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Chip, AKA Buddy

   • Surrendered to the Shelter June 11, 2013. He found a Forever Home on July 06, 2013!
   • Chip was a black sable male. DOB: 10/16/2011. He left for the Rainbow Bridge August 6, 2016.

   • Read about how he arrived by clicking here, or read his latest updates below.


August 6, 2016:
  Buddy was allowed to leave for the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, August 6.

August 5, 2016:
AM Update: He had a small bowel movement. Black, tarry. I just gave him more carafate. He is whimpering and I can hear things going on inside his body....
  I'm concerned he is suffering and I don't want to prolong that. I'll let you know what happens after I call Doc.

Shelter Mum's Response: Okay. I understand - you will need to make that clear to Doc when you speak with him.

August 5, 2016:
AM Update: ​I saw some blackish looking poops before I went to bed. Not tarry, just very dark brown...not normal. I've never seen this color, so I was not taking chances that it might not be blood...but I have a feeling it was. I called Doc. We took him off all meds. He is getting carafate and Amoxicillin ​2x a day. I will do this and report back on Saturday. He doesn't want me to push anything. So far, poops today are seedy, small, but frequent. I have not seen that color again. I just gave him the carafate first, waited 40, then gave the Amoxicillin. I gave him his food back, and he is munching on it. Both Mike and I are watching him like a hawk.

Shelter Mum's Response: You are correct it was blood! Wow you have come so far! I am proud of you. Awesome just what I would have done! A definite improvement. You and Mike are doing a great job

PM Update: Quick update before I go to work. Poops last night been green and seedy. I gave him the carafate and tried to give him the amoxicillin, but he gagged and wanted to vomit. I called Doc, he said give it slowly but keep doing it. So that's where we stand. I'm going to get ready for work. I am going to call them tomorrow for another update.

Shelter Mum's Response: Better than black. Oh dear, Okay - gagging may be because is numbers are very low because of no meds. Okay thanks - try not to worry.

August 4, 2016:
  Well, Buddy is now refusing all soup. With meds, without meds, he will not eat it. I have tried scruffing him, I manage to get a little into him, then he goes back to keeping his mouth closed.
  I don't know what to do any more. How am I supposed to get meds into him if he refuses ALL soup?! This is happening even with the carafate.
  Plus I'm at work so I don't know how much he is eating, but it looks like just small, tiny meals, going by his poop.
  I'm calling the vet tomorrow to tell them. I don't know what else to do.

Shelter Mum's Response: When our kids get to this point I let them go without pushing anything for a bit. I determine how long hour by hour. Cut him a break don't push anything into him see what happens. Calling Doc is a good idea.

August 3, 2016:
  Poops are still improving. Back to brown and formed.
  He isn't eating as much as he was before all this started, but I guess that will just take time... He wants nothing to do with soup still, even after carafate. I'm doing that 3x a day for possibly a few more days, then we will try twice a day and see how that goes.
  I'm going to make a thicker batch of soup tomorrow, I hope that helps him... But I suspect it still just upsets his stomach, which is odd because usually after soup he will go eat kibble. He is a weird little guy, but he is definitely improving.

Shelter Mum's Response: Wonderful news. Okay - is he eating kibble to keep him going? If so then just give him enough soup to keep the meds from causing a problem. Okay. Soup may be helping to get BG up more so his tummy is not upset so he is feeling like eating?

August 2, 2016:
  OK, after 3x carafate yesterday and soup and kibble eating, poops overnight have been brown, formed and small in quantity... But frequent. So it's certainly doing its job.
  Yea, I had to really restrain him to get the carafate into him. He hates it and shakes his face all over... I'm trying to get better at holding his mouth shut during that.
  I'm exhausted today...I did not catch up on the sleep I lost yesterday... I'm going to give his meds then try to go back to bed.
  I hope that this will continue to help him.

Shelter Mum's Response: Good I am pleased. They do really hate it, can't say I would want to take a chalk chaser either, I hate making them take it but it does make a difference and keeps the from developing an ulcer and helps the pain in their tummy so they want to eat. It is worth the fight is what I am getting at.

Mom's Response: I feel awful! But this compared to forcing him eating soup is worse, IMO. I should never feel guilty for making him eat food. I'll keep you updated.

August 1, 2016:
​  Buddy declined rapidly yesterday while I was at work.
  I've been up every 3.5 hours giving him soup. His stool is mucous, sometimes green, watery and he is leaking all over. I called Doc, he will call me back.
  Right now he is sleeping on my lap. I will keep you posted. I've been taking naps between feedings so I can try to sleep, but it's not working. I'll let you know what Doc tells me to do.

Shelter Mum's Response: Leaking as in pee? We had some mucous green slim here last week or so, it was intermittent. When I saw the first one I thought back to a year ago with the ECE - it has stabilized and right now Kiwi is the only one with slime but it is yellow not green. He may just have the bug that is going around...

Mom's Response: Leaking as in fecal leaking. Just watery mucous.
  Hmm. OK. I have been terrified it was because I increased him to .4 of his meds. He seemed OK with it then bam, green stool, intermittent, appetite slowly declined and I began force feeding him. I'm not sure if it's meds or a stomach bug. Either way, he is getting soup as much as I can give him.
  The odd thing is, he putzes still. You wouldn't know aside from the poop and decrease in food intake....
  I'll keep you posted. I'm exhausted and very stressed. Buddy is sleeping on my lap and I'm trying hard to stay strong for him. I'll let you know as soon as I talk to Doc.

