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   • Returned to the Shelter on February 19, 2016.
   • Surrendered to the Shelter on February 3, 2013. She found a Forever Home March 29, 2014!
   • Maggie was a sable female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge July 18, 2016.

   • Maggie had a far away mom in Mesa, AZ.

   • Read about how Maggie arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read her latest updates below.

  Maggie has had multiple medical issues since she was returned to the Shelter in February 2016. She will live out her life here at the Shelter with us.


July 18, 2016:
AM Update: Maggie is still with us, seems to be a slight improvement. I got her Moxy in her and I was able to get a Dex shot into her this morning. I will call Doc when they open to see if there is anything else he wants us to do.

PM Update: Maggie is gone. I did get her fever down but she was bleeding internally, I saw black poo all over her poo pan at noon time; when I got home from my afternoon run she was gone.

July 17, 2016:
AM Update: Maggie was up, more active but she has something going on, she has a fever, her little nose is as red as Rudolph's. Maggie must have been having a hard time moving during the night, she was covered in her own poo.
  She did not finish her soup last night, did not want her soup this morning so I put her meds in a dropper and got her to take it that way. I started her on Moxy if she does not improve by tomorrow I will have to call OFD to see what he thinks. I put her under the faucet to clean her up after I got the meds in her. Time will tell how she responds to this treatment.

PM Update: Maggie is not doing well, I am not sure she will be with us in the morning. I did her meds but she looks awful. I put her back in her cage for the night, that way she can get to where she needs without a lot of distance.

July 16, 2016:
  Maggie on the other hand is not doing well. I believe she was crashing, I tried to give her a Dex shot but she fought me. I got about 2 mls into her before she turned around to try to bite me knocking the needle out of her and my hand. She ate 1/2 her soup so I hope she will feel up to finishing it later tonight.

July 13, 2016:
  Maggie was acting very lethargic this morning so I did a BG test, her numbers were 61. Kiwi was acting the same so I did a BG test on her and her numbers are 107. Maggie is now on meds, Kiwi is not. Since Maggie is now on meds and George is getting only soup tomorrow will be moving day for them. I will get Maggie into the cage on the meds bank of cages.

June 17, 2016:
  Maggie does not seem to have the rattle in her chest this morning she will be on the Moxy until the 23.

May 16, 2016:
  Maggie must be feeling better she is bouncing out of her hammock to get to her soup now, there is still a bit of a tilt to her head but she is much more active.

May 11, 2016:
  Maggie was up here with me this morning while I was getting dressed for work, she was dancing and playing with me. That is the first since she came back in November. She still has a slight tilt but she appears to be doing better.

April 28, 2016:
  Maggie is hanging in, her head tilt has lessened, she is subdued but looking at the web site she came in, in 2013 we do not know how old she was when she got here. So we know she is 3 yrs older making her at least 4/5 years old.

April 27, 2016:
  Maggie seems to be doing somewhat better.

April 22, 2016:
  Maggie is having more problems, her head is tilting to the left, she is having trouble standing up. I called Doc he says keep doing what I am doing.

April 20, 2016:
  Maggie seems to be doing a bit better, I try to clean up that ear each time I have to treat her. It is starting to look better, I would say because the ear is no longer draining so when I get some off it stays off.

April 18, 2016:
  Little Maggie has had a rough time of it since she came back to the shelter on Feb 19th, 2016. Maggie has been having ear problems since she was returned, she was diagnosed with a yeast infection when she saw OFD on March 2nd. We could not get her ear to clear up each time it seemed like it was gone within days the infection was back.
  We took Maggie to see OFD this morning for an ear flush. We were to be there at 8 am, it needed to be done in a surgery setting.. What OFD found was a polyp in her ear canal. The meds we were treating her with were not getting to where they needed to go. Doc removed the polyp, sent us home with Tresaderm for treatment for 7 days. He believes with the polyp gone Maggie's ear should get better. I have attached a before and after picture of Maggie. The after picture is just a couple of hours after surgery so she is still a bit groggy.


April 6, 2016:
  I called to let Doc know that Maggie's yeast infection is back for a third time. He said he needs to put her under and clean that canal completely. I made the appointment for 8 am on Monday the 18th.

March 19, 2016:
  Maggie's yeast infection in her left ear is back, the outside of her ear was all nasty again last Wed. I started her back on the meds Doc put her on, sent an email to him to let him know. He is on vacation so when he gets back he may want me to bring her with me when I take Minnie up on the 25th.

March 18, 2016:
  Maggie was done with her ear meds on the 11th - Posatex. I noticed she had drainage coming from that ear again; I started her back up on the Posatex on the 16th for an additional 10 days.

March 12, 2016:
  Maggie was dancing with me this morning, first time since she came back in February.

