal, Mr. Matt High School principal and middle school teacher (Mum can't remember her name ) stopped to see what all the fuss was about. Miss Ili came to help Mum get us looking awesome. This place was sparkling when they walked in for the tour. Mum had the center pretty well picked up, Miss Ili did more to make it look even better, it is obvious that we are under construction. They were all pretty surprised at the size and scope of our facility and even more so when Mum said this was the love of her life. One of them said oh you poor thing! Mum made sure real fast that she is doing exactly what she wants to be doing NOTHING poor about it!
  Miss Kathy and Miss Marilyn are back home in N.M. Miss Sheilla and Mr. Malcolm came up from Brooklyn to visit, they got here when Mum was on the phone with Miss Sue B. When they walked in Mum had several barriers down and we fur kids were running all over the place. Miss Sue's call came in while Mum was shifting us from room to room so the call stopped Mum in her tracks.
  Miss Sheilla helped Mum get us kids moved and the cages caught up while Mr. Malcolm hung out with Daisy. They stayed until about 2:30 they wanted to get back into Brooklyn before the holiday traffic started to move.

Daisy Here: Mum spoke with Miss Amy the manager of Petco in Mattydale NY on the phone, they had a ferret workshop weekend coming up and Miss Amy really wanted us to be there to set up. Mum told her she and the volunteers that live up that way were discussing and working on it. Dr. Charlie, Master Reilly and Miss Patty made it happen! Thanks you guys for helpen us out!
  Miss Ili and Mr. Bob dropped off the remaining screens that are all now covered in hardware cloth ready to go up. Mr. Bob B did an awesome job on them, Mum wants to screen in our front porch so Mum has a porch she can sit on. They not only donated the time and talent they donated the money to purchase what was needed to cover the screens to make them ferret proof. NOW COME ON do you really think Mum is going to go out on that porch to sit WITHOUT one or two of us to keep her company?? Not happening!
  Mum is back to work on the Big Yellow Thingy. Our last DMK kid left for Rainbow Bridge, Mum moved Sho into that cage. My far away mom Miss Marcia came to help and hang out with me, I went to take a nap before she left I was so pooped she wore me out! The two girls Mum was taking care of for Ontario County Humane Society are now officially shelter kids. The judge did not want to send them back to the poopy place they were removed from. Now they need a far away family to sponsor them.

Sarah Here:Mum found these really awesome clips to use to hang our hammocks and bungalow's that make it easier for her to put them up and take them down, so Snowy's far away mom got us more so Mum could put them in all our cages. They are tiny enough to get into the spaces she needs them in, strong enough to hold a lot of us at once and little enough that we won't even consider trying to put our heads into them. Thanks Miss Lauri F. for helpen Mum get more for us. Miss Trish W. Jeffery's far away mom got Jeffery and his crew 2 new floor pads that fit perfectly in their horizontal cage, Miss Leslie Sho's far away mom got Sho a sweet looking bungalow for his new cage! We have awesome shelter friends and volunteers.
  Well Daisy I think we are done reporting the news, there are no more notes at the bottom of the page. You got anything else to say before we conclude this month's news?

Daisy Here:only that we hope to see you in October for our Christmas in October event.

Until next month
  Sarah and Daisy

August, 2013

Sarah Here: Ooooohhhh Weeeee somebody needs to stop the world so we can get off! Summer is just whizzing by! Me and Daisy can not keep up with all that is going on around here! Our ears are ringing and eyes are crossing just trying to keep up with what needs to be reported.

Daisy Here: Oh PA-leeeaaassse! Sara you are such a drama queen! It has not been any busier here at the shelter than any other time the only difference is Snowy Bowie’s far away mom Miss Lauri came to visit us in July from MN. Snowy got to spend time with his far away mom for a whole week. Miss Brie picked Miss Lauri up at the Rochester airport; Mum took her back to the Rochester airport a week later. Just like I get to do each month when my far away mom Marcia comes to help and hang out with me. My far away mom and Miss Lauri were here at the same time so they got to meet each other. They both helped Mum get some things done Miss Lauri mixed food for us, and my far away mom cleaned up and replenished food and water stations in all the play areas.

Sarah Here: << said with a pout >> Daisy you are so mean to me! Why can’t you be nice? I am going to tell some news and ignore you! Mum has been really busy because it is summertime there are a lot of humans that want to surrender their ferrets to Mum. We are filled to the gills so Mum has had to do some creative maneuvering. Mum got two calls from two different animal control folks any fur kids that come from animal control get to come to the shelter no matter what! Mum makes room but at the time we got the calls we had room for both sets of fur girls. There is Darby and Lucy and Thelma and Louise. Miss Marcia picked up and delivered the fur kids from the Oswego animal control people, they met Daisy's far away mom in Syracuse to hand them over to us. Mum was told they have been brought to them for a second time and the girls have been passed around to many homes so they are here with us. Thelma and Louise will stay unless they pick a family to love, we fur kids get to pick the humans not the other way around. Mum says they have paid their dues they get to have a stable home with lots of food, warm blankies and tons of love from all our shelter volunteers. Miss Marcia named them because they got to animal control with no names.
  The other two girls came from Ontario County AC they are doing well settling in, Miss Jackie took Darby and Lucy to Doc for check ups and shots Darby got an implant because she was bare naked when she got here. She is getting fur now. When they got here they weighed 1# 9 oz and 1# 6 oz they were SKINNY! Mum has them fattened up; they are both pushing 2# although Mum says some of that may be the winter weight like some of us are already getting. Mum calls Lucy a chunky monkey. Mum named them because they did not have names when they got to animal control. Miss Jackie took Sho to OFD for an X-Ray on his leg, doc needed to see if the bone was all better and if so OFD was taking the metal pin out of his leg. Miss Jackie and Mr Bob took him, stayed with him, doc got the pin out and then they brought him home to Mum.
  Mum got word that 2 fur kids were in need of a home from Long Island we were full by then so Mum got in touch with Mr Pete and Miss Lisa to see if they could take these two fur kids in. Just as always Mr Pete and Miss Lisa came though for Mum and took Bear and Milo in! Another request came in from Spring Farm Cares that a ferret had been found out running around and needed to come to Naples. Once again Mum contacted a shelter friend Miss Wendy and asked her if she could help with this little one. Miss Wendy got in touch with Miss Joanne and told her she would pick the little guy up. Parker is living with Miss Wendy. Once again a family in need of finding a place for their fur kids a business of 5 contacted Mum to see if we could take them. We were still full, so Mum asked the family if she could work it out; once their family crisis was over would they consider taking their fur kids back? The family was thrilled to hear there may be a way to keep their fur kids so Mum reached out to Miss Stephanie and Mr Tom to see if they would foster these kids until the family got back on their feet. Both Tom and Stephanie agreed to help Mum help this family. WOW Mum sure did do some creative maneuvering to get all these fur kids a place to go.