Shelter Mum's Response: Could be a bit of both... I am inclined to think it is a bug, but good you are force feeding. That is a good sign, that is the way the kids were acting which is why I did not freak when I started seeing the green slime.

Mom's Response: Talked to Debbie again. Doc is sending me a Rx for carafate since I wasn't sure if mine was still good since it's been so old. Half hour before meds. I'm sticking to .4, and continuing soup every 4 hours.
  I just gave him soup with pred and .25 of his meds just to get something into him. He didn't appreciate it, but I gave him that and plain soup.
  I'll can Wegmans in an hour to see if it's ready. Can I give it to him right away, without giving him meds or soup after? Will that help his stomach settle?

Shelter Mum's Response: If you think his tummy is pretty empty yes you can give it to him right away. That has to be given straight on as empty a stomach as possible. - Carafate you have should be good please do not toss it.

Mom's Response: I haven't tossed the carafate you've given me. It's still in my med box. He had both soup and kibble around 3PM...I'm going to wait until around 7 to offer soup...then I'll wait a bit and try giving him the carafate then soup with meds around midnight.

Shelter Mum's Response: If it were me, I would do the Carafate before the 7 pm soup. I know he is not going to be happy but we need to protect that tummy and intestinal tract. He may eat better with Carafate in his tummy.

Mom's Response: I got his RX at 7, came home, gave it to him. Oh, he does not like that! I waited a half hour then put the food down so he could have kibble if he wanted. He had some around 4PM after soup.
  I will give him more carafate before his meds.
  Do you think I should give it to him 3x a day? Or just 2, before his meds? I'm feeling that for now, 3x a day may help him a bit better...thoughts?

Shelter Mum's Response: No they don't some of our shelter kids I literally have to scruff and hang to get it in them. I would if he were mine. Your thoughts are right on.

July 28, 2016:
  I had spoken to Doc before I started the diazoxide about Pred 3 times a day. Doc already has him on the highest dose, and it wasn't making a dent in his BG. He would have needed a very high dose of Pred many times a day to make any difference. The diazoxide remains in the body longer than the pred, which helps with regulating him since he doesn't eat multiple small meals a day, only 3-4 large meals. I guess this drug is especially helpful for ferrets with that type of eating habits.
  He did well on 0.40 for the past two days. He eats the soup from a dropper without issue. I'll be upping him to 0.45 in another day.

July 26, 2016:
  His BG was 60. Doc wants to up his meds to 0.45. I will try this, and if there is no change, I am not upping it any further. If 0.45 bothers him (I will be increasing by 0.05 only for the next 4 days, then up back to 0.45. If this does not change within 2 months, I am not modifying his meds. I'm making that decision now. I don't want to stress him out. If the 0.05 bothers him, then I'm not pushing it.
  I got a call from Brockport just as I got home, they spoke to the pharmacy and confirmed with them they would half the chicken flavor. He takes meds AOK in a dropper...so I'm convinced if he can't smell it he's good. Hopefully half flavor will help more. I will keep you posted daily.
  I'm going to have something to eat...my nerves are shot and I think I need something to eat. I hope you have a good night and sleep better.

Shelter Mum's Response: Okay I don't disagree with your decision. I just wonder if you would not do better with Pred 3 times a day. Good.

July 24, 2016:
  I've been having a rough couple of weeks. Buddy doesn't like the strong chicken flavor, so I called the pharmacy and they will make it less strong. I hope it helps. Doing meds takes forever, but he still eats plain soup without issue.
  I am going to get his BG Monday, then back home to scrub the floors. I am not sure what's up...I guess mostly worry that I keep putting away but it doesn't go away...Like Buddy with his meds. I'm hoping the less strong flavor will help. After I give him meds I give him a spoon full of regular soup to help him feel more full. Other than that issue with him, he is doing good. I just can't stop worrying, you know? And I'm hoping the next batch of meds will not taste so strong.... I'll find out soon.

Shelter Mum's Response: Yup it does I have 12 on meds now, do you think it may be making him sick to his stomach? That is generally what happens with this med. What time is your appointment? Yeah I have a few issues going on here that I have been having trouble leaving in my God Box.
  It is worth a try. If that does not work then it could be they are making him sick to his stomach.

PM Update: Surprisingly, his poops continue to be great, and he usually eats kibble right after, or maybe an hour later. After his meds he gets back to being busy... Stashing, playing, whatever. I give him a lot of soup with it so I don't think it's upsetting his stomach. He smells it and just turns his nose away!
  His activity levels and general health have been great. I really think this drug is working and in hoping he will have a good reading tomorrow.
  He doesn't grind his teeth. Only maybe once in a while when he is eating kibble. I think it gets stuck in his teeth.... But it's rare for him to do that. Eyes are bright, gums healthy pink.
  I go in for the BG at noon. I'll need new scripts, so I'm going to make doc write down, half chicken flavor! The pharmacy also made a note in his file, but just in case. I am going to really work on putting things away after this appt with him tomorrow. I hope that we do not have to increase his dose.

