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   • Surrendered to the Shelter on January 2, 2016.
   • Lance is a light silver male.

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February 17, 2018:
  Lance was spitting and sputtering, pawing at his mouth. I took his BG it was 55.

July 24, 2017:
  Lance was MIA for 6 hours. I thought he would show up while I was cleaning cages before work this morning. He did not, I thought he would show up when I was in the ferret room after work, he did not. I started looking in places that I knew he could not get to. I pulled cages out from the wall, looked in the food closet. By 10 I was on my belly on the floor with the grabber pulling toys out from under the cages to see if he was sleeping among them. I went to the other side of the room on my belly and there in the sleep box in Pheona and Wilsons cage was Lance looking at me. I am not sure if he got in the cage when I was cleaning it last night or when I opened it to put Pheona and Wilson away this morning He had me pretty distraught, he was 6 hours past his meds time, much longer he could crash. I got him into his cage, fed him his soup and meds, settling him in.

February 25, 2017:
Hey cyber friends and supporters, I would like to introduce you to Lance, he is a bouncy fellow with springs on his feet and a orange strip down his back. I am helping him learn how to do the news, I am getting tired, slowing down and ornery at times. Mum says I was born in 2007 - so I'm 10 yrs old - Mum says I can consider retiring from doing the news, so that is just what I am going to do. I will jump in from time to time but I think it is time to pass the news on to a younger more energetic ferret. Lance fits that bill to a T!
  I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to Lance as well as the two newest volunteers that come help at the shelter. Daniel and Lexa both ride on the Big Yellow Thingy that Mum drives. They come on Saturdays to help. I am sending picture of the two volunteers and Lance.
Tata for now - I am going to go catch a nap


February 14, 2017:
  I have 2 more kids on Pred as of this week, Lance and Pickles.

February 12, 2017:
  I figured out what is up with Lance, Insulinoma. I did a BG on him yesterday morning his numbers were 56 he is on meds now.

February 10, 2017:
  I found Lance not feeling well...I started him on Carafate we will see what happens from there. Clair came to hang with him this afternoon and he did not want to play.

December 26, 2016:
Dear Santa Butch and Debbie, Mum finally let me get into the presents you sent us for Christmas.. wow oh wow you sure sent us lots of awesome stuff.
  Mum has the presents out in the welcome center (no ferret zone) she had a heck of a time getting me to check out the presents instead of trying to get down on the floor to get into trouble.
Thanks for helpen Mum take care of us. Thanks for picking us to be your Christmas fur kids


August 7, 2016:
  Lance had my space for the night, he loves to sleep with me. He will crawl up onto the blankets lean in on me, settle down and go to sleep.

March 25, 2016:
  Lance hanging out in the ferret room, climbing the mountain of clean laundry Mum needs to fold.


January 14, 2016:
  Lance is free to use the play areas, Doc gave him a good report, he even told me he has no ear mites! I knew that; Revolution takes care of mites, and heart worm as well as fleas.

January 6, 2016:
  I got in the play pen with Lance again this morning, he actually danced more and harder, finger boxed and he did a lot of lightly grabbing my hands.
PM Update: I've felt so bad that Lance is stuck in the pen all morning that I got into the pen with him, laid down on the blanket then woke him up. He was a bit confused at first but I rolled him over, tickled his belly and the wiggled my fingers at him. We spent the next 10 min finger boxing. He would jump up do a little dance and them come back to me. I think he is not sure how to play like a ferret.
  We are working to fatten that boy up before he sees Our Favorite Doc. on Wednesday January 13th for check up and vaccines.
  Jack gave up his new Snoopy hanging den so Lance has a warm dark place to feel comfortable in, while he adjusts to shelter life.

January 4, 2016:
  Lance had his 2 bowls of soup this morning, I have discovered he likes N-bones as well.


January 3, 2016:
  The new kid Lance did well over the night, he ate and has a good pile of poo in his box. He is a cutie, I believe he is albino now that I look at his picture. I offered him some soup this morning he sucked down the full bowl, so I gave him another bowl he ate that too. I am keeping him in the play pen until we get the fleas under control and he gets vetted. He is a light weight, I will weigh him when I get back down in the shelter this morning. The way he took to soup we will get some weight on him and his fur will fluff up in no time. I will call Doc Monday to get Lance in for a checkup and shots.

PM Update: Lance has managed to eat 6 bowls of soup today. He got 2 when I served up soup for meds kids this am, then when it was time to put him back in his cage I offered him another bowl, he ate that so I made him a second, he ate that. I offered him soup at meds time tonight, he ate a full bowl so I offered him a second he ate all that. Fleas are gone.

January 2, 2016:
  The HS officer dropped off the new fur kid at 2 this afternoon. Laura said she named her Lilly, only Lilly is not a girl so we are going to have to come up with a different name. Laura fell in love with him, she told her boss she wanted to take him home. Boss said NO call the ferret farm. I told her she could keep him if she wanted, guess they can't; something about a contract with their job.
  I sent Laura an email to have her give him a different name. Laura got back to me with the name Lance, so Lance it is. He is a Dew I believe but I will know more when he gets a better fur coat, he was not eating a good high protein high fat food for sure. He had fleas so we treated him with Revolution before he went into the shelter.
  The Bill came in to scope out the shelter, I've not met Bill before, he is the boss, I generally deal with the others when there is a need.

Initial Contact, Ontario County Humane Society, January 1, 2016:
  Hello my friend, we have just received a ferret from a call and would like you to give us a call to see if we can bring her to you.
  Lance came in on 12/30/15 at 5:21pm.
  He was found on Smith Road and brought to the Records and Archives Department which is where we picked him up from.
The Ontario County Humane Society, Inc.
  Thank you Laura

Lance, Miss Laura P. named him. He weighed in at 1# 13oz when he got to the shelter, he was introduced to duck soup the day he arrived, has learned to like it so well he gets 2 bowls at a sitting.