Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.


   • Surrendered to the Shelter June, 2003.
   • Eddie found a forever home on August 1, 2003!

   • Eddie was a badger faced, sable male.

  Eddie was dumped on the desk at the vets office in June, 2003 at the ripe old age of 13/14 weeks. The owner informed the staff that he stunk, and bites! Turned around and walked out. Fortunately for the little guy he was dumped at a place that not only knows ferrets, but love ferrets and they also know me. So I was contacted to get this little guy a 4-ever home. He arrived here on June 10, 2003. As it stands right now he has a potential home, we are just waiting for the final home inspection and paper work to be completed. The picture was taken by his new mom in his new home.

May 21, 2004:
  Wanted to give you an update - as you can see, I am doing well here in the sock drawer that I am not supposed to be in (but mom lets me stay anyway). I get lots of love and treats and I play NON stop with the two other big boys most of the time but I play with everyone. Even that one girl who didn't like me, likes me now. Life Is Good!!