March 5, 2016:
  Maggie is out and about in my space.. Doc said she had a yeast infection in her ear so we have a different medication that is ear drops for her. I've not heard of this med before but then this is our first yeast ear infection.

March 4, 2016:
  When Brie got Maggie to OFD he found a yeast infection in her ear so what I was doing for her did not take care of the issue, I expect it made her a bit more comfortable but did not make it go away. Brie is bringing her back today, she started Maggie on the ear drops OFD sent home with her.

March 3, 2016:
  update on Maggie from Brie's house.....She was pooped yesterday too. She is snuggled in my bunny cage aka. temporary housing. She's eating, drinking and pooping. I started her on her ear drops last night. Her poop this morning looked better than yesterday's, so that's very good.

February 24, 2016:
  Maggie that little snuggle bug - I am calling her Magpie, she must be feeling a whole lot better because she allowed me to pick at her ear. It still looks nasty on the outside, but she is not wincing when I touch it. She is on Moxy until the Tuesday the 29th, Tresaderm every other day until she sees Doc.

February 23, 2016:
  Maggie was dancing with me this morning, I set her down and she started to dance. I am keeping her quarantined until she sees Doc. It seems she is feeling better. She had some icky poo yesterday so I started her on Carafate last night, this morning we have a very nice looking poo in her box.

February 21, 2016:
  Maggie did well through the night, I saw a divot in her food dish, very good looking poops in her pan, and the bowl of soup I put in there last night was gone. She got her second dose of Moxy, I expect by tonight she will no longer have the pain.

February 20, 2016:
  Sadly for our Maggie, she was sent back to the shelter, she will remain with us for the remainder of her life, she does not need another disruption in her little life; she has had too many already . Maggie arrived Friday afternoon in what I felt was pretty good shape. She had a bloody ear but it looks like she had been digging it, I suspected she had ear mites so I treated her for mites and cleaned up her ears with antiseptic.
  Maggie came back with nothing we sent with her to her to her new home, she got all new bedding and beds in her cage for her welcome return. She was reintroduced to our shelter food mix and was offered a bowl of duck soup at bed time. She greatly accepted the offer of soup.
  Saturday afternoon I got Maggie out of her sick pen to have her nails clipped, as I was kissing her I noticed she stunk. I did a bit more sniffing around her ears and decided she has an ear infection. Shelter volunteer Charlie K and I took some samples of the gunk in her ear, doing a smear on a slid to look at it under the microscope.
  We found what looked like a dead ear mite, we know the Revolution worked, we cleaned her ear up with some ear wash and I started her on Moxy when I served up soup.
  Sunday morning Maggie got more Moxy in her morning soup and I decided I would treat her ears with Tresaderm as well as treating with Moxy. She was acting a bit more comfortable this morning but the ear looks pretty nasty. We will call OFD first thing in the morning to see if we can get her in sooner than later.
  Welcome home little Maggie we are glad you are home safe and sound.


December 9, 2015:
  I emailed you on FB about Maggie. Long story short, we had a major schedule shift about a year back but made it work. However, now she is spending increasing amounts of time in her cage and although we take her out to play she isn't getting near the interaction she deserves, and our schedules are about to change again which will allow even less time. As much as we hate to do it because we overall don't believe in it, we will have to return her to you so she can have a better life. We feel it would be selfish to keep her just to make us feel better, and per the contract we signed she is to be returned to the rescue.
  We will be up in Feb. We will be able to take care of her until then as the new schedules don't come about until spring, but we wanted to make sure there was no lapse in care for her.
  Jessica and Brian

Shelter Mum's Response: Jessica - was swamped the day I answered you...yes Bring little Maggie back we have room for her.. been up to my ears with sick kids lately...let me know when. - Brenda

August 10, 2014:
Hi Brenda,
  I wanted to email you because I'm concerned about Maggie. Physically, she's great. Good weight, bright eyes, active, eating and drinking fine, fur is lush and pretty. Waste is regular and good. Mentally she seems fine too. Plays and sleeps like normal, seems relaxed and happy.
  My concern though, is that in the last several weeks I've taken a pay cut due to bad contract negotiations at work and I've had some health issues. As a result Brian and I have had to work much more than normal. And we are both having to take some classes for work.
  Maggie is out of her cage every day, and her cage is cleaned but she doesn't get as much interaction as I would like her to or as she has gotten used to. I'm worried our time constraints are going to hurt her. I fear she will get lonely. Her schedule has come in line w our night schedules. So she sleeps during the day and is up at night but at least half those nights we are working. Her play time w us is evening before we leave. What do you think?

June 11, 2014:
Hi there!
  I sent a few pics to you via Facebook but I wanted to share some Videos too. They will either be in your Facebook messages or on the website. Whichever I can get to work. I'll let you know.
  She's doing fine. She's a daring little girl! Always tempting our hound mix to play and he's the biggest dog we have! He's her buddy though. He loves to play w her. I'm not sure how she feels about his slobbery kisses though. She just looks at him funny when he does it.

