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   • Surrendered to the Shelter on July 14, 2015. She left for the Rainbow Bridge July 29, 2015.
   • Adrianna was a female.

   • Read her latest updates below.

July 15, 2015:
  Adrianna was not happy in the cage when I put her away last night, so I let her have the playpen for the night. This morning I had BB and A in the playroom and ferret room with me while I cleaned cages. There were only a few times I had to separate them. A was screaming, BB was trying play with her. He was not hurting her in any way she was just telling him to back off. I had her carrier in the ferret room with me so if she needed a safe spot she could go there, she did a couple of times I closed the door for her. When BB walked off to find something else to do I opened it up for her to come out.
  She is eating her soup - I need to know what and how you make that so I can make her some - I am offering it more than 4 times a day until she settles in. I am not allowing them in the same room when I can't be there with them so she is in the playroom sleeping in the big bungalow and BB is in the ferret room this morning now that I am getting ready for work. So far so good, this is going to take some time.