Daisy Here: Hey! Hey! Hey are you going to leave some news for me to report?
  Miss Tori came to meet Snowy's far away mom Miss Lauri, Miss Stacie dropped in so she got to meet her too. Miss Stacie brought Mum food out of her garden, Mum loves fresh veggies. She makes one mean veggie casserole Miss Lauri was surprised at how good it was. Miss Stacie helped Mum get a new AC unit put into one of the play area windows, anonymous giver to us fur kids. Miss Tori and Mum got all the stacks of papers Miss Donna Z brought into the shelter.
  Miss Donna Z brought them when Mum was not home so she put them in the garage Mum and Miss Tori got them onto the porch we use to hang out on then from there they got them into the shelter. (It was too hot to use and watch the stars anyway). Oh man you need to see the story that Miss Mary Ellen wrote about the stars.
  Miss Ili and Miss Donna D have been here to help. Miss Donna D on the outside Miss Ili on the inside, we have a new shelter friend Mr Paul he comes with Miss Donna D to help keep our property looking awesome.
  Milo went to Rainbow Bridge Mum found him gone when she got home from work one afternoon, she thought she was going to have to take Big Foot (DMK) to have our favorite doc (OFD) to help him cross to Rainbow Bridge in the morning but when she got him up in the morning he was bright eyed and ready to get up for soup so Mum says she has no idea what was up with him the night before but what ever it was it passed. Mum was doing the happy dance for sure!

Sarah Here: Mum took Miss Lauri over to meet Miss Jackie and Mr Bob they live on Honeoye Lake so the 4 of them sat next to the lake to visit, 2 ducks came up to where they were sitting Mum found out that Miss Jackie has made friends with them Miss Jackie has named them Fred and Ethel they will eat right out of her hands, Mum wanted to try too do that too Ethel took food out of Mum's hands.
  Miss Iliana was here to help catch us up then she helped hold Sho so Mum could get the 2 stitches out of the bottom of his foot. He is done with his broken leg and invasive surgeries.
  Miss Patty was asking Mum questions about deaf ferrets, when Mum explained to Miss Patty how to tell if her new boy was deaf it dawned on Mum that Spike might very well be deaf. Spike is always the last to wake up when Mum is getting them up, he is always the last to come out of where they were sleeping, and usually Mum must wake him. Spike is the one that generally gets left behind and ends up MIA. Spike being deaf is a good explanation to why Mum has trouble finding him when she needs to. Mum could not find Fred one morning, she found him in the cupboard. He must have crawled in there when Mum was putting dishes away when she went looking for him she remembered she had the cupboard open, sure enough he was sleeping in the colander he looked at Mum as if to say about time you got me out of here!

Daisy Here: Me and Sarah want say hats off to Miss Sheilla for keeping our Facebook page going. Miss Tori for keeping our web site going, she is doing some pretty cool things with that lately, Miss Priscilla for keeping our Petfinder page going. Miss Brie for keeping our forum page going. These ladies keep our shelter friends up on what is going on around here; things like new kids coming in, kids going to new 4-ever homes and kids going to rainbow bridge. Mum says there is no way she would be able to take care of that stuff and take care of us too so thank you ladies for keeping those sites going so Mum can give us the 100% attention we so richly deserve.
  Mum and Miss Ili set up at Petco in Canandaigua for an education day on July 13, they took Fred, George and Darien. Mum and Miss Ili are going to set up at Tractor Supply in Canandaigua on August 17th, we have been invited to go to the Petco in Mattydale NY but that has not been scheduled yet. We have our Christmas in October 12th and open house for National Shelter week on November 9th.
  We have had campers in and out all summer Miss Susann T. brought her fur kids; Mr. Julio T. brought his fur kid and Miss Janette brought Stitch! There are two more families bring their fur kids to camp this week. The Principe fur kids (former shelter kids) and the Denk fur kid (a kid Mum helped to find a new 4-ever home).
  Miss Sue B. has our interview graphic done, Miss Tori has the page up and running, me and Sarah have done some interviews and will continue to ask you humans out there that help Mum take care of us to allow us to interview you. If you have not been asked don’t get your tail in a bunch we will get to you! Mum is allowing us to do one interview a month.

Sarah Here: Mum, Miss Brie, Miss Tori and Miss Ili all went to Brockport to do a home visit for Hammy and Pickles, Mum is trying to train our volunteers around the state to be able to do home visits for her so she does not need to take time away from us. They got to see how Mum does it; Mum gets on the floor to see things from our perspective, the things she finds that we could get into. When they got done we were pretty sure the mom was not so sure ferrets were going to work out in her home. She had that look of 2 dogs, 2 furless kids a full time job now 2 ferrets? Mum calls it the not in my life time look Chip road up with Mum to Brockport so Miss Tori could take him home with her, she adopted him.
  Oh boy did the 4 Rochester boys give Mum a start! Mum had put them in the play room for their out time; they were running wild up and down the tubes to the top of the cages where Mum built the safety boxes for sleeping. Mum did not pay much attention to them until she came into the room from the other play area and looked up. There were 3 of the 4 on top of the highest cage in the coroplast box they were jumping so that they looked like popping pop corn. Mum stood stock still holding her breath because they were jumping so high she thought they were going to jump over the 4 ledge she put up to keep them from falling out. Each time they jumped they got closer to that ledge. Once they got a glimpse of Mum standing there they came bounding down the tube to meet her on the floor. Mum immediately took them to the dining room. Mum thought for sure she was going to have a kid or kids with broken backs.
  Okay Daisy we have all the notes Mum left for us covered, Mr BIG may have to hold this news up from the FML for a day or two because it is so long. We had a lot of news to tell this month. When you can Mr BIG thanks!