Shelter Mum's Response: Then you are correct it is not upset tummy it is the taste of meds.. one of the down sides. Remember it is not going to be a normal BG it is going to be an Insulinoma on meds BG. Then he is not upset to his stomach. Good to make sure.

June 11, 2016:

June 9, 2016:
  I have tried wiping his chin, and it sometimes gets him to go back to the spoon and sometimes it doesn't. So I'm skipping to the dropper. He at least eats it without putting up a fight at all.
  I don't get him! I'm just giving it to him whatever way he wants so neither of us with stress and he will get his meds.

June 2, 2016:
  I'm 90% positive he is smelling the meds and not eating the soup. I gave him soup with meds, didn't want to touch it. I had to dropper feed it to him. Then I give him soup without meds right after and he drinks it without issue. The only thing I can tell is that I made it too watery this time. I'm going to make him new stuff tomorrow during the day and see how that helps. I'll let you know!
  I have one of those droppers and I'm going to just give it to him like that this morning. I made more soup, but it's still a bit watery... So we are going straight for the dropper, and I'll give him extras after.
  So, he really didn't like drinking from the dropper. I made more soup and I hope that he will eat it tonight without issues. It's a bit thicker this time. He ate 4 more tablespoons after his meds of it, so at least he is still eating soup and kibble. Do you have any tips for getting him to stop squirming? I don't want to scruff him, but holding him around his chest is stressing him a bit.

June 1, 2016:
  So far, since it has been cool, he has been eating his soup! You mentioning them licking the edge of the bowl, Buddy does that sometimes. I will not heat it up that much next time.
  His BG was 60 after 7 hours of meds and no food for 5 hours since I woke him up to get his BG. After that I gave him soup and he ate it all.
  It's nice and cool today, so he has been busy busy!
  That is good to know about his coat. I'll try not to worry about it. I think he was late to get his winter coat, now that I think about it.

May 31, 2016:
  Last night he had soup without issue, today he had it, but I was holding him.
  Last night was really cool out, today is warm, 75 and the AC has been on for only a little bit, so it's not really really cool yet.
  I'm thinking he is becoming too warm. When the ac is on, or it's cold, he doesn't have any issues with soup. I'm also wondering if I'm warning it up too much for him. I'll take it out sooner and see if that helps.
  I've been giving him soup when he wakes up, he eats it no problem. Then he will usually eat kibble right after...
  He is due for a BG check Sat, since it's been a little over two weeks at that point...I could do it today then call tomorrow and give him the numbers. Then if need be, I can speak to Doc in person Sat. I'll take his BG around 7:30 tonight and see how it is.

May 30, 2016:
  I don't know if it's the start of coat change or what.... Buddy has been very reluctant to eat his soup for the past two days. I've had to force him with the dropper one day, then use the spoon two other times. This morning he ate it without problems. He still eats a good amount of food, too. Right now, after holding him and using the spoon, he is playing with toys... I can't tell if he is playing me or what. I made a fresh batch of soup because I thought maybe it was the soup, but that didn't make a difference. I wonder if he can taste the medicine. I'm trying not to over worry, mostly because I think he is just being difficult and wants his ferretone after his soup but without his soup... But I figured I would see if you have any thoughts or advice about it.

Shelter Mum's Response: Oh dear. Okay You mean is not eating his soup and things? I don't believe it is the taste, that meds upsets tummies, sometime sooner than others but that is the reason I stopped using it. I expect his tummy is off, try doing some Carafate before you serve up soup see if that makes a difference.

He will eat his soup, but basically only if I hold him. He will not eat it on his own, but will go for kibble instead. Usually he will eat soup, then go for kibble after. During the day, if we give him soup, he will eat it without issue... It's when the meds are in it he sniffs it then wants to walk away. So I hold him and the bowl until he eats it, then he gets ferretone.
  I'm thinking I'll call Doc tomorrow and leave a message. I don't want to overlook something, especially if he is going to want me to reduce his dose...I haven't taken his BG since he has had the increase in it. I think it has been a little over two weeks.
  The carafate needs to be given straight, right? I'm worried he will put up more of a fight if I start getting nervous and forceful about his soup.
  I thought of one other thing... The temp in the house. The first day he refused soup was when it was hot and we had to start the ac. Yesterday morning, we had the ac on, he ate it without issue... Then I turned the AC off, because it had cooled down... But then he was being fussy about the soup.
  This morning, it's about 75 and again, didn't want to eat it by himself, I held him. I'm wondering if he is just warm and doesn't want to eat warm soup.
  I turned the AC on. I'll see what happens tonight. I'm hoping he will eat it... But with my luck it'll be something Doc needs to know about and change things around.

May 1, 2016:
  I had to really try hard to stop worrying and accept that what happens happens.
  Over the past two days, he has been extremely playful, getting into things, doing the things he used to do. He stays awake longer, too. This morning, he was awake for 3 hours straight playing, stashing, getting into trouble. I couldn't believe it when Mike told me.
  Even now, I came home, he woke up and is hanging out with me on the couch, pushing things over. I'm beginning to see the change. He is still eating a good amount of soup, and kibble on his own. I have not seen any decrease in that as of right now. I'm still taking things one day at a time, but I wanted to let you know how he has been the past two days.

Shelter Mum's Response: I am sure, you tend to worry a lot so I expect you will worry even if you try not to.
  Fantastic! I am pleased he is responding well to the meds he is on. Good! keeping him in soup should help keep the tummy from getting upset. I am so pleased to hear he is doing so well.

