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Wesson, AKA Boo

   • Wesson found a Forever Home on November 23, 2013! He left for the Rainbow Bridge August 14, 2017.

August 16, 2017:
  These were the last pictures I took of Boo when I saw him before his surgery.


April 23, 2017:
  I am going to call and make an appoint for Boo w/Doc. Want to have him checked for adrenal. I notice a bare spot my his tail last night.

Shelter Response: Okay but it is really too early to be worried about adrenal - it is coat change time. Look at his belly see if his teats are swollen, (like he had kits to feed) does he smell different? Is he dooking more than usual?

December 9, 2016:
  Boo is so funny/cute. I get home later on thursday's due to exercise class and he follows me around looking up just waiting for me sit in the chair..I pick him up and he goes to sleep. He just waits for me to sit down! I love that boy!

July 8, 2016:
  Mum got these beautiful pictures of Wesson AKA Boo from his Mom.


May 6, 2016:
  thanks for understanding....My Boo was sniffing around the containers of all the food he used to but won't eat...so I opened up the Zupreem one, he stuck his head in and sniffed....then he actually took a piece, went under his cage and i heard "crunch"...when he came back out I tried to get him to take another...nope...but i left some out over night, which he didn't eat....but he loves his soup!

Shelter Mum's Response: he got caught eating, he's not going to let you stop giving him soup for meals LOL What'd I tell ya?

April 6, 2016:
  Thnx shelr mum for the treeeetts and zup you sent my mum. i wuvs uyou. mumz ssid she wl snd u letric mny but hrs brain not wrking rht she saz...how mch she O U?
luvs u shtr m;um
  no wrries i luvs my zup...i come whn calld and sometims just come and wait til mums got it ready to set down :) okz...frgto to telz u that evry once inawhile iz eat som kibble

March 3, 2016:
  He is good. Lovin his soup...wait's in his "spot" for me to put his dish down. He still just eats mainly treats and soup. Every ONCE IN AWHILE he will eat kibble...but he is happy, playful and still as lovable as ever!

December 19, 2015:
Hi ant brnda,
thnk uz 4 the Chrsmas presnts I gotsystrday intthe male...I luvs thm. tanks 4 luvin mez reeeel gooood.


September 17, 2015:
  Good News! He weighed in at 3lbs 6ozs! Will probably get a call today regarding blood work results.

Doc called and Boo's liver functions are normal, his "numbers" are low-end normal; there is no inflammation and liver is working correctly to break down food. Yea, we did it! He has no idea why his head is telling him not to eat regular kibble.
Game plan: just keep doing what we're doing!!! I asked him if he knew of a ferret psychologist! :)

September 16, 2015:
  Still no go on the food. He goes 7 pm tonight for Liver Panel bloodwork and weigh in. Will let you know.

September 11, 2015:
  First, I just lifted a pile of paper here at work and low and behold found those two emails you sent a while back with the donations I did not have on my schedule...lol...I will have them on today.
  Second, Boo ate one of those crunchy treats! That tells me it's NOT the crunch factor!!!! But still wants nothing to do with kibble. He will sniff, and sniff for his treats though if I don't have them at his disposal....so...I have only one more trick left up my sleeve!
  You listed a food on those included in the soup that he has never had....Golden something or other???? Would it be possible to get some of that food on Sunday? If he eats that (since he's never had it before) then I know it is something with the other 4 foods. If he doesn't eat that, well, I'm just at a COMPLETE loss! Worth a try???? I have to go to Canadaigua after church so I could stop on my way there.

September 5, 2015:
  We got our stitches out this morning---no problems! He weighted 2 lbs 12 oz on Aug. 22 and today he weighted in at (drumroll), 3 lbs 3.5 oz! Thanks Susie for helping us put some weight on him! NOW to get him to eat his own food! I'm gonna keep on keepin' on! :)

September 2, 2015:
  Doc, called me. Liver biopsy showed no cancer, etc., however, the fatty liver, on a scale of mild, moderate, severe, is severe. Basically, long conversation short, I am doing everything right as far as feeding him. As long as I keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully he comes around to eating food again, it is not fatal (for him). Unless things get worse, I am going to every 6 hours with soup, while ample supply of treats is available for him and I also have left him Marshall's food (counted)....my thinking w/ this is that that was not part of his food mix when all this started and in the short window when he did eat, he ate Marshall's. So I thought, since he may not associate that with when he started not "feeling well" he may be more apt to start eating that again...God Box!!!!! He is definitely more active,eats his soup for my sister (bless her for doing it!). I guess time will tell. I am going to have them weigh him Saturday; I think he gained some, I hope!