So for this month enjoy the rest of your summer
  Sarah and Daisy

June/July, 2013

Sarah Here: Hey Daisy do you know we missed doing the June news? YUP! YUP July is here, Mum only has one more week off from the Big Yellow Thingy and she goes back to work, and here we are doing two news reports in one.

Daisy Here: Aye, yie, yie where did June go Sarah?

Sarah Here: Part of June was getting ready for clinic and then having our clinic day, then Mum having the crazy hours for the Big Yellow Thingy because it was almost summer vacation for the two legged furless kids. Hey Daisy wasn't clinic day a hoot? Man O Man there was humans and ferrets all over the place! What a great day it was! Here is the link to the pictures Miss Wendy took that day.

Daisy Here: I know it was a crazy day. My far away mom came to take me out to spend the day with her. I had a great time. Before clinic day we had tons of help to get things ready for the big day, Miss Donna D, Miss Iliana B, Miss Jackie R, Miss Tori G, Miss Patty S., my far away mom Marcia C. and Miss Wendy she is the reason we had so many donations for the raffle table; she works all year long to get folks and companies to donate to our cause. Miss Lee W. got the group Buffalo Beader's to donate some of the jewelry they made, wow they make beautiful stuff!
  Then clinic day was upon us in no time. Miss Mary B, did our auction again this year, Miss Patty S, Miss Mary Ellen B, manned the ticket sign in table; they got to have their far away boys out with them. Frankie and Jenkins spent hours sleeping in the arms of their far away moms after seeing OFD.
  Miss Pat N, Miss Peach V, Miss Loana S were all "hands on" clinic day. Of coarse Our Favorite Doc was here to do check ups and hurt sticks with Zinan supervising at the medical table. Zinan was here representing Facebook Emergency Canine Distemper Medical Fund - Part 2 They raise funds by folks sponsoring one of their traveling "plush" ferrets located in one of 3 regions (UK/Europe, US/Canada, Australia/Oceania) and post images of their adventures to the group. LFFR/S got to help kick off the shelter Canine Distemper program for FACT.
  We had humans owned by ferrets from all over the state! Our "rent a shelter fur kid" for the day is a new fund raiser; this was just the second event we were rented, we had 10 of us shelter kids that got to go outside to spend the day.
  When we came back in we were POOPED! Faraway fur kids got to spend the day with their families too, except Titch his family lives in NM so they sent his rent money so anyone that was here could bring him out for the day; Miss Mary B chose to bring Titch and her far away fur kid Honey Bunny out for the day. Ramona, (mom) Alicia and Kaylor the new family that wishes to adopt Hammy and Pickles had them out all day long, the family and fur kids had a ball.

Sarah Here: We have had campers already this summer Miss Jackie brought her two boys over for a few days. Miss Susann brought her 5 fur kids to camp too. They are now headed to the west coast way out where Miss Lynne W. and Miss Jennifer B live. Mum is going to miss them but she is happy they have a new adventure in their lives.
  We have had several fur kids found out running about on their own, when humans found them they contacted Mum for help. One of the families that helped a little guy was Miss Holly and her sister Miss Alicia; they delivered the lost kid from Macedon where he was found out running around. Miss Holly said he was covered with ticks; he still had some when he got here so he was treated as soon as he got to the shelter. Miss Holly said she and Miss Alicia picked over a 100 off him. The girls named him Paisley Mum liked the name so he got to kept it. Miss Holly, Miss Alicia and their mom Miss Deb are long time shelter supporters and have adopted from us a couple of times. Here is a link to Miss Holly the first time she and her family adopted from us in 2003; she is all grown up now. And then again in 2005, the girls are all grown up now.
  Paisley/Radar's mom found out he was here with us so she came to pick him up from Newark NY, he only had to spend one night with us. The little guy did some traveling while he was wandering about from home. He traveled 12 miles just to get from where he lived to Macedon NY. This was a very happy ending for a lost fur kid and his mom. Mom was thrilled to have him back and he sure seemed to be happy to be back in her arms, so the boy is home. Here is the reunion!
  Miss Brie M picked another fur kid up for us in Greece NY he too was covered in ticks. Miss Brie kept him until she could get him in to see Our Favorite Doc (OFD).
  Miss Brie bathed and picked ticks off him, she named him Youi ( You eye) but mum could not seem to keep that name in her head so she named him YOYO. Miss Brie brought him to Naples on Clinic day and he went home with the Keenen's that same day! Keenen's also took Luna and Monster-man.

Daisy Here: Another family brought their fur kid for surrender, Crumpets came in on clinic day, Miss Ili and Miss Tori signed her in, Mum and Miss Ili had agreed that Crumpets was going to go home with Miss Ili that day. Mum says that was a good day 2 fur kids came in 4 fur kids went out!
  Another new kid came in from the Long Island area Mum says; he is a black sable male, a real cutie, a very happy and busy boy. His name is Chip; he will be going to live with Miss Tori next week.
  Mum will be doing a home visit on Saturday for the family that wants Hammy and Pickles, so that will mean 2 more fur kids are going to a new 4-ever home! Mum is on a roll this summer. Mum got word that Snowy's far away mom is going to come to Naples and spend some time with us, we are really excited that she will be here to hang out and play with us.

Sarah Here: Hey Daisy remember the day little Maggie went missing and Mum was going crazy looking for her? Mum goes really wild when one of us goes missing especially when we are gone for several hours. Mum started looking in other play areas that she was sure she could not have gotten into but decided to look there anyway. Mum found her on the porch with Frenchie and her sisters; Maggie must have slipped under the gate when Mum was putting the 3 other girls out there. Mum was relieved to find Maggie; Maggie was not thrilled to have found herself on the porch with 3 of the other fur kids so she was relieved too.
  Well Daisy it looks like we got all the notes Mum left for us put into the news this was not as bad as I thought it was going to be 2 news letters in one month is a lot of words don’t you think?