April 28, 2016:
  I really feel like I am in a rock and a hard place with Buddy. I don't even know what else to say about it. He's had 3 doses so far. I was around all day yesterday to watch him, and I saw no change in his behavior. We gave him soup every 5 hours, and he had kibble on his own. Today he had some soup and kibble. I'm pretty much going one day at a time, it's all I can do at this point in time.

Shelter Mum's Response: You need to stop! You are over thinking this! What you are dealing with is a progressive disease that will eventually take that boys life. - You are doing all you can to keep him happy with a quality of life he deserves. You are spending too much time trying to get his numbers normal and they are not going to be, he is sick.
  As long as he is eating, pooping and playing stop worrying and start enjoying the life he has left. The meds you are giving him are giving him quality of life.
  There is nothing more you can do except enjoy him. Good maybe he will do okay on that med. You're right that is all you can do…now stop worrying and enjoy the fact that he is being Buddy and doing well on the meds.

April 25, 2016:
  I have taken two readings over the past week, one at 7AM, one at 7PM, per instructed by Doc. Both were in the 50s. So, we are going with diazoxide. Doc said there is no other option at this point. Increasing the pred past the max dose is something he does not want to do.
  I spoke with him extensively about adding this drug, and how to monitor him during the first week or so of him having it. Ili is shipping me her old bottle, so I can start using that right when I get it. He will be on 0.25mL twice a day.
  I know you are very much against this drug, but Doc said there is no other option. I asked him, how many ferrets do you have on diazoxide right now? He said well over a hundred, with some as high as a 0.80mL dosage. He said this low of a dose, with Buddy's BG should not cause any ill effects. He already has the motivation to eat on his own, so as long as I watch him for the first week, we should be good.
  I plan on measuring his food, comparing before and after he eats, as well as having Mike feeding him soup throughout the day. Doc said if we notice a decrease in food consumption, I am to stop and call Doc.
  So...that's where we are right now. I am hoping the meds will get here tomorrow so I can have his first day on it on a day off.

Shelter Mum's Response: I am against the drug because it makes the kids sick and then they don't eat.. I have more problems keeping them stable with that than I do with pred. It is a quality decision on my part. If he is supplemented with lots of soup maybe he will be okay. You gotta do what you feel is best for Buddy.

April 19, 2016:
  Doc took his blood before meds, at 1:45, it was 57. I am going to take two days samples around 7-8PM, or 7-8AM, then report back my findings. If things are looking good, then we continue the course. If not, we will be adding a third dose. I feel a lot better after discussing things with Doc, bringing up all my data and describing Buddy's habits. So, I am hoping for good news these next two readings! I'll keep you posted for sure!

April 15, 2016:
  I have an appointment with Doc Monday at 1:30. I've got my list of times, and an hoping this will help Doc better understand what the situation is.

April 14, 2016:
AM Update: I know that, with his age, surgery may not be the best option. I looked back at all the times I did Nora's BG...she was in the 80-90s, random times during the day. I guess that I had hoped that this medicine would help him as much as Nora.
  I am going to record the times he eats, when he gets meds, and see if I can notice if he is dropping because he is going too long without food. Mike is more than happy to wake him up every 4-5 hours to feed him soup.
  I will monitor this for a few days, and then take his BG again. What do you think would be a good time to do this? Before meds? In the middle of the day, like, 6 hours after his meds? I really, really hate taking his BG....
  I want to gather as much information as I can and present it to Doc when I go.

Shelter Mum's Response: I think I would let Doc make that call. As you know ferrets are all different. I would want to know how low the BG is before meds that way I would get a feel for how well they are working.

PM Update: I took his BG before soup, right after walking him up. 44. I know I left you a message, but you can ignore that. I figured any reading is better than no reading.
  I called Doc, they took down the info I gave them and they are going to see if he wants me in right on Monday, or if it can wait a week or if I can do something from home. I'll let you know.

April 13, 2016:
  I was really hoping for something in the 90s... He is on a quarter pill...is that the max? I do not want to add diazoxide. He is such a finicky eater as is...I'm scared to go that route regardless.

Shelter Mum's Response: I expect you are not going to get to 90 even if you do surgery.. that number is Insulinoma free and he is not. Yes run it by Doc to see what he thinks.. but even with surgery you are not going to get 90 or above. What you feel and what is reality are two entire different things. You need to think about Buddy and how invasive surgery is and if he will be compromised by doing it.

I know that even doing the surgery isn't going to fix anything...well, it may, it may not, to some to no degree. I just don't know. I'll have to make a decision either way. I'll have to call and tell them I want a BG reading and an appointment with Doc, this time. I feel that his numbers should be better, you know?

April 12, 2016:
  I decided to take his BG after his soup, at 3pm. So that would be 2 hours after meds, with no food since 1pm. He is at 52. I am wondering if it would be worth my time to talk to Doc about surgery to try and help him. What do you think?

Shelter Mum's Response: Not bad considering. It would not hurt to speak with him about it. As long as you understand that it may not make a difference. I've had them have surgery, they still needed the meds and IMHO it took more of a toll than it was worth.. getting Doc's opinion would be good.

