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   • Surrendered to the Shelter & found a Forever Home on September 9, 2011!
   • Foxy is a silver female.

   • Read about how Foxy arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read her latest updates below.

March 19, 2012:
  I am a wildlife rehabilitator in western NY and last fall a little "weasel" came to. My little "weasel" came with the distinct tattoo markings in both ears, she was in critical shape and thanks to help of the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter Inc. and Brenda Johnson's help We were able to stabilize and save our little ferret friend. It has been a pleasure to meet and work hand -n-hand with them. The Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter Inc. is an asset to the American Ferret Association Inc. and the morals for which both organization's have. The little ferret recovered and has a wonderful home thanks to all of the help and care. The fur kids really know love when their lives have been touched by the folks at Lakeroad ferret farm.
  Thank you for supporting Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter
  Lorraine Burch
  State & Federally Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

May 14, 2012:
  Dr. G said Tick looked great for being 5 years old. Foxy is doing good and at a good weight. Some concern - her tail hair is very thin – much thinner then when we first had her. Could be coat change/losing the kit fur – but something to watch. Toby is well Toby. We went ahead and did the des implant. That will help with the coat, itchy, and maybe not feeling well. However, Toby was very tender when doc was pressing around his lower belly. If it is a prostrate issue, the implant will help. We have also added Amoxy and Pepto-bismol to try and control the diarrhea. We will try this for a few weeks before upping the pred. They also did an aspiration on his tummy to just make sure that it was fat/pred belly – and not a build up for fluid. That came back as just weight gain.
  I treated all of the kids for ear mites last Wednesday – and today they still have mites. So we are stuck treating weekly with Ivomec. Over all it was a good visit. In the next week or so I will need to get Izzy in for her implant as well. I just couldn't afford all four at the same time. And since Foxy and Tick were overdue for their six month... I picked that to pair with all of Toby's issues.
  Please just let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

December 29, 2011:
  Tock gave us a hung scare on November 29th. We found him - head titled and ridged/stiff along with a little drooling- soup was given as we made an emergency visit to the vet. Dr G did a bg test on him right away and it was in the low 30's. He did not have any other signs of being sick. It was a shock and the first time I have seen a ferret hold his head to the side when having a sugar issue. I was so worried that it was something major, like a stroke or a heart issue. It was a relief to find out it was his bg level. So he was started on meds that night.
  On December 19th, Tock and Izzy went back to the vets for a one month follow up to check their bg levels. Tock was at 102 and Izzy was at 93 after a two hour fast. Both look good and are bouncing around, everyone's winter coat has come in. All five ferrets will have a vet visit in March - Toby and Izzy for Dex implants - Toby, Izzy, Tick and Tock will have their cbc/bg levels checked - and Tick and Foxy will have a wellness visit. It will be the first time Dr G sees Foxy.
  Izzy started meds back in October. She has been funky with taking meds. I think she now believes if I give her anything to eat that it has meds it. Izzy's grandmother has to give her soup with the meds in it or she will not eat. Spoiled for sure, but so worth it. It took Izzy much longer to stabilize after starting the meds and not crashing. However, she is so much easier to read when she is starting to not feel better that its easier to catch.
  Tock crashed hard on December 27th - head titling, drooling and throwing up. Kero was given along with Soup - then more soup was given a few hours later. It was the first time he has done that since we started the meds. I wish he would tell me sooner when he is not feeling good - or that I would get better at reading him. We had a talk about that! LOL
  I have to share that Foxy coming into the household has been a blessing to Tick. She is now his own little playmate and making him work outside of his comfort zone - which is great to see. She is such a little trooper too. No mater how hard he plays she is all up for it. Just a nice breath of fresh air for them.
  Izzy is still a brat and will not tolerate Foxy. The boys have all taken to being able to sleep with Foxy but Izzy still can not be around Foxy. I am still hopeful in time Izzy will at least be able to be in the same room - but we are far from that.

December 28, 2011:
  All the kids are doing good. I let Foxy see snow for the first time tonight. She pushed her head in then fell out backwards just shaking. She did a few circles around the dish then jump in to dig out all of the snow. How can you not love these guys.

December 23, 2011:
  I just received the best birthday present from the kids!
  I found Toby and Foxy sleeping together in the open cage today! Tock was in there too but in a different hammock.