September 1, 2015:
  I keep making Boo older than he is...he's only 2 1/2 not 3...poor guy! Still no change, but is eating soup/treats like they are going out of style and is more active! Stitches come out Sat.

August 27, 2015:
  You're welcome. Boo is one tired boy, with me waking him every three hours! lol I can just hear him say, "but mom!!!!!" His poops look really good--big and firm. But he is still taking all the soup and a few droppers more like I reported yesterday. He didn't take much from my sister yesterday, 4-5 spoonfuls (I haven't had the chance to teach her with the dropper), but at least he got something in him. He took the treats she gave him under his cage...I didn't see them there when I got home, so I assume he ate them later in privacy..lol. She is going to go over again today. She just loves him and am thankful she is willing to try to get him to eat during the day. He definitely is a momma's boy.

Brenda's Response:
Great news - keep in mind the more soup he eats at a sitting the longer he can go between feedings, the more soup he eats the less likely he will want kibble/treat . I am in no way saying to stop the feedings just reminding you that that little belly is full so he will not want food/soup or treat until the belly has room. He will eat kibble on his own WHEN he feels better.
Agreed, it is better to have something than nothing!
Awesome, I am glad he was eating treats while you were at work. Your sister is a treasure and a blessing to go over to feed Boo while you are at work.
Nothing wrong with being a momma's boy, he deserves a good life and he makes my friend happy.
I have noticed a lot of our kids this morning have soft fluffy fur so coat change is in the works for all these kids, it is harder for some than others.

Boo's Mom:
I understand what you are saying about feeding. Every 3 hours, he has "gladly" taken what I give him. Part of me wants to not feed him and see if he gets hungry enough to eat kibble, but I think it is too soon for that. He is so tired..the day my sister didn't go, I know he got up and peed/pooped but never ate anything. It's kinda like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Brenda's Response:
NOPE when he is feeling better he will eat kibble without you taking away soup. You will come home one day and find he has eaten and is not hungry for soup. Are you counting kibble and leaving it so you can see if he has eaten a piece or two? I count out about 20 and leave in a shallow bowl.

Boo's Mom:
He is so tired..the day my sister didn't go, I know he got up and peed/pooped but never ate anything. It's kinda like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Brenda's Response:
Bless your sisters heart for helping you and Boo out. It is but he will go back to kibble when he feels better.

August 26, 2015:
  Just wanted to give you an update...still not eating kibble, but is eating treats and last night at every feeding he took 75 ml!!! I use the bottle/dropper from the moxy....I feed him every 3 hours: 5:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 11:30 pm, 2;30 am, 5:30 am and again before I leave the house around 7-7:15 am. My sister will be stopping by to wake him up and put down soup for him. He has treats and kibble available all day. I will continue this until hopefully he will eat kibble again.

Brenda's Response:
Awesome news. Would you like a 5 ml dropper, that is what we use to dropper feed it is easier on us and it lets them get more at a time between stops (fill dropper) I find sometimes stopping to fill causes them to stop eating at that sitting. I am thrilled your sister is going to help.. he will be happier and more likely to eat better in his own environment. Do you need more of the treats I sent him? More dry soup? Thanks for the update.

Boo's Mom:
I am good with soup. He was eating the treats you gave me but isn't so much now. I have been giving him the Marshall's--PB, Chicken, Beef, Banana. But I will take more (in case he decides he like them again) of them because I didn't see them in Petco last time I was there. Also, would love a bigger dropper. I can swing by on Sunday after church and get from you if it will work for you...Donna D isn't going down this weekend, is she? If sher were, maybe she could drop them off?
  I was so thrilled when I got to work and did the 75 ml conversion to ounces and saw how much it was in ounces (2.5360517 oz).
  Is this something that hopefully should turn around and he will be "fine" again?
  Keep us in your God Box, please.