Daisy Here: I think it is time for us to say goodbye for this month we only have a few more days before Mum has to go back to work so I want to make the best of them. So for now cyber friends you have a safe independence week and enjoy your family and friends!
  Sarah and Daisy

May, 2013

Sarah here: Wooo Hooo things are heating up here at the shelter, our clinic day event is just around the corner June 8th if you want to join us you can find more about the day here, if your fur kid needs to see our favorite doc the registration form is also available. Don't have a fur kid of your own; you can rent one of us for the day we would love to be a part of the fun! You can find pictures of our past events here.
  Mum is almost done with the Big Yellow Thingy she has just 21 days left.

Daisy here: Hey Sarah don't forget about the paper campaign that runs right up to and including clinic day. Lots of folks have helped us get poopy pick up papers if you want to be included in the raffle for the $50.00 gift certificate from RodentPro you can find more information here on how to join in.
  We have had some campers this month, Stitch E. Pudge and Henry R spent some time with us at camp. Mum loves it when shelter kids that found a new 4-ever home come back to visit us for camp. There has been lots of sad news this month, several fur kids left for Rainbow Bridge; Hannah K. Radar O'reily L Han B. Hershey B. and April W. So sad we lost so many fur kids! Fly high little ones you will be missed!

Sarah here: The new family that was here a bit ago with the 2 furless kids, their mom said the kids have not stopped talking about Hammy and Pickles. We hope they join us clinic day to spend the day with Hammy and Pickles out in the play yard. Several new fur kids have come to live at the shelter. Mum got a call from a family that their ferret had been mauled by their dog and the owner said they were told it was going to cost a $1,000.00 to get their ferrets broken leg fixed they could not afford it. Mum told the owner she would call him back. Mum called Our Favorite Doc Edwards to ask if we could send this little guy in, no point in bringing him to Naples when he needs immediate medical attention. Doc agreed to see him, so Mum called the owner back told them she was emailing a surrender form, they were to take little Sho to Doc Edwards ASAP. Sho is now feeling better; Mum can not keep him from climbing she found him up on top of his bunk. Mr. Tom N picked Sho up from Doc the day after surgery and met Mum ˝ way to get him home. Then Sho had to go back up a week later because of an infected sore on his foot so Miss Donna Z took him back to Doc, then Miss Jackie and Mr Bob went up to get Sho from the hospital the next day to bring him home to Mum. Sho will be seeing Doc on clinic day to determine when to take him back for more X-rays to see when the pin will be removed from his leg. Bella and Spencer were surrendered shortly after Sho was surrendered.

Daisy here: We had a new family stop by to hang out with us fur kids, wonderful folks, the grandma had ferrets years back and her granddaughter is thinking about adopting a ferret. Grandma said she filled in the mailing list that Miss Tori put on our site. We are so excited that the envelope on our home page is so successful! Thanks Miss Tori!
  Miss Jackie was here 2 days in a row to help around the shelter she also takes our pop cans back for us. Miss Janette stopped by, Miss Donna rode her motorcycle to Naples with a friend, she had forgotten to bring Mum yogurt the day she came to help so she used that as an excuse to ride her motor cycle to Naples, thank you Miss Donna for helping us take care of our Mum!
  Miss Donna was here the same time the other new folks were here. They are great young folks, they both go to college and work part time Miss Kelly has 3 ferrets at this time. They were so surprised their eyes lit up and mouths dropped when they walked into our ferret room. Mr. Zak and Miss Kelly played with us fur kids then they said they did not have to be in a hurry to leave so Mum gave them a job to do, they mixed food for us. That is not a hard job but a time consuming one so when Mum has to do it, it takes her several days to complete. Miss Kelly and Mr Zak got it all done in a couple of hours. Miss Ili was here to clean up our play areas we messed up!
  Miss Donna is happy to have nice weather she keeps our property looking awesome, Miss Ili came to help get us caught up, she comes once a week. Miss Cathy D stopped by; wow it was good to see her; she used to love on Possum when she stopped by, no Possum to love on any more! Mum really misses Possum!
  Miss Jackie came over again to help Mum get all the paper products that were in the van in the house, then Miss Jackie got them unpacked and put on shelves. Wow you guys sure help get us poopy pick up papers! Once Miss Jackie got the paper products put away she went out to the yard to rake the leaves Mum had started raking days ago. My far away mom Marcia got here a bit after 11 and we got started on the list Mum put on the chalk board. Me and far away mom went from room to room together all day. I like to help far away mom when she comes to help Mum do things.

Sarah here: At one point that same day Mum headed outside for something and got a surprise! Mum discovered Miss Ili was out in the yard working on the flower garden. Miss Ili made the garden beautiful! It was not too long after that Miss Meagan pulled in. Miss Meagan is new to the shelter she knew the humans that owned Sho before he got hurt, she contacted us about adopting Sho right after his surgery. We like Meagan we hope she comes back soon, she is a good helper!
  While Miss Marcia worked on the odds and ends Mum had on the board Miss Meagan and Mum got the window in the playroom fixed it was cockeyed, then they got the window fan put in the bottom part of that window so we can use it to exhaust the warm air when the AC is not needed.
  It has been a busy busy month, and it seems it is going to continue to be until clinic day is over. We hope you will come join the fun that day.
  We got word from Big Foot's far away mom Susann T that she is moving out of state she and her husband are going all the way out to WA. We are happy for her but she will be missed! She has been a wonderful shelter supporter and has adopted a lot of fur kids from us for years and years!
  Well Daisy I do believe we have all the notes Mum had at the bottom of this news reported, what do you think are we done or do you have something to add before we close?