April 21, 2014:
  Pictures of Maggie and her Mom!


April 21, 2014:
  They're doing great. Maggie and Kyle play every morning and every evening. She usually lets him know when she's done for awhile by crawling into her blanket. I don't think she's in her cage ever unless she's eating. She prefers her playroom. Kyle is soaking up the sun, animals, and daddy time. :)


Happy Easter!


April 16, 2014:
Hello there!
  I still can't figure our what isn't working on her website but I will keep trying. Kyle is due here in a few days and we are so excited! I'll send pics!
  Maggie has been able to explore a little more of the house while in our arms. She likes our dog Tate and seems indifferent to the others right now.
  We did discover she likes to be rocked. She will fall asleep in our arms if we are in a rocker or if we put her in her bed and rock it gently she will fall asleep, but if we stop she gives us the evil eye.

April 7, 2014:
Hi Mom B!
  Thanks for the hammocks! I updated my site, and I got your email. :)
I love you!

Apr 2, 2014:
Email from Shelter Mum: I see I sent a broken hammock with you I will get a better one sent to you. Soup? Is she getting soup?

Email from Maggie's Mom:
  She is. She eats that and her regular food. I have to keep Brian from trying it...ew..
  Oh! I forgot to ask you though, with her disease, should she be eating it all the time as extra nutrients or only until this is gone? I have been reading up on it, and have seen various answers. I want to keep doing whatever she's used to.

Email from Shelter Mum: She has adrenal disease that has now been treated so she should not have any symptoms or signs if the illness. The soup is a supplement that is used for many different things stress is a biggy. We use it here to administer medications so there is no nasty taste or fight. You will want to offer her soup every so often so that when (not if) she gets ill she will be accustomed to it enough to eat soup with meds in it. The soup you are offering is to help her get over her move if you think she is settled then you can back it off to once a day then once every couple of days here is more information on soup.

March 30, 2014:
From Maggie's new family: Good morning! She's doing fine. We tried to keep it quiet and let her adjust a bit to her new surroundings. She was up all night playing w/ her bell ball. She is settling in nicely, eating and drinking well.


  Maggie left with her new family yesterday, she picked this family several weeks ago they came to get her yesterday. Look at the smiles on that family!

March 29, 2014:
  Dear far away mom, I wanted to say goodbye to you before I head to my new home. I am leaving today. Thank you for loving me and helpen mum take care of me while I was here at the shelter.
  I will send you the link to my own web page when my new family shares it with me.
I love you

Hi Maggie!
  I am so happy to hear about your new forever home!! I was so emotional that I cried. I am sorry I hadn't mail your monthly check yet.
  I have been in the hospital for a week now. I had to have my gallbladder removed. It has been very trying. Hopefully this will help alleviate the health issues I have had for so long now.
  I hoe we may be able to keep in touch, Maggie. You are a sweet girl and you deserve a good home.
Love, Your far away mom Shannon

January 05, 2014:
  Dear far away mom, Mum got my new triangle tent in my cage she took pictures take a look Mum woke me up doing it! Thank you for the wonderful Christmas. I love everything you sended to me. I love you! - Maggie


March 11, 2013:
  Mum really messed things up this time! MY box got here with treats and such; doesn’t Mum think it goes to Skooter NOT ME! *******tapping my foot in frustration **********
  Mum said she will correct her mistake and send you pictures of me getting into MY box of treats
  I love you

  Hi Maggie,
  I'm so glad your box arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy the treats. You can also share them with your friends at the shelter. I know you are a sweet girl and wouldn't want your friends to feel left out. I wanted to send you this little something extra to let you know how much I love you!! Always remember that you are loved by me!
  With love,
  Your far away mom Shannon

  Lookie me far away mom – Mum got me licking my chops just looking at the treats. Thank you thank you for sending me a goodie box. I shared with Frankie! Mum got pictures of both of us
Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Maggie & Frankie


February 20, 2013:
  Maggie and I got to Our Favorite Doc 30 min early so we sat in the van to work on thank you cards. Maggie and I headed into the office about 10 min to 8 to get her paperwork completed since this was her first time seeing Doc.
  Signing a new kid in is working better and more efficient now that I can make copies of their surrender form before taking them in, with the initial contact story on the back of that sheet for their file.
  I handed the sheet over to Candy to fill out the paper work then they can keep it on file.
  Doc checked Maggie all over, she has ear mites, we are working on taking care of that, he was impressed with her coat said her teeth look young. We agreed she looks to be about 18 months old. Doc gave Maggie her distemper and rabies shot then handed her back to me stating she has a clean bill of health.



