Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

This is Wesson, aka Boo! You can read his story here.

Sponsorship Program


  Any ferret here in the Shelter can have a sponsor! We have several ferrets that have more than one sponsor. Sponsorship helps pay for daily and/or special needs (medication, soup, etc.) of the ferret.
  Sponsorship is done on a monthly basis. You choose the donation amount, as we do not have a minimum amount.

  Simply choose the ferret(s) you want to sponsor from the list of adoptable ferrets, or in memory of a ferret. Contact Shelter Mum with this information and she will then send a sponsorship booklet with the amount you have chosen for your ferret(s) and a biography of your ferret(s). We always notify the sponsor of any changes in that ferrets’ progress (adoption, illness, or death) within 24 hours.

  Please keep the booklet receipts for donation tax purposes. Each payment made to your ferret(s) will receive a thank you from your ferret(s). If you cannot continue the sponsorship at any point, simply let Shelter Mum know.