August 24, 2015:
  Well, there is good news and "right back to where I started from" news:
He has no tumor, ulcer, adrenal glands fine.
  What Doc did find was a fatty liver which he said is cause by not eating/eating well. However, the only cure for it is to force him to eat! He took a piece of the liver and is sending to the pathologist and will have result in about one week. It can be fatal if not eating enough.
  SO, I must try everything to get him to eat, soup and all the treats he wants, etc. I think I'll be doing the baby/mother thing of getting up in the night to get more soup in him.
  So, good news, not so good news scenario.
  I'm not home this week. I don't know what to do...I don't want to cause him any more harm, but would like to wait until I hear what the pathology report has to say. I will give him soup as often as possible from the time I get home til the time I have to get up and go back to work. Does this make me a bad mother???? I'm strugglin' here. I guess I need clarification on how long without eating could cause it to be fatal? Have you ever had one with this?

August 22, 2015:
  Boo is going back 7:30 am Monday for exploratory surgery. Will keep you posted. Boo is maintaining his weight so that's a good thing. He eats soup on his own, but if left all day, won't touch it....just when I give it to him--baby :)

August 8, 2015:
Has his BG been taken? Sounds like maybe his BG falls, his tummy gets feeling icky and he does not want to eat. Carafate makes it feel better so he eats bringing his BG back up some. Keeping the appointment is a definite IMHO.

Boo's Mom:
BG numbers were good, liver function good. def keeping appointment.

August 7, 2015:
How is Boo?

Boo's Mom:
Well, okay. I could tell from his good poop last night when I got home that he had eaten kibble. when I get him up in the AM and when I come home, he grinds his teeth a little. I immediately give him Carafate...then some soup. He's been eating soup on his own good. His morning poops are just soup/treat; doesn't appear he's crunching in the night. Other than that....I just don't think it's right though. I think I will keep Wed appoint. I don't want to put him thru any tests for no reason, but my gut is telling me something is off.

August 5, 2015:
Boo's Mom:
I hope I'm just being an overreacting, worry wart mom but I noticed he didn't eat much food yesterday, so I gave him some carafate and soup this AM. His poop had been dark again like his food color and now it is yellow again, like his treat color. Argh...doesn't he know he will stress out his momma!?

Brenda's Response:
Doc needs to know this, I bet he has something in his tummy...

Boo's Mom:
I talked to Doc. I may be jumping the gun, but have an appointment next Wed if I need it. Since his stool was good/formed once he started eating, we know there is no obstruction. I'll keep an eye on him, give him soup if need be and watch him.

Brenda's Response:
We are not talking about obstruction we are talking about a floater.. intermittent issues but clear up with soup. Keeping his tummy full with soup keeps what is in there floating not blocking. When the stomach is not full it can move to the I think duodenum and blocks passage out of the tummy so he does not want to eat. Make sense?

Boo's Mom:

July 31, 2015:
  Boo is crunching....he backed off a little on the 8-1 food so i gave him some Marshall's....he likes it! :) and :( anyway, I've still been giving him as much soup (not much) as he'll eat in AM and PM before moxy...will be done with moxy soon, but he is eating so I guess if he wants marshall's that's what he'll get...I am still mixing it with 8-n-1. He likes the treats you sent for him--THANK YOU! I give him the marshall's PB, Bannana, Chicken treats, as well.

July 22, 2015:
Boo's Mom:
First, Boo coming in August is off. Won't work for my girlfriend. Second, could I stop after church on Sunday for more soup and Carafate?
Third, I was thinking...tell me if this is not a good idea...of buying some Marshall's food (because it is different from the three kinds I have) and see if he will eat it. Doc said something about some ferrets, as with adults, associate getting "sick" with certain foods and could keep them from eating it again. I hope this isn't the case, but was thinking if he eats the Marshall's I know that is what is going on.