September 19, 2011:
7:43 PM: Brenda, Thank you and Mindy for the update on "foxy" The people saw her for a couple days and the next morning got her into the garage and within 30 minutes was at my house, and her care here you already know. It really warms my heart that she is home and that it wasn't to late for her. She spend a lot of time sleeping on my chest on the couch in between feedings ( we both got a cat nap).
  Home really is where the heart is! and the ferret farm & shelter has a very large heart! - Lori

4:28 PM: Thank you so much Lori, When my parents and I thought that Foxy had been held within the Wildlife center, they had wanted to drive up there this Friday to show you how much better Foxy was. Thinking that you could come out to the car to see her without stopping business to much. You saw her so sick that they wanted to make sure that you knew she was wide eyed and fill of energy now. With her being in your home, I understand that a quick get together may not be an option. But our offer still stands. Have a great day and thank you again from all of us. ~ Mindy

September 18, 2011:
  Hello Lori, I wanted to ask for a little information from you and also give you an update. First can I please have the address for the wildlife center that took care of little girl aka Foxy and the times they are open for visitors? Also, I wanted to officially let you know that Foxy has a forever home. She never made it to the shelter because she is staying with my family. The moment my mother picked up her and Foxy wrapped her paws around her hand... My mother looked at me and asked if we were keeping her. My mom then spent the next three days holding Foxy and rocking her. My parents are the ones that named her. I had not planed on taking in another ferret - we had four. However this little girl just could not be passing through on her way to the shelter.
  On Saturday the 17th when she saw the Vet she weighted 1 pound as of today she is up to 1 pound and 4.8 oz. She is going to be hell on wheels in another few weeks! Smart, Fast and Quite is she... Have a great day. ~ Mindy

September 11, 2011:
6:42 AM: Dear Miss Lori Thank You, for saving my life – Tonya thank you, for picking me up and transporting me to my next ride, Miss Mindy thank you for picking me up from Miss Tonya and getting me in to see our favorite Doc, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you! Thank You, thank you, thank you.
For making it possible to have a new life - in a new place that will keep me safe - warm and fed – you are all earth angels – shelter mum says so.
  Litte Girl AKA Foxie

9:12 AM: You are welcome Lori, We have taken to calling her Foxy at least for the time being. She is currently doing great including being strong enough to want to do a little exploring this morning. ~ Mindy

September 10, 2011:
10:25 AM: Good Morning, I wanted to let you know that Doc saw her this morning and things that she is healthily and under a year. He saw no reason for her to stay on the Carnivore Care and did not see a reason for her to be on amoxi. I did make him give me the carafate and I paid for that. I gave her our soup this morning and she took right to it, so I did not get another bag of the carnivore care. I also gave the carafate when we got home. My mom is currently rocking her. ~ Mindy

8:11 PM: Mindy, How did the "little one" do at doc's today? What size cages do you have so when I make hammocks they will fit ? I normally make mind with edges that shower curtain rings fit into them and then attach to the cages ( it has allowed us to easily change the laundry) Please me me know how you prefer to attach accessories to the cages and I will make them into the hammock. In your experience do you have healthier fur friends with the marshal's food over the Evo? Please thank everyone who helped us get her to you! - Lori

9:10 PM: Hello Lori, Little girl did good today. Doc said she was healthy but does need to put on about half a pound. she is at one pound on the dot as of this morning. We did start her on carafate to help her belly and lower the risk of stress ulcers. Today she is eating a kibble mix and drinking water. She took right to our soup too. We can not ask for anything better at this point. This afternoon she was able to go into the playpen and walk around. She put a toy in a blanket and walked in and out of the tunnel a few times. The shelter and I are using the Ferret Nation 142. We have used both the webbing attaching and the shower curtain hammocks. I tend to pick the ones were the hooks are attached to the bedding. But again, both work.
  I do not like Marshal farms food. I think there are better foods out there - I use it only as treats. The shelter uses the food in their mix because so many of the ferrets around here are from Marshal farms and most of the kids who come in will eat that food first before trying a new kibble. I do use Evo for ferrets in my mix and my kids seam to do well on it. I also use Totally Ferret Active, 8-1 Ultimate (never ultra), and Zupreem. The shelter will also uses pro plan kitten or Purina one kitten also.
  The main reason why we both believe that mixing more then one kibble is a must, is that ferrets imprint on kibble and have died in the past when they could not get that kibble. When or if the company changed their food or if the food is on backorder. For us it is not worth the risk of only feeding one kibble. If something happens and I was to leave out one of those foods in my mix none of my kids would have an issue. Have a great night. ~ Mindy


