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Darby & Lucy

   • Turned over to the Shelter for care on July 16, 2013. Full custody was granted September 10, 2013.
   • Darby was a brown sable female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge August 6, 2015.
   • Lucy was a DEW female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge June 28, 2015.

   • Darby & Lucy have a far away Mom in Woodinville, WA!
   • Read their latest updates below.


  On 7/16/13 we received a call from Ontario County Humane Society from Laura office manager. We were asked if we could temporally house 2 ferrets until the court case has been solved. At 10:30AM officer Sean Coyne, #602, arrived with the two girls.


August 5, 2015:
  Darby is still with us and more active so I am going to start fluids to see if I can get her feeling better enough to go back to eating.

August 4, 2015:
  Darby is still with us, not eating so I am keeping her comfortable. She just paced in the Playpen, I put her back in her cage she settled down and go up into her hammock.

August 2, 2015:
  Darby is not interested in eating her soup.

July 31, 2015:
  We have a new box of icky poo in Darby's cage.

June 28, 2015:
  We lost Lucy this morning. She was having good days and bad days...I brought her back from the brink last Thursday but this morning I found her in a puddle of tarry poo and unresponsive. I left her with Darby until Darby moved so she knows she is gone.

June 25, 2015:
  All fur kids that were having issues are doing better, up to and including Lucy. When I woke her to check on her, was responsive and ate all her soup.

June 24, 2015:
  I pulled Darby and Lucy's cage apart covered the inside with coroplast moved Angel up into that cage, moved Darby and Lucy down to the cage below where Angel was. It will be easier for me to keep clean; Darby and Lucy are struggling to get to the poo pad. I found Lucy in a crash tonight when I went to give her soup so I gave her a Dex shot. We will know tomorrow morning if she responds.

January 15, 2014:
  The girls have blossomed since coming to the shelter, in July. They are happy, healthy well adjusted ferret girls. Darby's coat is soft and full having come in bare naked due to adrenal disease. The implant she received from the vet has alleviated the progression of adrenal disease hormone production, allowing Darby to grow a new fur coat.
  Lucy is a funny little ferret that loves to chase and play with humans. The pictures of the girls with their new Christmas bedding and a picture I took just after our phone conversation this morning. They are enjoying some treats.


September 24, 2013:
  Once Mum got word that we were going to be allowed to stay here at the shelter with food, water, warms blankies and lots of love Mum set us up in our new digs… we like our new digs so much that Darby did not want to come out to get her picture taken like I did.


August 13, 2013:
  The girls are thriving yesterday Darby was even dancing with her sissy Lucy. The picture attached you can see the girls enjoying their soup.


August 8, 2013:
  The girls are doing well.

August 7, 2013:
  I gave the girls a bit more area to roam I opened the gate to the living room, put the gate up at the stairs so they had the entire upstairs to roam.

August 6, 2013:
  The girls are doing great. Darby is going to have a beautiful new coat.

July 22, 2013:
  AM: Jackie has Darby and Lucy up at Doc’s; she will be keeping them for the night because they will not be back before I go to bed.
  PM: Hi Brenda, All went well with the trip to Doc's. These are two very special girls. After her shots Lucy snuggled up on my chest and had a nap while Doc whisked Darby away for her implant. We hung around for awhile as I like to do in case there are any reactions. Pudge, assisted by Bob was given an opportunity to sniff the carrier. Then later tried to sniff it out some more. They have been sleeping a lot and I resisted the temptation to lock up Pudge and let them out. Of course Doc was strongly hinting that perhaps they should just stay. He is not subtle at all! Will call you in the a.m for a time to drop them off and hopefully stay for awhile. Bob did not make the trip with me as he was not feeling so good- he is better this evening. Loved by the King, Jacqueline

July 22, 2013:
  Lucy and Darby are starting to charge around like they have been her all their lives. Darby’s scat is looking a bit better today but I still considered it diarrhea. They are both eating well and enjoying their soup twice a day. As you can see in the picture the girls are becoming the ferrets they should be, stronger and inquisitive they both decided they needed to see what was at the top of the clean laundry.


July 21, 2013:
  Morning soup was offered and both girls lapped it right up, their little noses come out of the tent the minute they smell it coming across the room. Darby still has diarrhea but is bright and engaging so it does not seem to be compromising her health at this time. Lucy is dancing around looking for all kinds of things to stash.

July 20, 2013:
  Darby has developed diarrhea sometimes a symptom of adrenal disease so at this time I am not overly concerned, however the possibility of dehydration is there so we may start supplementing her with more soup to keep her hydrated should that occur.
  Lucy is starting to show signs of putting on weight and has the strength of a small cat to drag shoes around. Her scat is normal and well formed.

July 19, 2013:
  We made a visit to the Ontario County facility to file a report on the girl’s condition when they got to the shelter. The girls are responding to the unlimited food and water available to them, (ferrets need to free feed) they are given duck soup twice a day to supplement their kibble. Both girls are getting up to run around and hide what ever their hearts desire.
  Darby and Lucy are thriving; they got their nails cut this morning. They finally learned that ferretone on the belly is a good thing so I was able to cut nails. Picture is attached of them eating their soup and the pen they are settled in.

July 17, 2013:
  3:30 am the girls spent the night in the cage this morning the were taken to the play are they were in yesterday, I offered them duck soup both girls wanted to have their soup on their own out of a bowl. They ate a full cube about 1/4 cup.
  9:00 am Dr Edwards returned my telephone call and we agreed the girls needed his attention they have an appointment on Wednesday July 24th at 4 pm – Lucy will get vaccines rabies and distemper, Darby will get the same vaccines and the deslorelin acetate implant (permission granted by Laura and her supervisor).

July 16, 2013:
  The girls are thin and in need of medical attention the brown sable is in advance stages of adrenal disease. We got them out of the heat and settled into a cool room, I called Laura to convey my concern for the little one with the advance adrenal disease. Laura is going to speak with her boss about giving us permission to get this little one medical attention.
  At 11:45 I offered both girls some duck soup by dropper; they accepted and ate approximately 10 mL each.
  1:45PM a phone call from Laura giving permission to get the girls in to see Doctor Edwards for treatment.
  4:45PM both girls got offered duck soup by dropper, Lucy (albino) wanted her soup out of a bowl Darby (brown sable) took her soup off the dropper