Brenda's Response:
Okay he is removed from the calendar, sorry it did not work out.
Yes but I may not be here, I am supposed to meet up with my brother and his SO. I have cancelled and changed dates too many times to do that again. I will put it in a cooler of sorts so you can just grab it.. how many soups do you want? Or meet me at Tom Wahl's at noon where I am meeting up with my brother.
  Trying the Marshalls food would not hurt any...if you can wait till we meet on Sunday, I will give you some I have a lot here because we use it in the mix. I've not experienced that to be the case but there is always an exception to the rule and it won't hurt to try.. generally they go back to eating kibble once they feel better.
  As I said it can't hurt. If you want me to bag you up some let me know.

July 21, 2015:
  Boo Still won't eat his kibble. Still giving him soup, Carafate, Moxy. He is playing more and has started giving me kisses again. While I'm thinking of it can he come to camp Wed. Aug. 12 - Sun Aug. 16? I think I'm gong to Connecticut to see my girlfriend.

July 13, 2015:
Boo's Mom:
Hey Bren...other than not eating his kibble, he is good. He is taking 3-4 teaspoons of soup an his meds fine. How long does this process take? I'd say it's been a week already.

Brenda's Response:
Getting ferrets to like soup when healthy and eating kibble about 3 days.. introducing soup when they are not up to snuff as long as it takes.. how often are you offering it to him.. with just 3/4 teaspoons at a time, he needs it offered to him every hour until he starts taking more. Once he eats a 1/4 cup you can back off to every 3/4 hrs.

July 12, 2015:
Boo's Mom:
Mmmmm...I have a hard time telling about coat changes (except from summer to winter). Doc did say he had a good coat, doesn't have adrenal, etc. Wouldn't he have mentioned it?
Does keeping them air conditioning since end of May slow the coat change down?
Boo is "normal" except for the not eating except for treats and he has been sleeping more and harder, at times.
Food is a mix and hasn't changed...8in1, ZuPreem and that kitten food you had me get a while back.
He is taking his meds really well by dropper and soup...my fault I didn't introduce him to soup earlier.
Going to get ready for church.

Brenda's Response:
Doc does not see that part of it because he does not live with them… is his coat fluffy and soft? This sounds like he is trying to blow his coat and its causing him some problems. Soup soup soup will keep him going if it is.
No it is the length of daylight that triggers coat change.. he may be backwards sometimes that happens.
Yes sounds like his is going through a coat change.
Okay so even if it is a food change it would not affect his eating the ones that have not.
Yup that is super important just for this reason.
K please check in with me when you get home.

Boo's Mom:
Just got home....ah...yes his coat nice and soft and fluffy! Good thing I have the next two days off! I'll keep you posted. Just when I think I've got "most" things figured out...never had this issue with any other's I've had.

July 11, 2015:
Hey Bren,
  Just wanted to let you know that I've been having some issues w/Boo. I noticed he had been more laid back than normal and wasn't eating his food. He eats his treats. So, I took him to see Doc Thursday night. He did he physical check and notice nothing unusual. He weighed 2lb 10oz but in June he was 2lb 14 oz. Anyway, he gave me Carafate and I went back to today for blood work (bg). Blood work great, but still not eating regular food, just treats. He gave me moxy and said that if he isn't better he will do x-ray. I found I did have dry soup in freezer so I made today and got some in him and will continue to do so. He is just not himself. No problem peeing/pooping. His poop is not much because of not eating and when he does, I can tell it's just the treats. Plus I took his poop Thursday and it checked out okay, as well.
  I am off work Monday and Tuesday, so if he isn't better by Monday, I will call Doc back.
He still plays but not as hard/long. Doesn't stagger, okay on his feet; just doesn't want to eat his food and I have not changed a thing.
I will keep you posted.

Response from Brenda: Thanks for the update.. has Boo blown his winter coat, I expect he has but Nora has not and a few of the shelter kids have not. If no, that maybe what is going on and that can knock the snot out of them. Are you feeding him a mixed food? Maybe the manufacture changed something and he does not recognize it. I hope he feels better today.

December 14, 2014:
ohhh ant brenddddda and Brunoooooooooooooo,
  mume and me watns to thnkkkkkk you for the presnts uz sent tous....we luvsss them...mummy codnlt decide which picur to snds u soos she sent uthem all....

we luvsj uhhhhh and Brunoooooooooo,
Merry Christmas!
  llvus mumm-n-me...BOO!


