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Bear III & Oliver II


   • Surrendered to the Shelter on July 25, 2010.
   • Bear was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge July 7, 2015.
   • Oliver was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge July 17, 2012.
   • Read about how these two arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

   • Oliver was on the 2010 Giving Tree and the 2011 Giving Tree!
   • Bear has a far away Mom in Fairfield, CT.


July 7, 2015:
  Bear has left for the Rainbow Bridge.

July 6, 2015:
  I moved Cali and Oryx into the cage Bear was using since Bear is occupying the playpen permanently. He seems to be much happier in there is moving from blanket to blanket, still eating 2 bowls of soup at a sitting. As long as he is comfortable and happy there, I will keep him there.

June 16, 2015:
  I am switching Bear and Sasha. Bear is continually messing himself and the cage I need him in a cage I can clean without standing on a stool. He should be warmer in the one I am putting him in as well.

April 28, 2015:
  Bear is not able to get around much but he is eating 2 bowls of soup morning and night so he is hanging in, but only in the playpen or his cage because he does not have the strength to get to food and papers.

March 1, 2015:
  I finally found something that can keep Bear warmer in his cage. I had taken the sleep box out, gave him one of the sleep sacks that clips to the cage so they can't move them, he could not seem to get into it far enough without his hind end hanging out. I put one of the bench bunks in there (snoopy bed) and he is happy as a clam and warm as toast.

February 22, 2015:
  Bear has been eating 2 bowls of soup each meal. I give him his meds in soup first then he asks for a second bowl. It must be doing the trick he is now getting up into the hammock and den to sleep.

February 22, 2015:
  I thought I was going to have to put Bear in the sick pen now that it is empty, but when I opened his cage yesterday to get him up he was up on the shelf in one of the hanging dens the kids got for Christmas. I let him have Mums space last night he did well. So I am going to keep the pen empty at this time.

February 16, 2015:
  This morning I flipped a couple of cage groups. Bear up to a top cage and Pheona and Wilson into Bears cage. Bear was in the bottom cage next to the floor, cold and I found him up pacing a lot so I put blankets behind his cage yesterday, but that did not seem to help. I moved him up top where it is warmer. It took him a few minutes to settle down but he is settled in. I moved Pheona and Wilson below because they are younger, heavier and have each other to keep warm with.

June 7, 2014:
  I found Bear crashed yesterday so he got a Dex shot and was doing better when I got home from work. He is now on soup and meds 2 times a day.. I almost feel like we are running a hospice these days, so many fur kids are elderly and on meds.

December 20, 2013:
Dear Miss Priscilla,
  Mum let me open my presents last night take a look, I Know the cotton candy is for Mum! Thanks for picking me off the Giving Tree. - Bear


March 20, 2013:
  Bear III - happy Miss Iliana is home from Florida

February 24, 2013:
  Hey Brenda and furry families, I wanted to share this photo of me and Tex at a fund raiser for the Buffalo Zoo. ( I'm the one with the big fluffy white beard...Tex is the handsome furry boy ) Being a Zoo Docent and animal handler we visit various places and peoples spreading the word and love of animals, conservation, environment and all nature. I love taking the ferrets because I feel and tell people that they nature's ambassadors of how to live life.....sleep well...eat well...and play..play..play. Also I tell the story of the Black Footed Ferret and how messing with nature's balance gets you into big trouble. I mention you're great work in saving furry lives. Take care, Jim - Bear III's far away dad


December 18, 2011:
  Thank you Miss Iliana for including me in your Christmas


October 13, 2011
  From sponsor family to Bear III:

  Hi Miss Brenda, This is Mayo. My Mom and Dad told me that I have a new little brother named Bear 3. That's funny because my bedroom is the bear room. They tell me Bear lives in a far away land called Naples. Some day I hope to make the trip there and visit him.
  Talk to you later, Mayo

October 11, 2011
  Look who now has a sponsor!!! Nancy fell in love with Bear III so they chose him to sponsor.

Holiday Gifts 2010
  Dear Miss Louise and Miss Ann – we got our presents - take a look at us opening them – we got so many that we decided to share with Trunks – mum says Trunks is very sick with Lymphoscarcoma so we thought it would be good to share with her – we hope you do not mind -


August 26, 2010
  The boys have turned around - they are up here in mums space dancing and hiding toys like they have been here all their little lives.
  I love to see these little bodies come around and realize they are safe and loved – it took them 4 weeks but they are now truly happy shelter kids.
  Shelter mum Brenda

August 12, 2010
  The new kids are back up in the sick pen but seem to be improving – here are 2 pictures of them – The one with Oliver II lying on his back - he is soaking up the cold from the frozen bottles I put in their pen The one with Bear III and Oliver II sleeping together they came out of their sack after I put fresh frozen bottles in the pen. Brenda

