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Master Largo News

   To Honor Master Largo for all the work he did on the newsletter we have kept our letter titled Master Largo News.

   Master Largo left for the Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2004. Ziggy left for the Rainbow Bridge November 4, 2005. Andy left for the Rainbow Bridge October 16, 2006. Suzie Q left for the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2011. Possum Left for the Rainbow Bridge February 13, 2012.

   Ziggy, Reporter of a higher order, along with Andy, Suzie Q, & Possum, watching from the Rainbow Bridge.

   Sarah, Senior Reporter, with Daisy, Helper.

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July, 2015

  Jack here popping in to say hi and give you an update on the goings on at the shelter. Daisy and Wilson said I could be the guest news reporter today. Mum is back to work on her Big Yellow Thingy for the summer...it is not as intense as the school year. She does a summer run because we refuse to stop eating for the summer. I was playing in the rice box when Mum asked me to help out with this report.
  We have many campers coming and going, the military kids Mom got home from Afghanistan this week so they have gone home, they were picked up yesterday. A and O are back until September, Foster kids are coming in today, Becker's in a couple of weeks. Mum loves it when fur kids come to camp for a vacation while their families go away.
  I am one of the troublesome fur kids, I get into things I have no business getting into, so our business is confined to a few rooms Mum knows I can't get out of.. I like to jump barriers and beat up on the fur kids in the room I jump to. Mum says that is not nice so she keeps a very close eye on me. My sissy Zoey and brother Big Mike stay out of trouble.
  I guess that’s all there is to tell this morning, we hope you have a fun and safe weekend.
  Jack - guest reporter

January, 2015

  Phew! Wilson where did the year go? 2014 is a blur here at the shelter, ups and downs, good and bad, funny and sad. So much has happened since our last news report. We have dropped in from time to time since November but not with any real news. I have been training Wilson to do his part, he is going to get to start the news this month.
  Our valentine raffle was a huge success - we had 16 participants with a total of $310.00 brought in. Mr. Charlie and Miss Tori donated the items for raffle. Thank you all for your support - Mum ordered us some food right away.
  We know we have not been keeping up with shelter news, it has been crazy around here! Lots of campers, a few really sick fur kids, one had to be rushed to Our Favorite Doc in the middle of the week (Looney). Mum's boss got her a substitute driver so she could get him to Doc. Since Miss Jackie R. went to Rainbow Bridge we don't have a consistent transportation volunteer. However Mr. Bob was able to go pick Looney up for Mum to get him back home, so that was extremely helpful.
  My turn there Wilson. My far away Mom has gone to Florida to get away from the snow and cold, I sure wish she had taken me, it is down right winter here in Naples! The snow knee deep on Mum it would be 10 times over my head. Mum has to park up top in the barn yard if she wants to get out to go to work. Really {{{{{{{COLD}}}}}}} too!
  Mum was contacted by Miss Wolfy, she wanted to interview Mum about her trip to NM and how Rescuers Relief made that possible. Well RR stayed behind so that was what made it possible for Mum to leave BUT Miss Kathy and Miss Marilyn took care of all the travel arrangements and expenses so Mum could go. Mum was surprised to see not only her words but a picture of her at the air port the morning she headed out. The article is very interesting it has several other shelter folks in it too and it is fun to read, here is the link to see it.
  We are really looking forward to spring but it does not seem to be interested in coming any time soon.
  Mum has been asked to return with us fur kids and some volunteers to help teach at Genesee Community College, Vet Tech Program. Mum has yet to decide who she will take with her. They ask to have 6/7 fur kids to look at, touch and love. There is no invasive things done to us so Mum is comfortable taking us there to show us off.
  I keep asking if I can go but Mum says I am too wiggly and able to get in and out of things easily. Mum says college is not for me, I keep trying to tell her that maybe a higher education would help but she is not buying that.
  Wilson have we covered everything we wanted to tell? Oh yeah Miss Sue B is looking up some of her past cartoons and graphics to share with all of us. She found this one - this is really old. Andy went to RB in 2006 and Ziggy went to RB 2005.