December 12, 2014:


June 18, 2014:
  I nose ur busy butt i wsnnnted to show u howz mch i luvs my rafffflll present my mums got meeeeeeeeeeee :)


June 10, 2014:
  Hy ant brenda...mum said i nded to ask u if i culd come to cmp on thursday july 3 thru monday july 7...mum is gng 2 go to Conecticut to see her friend. Can i pls come sty with you? i luvs u and will c u satrday.
  BOO (diddddddddddddddddd i scare u? tee hee)

Aunt Brenda's response: Dear little Boo I would be thrilled and honored to have you come to camp and spend a week with me. I am so looking forward to meeting you in person on Saturday. I have you on the calendar for camp drop off July 3 and pick up July 7. I love you already and we have not yet met.
  Aunt Brenda

April 26, 2014:


April 26, 2014:
  I luvs ta lay on my bak aunt brenda.


December 21, 2013:
  Thank u ant brenda fir mi oresents..i luv them. I even took one to jy specisl hidng pkac in mums cliset. Mum luvs the angel orn..made ge hapy snd sad. We luvd u!


December 06, 2013:
  OMG...he is awesome...like stitch came back....Boo can be left upstairs by himself while im downstairs...he likes the water in the shower....he lays at my feet while im standing at the sink with his belly up on across my foot....he sleeps with me in the chair...last night we were playing on the bed...he loves to chatter under the blankets...i held him and we both fell asleep for an hour...still amazes me!!!!

November 28, 2013:
  Happy Thanksgiving Aunt Brenda..I'm lounging in momma's lap ; )


November 24, 2013:
  Pictures of Wesson AKA Boo in his new home!
  Bren, my sister sue took these! Aren't they great! Thanks Susie!


November 23, 2013:
  Wesson at our favorite Doc with his two Moms!


Initial contact, November 13, 2013:
  Hello, I am hoping that you might be able to help me find a home for my ferret. He will be one year old in Feb. and hes a male. I am in the Air Force and have been called to leave for a year. I am hoping that maybe you can help me and take in my ferret or help me find a good home for him. I am devastated because he truely is my baby and hes so loving. I just cant see him go to just anyone. If you could help or know of anyone that could take him I would really appreciate the help.
Thank you,

Shelter response, November 13, 2013:
  Hi Abby where are you located? I am sure we can help you, tell me more about this little guy...

Abby's response:
  I bought him from Markheim Pet store when he was about 4 months old I want to say. He is really a sweetheart, loves to cuddle. He is neutered and descented. I have everything that came with him from the pet store in the way of paperwork. I also registered him and I have his birth certificate. I just really want him to be in a good home where he will get a lot of attention . I live in the Buffalo area, but I would drive anywhere just so he can have a good home.

Shelter response:
  Abby when are you being shipped out? All ferrets are neutered and de-scented before being delivered to the stores for resale to the public. Ferrets need and NYS requires vaccines have you gotten his series of vaccines that NYS requires? I have a very good shelter volunteer that just lost her little boy to a tumor she desperately wants a single new fur kid. I am not going to contact her until I know more about your little one. Can you tell me what color he is? Can I get a picture of him? What is his name?
Here is the link to the lady that just lost her Stitch.

Abby's response:
  I have not taken him to get any shots but I would be more than happy to get those done before hand. I leave in feb. His name is Wesson, but I got in a bad habit of calling him boo boo baby. Haha I know it's cheesy. I want to say the color name is sable. I will attach a picture. I can always send more I have tons of pictures.

Shelter email to Helper Janette:
  Janette you ready to be a mom again? Wesson needs a home, his mom is in the service and is being shipped out. Wesson needs a new mom. He will be 1 yr old in February. Abby wants the best for him and I just know that best is you. You up to taking Wesson in? let us know what you think picture of Wesson below.