July 31, 2010
  Finally the boys are doing well – the boys got to the shelter on Sunday July 25th 2010 late afternoon as we were winding down from the yard sale weekend.
  It took less then 24 hours for them to decide this was not the place they want to be – they stopped eating.
  I brought them up to my space and put them into the sick pen so I could monitor their progress – they would not touch the food that came in with them – my guess - it was what the owner wanted me to think she was feeding not what she was actually feeding – the guessing game begins – I gave them one of the food mixes I use for the shelter kids – Bear III did do some picking through the food and started eating some – I was offering duck soup Bear III sucked that down and then tried licking the color off the bowl – I have Bear III stable – Oliver II refused to eat kibble or soup so I started Sub-Q fluids – I did fluids twice a day while offering different kibble and soup – he refused to eat anything.
  I finally had a brain storm – the boys are Marshall Farm ferrets so I got a dish of just Marshall Farm food for him – he started eating that food – this morning he and Bear III are trolling around shelter mums space checking out all the things they can find to do up here – I do believe we are out of the woods and on the mend – I will leave them up here in the sick pen for the weekend – if they continue to improve I will move them to the shelter Monday.
  Shelter Mum Brenda

July 30, 2010
  Oliver is eating on his own – maybe we have him over the hump!



July 20, 2010, Initial Contact, Tom:
  My name is Tom and my wife's name is Allison and we're buying a house with the help of Cynthia D. When we told her that we had ferrets and about our situation, she mentioned she knew of the Ferret Farm and that you could possibly help or point us in the right direction on what to do. I just wanted to shoot an E-Mail over to you and hopefully start a dialogue. Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help, even if it's just information or advice on what we should do. Our situation is this--we have two great ferrets, one 3 year old tan and one panda colored 2 year old. We got our oldest just after my wife's, then girlfriend, ferret of 10 years passed away and when we moved in together shortly after, we brought him along and got a second one for him to play with shortly after. About a year and half ago, the older ferret developed an odd trend of getting sick, not eating, losing weight, one week and the next getting better, eating, gaining weight the next. Over a thousand dollars of vet bills, they couldn't find anything wrong with him and he maintains an odd back and forth trend without any long term effects. Tom C

  Hi Tom, bless Cynthia’s heart for sending you my way. I prefer to use email as my mode of communication it allows me to have in print what was decided and keeps me from being attached to the wall. Let me know what you wish to do. Brenda

  Hi, thank you for getting back to us. If you could take them in, it would be a great relief that they were in good hands. We looked through your website as well as what Cynthia told us and it sounds like you do great work.

  Thank you ferrets are my love – my life and my passion – so is this ferret is doing this flip flopping at this time? What Vet are you using?

  We use Stoneridge Vet and aside from the original sickness phase a year and ago, where he went through a dramatic weight loss, it's mostly just sporadic weight flucuations every couple weeks. It doesn't seem to bother him and the vet never found a reason for it and any disease or contagious ailment was ruled out.

  Okay, it could have been stress but at this point it makes no difference since he is stable – FYI there is a renowned ferret vet in Brockport - So would you like me to take them in? Where are you located?

  We are located in Greece and if there's room, we would be very grateful if you could take them in.

  This is what is required to surrender your ferrets to this shelter:
  They must be current on Rabies and Distemper vaccines with documentation.
  Everything that belongs to them must come with them, toys, blankets, including their cage.
  Enough food and water to get them through a minimum of 4 weeks so it gives them time to acclimate to what I use here.
  Do they all sleep in the same cage together?
  What food are you feeding them now?
  When would you want to surrender them?

  They both are current on both and we have all documentation.

  Perfect as long as the documentation is current – it must come with them – if it is not they can not stay

  That's fine, they have a variety of toys, bedding, and 2 cages, one Ferret Mansion and a smaller one-tier cage, two litter boxes, 2 carrying cases, a water bottle.


  Food would be no problem, how would you like us to supply the water?

  A gal jug will work or liter pop bottles

  Yes, they are very much friends - 8-in-1 Chicken Ferret Food. Whenever you could take them, though we'd have to check my wife's work schedule to see when she was available versus your schedule. We ' d also have to set up to borrow a vehicle to transport the Ferret Mansion as it's too bit to fit in our SUV unless we took it apart.

  Okay – I drive a summer school bus run so I am here from 8 am till 1 pm weekdays – weekends I am here most all day.

  How is Sunday afternoon? Is there anything else we should know? Is there a fee involved with you taking them in?

  No as long as they are current on their vaccines with documentation there is no fee for surrender.

  Thank you for getting back to us. My husband and I sincerely appreciate you helping us.