Daisy here: Yes I do have something to add, we as in me and Sarah have stated doing interviews of folks that are a part of our shelter far away and hands on. Miss Tori is working on a special page on the web site just for the interviews, Miss Sue is doing a special graphic design of me and Sarah for that page, Miss Mary Ellen picked the name for the page it will be called "Getting to Know You". We are really excited to start this new project so don't be surprised if you get a note from us asking if we can interview you. I guess that is it for this month Sarah. See you next Month! - Daisy

April, 2013

Sarah here: Oh boy oh boy oh boy Spring has sprung we are able to use the porch again. We love playing on the porch.
Daisy here: Hey Sarah have you seen all the cool things Miss Brie and Miss Tori have done for us? Miss Tori put an envelope on our web site home page for anyone that wants to sign up to get our VIN!
Sarah here: What are you talking about Daisy what does VIN mean?
Daisy here: IT MEANS Very Important News. My goodness sometimes you are really thick!
Sarah here: Oh man Daisy you are just toooooooo much! If you don't mind, I am going to start the news. Miss Brie has set up a forum for anyone that wants to join us in ferret talk; you can find that here.
  Miss Ili is back home she came to catch us up! She and Mr Bob are snow birds, even Bear III was thrilled to see Miss Ili, you can see how happy he was to see her here. Mum said it was great to come home from work and find our play areas in great shape! Thank you Miss Ili it is good to have you home!
  Miss Stacie stopped by to show Mum some beautiful pictures she took of all things beautiful, butterflies, dragonflies and spiders really cool things like that. Mum loves things that fly and crawl, she says the slithery things are okay but she prefers not to hang out with them. They were awesome pictures, thanks Miss Stacie for stopping in to share them with Mum. Miss Donna came in shortly after Miss Stacie got here.
  Mum got to see the Brooklyn fur kids they used to live here; they came to hang out at camp for the weekend, they are happy and healthy living at their new 4-ever home.
  Mum got a whole week off from the Big Yellow Thingy; we had so much fun hanging out with Mum! The Keenen fur kids that used to live here came to camp too only they were here the full week Mum was off.
  We were contacted by a new family looking to adopt, Mum thinks the new family is great, she really liked them. The 4 Rochester boys fell in love with them, Miss Julie fell in love with the 3 Syracuse girls, Mr. Arthur the 4 boys. Mum said we have a shelter friend up in Albany that did the home visit for these folks.
  Mr. Arthur and Miss Julie got Mum their landlords' information, Mum thinks these folks will be good ferret parents. It turns out the landlord was specific in how many fur kids these folks could have so they took these 2 girls.
  We have 3 new sponsors for the fur kids, Skooter, Squiggles, and Maggie. Skooter got a surprise box of presents from his far away mom Miss Leslie. We got a Ferret.com E-Gift Certificate from Miss Mary Ellen Frenchie, Rizzo, Sandy and Jenkins far away mom. It was her way of soothing hurt feelings for her boy Jenkins because Daisy beat him up. Daisy was to spend the night up in Mum's space one night; but she got kicked out in her first 30 min. Ha! You will never learn will you Daisy? I get to spend all night in Mum's space because I stay out of trouble!
Daisy here: Wow what a day, Miss Jackie called to see if she could come over to help, that was perfect timing Mum wanted to get our weights done so with one more set of hands they could do our nails too.
  My far away mom Marcia got here about 11:30 Miss Jackie and Miss Donna came in about noon so everyone got started. Miss Donna pulled us kids out of our cages or play areas, far away mom Marcia set us on the scale, reported to Mum the weights to record on the cards Mum keeps in our record binder, then we were handed over to Miss Jackie to cut our nails, Miss Jackie handed us back to Miss Donna to put us back where she found us. What an assembly line they had going! They got us all done in an hour and a half.
  After we were all taken care of everyone split up and started doing other things around the shelter. Miss Jackie hopped into the play pen stripped it and cleaned the floor put it back together with a clean throw rug and blankets.
  My far away mom Marcia went around checking food stations and stripping dirty bedding from the play area sleep boxes/drawers and replacing them with clean. Miss Donna did poop papers, Mum did kitchen duty.
Sarah here: The Keenen's came to get their fur kids from camp just about the time Miss Marcia was leaving. Mum moved the Keenen kids to the kitchen for easy access when their family got here. The fur kids were thrilled to have their family home. The Keenen family stayed about an hour, they only took their 5 fur kids Miss Gail said NO MORE fur kids!
  Miss Tori and little Nora came, Miss Brie got here after stopping to pick up some donations that were offered to us up in Rochester. Miss Ili came that day too! Boy did they get some things done. Miss Ili took care of the play areas, papers; steam mopped and took out trash. Miss Tori, Miss Brie and Mum worked on mixing food, cleaning food stations and such. Oh look what Miss Tori did for us.
  Well Daisy it looks like we have all the notes Mum left for us put into the news what do you think?
Daisy here: Nope there is one more thing, we have a shelter friend that is making us crochet toys again, but we have run out of yarn so if anyone of you out there has any yarn stashed away you are not using we sure could use it for our toys. Drop Mum a note to let her know. NOW we are done Sarah.
  Tata for now until next month
  Sarah and Daisy