Arrival Story, September 9, 2011:
5:43 AM: Tonya – were you serious about helping out if I have a little one that needs a ride?
  There is a little girl in Niagara Falls NY – at a wild life rehab – Lori Burch has gotten her better and stable so we need to get her to Naples. My thought is this – if you can pick her up from Lori in NFNY and get her to Mindy – I have not yet asked Mindy about this - but it would save all of us some driving. Mindy could meet you some place to pick her up to get her to me in Naples.
  Let me know – I have CC'd Mindy as well so she knows what is going on. - Brenda

6:07 AM: Hi Brenda- Absolutely, Mindy please let me know what days/times would work best for you. - Tonya

6:47 AM: Thank you so much Tonya. I am unable to do it today, but any other day in the next week will work for me. ~Mindy

7:02 AM: Is there any urgency about what date the baby needs to get picked up? If so, I could make the trip to Naples today. If not, I am available Saturday, Wednesday or Thursday. I can leave work by 3 and Niagara Falls is less than a half hour drive from my house, so I would be on the road to you at 4. - Tonya

7:11 AM: I am off to work ladies! I will talk to you later this afternoon. - Tonya

8:44 AM: Good Morning Lori – I have 2 folks that are willing to help get this little one you saved to the shelter. Tonya lives in Buffalo – she said she would get her to Naples today after work – if that does not work for you then let the ladies know what does work and they will work out transport for her with you.
Thanks in advance to all of you that help me help the fur kids. - Brenda

8:49 AM: Brenda, what ever works the best! - Lori

8:53 AM: Lori what is this little girl eating now for you? Has she been vaccinated? Thanks, Brenda

8:59 AM: Mindy, It would be better for me anytime Monday or sat night after 6. I hope that this works for you. Please let me know how I can help. Little on is now taking 12cc of carnivore car at ea feeding along with some water? She is using a corner litter pan and has dry eve at all times along with a water bottle that she uses. I have also offered eve wet food but she has no interest. She has eaten a few pieces of the dry Evo ferret food. She has the marshal's tattoo in her ear and as for immunizations I don't know. - Lori

9:26 AM: Mindy, I will be glad to drive out and meet you if you would like me to bring her to you. - Lori

9:56 AM: Hi Lori- Are you in Niagara Falls? If so, it is no problem for me just to come to you. I live in Buffalo near the zoo.
Brenda and Mindy - Do you want me to bring her out today? I know Mindy is busy and it would be no problem for me….if tomorrow works better I will keep her overnight and we can meet tomorrow. Just let me know what works best for you!

9:59 AM: Thank you so much for working on this so quickly! She is one lucky little ferret.
Okay while I was typing this email it looks like both of you are able to meet up today after 3. If you two can do that, I can meet Tonya late in the afternoon. Tonya if I can meet up with you somewhere, Little Girl can spend the weekend with me and Monday morning I can get her to Doc's for her shots and then drive her down to Naples on Monday afternoon.
Brenda, Will you please connect with Doc and see if they can fit her in on Monday? I will work around his timing and bring her down after he has seen her. Does that sound like a plan for everyone? ~ Mindy

10:11 AM: Again, Lori I just want to say thank you for all that you have done. It is far more then what most people would have. If there is ever anything we can do to help out your wildlife rehap... Please let us know. I do not know if Brenda has sent you a copy of our surrender form yet. Could you please fill this out and take it with Little Girl? We ask anyone who is giving a ferret to the shelter to document that. I am sure you can understand.
Again, please let us know if we may be of service to you. ~ Mindy

11:07 AM: I left the computer for a bit to do shelter duties and you have this all tied up in one neat bow! How awesome is that? - Brenda

11:12 AM: When I wrote the first email today, I had forgotten all about the fact that they are open (maybe late today) and on Saturday. Once we get a time for me to pick her up tonight - if they can fit me in tonight great - if not if you can get a time for Saturday - after I can bring her straight to you. That way she does not have to 'adjust' to one more place. At this point I believe I am just waiting to see where Tonya would like to meet me and at what time. I believe Lori and her have already agreed to 4 pm today.
Once I get that information worked out, I will let you know so that you can work on Doc. Again, Thank you to everyone! ~ Mindy

