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Paisley, AKA Radar

   • Radar was reunited with his Mom on May 19, 2013.

May 19, 2013:
  The new fur kid Paisley did well over the night obviously eating because he was using his poo pan.

  I just got off the phone with Paisley/Radar’s mom. She is on her way to pick him up from Newark NY. The little guy did some traveling while he was wandering about from home. He traveled 12 miles just to get to Macedon.
  I let him have the playpen when I got him up that is easy enough to strip and keep the ticks from getting onto the other kids. I picked 30 ticks off him this morning. I pick until he has had enough then let him alone for a while try again later. He still has many on him I hope the Revolution will keep them from multiplying while they die off.
  So I guess this little one has found his home. Mom had an ad on Craig’s list about losing him; she was contacted and told he may be here with us. He has been gone since May 3.

  Radar and his family just left – mom is thrilled to have him back and he seems to be happy to be back they spent almost 2 hrs here with us; Penelope will be signing up to be a shelter supporter of some sort. They took our news letter home with them and said they would join us clinic day. We picked a few more ticks off Radar before he left for home.
  I like mom she spent a lot of time crying and telling me how bad she feels about his getting out. I suggested a barrier at the door to be sure.
  So the boy is on his way home. A very happy ending!

May 19, 2013:
  Holly and her sister Alicia got here about 5 to deliver the new kid from Macedon that was found out running around yesterday. I had hoped the Macedon kid would be kept by the shelter friends; I got a late night call about this boy. Holly said he was covered with ticks; he still has some so I treated him with revolution as soon as he got here. Holly said she and Alicia picked over a 100 off him. The girls named him Paisley I like the name so he will keep it. Here is a link to Holly the first time she and her family adopted from us in 2003; she is all grown up now. And then again in 2005.