March, 2013

  Hello out there in cyber land, Sarah and Daisy sending a reminder that anyone that gets our news has already received a registration form to fill out; if Miss Brie does not have it back by April 1 you will be removed from our mailing list. Some of you have let Mum know you can not open the attachment, just drop Miss Brie an email and she will send one out to you snail mail. Miss Brie is getting this together so if something happens to our Mum Miss Brie has a way of reaching you to let you know something has gone very wrong.
  SOOOOOOOOOO if you no longer want to receive our news letters updates and/or special rants then do nothing, if you do please get that form off to Miss Brie before April 1, 2013 you can reach her here.
Sarah here: Oh Daisy did you see how many stamps came in the mail for us? Our Stamp campaign was a huge success so much so that all the folks that sent them saved Mum enough money to buy us 2 - 50# shelter bags of TF! We have the most awesome shelter friends in the world thank you for helping Mum take care of us.
Daisy here: little Maggie the newest fur kid to come though our doors had to be kept away from the shelter and us established fur kids until she went to see our Favourite Doc. She got her hurt sticks and check up so Mum got her settled into the shelter. Maggie got her first day in the play areas; the morning after she slept in her new cage. You can see more about Maggie here.
  Miss Marcia (My far away mom) and Miss Donna came to help, they got lots done. Miss Donna kept up with cages; while Mum and my far away mom took care of our play areas. They worked on play area papers; my far away mom picked up dirty papers Mum laid clean ones down. My far away mom took me with her from room to room; I had so much fun chasing after her and climbing the things I have no business climbing,(so Mum says) I pooped out about 1 crawled into the blanket and went to sleep, leaving my far away mom to finish things up without me.
Sarah here: Miss Marcia stripped the play pen where Gracie and her brothers had been, Miss Donna stripped the cage they had been living in while Mum set up the sick pen for them up in her space. Miss Marcia left about 2:45; she lives 2 hours away from here so she needs to leave earlier than Miss Donna who left a couple of hours later.
  Little Gracie was up eating and doing better now that she is up in the sick pen, Mum can pay closer attention to them there and it gives them more room than a cage but less room than a play area. All 3 have a hard time walking on the tile floors now, so the sick pen allows them better mobility. Easier on Mum too, she can clean it up more often with them in the sick pen.
  Little Marshmallow got a valentine package in the mail from her far away mom, Michelle.
  Miss Tori took Stevie home to love and care for, she said Stevie and Nora were a bit closer than Nora was comfortable with; one of them was dooking before Miss Tori picked Stevie up to put him back in his pen.
  The interview we were asked to participate in is up on the Small Animal Channel. Daisy is the star of Mum's part of the interview, showing off her talents on how she gets into places she has no business getting into!
  Miss Donna came again she and Mum spent the day cleaning up after us fur kids. Mum worked on our cages and kitchen Miss Donna worked on play areas with her far away boy Dancer following her from room to room, like Daisy does with her far away mom. Dancer was ready for a nap so he was left in the ferret room; while Miss Donna headed to clean the next room. Miss Donna played with me Sarah while she cleaned up the play room where I was dancing and playing.
  Miss Donna left early that day; she had plans to see a movie with friends at 4:30. At night time soup time Mum started putting second shift away and getting the remainder of the last shift up. Dancer was missing! Mum got all of us fur kids put away, meds done and started moving the rest of us into the rooms she wanted us in for the night.
  Mum had decided Dancer would go to the dining room, Mum could not find Dancer, his cage was tagged ferret room because that is where he had been and Mum had not yet found him, keeping the tag on the cage helps Mum remember where she last had/saw him, then Mum puts the Missing in Action (MIA) tag on the cage too that way she remembers he is missing. Mum went upstairs to think about and run though he mind all the things she had done trying to figure out where Dancer could have gotten too. Mum gets so upset when one of us gets lost!
  Mum went back down stairs, went out to the porch to search in the trash bag Miss Donna took out. All our shelter helpers count heads before removing a trash bag so Mum was pretty sure he was not out there but when one of us is missing she looks in all the places they could be even if it is just remotely possible. Mum pulled all the blankets out of all the sleep places on the porch in case he was able to wiggle out of the trash bag. NO Dancer. Mum went back into the ferret room to check all the bottom cages she had cleaned and closed up in case he had snuck in while she was cleaning them. NOPE!
Daisy here: To say that by this time Mum was getting frantic is an understatement! She looked in the food closet; in all the tubes etc. She crawls on the floor looking under things, gets on the step ladder to look on top of things. When Mum had eliminated all those places she starts from the beginning to work her way around the house to each play area one more time. Mum stepped into the dining room and there stood Dancer looking up at her; with "what's wrong Mum?" look on his face. Mum must have put him in there, which is the only way he could have gotten there but she did not remember doing it! When the tag on his cage still had ferret room on it that told her she had not yet found and moved him. She moved him but not the tag! UGH Mum sure can be forgetful at times! Mum hugged Dancer, put her face in his fur and told him how happy she was to have found him.
  Then another night Mum was shutting down the shelter, she moved us fur kids about; not thinking she put me Daisy in the play room, Jenkins in the play pen, it took less than 30 min for Mum to hear screaming coming from down stairs. Mum hurriedly followed the distress calls and found I had gotten into the play pen and was beating up on Jenkins. Like I said I climb and get into places most ferrets don't, that's because I am one smart ferret. HUMP! I got put back in the dining room for the night. So far I have not figured out how to get out of that room but give me time!
  Miss Jackie called to ask if she and her granddaughter could come over. Jackie's Hannah is 5 she wanted to see us ferrets. 2 new folks stopped by, one of the ladies has a ferret. They saw us on Facebook, so Sheilla was correct that it is a good way to get our fuzzy faces out there. Mum sent them home with lots of ferret information from all of us, Miss Jackie and Miss Donna helped Mum educate them. The new lady did not know a lot about us fur kids so when she left here she knew much more. Sarah here: Miss Tori came to help get all us kids treated with Revolution, cages caught up kids moved. Miss Tori brought Steve for Mum to look at; they found a mass in his abdomen he flinched when Mum touched it. Tori made an appointment to get Stevie in to see our favorite Doc. Mum was on the phone with Miss Tori and our Favorite Doc they decided to let Stevie go. He had huge prostate issue and his bladder was so full that doc had to express him to get it emptied; Doc said it was the size of a soft ball. Stevie left for Rainbow Bridge that day.
  Miss Tori made it easier to find our shelter calendar it is now in the header of our front page. If you want to know what we are up to, what events are coming up just check out our calendar. Miss Brie has set up a forum for anyone that wants to go there called lffrs.freeforums.org "Poems, songs, and stories all about ferrets," come join us at our freeforum.
  What do you think Daisy, all our notes are gone I think it is time close this news and say so long for now.
  Until next month
  Sara and Daisy