11:25 AM: I have a call in to Doc – they are not going to be able to see little girl today they close at 5 but Sue is working on Doc to get her in tomorrow morning if possible. Sue is going to call me back Doc was busy with a client - - so I have the call made we are just waiting to hear back from the vet office. Mindy do you feel comfortable taking her home if need be – you have your fur kids to think about. - Brenda

11:52 AM: Do you want to meet off one of the exits of the 490? I am not familiar with each exit, but will take the 90 to the 490. I could see if I could get her into my vet if you'd like. - Tonya

11:58 AM: Little girl has an appointment with Dr Edwards at 8:30 am tomorrow ( Saturday) morning – Lori will you please be as specific as you can on how you got her and how long you had her – what you did to save her life - that helps Doc too. I appreciate everything each of you has and will do to help this little girl get here so she can find a new 4-ever home. - Brenda

1:00 PM: Her seeing the vet on Saturday will work for us. I will then bring her down to you after she sees doc. I did think of my kids, and she is welcome to spend the night with us. I will set up my smaller ferret cage for her so she is away from them, but is able to feel safe.
Thank you for thinking about us. ~ Mindy, Master Toby, Busy Izzy, Tick and Tock too

2:30 PM: It is going to take me about 45 minutes to get there. I will plan on walking out of the house as soon as you call me. I do not mind waiting a little while. Just be safe and I will see you tonight. Again, Thank you! ~ Mindy

4:56 PM: Mindy, sorry to see little one go but know that this is best for her. little one last ate at 3:15 12 cc carnivore care and some water. could you please let me know how she is progressing. Thank you, - Lori

8:19 PM: I have to ask...did we do ok with the little girl? - Lori

9:01 PM: Oh Lori we are the ones who need to thank you for saving this little girl. I meet Tonya at about 5:45 and arrived back home at about 6:30. The first thing I did was offer Little Girl water which she drank, and about ten minutes later she eat as well. She is not eating a 'full meal' for a ferret her size but it is promising after all that she went through today that she was willing to drink and eat with new people. She did eat a few cc's of the Carnivore Care and a few pieces of the Marshal Farms food. As of 8:30 she has not gone to the bathroom but at the moment that is understandable. She is sleeping all tucked in. I have to tell you my family fell in love with her as soon as they saw her. She will see the vet in the morning and then we can go from there. I am concerned that she maybe grinding her teeth which can be a sign of pain. Ferrets (as you may already know) stress really easily and a treatment of carafate and amoxi may be a good idea - just in case.
  You did a great job with her. As for giving her meat, Chicken or Turkey baby food stage one is always a good start and since she is a Marshal farms kid marshal farms food (as a starter) is an option. However, you did the very best thing for her which was to find a food she was willing to eat. The Carnivore care is a good choice for those that have it. With only being able to get it through the vet most of us do not have it on hand. I am going to get another bag from the Vet so that we can get her use to eating real ferret food with mixing them together.
  What I do for my four ferrets is to grind their kibble up and then add warm water for Soup/soft food. If they can eat that its an easy change over to the hard kibble. My kids all get soup at least once a day.
I do not know the story behind how she came to you, or how you found Little Girl.
I also want to say thank you for two things - for taking great notes on her care and how she was making progress. Also for the donation to the shelter. The tents are always a great item for the ferrets.
I promise to keep you updated on how she does and what the vet has to say. ~ Mindy, Master Toby, Busy Izzy, Tick and Tock too

9:28 PM: If we can help you please let us know. little one ate about 3 12cc. but didn't want water. I have a package of carnivore care I can send it down if you need it to continue.
  I will get the whole story about how she was found when the other rehabber gets back into town, and will let you know. you have good people with you! I am off to take care of our little wildlife charges we have 8 red squirrels and a grey squirrel in the incubator and a great horned owl that came in last night late. Can you use hammocks and little sleeping bags for the kids? - Lori

10:49 PM: I wanted to let you know that I woke up little girl at 10 and she had already pooped. The color looked good, a little on the soft side but since she is only eating soup that's perfect. She ate for me and when I put her back to bed after holding her for a while she went and ate a little of the kibble. So that is great news. Tomorrow morning I will offer her my soup and see if she takes that.
The shelter can always use hammocks and sleeping bags. The carnivore care we will not turn down. Thank you for thinking of us. ~ Mindy