March 8, 2016:
  With a known 3 hour fast, he was at 71/72 (I can't recall which number it was). They did a full blood panel, which came out good, and Doc palpated his internals, which were also good! Doc said I can check his blood at home in a month, and we will go from there, depending on what it is. I'll keep you posted!

March 2, 2016:
  You are correct, his soup is kibble + baby food. So yes, you're right in saying that he is getting quite full on protein and it being a liquid itself is filling enough!

March 1, 2016:
  It took me a while to try and tuck this worry into my worry box. Mike and I have been almost feeding him every 4-5 hours...his stomach must be so full!
  He isn't interested in kibble, which is to be expected, but I'd like to see him eat. The soup I made this time has baby chicken food in it, and it's fairly thick. He's still eating about 3-4 Tbsp each time. We are keeping an eye on him.

Shelter Response: I expect. Let me ask you this...the soup is made from his food correct? The baby food adds nutrients, fat and protein correct? Then he is getting all he needs and will eat kibble when he is hungry...supplementing soup is not harmful and will not make him fussy - when he is hungry and no one is there to serve up soup he will eat kibble. Keeping an eye on him is good; being a helicopter mom is a bit over the top.. just saying!

February 29, 2016:
AM Update: I'm going to test Buddy's blood midday, between naps, so I can count how many hours it's been after he had food and/or soup. I've been filling his belly with anywhere from 2-3.5 cubes of soup. He looks like he will burst! I'll let you know once I get a reading!
  ​Mike took this picture this afternoon!


PM Update: ​So I tested his blood just now, it was at 51. It's been 4 hours since he had meds and food...so, either my tester is bad, or he's really at 51. Technically it's a fasting? What do you think?

Shelter Response: This is concerning but not uncommon. Yes so with a fast 51 is not a bad number. I think we give him a couple of weeks to get the Pred deep in his system then check again. UNLESS he has a crash then we need to let Doc know what is going on. You said he has been acting back to normal, let's see what a couple of weeks gets us.

February 25, 2016:
  Man, Mike and I are seeing a HUGE difference now. He's back to how he was when Nora was around...Up for 4-5 hours a day. He gets into trouble, he dances, eats, gets into more trouble.
  I spent 45 minutes playing with him when I got home, then he kept going to the spot where I put his soup, and touching the mat with his nose, then looking at me. It's funny. He does the same thing with his ferretone dish when he wants it! The vet called to check on him, but I was at work. I'm going to call them first thing when I wake up tomorrow to let them know he's doing a lot better.
  I'm so, so relieved!! I plan on checking his blood a week before I go in again, which is March 7th. So, I'll probably check his blood this coming Monday.

Shelter Response: That is awesome. Fantastic. Give him all the soup he wants.. it will protect his tummy and also keep his numbers more stable as the Pred wears off.

February 23, 2016:
  Buddy is up, had his soup and meds. He is putzing. Last night I found all of Buddy's toys and piled them, today they are all stashed. He has been eating food, too. Lots of good poops. I'll keep you updated!

Shelter Response: LOL he is feeling better for sure! Great news thanks


February 22, 2016:
AM Update: I gave Buddy his 1mL with soup. He is now licking the bowl clean. I went out and bought a proper pill splitter and grinder. Both do a good job.
  I'm going to go back to bed and wake up to give them a call around 8:20AM. I'll send you an email to let you know what happens. More than likely I'll go back to bed after the call until either 12 for meds, or whenever I need to leave to get there, if I go. I'll keep you up to date.

PM Update: Doc saw Buddy, BG was 69 when he came in. They gave him all the soup I brought and a quarter pill, the equivalent of 1.25mL. Doc said that since he was only on 1mL twice for about 24 hours we aren't going to see the results right away, as in this morning, but it'll start to improve now. He weighs 2 pounds 1oz. I got pills and a Rx and scheduled another appointment for two weeks. Doc said I can take a BG in a few days to make sure things are going well.

February 21, 2016:
AM Update: I took his BG at 12:40am, which was 12 hours after his 0.07mL this morning, well, yesterday. It was 49. I then took my own BG, I got 89. When my parents get home I'm going to take the reader to my Dad and have him use his one with his pump then use this one to compare... I'm sure it's about the same, but I need something to run it against.
  He ate last at 8:15pm, then 6. No one was home from 1:30-5:30.
  I am running out of claws on his hind paws, and it's beginning to stress him out... He flat out refused ferretone. Should I keep him at this dose or up it to 1mL? I really hope they give me an appt Monday. I don't think I can handle waiting until Wednesday.

Shelter Response: Okay 49 is an improvement but it needs to go up. Skip the BG testing up that dose to 1 ml. If you can't get in on Monday you should have the box I sent by then.. give him 1/4 tab the next time he is due for his med.

PM Update: OK, 1mL given with a hefty serving of thick soup. His energy levels have been showing improvement, Mike says, and he eats every 3-4 hours. Right now he is stashing toys.
  Nora was on 1mL twice a day, so I guess that dose isn't awful, considering he weighs more than her. You're right though, he is getting meds and food/soup regularly, thanks to Mike and I.
  Thank you so much for helping me. I will email you tonight after he gets his soup. I'm waking up tomorrow at 8 so I can call. I'll let you know what happens.

Shelter Response: Perfect I am thrilled. Yup there is nothing more you can do until Doc sees him.

