Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

Feisty, Juliet & Rascal

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on January 3, 2002.
   • They found a forever home March 19, 2007!

   • Feisty was a brown, sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge February 2, 2009.
   • Juliet is an albino female.
   • Rascal was a dark sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge July 19, 2006.

   • Read their latest updates below.

February 3, 2009:
  Sad news today. Feis has gone to Rainbow Bridge. He seemed agitated on Sunday. Not in pain, but uncomfortable. I made an appointment to put him down yesterday morning. When I told him about it, he got all cute and cuddly, drank his soup and started crunching as if to say "No, Mom. I'm OK! See?" So I called back and cancelled. Last night around 7:30 we were getting ready for evening soup. I discovered his bedding was wet with bloody urine. He was already on pred, Moxy & Baytril. We called Aunt Mary and Scott took him up to BAH. When Mary picked him up there was a stream of blood from his penis. Mary helped him to the bridge. I'm comforted that he is with his Mizzy Julie but, as you well know, it doesn't make the hole in my heart any smaller. I miss my precious pumpkin terribly. What an honor to have had him here for the last 2 years.

April 18, 2007:
  Julie got her stitches out and had her BG rechecked on Monday. She is up 7 ozs. from when she arrived and her BG was 93. She is definitely wanting to be more active - showing curiosity about toys and asking to get out of her cage in the mornings. I'm keeping her on Carafate for a while yet as she is still doing a little teeth grinding. She has also developed cataracts but seems to be finding her way around just fine with whatever sight she has.
  Feisty is recovering well physically. The upset tummy he had before his surgery responded to the Amoxicillin and his incision is healed nicely. He has had a bit of post-surgical depression and I have been working with him from an aromatherapy perspective. Last night, he seemed to be more interested in toys and exploring, so I think we're on the right track. As soon as he gets his stitches out on Monday, I'm expanding their living area to 2 levels. It will encourage him to be more active and allow them space to be apart if they choose. Julie is plenty strong enough to handle the levels, now.

April 07, 2007:
  Julie is home, alert, souping and crunching after yesterday's surgery. In Doc's words, we hit the trifecta. She had a right adrenal removed, necessitating total legation of the vena cava, insulinoma and a huge hairball. You know, Doc likes to save those things for effect so I measured it at over 1 inch long and more than 1/4 inch in diameter. He gave her a melatonin implant to accelerate her recovery.
  Feisty is a bit under the weather. His surgery appointment is next Thursday, but if he doesn't perk up a bit he's going in sooner. I've increased his soup feedings and am watching him closely. He may start feeling better now that Julie is back safely.

March 29, 2007:
  The kids LOVE the corn starch peanuts! Even Julie has been in them! The floor looks great! Everyone here is doing well. Julie continues to get stronger and more enthusiastic daily. Feisty is doing well also. We've had some brief introductions with my crew, and I think they will integrate nicely so long as I do it very slowly and gradually. I'm going to try a little one-on-one with Feisty and Zoe (she's the little mother figure) while Julie is recovering.

March 26, 2007:
  Feisty is growing more comfortable in his surroundings. He was dancing this morning and actually playing with a toy for a short time. Julie continues to improve daily. Yesterday, she climbed into the other cage (my "6 pack" were out playing) and navigated all 4 levels to the top, checking out beds, dishes, potties on the way. This morning, she went tubin' with Feisty a couple times. If she's this much better with just the meds, I can't wait to see how she is after her surgery!

March 25, 2007:
  I'm very pleased with Julie's progress! This morning, she climbed up on the plastic tote I keep litter in so she could have a look at "the crew" in their cage. Tonight, she was crawling through the octopus - slowly, but we'll take it - and when I put them back in their cage she was grooming Feisty. Both are crunching, souping & pooping normally.
  Thank you for having confidence in me regarding the kids. I'll do everything I can for them.

March 24, 2007:
  AM: They're doing OK. My communicator spoke with both of them last night.
Julie says she's happy to be here. She's not scared and likes the sunshine. She says she doesn't know how long she will last. She complains of a horrendous pain and something like a mass in her belly. Doc and I are hoping it's a hairball and that he can fix it in surgery. Julie's BG was 60 after a 3 hour fast. Of course, we already know she's adrenal, so the surgery will take care of both. Meanwhile, she is on Carafate and Diazoxide 2x/day and Tresaderm for ear mites. She goes in April 5th.
  Feisty is glad to be here, but says it's a little overwhelming. He thanks me for taking it slow and letting him adjust in his own time. He mentions a sensitivity to loud noises and says he is very easily over-stimulated by them. He's not complaining about physical stuff, but his BG was 56 after 3 hours. Doc feels he has a better chance of beating the insulinoma if we address it sooner rather than later. He is on the same meds as Julie and his surgery is scheduled for April 12th.
  Please put their health concerns in your God box. I'll keep you posted.

  PM: The God box is working. The kids are actually looking and acting a little perkier already from the Diazoxide. The Carafate is helping Julie, too. Her teeth grinding is less often and milder. Julie had runny poops a couple times yesterday right after our visit to Doc. She was totally back to normal poops by last night, so I chalk it up to the fasting and the poking of the exam.
  I muscle tested for the most appropriate date for their surgeries within the parameters of their highest good, complete safety and optimum health. My guess is that they need to get acclimated to their new surroundings and get their sugar levels stabilized before the trauma of surgery.

March 20, 2007:
  They seem fine. Julie is grinding her teeth a bit, so I gave her some Carafate. It isn't stopping her from eating, though. She has gone through almost 1/2 bowl of food already! She drank her soup and has normal poops. Feisty explored the kitchen when he got here. He seemed pretty impressed that he got to sniff a cat. Amber was very accommodating and allowed that for several seconds before she jumped up on the counter. He also is crunching, drank his soup and has normal poops. They discovered that they both fit in a hat together and were snuggled comfortably when I turned out the light. More tomorrow...