Arrival Story:

Initial contact, January 25, 2013:
  Someone in my apartment building moved out and just left their ferret in the hallway! My boyfriend and I have taken it in for the last two days, but we already have our optimal amount of pets in the house and so we can't keep him/her. Can you send me some information on how I might be able to give this little guy/gal to a reputable ferret rescue in the NYC 5 boroughs area? We can't travel but we don't want to call animal control as they might destroy the ferret. Thank you for any information you might be able to send us.

Shelter Response:
  Good morning – there is no shelter in your area for ferrets let me see if I can find someone to take the little guy/gal – I have shelter friends in that area – I need contact information from you so they can reach you.

Shelter request for help:
  Ladies – we have a little one in need of some help in your area – I am sending along the information that came to me – I will take him here if we can get him/her here - or if one of you can give him/her a home that would be awesome – I told this person I would be contacting shelter friends in the area/ there is no ferret shelter down your way.
   I have asked for more contact information. Please reply to all so I am kept in the loop if you can help – anything you can do to help would be appreciated – if you can’t that is fine no pressure here at all - Brenda

January 26, 2013, David:
Hi Brenda,
  My contact info is as follows: David & James. We live in Brooklyn NY.
  Thank you so much for your help. I hate to see this little creature abandoned and wish we had space for him here. ( We already have Chinchilas!)

January 26, 2013 @ 1PM, Sheilla:
Hi Brenda,
  Thanks for sending this info out to us. I would be ecstatic to make the trip up to Naples to bring the little one. I'd love to keep him but home matters are at odds for the moment. Please keep me updated about this situation.
  Happy Sabbath,

January 26, 2013 @ 2PM, Shelter response:
  Oh Sheilla that would be wonderful – here is the contact information I just got from them I have included them in this email – Brenda

January 26, 2013 @ 3PM, Sheilla:
Hi Brenda,
  I'll go ahead and get in touch with David and James. I'll be working during the week. Will you be at the Shelter this weekend (Feb 2nd)? I can make the drive then.

January 26, 2013 @ 5PM, Shelter response:
  I have attached our surrender form either you or the folks that have this little one can print and fill out so you can bring it back to me with him. I need to know as much as I can about this little one – what food is he/she eating etc etc. thanks again Brenda Great thank you Sheilla - I will be here all weekend thank you for your help -

January 26, 2013 @ 6PM, Sheilla:
  Great! Thank you Brenda. We'll be in touch =)
  / Sheilla

January 30, 2013, Sheilla:
  Sure thing, Brenda. I'll use Benji's old carrier to transport the little fellow. I'll make sure to keep you in the loop as well.
  / Sheilla

January 30, 2013, David:
Hey Brenda
  Sheila is getting in contact with me today to get more details on how we can switch off ownership of the little guy. I have been at work all week and today is my day off. I believe Ms. Sheila said she is going to make the trip up to Naples this weekend?

January 30, 2013, Sheilla:
Hi Brenda,
  Below is a copy of the conversation David and I have been sharing via email. I have not responded to his most recent email (re:bathing ferrets, see below). I'm going to call him this evening re: pickup and transport.
  // Sheilla

  Yes there was a cage left with him. I think that the cage may be damaged as the previous owner has for some reason duct taped one of the cage doors shut, leaving only one to let the little fellow out. He came with paper bedding in there and a water bowl and food dish, as well as a towel and a box of Kitten food. I did a little research and found that apparently kitten food can sub for ferret feed in a pinch. So, that is what we have been giving him. Right now, I am wondering about bathing, as I dont have special furry friends shampoos. Chinchillas bathe in dust, but I am pretty sure ferrets take baths. Should I let him play in a shallow bath tub with supervision? Since this was such a sudden unplanned rescue, I am, alas, a little unprepared and uneducated on the upkeep even temporarily.
  I shall await you call for planning.
  Hope you are well!

February 2, 2013, Sheilla:
Hi Brenda,
  We are on our way to Naples. Malcolm is driving and I'm navigating. Attached is a photo of the little one eating some kitten kibble. We'll be staying overnight in Corning because I doubt we'll make it to you before you go to bed. We'll see you Sunday morning. I hope you get this message and let me know your thoughts.

February 2, 2013, Shelter response:
  Perfect thanks so much. Got it thanks – tell him NO baths please if you need to purchase a carrier keep the receipt we will buy it from you when you get here with the fur kid. Thanks Sheilla I am so looking forward to seeing you this weekend - Brenda

February 2, 2013, Sheilla:
  I think it's a girl. No name, very tiny but healthy, and she's quite sweet. No fuss at all since I picked her up. I cleaned up her cage a bit as it was terribly full of waste. No ferret food, just kitten kibble and I picked up a bag of IAM's (wasn't sure which she'd eat). Gave her clean water, too. She's sound asleep now in her hammock (came with the cage). We will see you in the morning :) Sheilla

February 3, 2013, Sheilla:
  Good morning Brenda! We're on our way!