February 20, 2016:
  Thank you for helping me earlier. I'm really just upset at myself that I didn't listen to my worries sooner... but I can't change anything about it now. Thank you for talking to Doc.
  I took his BG at 12:30, it was 31, took it again, 34. I feel bad that I'm going thru these strips... But that's what they are for. I have 6 left.
  I gave him soup with meds at 12:50. Less than 24 hours, about 22, from his meds earlier at 2.
  I heard that he was very very active today, which was a change from his usual. His poops looked great, which surprised me. Should I keep checking his BG, or just keep up what Doc said with the meds, and hope I can get in on Monday?
  Does pred need to build itself up in the system? I can't recall.

Shelter Response: wow we need to up that med to 0.07 starting when you do it next - I will get more strips sent to you today... I have tons. good to hear, sounds like he was feeling a tad better. do another check before you do his second dose of 0.07. Yes it does is a way. it takes a few doses to keep the system stable.

February 18, 2016:
  Buddy had some mucousy poops today... He was mostly eating food, but had soup twice while I was at work. I have not mixed the baby food or pumpkin, of course I forgot to pick it up when I was there. I'll keep giving him soup regardless until I can get them. What you say makes absolutely perfect sense. I guess he just has a lazy digestive system... Well, not so much lazy but one to reflect his laid back personality! Hah!

February 16, 2016:
  I was just going to email you! I think his poops are better, getting back to normal... Well, his normal, which can be kinda formed poop. I can tell that soup poops are much better than food poops. Why would that be? All I did was blend up his food for this soup, I haven't added baby chicken food.
  It's looking better though... But I'm still giving him 4 tablespoons when I see him. He just had some now and I'll keep giving it to him all day.

December 22, 2015:
Merry Christmas!!
  - Tori, Mike, & Chip, aka Buddy!


December 22, 2015:
Dear Aunt Brenda,
  I received a wonderful box filled with toys and a blanket!! As you can see, I have already stashed one toy!
Thank you, Aunt Brenda!!
  Love, Chip, aka Buddy


November 1, 2015:
  So I had thawed a cube today for Buddy... He just woke up and I said, OK! Let's do this! I offer a spoonful and what does he do? Eat it!! He had three spoonfuls!!
  I told him he was making me look bad in front of his Aunt Brenda! He wandered back to bed. Oh, Buddy....

October 6, 2015:
  Today he had a good day. Was eating, pooping, drinking, and being paid attention to, despite his insisting of wanting to go to other things!
  My next task is to get him to eat soup reliably. Some days he wanted the soup Nora had, others, he wanted nothing to do with it. I will give him a week to settle, then introduce soup again.

September 26, 2015:
Quick update on Buddy:
Poops have been great these past couple days. No leaks. Still eating, drinking, playing and currently stashing toys!

September 24, 2015:
Tori: I have a quick question about Buddy. He eats 2-3 large meals a day, poops are great when he does. When those pass, he then has mucousy bowel movements with some food mixed in. I obviously can't force him to eat more, smaller meals...but would you say this is a common occurrence? Activity is normal, eyes bright, playful, dooking. No changes in lifestyle. Weight stable. He is beginning to coat change. Maybe that's it...and I'm just picking up and making the connection. He's always had a picky digestive system. I've been reading about pumpkin helping with that... thoughts on all this?

Brenda: All normal, no worries.. sometimes it just slides through quickly and does not get digested properly.

August 21, 2015:
  Here's a Buddy ready to pounce!!

August 3, 2015:
  Buddy still has his winter coat, but he still looks cute!

January 7, 2015:
  Chip AKA Buddy just hanging around and ​causing trouble...as always!
  ...as always? Aunt Brenda would enjoy this kind of trouble here at the shelter!


October 25, 2014:
  Here are some pics I've taken recently that haven't been blurry because they move so much! haha!
  ​I love Buddy's mouth...it looks like he's pouting all the time! hehe​


July 20, 2014:
  Chip is waiting for me to get out of bed.


July 12, 2014:


June 14, 2014:
  Chip being a good lil guy! Clinic day Shelter Mum takes a quick break.


May 28, 2014:


May 13, 2014:
  Chip really does love Nora. They laid like that for quite a while and snoozed.


May 5, 2014:
  My digital camera that makes movies had a dead battery, but I found these!


April 6, 2014:
  Hey mom and dad, we are checking in to let you know we are well, happy and enjoying camp. We got up with Aunt Brenda at 3:30 and we got to stay up until noon. Aunt Brenda starts us in the kitchen then we rotate though the rooms. We hope you are having fun!
  We love you Nora and Chip

Hi Nora, hi Chip!!!
  I'm so glad you are both ok. I am very relieved that you are both having fun and eating and drinking.
  Chip!!! You ate a treat?! I'm so proud of you!
  Little Nora, please give Auntie Brenda a lot of love because your friends there are not feeling good....so please do that for me.
  I love you both! Be good!!!

March 07, 2014:
  So I almost don't want to mention it because maybe I'll make it stop happening... I found Chip and Nora sleeping in the SAME drawer. Granted they were on opposite sides of the drawer...but still!
  The picture is pretty crappy because I rushed to document!