Janette's response:

  OMG...I just re-read your email Abby and I said to myself after I lost Stitch that the next ferret I got I was going to name Boo! I had a female named Breezie and I always called her Breezie Boo! I think this was meant to be! Stitch would cuddle in my arms while I sat and watched TV all the time! Janette

Shelter response:
  Okay it sounds as though Wesson has a new 4-ever home. Abby you said you would travel to get him to his new home, how about this...
  We use Doc. Edwards in Brockport, NY. Wesson needs his vaccines so if you are willing to get him up to Doc, Janette are you up to meeting Abby and Wesson at Doc's for the appointment and transfer of Wesson. (if you are both willing it will be up to the two of you to coordinate this appointment between the two of you and Doc.)
  Abby since you are in the military maintaining our freedoms the shelter will cover the expense of his exam and vaccines. Generally we require family pets to be vetted and the expense covered by the family. I think since you are being shipped out as one of our service personnel the least we can do it cover Wesson's vet bill for you.
  If you would like me to make the appointment I need times and days that work for the both of you so I can make that call. I will get him in sooner than either of you.
  Abby you could not do better than Janette as a fur kid mom, I have known Janette almost 20 yrs, she is one of our board members so she and Wesson will be a part of our lives here too.
Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Please hit reply to all.

Janette's response:
  Yes, I am more than willing to meet you, Abby, at Dr. Edwards if that will work for you.
  Actually, Saturday is better for me but if it has to be a week day, I would prefer later in the afternoon, if possible--can't do this Friday, but that is probly too soon anyway. And thanks Bren for your kind words. I must say i am very excited but sad for you, Abby. But, if possible, I will make sure you are a part of Boo's life via email, etc.

Shelter response, November 14, 2013:
  Doc is not on duty this Saturday the 16th - WE NEED Doctor Edwards he is the ferret guru - so this is what I did if it does not work for either of you I need to hear from you ASAP. November 23 at 10:45 am - this will give you time (close at noon) to make sure Wesson has no reactions to the vaccines. They are giving us a 15 min appointment instead of a 30 min appointment because Janette is already a client of their office and ferret savvy. Doc likes to spend extra time with new ferret owners.
  There were no 30 min Saturday appointments for several weeks. Doc does this for us a lot so I expect he will not have a problem with this arrangement. Candy said she would let me know if he does.
  Please reply to all to let me know if this is acceptable to you both.

Abby's response:
  Works for me. Nov 23 10:45 am it is for Janette then.
  Can you just send me the address to the vet? We will see you next week, Nov 23! Thank you so much for all the help and giving him an amazing home.

Shelter response:
  Abby you should have gotten Doc's address in the email with the attachments, here it is again. Did you get the email with the attachments?
Dr. Allen Edwards at Brockport Animal Hospital, 6352 Brockport-Spencerport Rd, Brockport, NY 14420. Phone: 585-637-6190

Shelter Mum, November 19, 2013:
  I have a request, when you two meet in Brockport this coming Saturday will you bring a camera and get a picture of Abby with Wesson, Janette with Wesson, one with Doc and you ladies with Wesson..
  Abby I want to have a picture of you and Wesson for our web site so I can let folks know you not only sacrifice your time for our country you are giving up a love of your life for it too.

Janette's response:
  Sure. I can take with my phone and email to you. Janette

Abby's response:
  Absolutely! See you Saturday!

Shelter Mum, November 23, 2013:
  Hi ladies, the pictures are great thank you so much. I see the transfer went well and that Janette is barely able to contain herself. Abby your boy is going to be spoiled rotten and loved to the max. We would like to keep in touch with you as you are doing your traveling if you would not mind. I know how hard it is to let them go but you can be sure you sent him to the right place.
  What did you think about Doc? What did Doc have to say?
  We will get this adoption transfer up on the web soon. Thank you ladies!

Abby's response:
  I cannot thank you both enough! The tears that were shed today definitely were happy tears. I have no doubt that he will be loved unconditionally, he went to Janette with such ease and I knew right then this was a perfect match. What you both do is amazing, and you both are such kind hearted people. I would love to keep in touch! If there is anything that I can do to help please let me know. This was a true blessing and I appreciate all you have done for me, thank you.
  Doc was amazing as well, he was so helpful and kind when we were there.
  Thank you soooo much, I look forward to seeing the updates on Boo and all his new furry friends!
Your friend,