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Cleopatra & Weasie

   • They found a Forever Home on November 06, 2005!
   • Cleopatra is a female.
   • Weasie is a female.

January 10, 2006:
  All is well with the kids. happy as can be. not too worry. integrated with the babies - they all love each other. its a happy home!

November 30, 2005:
  The girls are integrated with "babies" now and boy do they play and romp and have the time of their lives!! They are very happy and "Joey" my "mental mate" is still well, mental and Abby has found a new friend in Tory....

November 18, 2005:
  Girls are GREAT and send their love.....keeping as middle names your names ok? First names are Abigail, Abby (I still don't know who was who) and the "mental" one is Joey - like the baby kangaroo because she hops all over the place nonstop!!

November 08, 2005:
  The girls are dong great and have really come out of their shells! They LOVE the living room with so many toys and room to romp and the rice bucket is Cleos fave - she digs and digs and digs......