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Smeagol, AKA Daisy & Gollum, AKA Jesse

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on April 27, 2008.
   • They found a forever home on June 14th, 2008!

   • Daisy is a female.
   • Jesse is a female.

   • Read about how these four arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

December 15, 2012::
  We are doing ok. Willie crossed the bridge the day before thanksgiving.
  The Dooks of Hazard are still going strong. Daisy and Jesse (Smeagol and Gollum) are doing great. Daisy is her typical hard to confine self. She made it up onto the kitchen counter by climbing the coats on the coat rack.
  I got a Great Dane puppy for my birthday. We named him Odin, he has mega esophagus and right now were fighting aspiration pneumonia. I hope to see you soon.

August 24, 2011:
  Hi Brenda, Sorry it has has been a while since my last update on the kids. It has been crazy here the last couple months! We are living between 2 houses right now. We're slowly moving to Elmira and have been busy tearing up carpet and painting while the house is mostly empty. The fridge in the Elmira house quit while I was visiting my family in GA, which was a disgusting mess to return to! The upstairs bathroom and hall are the only places that fur kids can play right now over there; 150 year old houses have lots of little spaces for ferrets to go! They think it's great when they go from one house to the other. They go crazy when the get there. Bow, Luke, Jesse, Daisy and Gen. Lee are doing great, they are just starting to get their winter coat. Willie isn't showing any signs of adrenal coming back but Huxley is adrenal now. It's odd how fast he lost nearly all his fur in under a month. He has a furry head so he looks like a lion right now. And of course my darling Bear is still as healthy as ever- 8 1/2 yrs old and he has never been sick a day in his life (knocking on wood, crossing my fingers that his health continues).
  If their big wooden playpen doesn't fit in the new house would you like it? It's an 8 ft square that's about 38 inches tall. It has a door on one side that flips down from the top about half way and a solid floor so you can get in and walk around. The basement at the new house can get damp so I don't want the fur kids down there. The floor of it is painted with several coats of paint and it's sealed so nothing should leak through. I can't wait for Christmas in October!

April 13, 2011:
  The kids are doing great! It was nice enough Sunday that they got to play outside a bit and I'm re-organizing their play room downstairs to make it a little more exciting for them. Daisy has figured out how to move toys or food dishes to the edge of the gate or corner of the play area, climb up and jump out. For such a tiny girl she certainly is very agile! They boys are big chunky balls of mush still :) Since they live downstairs where it's always 55, they stay chunky and fluffy longer. I love their winter stockiness! This is the first year that they stayed downstairs all winter and they seem happier and healthier because of it. Maybe it's because of the more natural light cycles?
  I'm also trying to figure out how I can hang hammocks in the play pen for them. It's very similar to the one you have in the ferret room, just a lot bigger. I need something that will span the 8ft by 8 ft square and support their weight but won't allow them to climb out. They really don't like sleep sacks as much as they do hammies. I can put 2 sacks in their cage and 1 hammock and find the 3 big boys all piled into the hammock. Any ideas?
 See you soon,

February 5, 2010:
  Hi Brenda,
  Sorry it has taken so long for an update. Mike had foot surgery and has been hasn't been able to walk for the past month and won't be able to for a few more weeks. I don't get much time on the computer right now. The kids are doing fine. They aren't in their new playpen downstairs right now because it's so much easier to have the up here with us. I can let them run for a while in the hallway and still get dishes, laundry, cats, Mike and dogs taken care of. The playpen will seem great when they get back in there. When Mike is better and I have more time I'll send a picture of their play area.

September 22, 2009:
  Here's a picture of Jesse (was Gollum), Willie and Bow playing in the dogs water bowl. That's our new living room floor too. Looks like wood but it's waterproof!

February 16, 2009:
  Jesse, Daisy and the other Dooks of Hazzard are all doing well. I brought snow in for them to dig in and they loved it.

