Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

Open House - 2013


Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter hosted an Open House on November 9 to welcome the public to get to know us, and the ferrets, better.

Miss Mary Ellen was our video creator; she has put many hours and tons of love into it for us.
Thank you far away mom for letting us be the tour guides for the open house and letting Jenkins help pick out the music for the video.


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Dearest Brenda—what fun it was to be with all of you today—so wonderful to meet the incredible people I have been hearing so much about (although Gen and Ed and I had met Charlie and his son before last year, I think?). What an amazing team!!! Each and every one so full of fun and energy—but you know, for "newbie's" like me, we needed name tags!!! I will bring those next time!!! Thank you for including me—I felt so honored to be there.
  Jeanette was hysterical with her dancing with the video music, Marcia brought those amazing cookies, Tori so knowledgeable in computers—wow! Ili and Donna (and forgive me for forgetting names!!!) are so friendly and everyone made our visitors feel so welcome. Wendy with her camera—and of course, the fur kids were FABULOUS!!!!
  Sharing their play spaces with all of us, and being their adorable selves.....it was an awesome day! I loved meeting Mary Ellen and her niece Victoria, and the folks who came were so interesting! Mission accomplished, I would say---and a GIGANTIC sigh of relief that it is all now behind you (until the next one!). Here’s hoping you have a wonderful RELAXING weekend!!!
Love you,

  I who only drove up to Naples from Syracuse, spent 2 hours up at the Shelter with all of Naples arriving there as well, and then driving back, I can only imagine how it’s been on you. You are the one who has had the countdown going on inside you since the idea was put in motion; you spent weeks getting the Shelter ready for its Naples-wide debut, you dealt with everyone who came in, plus dealt with a lockdown over a fugitive fuzzy. I mean, man! If I’m crashed after so little, what are you and the kids!
  I will say one thing I learned from the Open House. It’s one of these things that you know to be true on the surface but then you see it in action and now you REALLY know it’s true. It really is cruel to expect a ferret to stay in his cage all day and not let him out to play for some hours. Now you had the kids in their cages because these were unusual circumstances. The ferrets were actually better off and safer in their cages than out of them and I really do wish I could have worked a magic spell to give the kids the intelligence of humans to make them understand that. But then you realize there are people out there who have no reason to keep their ferret in the cage but do so anyway because they don’t want to be bothered. You start thinking 'Man, how rotten is that?'
  So my eyes were opened to a new reality yesterday. Even though I have been a ferret lover for only a year and a half I am still learning and the Open House taught me a new lesson!
  Have a good day, Brenda! Victoria and I had a wonderful time, yesterday! Enjoy the peace and quiet of today.
 Mary Ellen

  I thought yesterday was just fantastic. The shelter was in perfect condition and it was so nice to be able to visit with everyone. A huge success! Did you see the ferret cookies I made? I used the cookie cutter you gave me a while back. I put sprinkles on them. Rainbow sprinkles for ferrets that crossed over rainbow bridge, pale yellow sprinkles for white ferrets, chocolate sprinkles for brown ferrets and some just white frosting for albinos. Unfortunately they were not GF. So glad you liked the GF ones.
  Hope today is somewhat restful. So enjoyed yesterday!