February, 2013

Sarah here: February is the month of love in the air, kisses, hugs and lots of deep massage strokes to our fur.
Daisy here: It's called Valentines DAY! NOT Valentines month Sarah!
Sarah here: I know that Daisy but I have something very special to say, there are many, many folks out there in cyber land that do things for us here at the shelter that most folks only get to see because of the things they do.. For instance the Facebook page we have for our shelter, the only reason we have that is because of Miss Sheilla. Miss Sheilla offered to do that for us knowing Mum does not have the time to do it herself. So Miss Sheilla takes care of all of it. Thank you Miss Sheilla! The Web Site that is Miss Tori she makes sure the information that comes in is posted on the web site for all of you too see, up to and including our monthly news letters and Possums rants! Thank you Miss Tori! Miss Priscilla takes care of our Petfinder site she keeps it updated as needed, another site Mum was struggling to keep up with so Miss Priscilla took it over for us. Thank you Miss Priscilla! Miss Kathy works hard to get the special things like New Year, and Valentine posts put together so Miss Tori and Miss Sheilla have them to put up on the places they take care of for us. Once the information is out Mr. Harry picks them up and sends them off to other ferret links for those folks to see too. I thought this would be a good time to say a special thank you to all these folks for all they do to keep our cyber friends updated on what is going on here at the shelter.
Daisy here: We had a fur kid go to a new 4-ever home with Miss Tori; Stevie you can read about that here. We had a new fur kid come in from Brooklyn. Little Maggie was left behind when her family moved out of their apartment. Thankfully she was found and we were contacted. The folks that found her were looking for a shelter near them, unfortunately they were unable to find one so they contacted Mum who contacted 3 of our wonderful shelter friends in that area to see if they could take her in. They could not, however Miss Sheilla and Mr Malcolm offered to drive her up to Naples to come to live with us at the shelter. Here is more of her story and pictures of her arrival; she already has a far away mom! I, Daisy got to hang out with and nibble on Malcolm’s nose for a bit. Thanks for loving on me Mr Malcolm!
  We would like to thank the folks that featured our Shelter on their auction site; we greatly appreciate the donations that came in from their sales. There is another auction site out there helping shelters too.
Sarah here: Our postage stamp campaign is still running until February 28th so if you are interested in the new ferret design Sue Burda has on the market you can read about it here thanks to those of you that have already sent stamps to us! This campaign just insures that the folks that send us donations of any kind will get a hand written thank you card from us fur kids, we appreciate all you do and we fur kids want you to know just how much we appreciate all you do to help Mum take care of us. Without you and your donations we would not have the food we need, the vet trips when needed and the care Mum so lovingly gives us. This shelter runs well because of you!
   Miss Donna, Miss Marcia and Miss Tori came to help Mum at the shelter. They had a great day, they got lots done. Play areas got picked up, wiped down and they all played with us fur kids. New batteries were put in several of the smoke alarms while Mum kept up with cages and made dinner. Miss Donna helped to keep up with laundry. Miss Marcia focused on play areas and helped Mum get the flex drain pipe pulled open and get it secured to the stairs for the kids that do not negotiate the steps well. Monster-man and Luna would not use the stairs at all, up or down however Luna has gotten herself up stairs on her own using the drain pipe; Monster-Man on the other hand has not tried it. Miss Tori helped Mum get her laptop to go online and cleaned up some of the garbage that was on it.
  Gizmo and Wade were playing in the tube Mum has attached to the stairs. They would run to the top of the tube and then slide their way back down. Mum and Miss Marcia thought they were struggling to stay up top but Miss Donna said they were sliding down the tube deliberately; sure enough Mum came over to watch and they were running to the top and sliding back down. Daisy thought the new installed drain pipe connected to the stairs was the bees knees when Mum let her try it; she was up and down like a shot several times.
Daisy here: It was fun Sarah you should try it for yourself! Mum's 2 legged furless grandkid Hannah came to spend the day with us. Mum had ˝ day on the Big Yellow Thingy that day. Mum got to Hannah's about 12:30 to pick her up, she was ready, first words out of her mouth to Mum when she got in the van was is Hammy going to get up? Hammy loves Hannah and Hannah loves Hammy! The ferrets Hammy and Pickles hung out with Hannah in the ferret room while Hannah filled play area food containers. Mum says that furless kid is smart as a whip she does not forget anything! Mum asked her what right bucket and left bucket meant Hannah pointed to the dishes in the food station and said right bucket food goes in the right dish left food one goes in the left dish, Hannah is almost as smart as you and I Sarah and she is only 8 yrs old!
  Mum had to do a lot of extra climbing that day because there is really only one barrier Hannah can climb over on her own without breaking the barrier or hurting herself. Hannah and Mum got the food containers filled and put back where they belong. Mum and Hannah worked on cages next; the ones Hannah could reach Mum had her sweep out, do food and water dishes while Mum lined poo pans. Mum would pull the dirty pan, stack it on the pile (Mum gets to pull the dirty papers Hannah said she is not ready for that yet) when Mum gets the pan lined Hannah puts it in the cage. Closes the cage and tags it. Hannah even remembered the tag goes horizontal when the cage is clean! She is a really smart kid for a 2 legged furless one! Hannah told Mum that the rag that hangs on the yucky bucket needed to be changed; Mum said okay you can do that. Hannah said to Mum, "You have not shown me how to do that yet," well she got another lesson; Mum pulled the old rag Hannah replaced it with a new one. While Mum washed poo pans Hannah went around and checked our water bottles, the ones that were low she pulled, got clean ones out filled and put back. Mum taught her how to check the inside and how to determine what top goes on what bottle. She got all our bottles replaced with fresh ones.
  While Mum was on vacation from the Big Yellow Thingy she got the coroplast box constructed and up on the shelf in the play room. The Rochester boys are always getting onto and tossing things that are stored up there off. Mum thought she had it ferret proofed they proved other wise, so Mum built a different kind ferret proof box! That shelf is up over Mum's head and they have gotten stuck up there so Mum hopes this time she has it fixed it so they can not get up there any more. They are climbers and boy they get in places that Mum says most of us do not even think about!
Sarah here: Mum has a far away shelter friend teaching her how to do Excel spread sheets. Mum has been learning and doing the physical donation sheets with the help of this Shelter friend that does this kind of work for a living, another shelter friend that helps us from afar. Tori got Mums laptop up and functioning with the spread sheets on it so now Mum can see all the magic that is put into the pages, Mums training can continue with the real thing on the laptop. Thanks Miss Jenn for helpen Mum learn something new.
  Miss Mary Ellen got our newest video done take a look!
  Well Daisy what do you think? We have come to the end of the page and there are no more notes for us from Mum, I believe we have the news letter complete and ready to send off to all our cyber friends out there.
  Ta ta for this month, we look forward to hearing from you with news we can use for next month.
Daisy here: Yes we better close this news letter we have a lot of news in it and MR BIG may not be able to put it on the FML is we put much more in it.
Until next month
  Sarah and Daisy

