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   • Surrendered to the Shelter on March 19, 2010.
   • Stitch found a forever home on March 21, 2010!

   • Stitch was a sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge August 24, 2013.

  Stitch was living in the Bronx. Margaret, a Shelter friend, lives on Staten Island so she went over to get him and brought him up to the Shelter. He was roughly 3 mo old, and busy little boy. Thank you, Margaret for saving another little soul for us.




August 3, 2013:
  Im restin up 4 camp ant brenda!


February 6, 2013:
  Wednesday morning he was MUCH better!

February 5, 2013:
  Tuesday morning he was a little better so as I was getting ready he decided to eat (which I was happy to see) but when I looked back again he was laying on his belly as if to say "I wanna eat but I just can't." So I decided to call the Vet only to find out Doc Edwards is off on Tuesday. I went in to see Dr. Pepper who took his temp (normal), did a BG (normal) and took an x-ray (no blockage). She did say that his intestine looked a little irritated so we came home with carafate. She said that would create some gas in there and thinking back he had the hiccups three times that morning.

February 4, 2013:
  After being gone for 2 hours Monday night, I came home to find Stitch kinda spacey. I immediately thought he was crashing so I did the Karo syrup trick because I had no soup in the house. I soon realized that because he was "alert" he was not crashing so I thought that, because he is a chewer, maybe he had swallowed something--presumably plastic. Anyway, I started giving him some Ferretone and Ferret Lax in hopes that it would push whatever it was out. He just wanted me to hold him and wanted to lay flat on his tummy under a blanket/rug. He even slept next to my side in bed!

December 17, 2012:
  In mom's sweater drawer! ;-)


October 26, 2012:
  Well, first let me say that since I made the appointment, Stitch's fur had come in - in the area above his tail, but I still kept the appointment. He is NOT adrenal...just coat change! My 3 lb boy is GOOD!

December 21, 2011:
  Bren, I just want to THANK YOU for bringing Stitch into my life! We are the best of BUD'S! He will be 2 on the 25th! Can you believe it?! We both love you and appreciate you so very much for being in our lives!

August 23, 2011:
  Stitch here...my mum discovered that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those star shaped chewy things that taste like Chicken, Molasses and Raisin!!! Yummy, yum, yum...i just can't get enough of them. They make my poopies runny, but mum says Aunt Brenda says that's a good thing!! :)
  I still love to chew, chew, chew!!!! My mum is my best bud! If she's not paying enough attention to me (which is ALL THE TIME, cause I want all the attention, ALL OF THE TIME!) I just paw at her foot or lay flat in front of her and she will pick me up and love on me and sometimes (most of the time) I will take FULL advantage and sleep on her chest while she watches that thing called TV.   I've lost alot of tail fur but we both hopes it grows back...I'm awful itchy lately (mum helps me scratch too)...darn those change in seasons.
  Lovin' life~Stitch signing off!

February 28, 2011:
  Hey! I'm doing good. You were a busy, busy lady last week! My boy is doing great....by big fun lovin' baby! He was just a chattering away the other day...usually he doesn't chatter so much but he was just goin' at it!

January 4, 2011:
  Stitch turned one on Christmas Day! But is more like and forever will be like the terrible two's! ;) He's a big boy and is a ferrety (is that a word?) as ever!! He's so darn cute; it's hard to scold him when he is bad--like when he pulls down the power strip from on TOP of the dresser by just reaching the cord that hangs a little too far down the backside!! He truly is my baby and will let me know when I'm not paying him any attention (will lay with his head resting on my foot!). I just love him to pieces!!!

July 19, 2010:
  OMG...Stitch has grown like a weed....he's now a 2 lb. ball of energy....loves to play and be played "with." Mamma has, of course, spoiled him so when he is not getting enough attention he lets her know! He loves to go in the shower after Mamma's done and cool his feet off and lick any excess water left behind. And as with all ferrets...he's always finding something new to get into it!

April 7, 2010:
  Hi-do-ho Shelter Mum!
  Mamma said i needed to write you a note...soe here i is...
  I love my new home....i get to paly and play and play!!!! Mamma gets me out when she gets up and i play by myself until she's done with her shower, hair, a;ll that stuff u girls do....then after she's dress she plays with me til she says "mamma has to go to work now, you be a good boy, I love u, I'll see u later." Then ia wait a very long time for her to come home and then I play from 6 - 10 at night! we r both tired out by then.
  I found the stair that go down and i can fit under the door so mamma is trying some things to keep me up...sorta works...but im figuring it out so shes gona have to do better...tee, hee.
  i do good on my papers...and sometimes grandma comes up to see me...she doens't touch or take me out, but she did change my papers one day. I thnk she kinda likes me. ;)
  i think bout u shelter mum and don't want u to be sad or stressed about me or that 501 thngee....i know you'lll do whatz best for all the fur butts you love so much.
  im eatin like a piggee :) too.
  Mamma said that is probly enough for now...love u shelter mum.

March 26, 2010:
  Shelter Mum, I just want to thank you for finding me a new Mamma! She loves me so much. I didn't whine at all on the way home.....I was too busy gettin' all those ice cubes out of the dish that you had Mamma put in there! Thanks, that was fun!!! :)
  My new condo is cool....I played with Mamma in the hall and chased her around some....she was funny! I already know how to get from one bed to the other and down on the floor.
  I slept in Mamma's arms while she watched TV for about an hour then we played again until she HAD to go to bed at 10. This morning we even played before she had to go to work.
  I did whine this morning and it worked!!! Mamma took me in the bathroom with her while she dried her hair and stuff! It was fun!
  I love you Shelter Mum and I will come visit you in June--I promise!!!
  Stitch (the Stinker)

March 21, 2010:
  Janette came over to see if she could work the glitches out of my computer, she was unable to figure out what and why it does what it does but the visit accomplished one thing.
  Stitch has a new 4-ever home with his new mom Janette.
  Janette lost her little Breezie Boo back in January after 7 ½ yrs of unconditional love, you can see here that Stitch feels very at home in her arms.
  We picked out a cage from the garage this afternoon, she will come back to get him next Saturday.
  Congratulations Janette.