February 20, 2014:
  OMG lastnight! Nora and Chip were PLAYING with each other!! It was NUTS.
  I have a leftover piece of carpet that came from the rugs I pulled up before I pergo'd the floors... So this little piece of carpet is folded over itself like a tube. Nora goes in, Chip jumps on top, they go from one end to the next. Nora goes out, Chip goes in. They repeat!
  Nora is still quite afraid of letting him touch her, but after they played I could tell she was done...so we sat together. I had them sit on my lap next to each other. After some initial jerking away out of fear, they settled and relaxed until I put them both down at the same time. They went off and did their own things.
  I think it was a good little bonding time.

January 02, 2014:
  Man it is snowing outside! Yesterday evening I took Chip on the porch and he got to play in the snow. I took a video of it, and I will see about getting it sent to you!
  Nora opened the Christmas gift. Chip didn't care. Nora was very very happy about the blankets and especially the box. I sent the pictures of Nora and her gift, and the one of Chip is him sleeping under the dresser.


November 30, 2013:
  So I was just woken to chirps and screams. Chip and Nora were both in the bottom drawer and Nora I guess didn't like that. I've no clue how long they were in there together, but the end didn't go well.
  I scooped up Chip and gave him some attention then played with Nora.
  Poor guys... I'll be watching them for a bit before I go back to bed...

November 25, 2013:
  So Nora had a hissy fit this morning. Chip was eating food from HIS bowl in Nora's cage. (I put his bowl a little bit away from hers so that they had their own food) Nora was following me around, walks to her cage, walks back to me, walks circles around me, walks to her cage then back to me. I told her to just go up there and eat if she was hungry! So I step over my barrier into my little kitchen area and glance over at Nora, she's staring up at me. I say, Dude! Go eat if you're hungry! She gets in position and poops RIGHT there! I was like, What are you doing?!?! She was literally a foot away from her litter pan, and clearly upset that Chip was eating and I wasn't doing anything about it. I clean it up, she's butt scooting and looking at her ferretone dish... I said, No way! to her, scoop her up and put her infront of her food dish, which is like, 2" away from Chip because he is eating. She darts out the moment Chip looks up at her.
After Chip finished, she runs into her cage and starts eating.
  I think she is afraid Chip may stand up for himself too much and she thinks he will hurt her! I doubt Chip would whatsoever, but she was avoiding him like he would rip her to shreds if he even looked at her. I felt bad. Do you think they will ever get over their weird fear of being hurt by the other?

Shelter Response:
  As long as you do not make Chip move just because Nora wants him moved then she will stop with the hissy fits when she figures out you are not going to do her bidding for her.
  No she wants what she wants and she is not getting it. She knows he is not going to hurt her. They already know they are not going to get hurt, if they didn't you would have had a sick ferret in the hospital already. Nora is having one of her 'I do not want to share' moments and is trying to get you to feel bad and move Chip.

  Ooohhh! Well that sure makes sense! I have not been paying any more attention to Chip than I normally do... I have been closing off the bedroom and bathroom and office, so they are interacting with each other a bit more than normally. I'm trying to keep heat in, but it has resulted in Chip and Nora playing a bit together... Last night Chip was dancing and he mock charged Nora then realized it was Nora then made a mad dash across the house. Nora chased him of course. Perhaps this "forced" interaction has her feeling uncertain about herself. Nora did have a moment of dancing last night, though! She puffs all her fur our and dances like, twice, then doesn't know what to do with herself. :) Hah! It certainly is nonstop drama over here!! Armchair ferret psychology at its best!

November 24, 2013:
  Oh! haha this is funny. I have central air, ok? So I turned the heat on...well, if Chip feels the air coming from the vent he starts dancing over it. Too funny!! I wish life was that easy! :)

November 18, 2013:
  Chip has been doing really well with the litter pans. Nora wants to play rough with him pretty much ALL the time. I feel bad for him...but he doesn't seem to let it bother him? He will run to hide somewhere or sometimes he will stand up for himself. Usually Nora will stop pestering him after that.

October 4-15, 2013, Camp:
  Guess where Aunt Brenda found us sleeping just a bit ago...WE were BOTH in the dining room in the same sleep box on the same side in that box with our heads angled in the same direction..... Aunt Brenda told us to say

Nora and Chip

September 16, 2013:
  This morning Chip went around the house looking for Nora. He does this every day when he comes out and Nora isn't up and wandering. I found her in the dresser drawer and opened it so I could see her sleeping. I picked up Chip and set him about 5" away from her. He lied down and hissed at her twice. Of course Nora doesn't wake up...so he eventually wandered away. It's very cute to see.

August 17, 2013:
  Chip and Nora are doing good. Not much has changed, so I think that is a good thing. Both putz around and sometimes interact with eachother. I heard Chip hiss a few times at Nora. She wasn't near him, so I wonder if he is hissing like she hisses at him? It was cute to hear! His hiss is so different from hers. Right now I am giving him more unsupervised play time. He is allowed into the bedroom, but after 4ish hours he's tired out so I tuck him into bed. I know he likes to use this one corner in the bathroom to go, but I don't know if he'll want to head over there after snoozing for a few hours. Maybe I'll give it a try today, depending on where he is sleeping.

July 30, 2013:
  Woo! A hiss! Chip had a toy and Nora came up to him dooking and hissing, and he hissed and walked away! I was so surprised! I think Nora was too! Well, she kept hissing at him, but didn't follow.