January, 2013

Sarah here: Sarah here: The ferretone bottle has been popped, the glitter and balloons have fallen, a new year has begun! We are celebrating the New Year this month with Sue Burda's newest shelter design. Thanks Miss Sue for all you do for us! The Andy and Possum design will return to our news letter in February.
Daisy here: Oh for Petes sake will you get on with it Sarah just say your Happy New Year greeting so we can get going? We have a ton of things to report this month! The first thing we need to say is take a look at all our supporters! Once again all that we accomplished we accomplished because of YOU! Miss Tori and Miss Sheilla make it public. Well and me and Sarah do too!
Sarah here: My turn! We got so many presents for Christmas from all over the world, Australia, Ireland, Canada and the US wow we are very lucky fur kids! We want to thank all the humans that make the Giving Tree a reality for all the shelter kids out there. You do a fantastic job getting the word out for folks that wish to help the fur kids in shelters! We hope we did not work you too hard. Another successful Giving Season under your belts! For the secret Santa’s you guys rock every present that came in the door for us is just what we wanted thank you soooo much for helping our Mum take care of us!
Daisy here: One morning Mum found a mass on the bottom of Mombo's right foot, Mum knew she needed to get him in to our favorite doc to have it removed ASAP the poor little guy could not stand on his foot. It looked like the head of a cauliflower, the size of a pea. It appeared to be hanging by a tiny piece of skin like a stalk, Doc called it a special name but we can't remember what that was.
  Mum called Miss Jackie to ask her if she could help get Mombo into Doc next week. Miss Jackie called Mum to say Doc is going to see him at 4 that afternoon. She got him in, the mass removed and home before Mum had the shelter shut down for the night! Thanks Miss Jackie for helpen Mombo get better! You are a great ferret taxi driver!
Sarah here: Miss Donna and Miss Marcia came to help on Mum's birthday, when they got things caught up in the shelter they took Mum out to lunch at a place that serves gluten free food, they had a great birthday celebration.
  Mum's 2 legged furless granddaughter came to spend the night/morning with us; she wanted to help Mum take care of us fur kids. Hannah fell in love with Hammy and Hammy fell in love with Hannah, they spent a lot of time hanging out together. Hammy sucking up the loven that Hannah was dishing out.
  Mum was going to take Hannah home but Hannah wanted her mom to come get her so she could beg to take Hammy home with them. When her mom got here, Hannah wanted Mum to get Hammy up so her mom Stacy M could see him. Hannah's big brown eyes were pleading to take him home. Mum told Hannah he was not going home with her, she would have to take Pickles too, and her mom and dad do not know how care for ferrets. Mum told Hannah that Hammy was hers to love and dote on and she could come to Grandma's to help anytime they can get time off together.
Daisy here: Miss Stacie K stopped in that same day to bring us our Christmas present; she buys us a 50# shelter bag of TF every year. Mum and Miss Stacie K spent a fair amount of time catching up on things, Miss Stacie K used to watch the shelter for us when Mum went to IFC events - she now watches Miss Iliana's fur kids for her when needed. Miss Stacie K and Hannah spent time in the play room visiting ferrets, while Stacie visited the different ferrets in the room, Hannah held her Hammy. Once Hannah left for home, Stacie and Mum tackled switching out the barrier between the kitchen and the dining room. That has needed to be replaced for sometime, defiantly a 2 person job. Miss Stacie K helped Mum move the old barrier out and get the new one up. Thanks Miss Stacie!
  Shortly after Miss Stacie left Mr. Charlie and Master Reilly came with our Christmas too, ferretone and medicine for us! The gang of 5 where out in the library but sleeping so Mum told Charlie and Reilly they should go the library to check out who was in there. Oh my when they got in the room the fur boys must have radar that detects humans, they started to come out to meet our company!
Sarah here: Charlie and Reilly were at the rice box arms in it playing with the boys that were in the box - 4 of them at once. Mr. Charlie called Miss Gail his other half to say they had a Christmas gift for her, the gang of 5 - if Miss Gail was not so adamant about no more ferrets the boys would have gone home with Charlie and Reilly that night. See the Keenen's already have 5 ferrets now, 4 of which came from here. Master Reilly was telling Mum that they have a Ferret Nation cage that is not even out of the box so they could easily house the gang of 5. How Mum wished she could have sent them home with the Keenen's for Christmas.
  Charlie and Reilly helped Mum get second shift put away, the rest of night crew up, meds and cages done before heading for home without the gang of 5.
Daisy here: Mum had to inventory the entire shelter of stuffs, Miss Patty bless her heart took the time to pull together an inventory sheet for us, the inventory got done quickly because Miss Patty made it easy for Mum, Miss Brie, and Miss Marcia to get it done. Miss Tori came the week after because she had been feeling under the weather, she and Nora came when Miss Tori was feeling better. Miss Tori has gotten the fur kids Christmas pictures on the web site as Mum gets them taken and sent to her. Miss Sheilla is sharing what Mum sends to her on our Facebook page and now we have a new person keeping our Pet Finder page current and looking good. Thanks Miss Priscilla. Mum says she is one very lucky shelter Mum to have so much help.
Sarah here: Miss Iliana and Miss Jackie stopped by to bring gifts for us fur kids; Miku and Kiwi are Iliana's far away girls. Both ladies left just minutes ahead the storm that was heading in. Mum peaked out the kitchen window the next morning, there seemed to be about 6" of snow sitting on the ledge where she feeds the birds. When Mum went out to see the 6" of snow she discovered there was 24". Mum got the snow blower out and started digging the van out, she had not taken it up top to the barn yard the night it was snowing so it was pretty buried. Miss Iliana and her Bob with their fur girls left for Florida on Friday after the storm, headed south to warmer weather and NO snow.
  Mum was home from the big yellow thingy for 11 days she went back to work on January 2. We love it when she is home, but boy those 11 days went really fast! The inventory got done, we fur kids have our presents, the pictures have been taken and are up on the web site. Mum is almost done with the thank you cards, she has about 4 more to do. So Daisy what do you think have we gotten all the notes taken care of? I do not see anymore shall we close the news for now?
Daisy here: Yup! Yup! Yup! we are done, so until next month you humans out there stay warm and watch for snow balls coming your way.
  Sarah and Daisy