September 30, 2008:
  The babies are fine, Crazy Daisy has taught Bow how to climb, and they are never on the floor. Daisy even climbs curtains! No wonder you wanted me to have her :)
  Daisy was Smeagol; the "crazy" was added to her name after I found her on the top shelf of the hall closet. She climbed the coats to get up there and was having a grand time pushing games off the shelf.

August 18, 2008:
  The kids are doing great. I have some really cute pictures of them. I wanted to send some to you but I know it can take a while to download, I can try to shrink them and send them to you. They still get into everything.

July 30, 2008:
  They are all doing great, the little ones are keeping me really busy. They're crazy little ankle nippers. They have already unpotted a few plants for me. Daisy is, by far, the most active ferret I have ever had. She can climb and get into anything. I thought my house was pretty well ferret proofed but she has proven me wrong. She jumped from the top of the big cage onto my head the other day, like a flying squirrel. They are a lot of fun.

June 25, 2008:
  Daisy (formerly known as Smeagol) is extremely helpful on the computer desk. She tried to recycle my check book last week. I found it when I took the paper bin out to the road last Thursday. And my car keys are missing, luckily I have a spare.


Arrival Story:

April 19, 2008, Cathleen:
  My name is Cathleen and my husbands name is Terry. We are a couple from Colorado and are traveling mappers of cable {Time Warner, Comcast, etc.}. We bought our 2 hobs about 6 weeks ago. We thought they would be great pets due to our lives of travel. We were wrong. We have a very hard time finding hotels that allow pets & the time they need for attention is very hard to make, due to our hours of work {sun up to sun down}. The instability of our work makes caring for them precarious {no grantee of a job or paycheck}. We have come to the conclusion they would do better in a stable home and due to how young they are, will be placed quickly. They are both descended, fixed, have their shots and are litter trained. They have traveled together from the time they left the farm they were born at. Please contact us to let us know if you can take them, keep them together and give them a great home!
  We are working in Amsterdam & Clifton Park and staying in Lake George... to come to you is not a problem. We drive everywhere. Will be on our phone all day. Will be back to the computer after dark.

April 22, 2008, Cathleen:
  We have been working so hard... we will look at this weekend to drop them off. You can see we have no time for them, not even to give them a new home {jezzzzz}. I love them so much!

April 25, 2008, Cathleen:
  Now we are getting sent to Arizona! I will find a place for them out there... we are leaving in the am. Take care and thank you.

April 26, 2008, Cathleen:
  Terry and I talked all night... well until 1am anyway. We can't put them threw a move, not in this heat across the country. This has been the hardest thing I've had to do. I will check my mail early or you can call us. Please let me know if Sunday will work to bring them by. Again thank you for your help and I hope I have not driven you too crazy!

April 27, 2008, Cathleen:
  We just can't part with them... I hope we are making the right choice! Can you send us any information on sponsoring one of your sweeties? We want to try and help the ones you can't find homes for.

April 27, 2008: The kids and their humans arrived here at the shelter. This is the report I sent to them the following day on April 28, 2008:

  I decided last night about 7 that the kids would feel safer and be happier in their cage for the night. There are way too many new sounds and smells to be left out all night without my supervision. They settled right down and did fine. Their poops look good, meaning they are eating and drinking and so far showing no signs of stress. They got up with me at 4:30 am. They have the same room they had when you left yesterday. When I come to the barrier they come out to see what I am doing. I go into the room with them they come to let me pick them up. I got home from work at 8:15 this morning I used the toy to get them to come over to me. They got picked up given some ferretone and then a foamy fry each. They are adjusting well. So far they have had 4 hrs out time to play in the toys. They will get 4 more before their day is done. I know how you are hurting; but I have to say you both impressed me by thinking of the fur kids first and setting aside your own feelings to do what is best for them. They are blessed to have had you love them that much. - Brenda

April 28, 2008, Cathleen:
  You don't know how good your e-mail sounds... we have been battling ourselves if we did the right thing, but hearing from you on how they are doing will heal the pain of giving them up. Would it be OK to come and see you around the 4th of May? You let me know if you need ANYTHING! Take Care and God Bless.