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Bombay, Chardonnay & Josie

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on .
   • Bombay is a male.
   • Chardonnay is a female.
   • Josie is a female.

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February 17, 2018:
  Bombay has been acting off, he was just laying in Noah's lap very lethargic, I took his BG it was 57 - we have him on meds and soup as of tonight.


November 20, 2017:
  I found Bombay in a funk yesterday I kept palpating him because he would not curl up to sleep he stayed stretched out. This morning when I got him up I found him curled up with Josie and brighter. I gave him a bowl of soup he seems to be feeling better. Maybe just an off day.

July 17: Bombay is getting his fur back. see before and after pictures

June 18, 2017:
  Bombay the newest kid - follows me around like a puppy dog. He is such a hoot. Josie was MIA for a few hours this morning.

June 17, 2017:
  I made the appointment for Josie and Buster to have their surgery on June 29th Josie has the subcutaneous adenoma on her back, and Buster has a mass on his intestine. OFD found both these issues when he checked them out last Saturday.

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