July 8, 2013:
  I certainly hope he will adapt. He's begun digging the food out to find whatever bits he wants. I don't think he's eating my mix yet.
  I'm going to have to rethink the litter pan training. He's picked a corner to go, but it's right in front of the pan. He backs up, feels the rim and that's that.
  He likes to chew, I've noticed. Climbing isn't an issue at all, so that's good. He enjoys putzing around and playing with the toys I've collected that Nora doesn't care for.

Shelter Mums response: Just remember it takes up to 30 days for things to settle so give her time – let HER make friends in her OWN time. If anyone is going to work with her it is going to be Chip.


July 7, 2013:
  First night was good! They interacted somewhat from each side of the bars. Nora is curious, but not 100%. Chip is excited to see another ferret.
  Chip's just fine in the pen. He has toys, an igloo and the tube you gave. So far it's remained clean! I think he is using the litter pan, too. I caught him once and waited for him to finish using it, then gave him a bit of ferretone. He doesn't know what to do with the nbones yet.

July 6, 2013:
  Chip and I are home. Nora is ignoring me and Chip. I certainly feel rejected. Right now Nora is in the dresser sleeping and Chip is wandering. In a few I'm going to put him in the pen and do a couple errands.
  I'll get pictures tonight for you. I really hope Nora warms up to him.

June 12, 2013:
  I got a few pictures of Chip however all I seem to manage is his back



Initial contact, June 2, 2013:
Ferret Farm,
  I have a ferret I need to surrender and I'm hoping you have room for him. Please let me know if you can take Chip. Your farm looks wonderful.
Thank you,

Shelter Response, Jun 3, 2013:
  Good morning Laura, where are you located? Why do you wish to surrender Chip? The link I am providing is our protocol to surrender your ferret. http://www.ferretfarm.org/PrivateSurrender.html

Owner’s Response, June 3, 2013:
  We live in Wantagh, NY which is located on Long Island. We live in a small house and to be honest I can't live with his scent anymore. We've moved his cage numerous times to different rooms and now he's in the laundry room. I feel bad for him, honestly. I'd be willing to make a donation because I know you are a non-profit and must be struggling.

Shelter Response, Jun 3, 2013:
  Laura are you aware we are 6 hrs north of you? Are you going to bring him to Naples? if you are bathing him and not washing his bedding he is going to smell. Get his bedding washed weekly and NO baths and the stink will go away. Let me know what you want to do.

Owner’s Response, June 3, 2013:
  I'd be willing to take the drive. Your farm looks like a great place for fur friends and I want him to be treated well. I would bring cage, extra food, his tunnel etc.

Shelter Response, June 3, 2013:
  As long as you are willing to bring him up, get him vetted with documentation we will take him in. What kind of time frame are you looking at?

Owner’s Response, June 3, 2013:
  He just got his yearly shots about 2 months ago. Ill bring paperwork from vet. Are weekends ok for you?

Shelter Response, June 3, 2013:
  Thanks to be clear if the paper work is not with him he will not be allowed to stay. Everything that belongs to him must come with him. What are you feeding him? Yes, depending on the weekend. This Saturday will not work it is our clinic day and I will be up to my ears in people, ferrets and medical staff.

Owner’s Response, June 4, 2013:
   My husband wanted me to mention the other problem we had. Our 6 year old daughter is terrified of him. Chip jumped on her leg one day and she got scared. So we can't take him out when she's home. We feed him Marshall Select chicken Formula. I will bring everything, he even has a ball pit Let me know what weekend works for you Laura

Shelter Response, June 4, 2013:
  Chip was only trying to tell your daughter he wanted to play show her this http://youtu.be/W9AVvoQozzU Thanks for letting us know what food he is eating. Next weekend works for us.

Owner’s Response, June 6, 2013:
  Is there another day during the week we can bring Chip or is Saturday the only day? My mom the babysitter is busy for the next few Saturdays and I don't want to bring my kids on the long drive.

Shelter Response, June 6, 2013:
  You tell us when you can we will make it happen, is he vaccinated yet? Distemper and Rabies required with documentation.

Owner’s Response, June 6, 2013:
  He was, just this April. Ill get back to you with a day. Thanks again

Owner’s Response, June 10, 2013:
  I was wondering if you are available this Tuesday. My mom can babysit and my husband can take off so we can take the ride up to you. I have all the paperwork from the vet.

Shelter Response, June 10, 2013:
  Yes Tuesday works, can I get an ETA Please I am working so it would be good to know what time in my day you are going to get here?

Owner’s Response, June 10, 2013:
  If we leave at 6 am we should get to you around 12 noon. Is that ok for you? How many bags of food should I bring?

Shelter Response, June 10, 2013:
  Yes noon works for me, we are talking about tomorrow 6/11/13 correct? One bag of food is good, cage, bedding, toys and dishes required to come with him as well. Please clarify we are talking about tomorrow at noon.

Shelter Question to Shelter volunteers, June 10, 2013:
  Chip (ferret) is coming in tomorrow from LI at noon, if they get in jam and are going to be late can I get one of you to be here to sign him in?

Owner’s Response, June 10, 2013:
  Yes. Tomorrow. If you send me your cell number I can call you as we get closer.

Shelter Response, June 10, 2013:
  Phone # is ---. I must leave for work by 1:15 PM.