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Billy & Nicki

   • Billy & Nicki found a Forever Home on September 6, 2003.
   • Billy was a sable male.
   • Nicki was a dark silver mitt. She left for the Rainbow Bridge in November, 2006.

Nicki and Billy came from a home that could no longer care for them. Both were 10 months old at the time of surrender. Billy and Nicki are cage mates that were not to sure how to be ferrets let alone play with humans that know how to play with ferrets.

Billy likes to go out in the outside play yard to watch Miss Deena take pictures. Nicki likes peaking out from the area that Fred has been excavating each time he is brought out to the play yard to play. Nicki and Billy are both now living in Fairport, NY.

May, 2004:
  Billy and Niki have done an excellent job of training the cats and the teenagers. Nicki has made sure that nobody has insoles in their shoes. Billy has left no one unbitten, Jack absolutely loves to sleep curled up with Billy. Jack also loves to play "chase and roll around" with Niki. Our cat Smokey loves to play chase with Billy and Niki, so things are pretty busy. I am so happy that you sent Billy to us, he is very sweet, but being a nipper, he could have ended up with someone who would have hurt him. He would be so broken hearted if anyone hit him!