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Gus & Lamar

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on February 26, 2016.
   • Gus is a dark silver male.
   • Lamar was a champagne male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 26, 2016.

   • Gus has a far away Mom, Sharra H., in Radford, VA!
   • Read about how they arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.


September 9, 2017:
  I moved Daisy and Gus over to the medically challenged bank. Neither of them are on meds but both are elderly Daisy being 10 yrs old and Gus is showing signs of slowing down. I expect they will be on meds not too far down the road.

December 28, 2016:
Dear Miss Sharra I got my Christmas box - I love my stuff. Mum got my stuff in my home yesterday - she took more pictures. Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me, thanks for picking me for Christmas. Mum does not share pictures with public until the Santa's that sent the presents get pictures first. Gus


July 5, 2016:
  Gus came in from the playroom last week, I was not thinking when I moved him into Minnie's cage. He is not on meds but Louise is. This afternoon I moved Gus over to the other side of the room in the bank of cages with kids that are not on meds. Well not entirely true, Bruno, Ally and Ricardo are but they need the horizontal cage and there isn't one on the side with all the kids on meds. I moved Louise into the cage Minnie and Gus were using because she is on meds. George is not on meds but he will get soup daily to keep him from getting an ulcer now that he is alone, because of his age I expect he will need meds soon enough.

June 8, 2016:
  Yesterday I came up to eat my dinner, Lance was up here with me. When I finished I sat down on the couch to give Lance some time. He and I fell asleep he slept in my lap.

April 20, 2016:
  Hey Miss Anna - the second box of stuffs you sent me got here. Wow I am a very lucky boy! Mum let me open it yesterday and get to try it out. She got pictures of me with it for you. Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me. Thank you, thank you, thank you I love my new bedding!


April 12, 2016:
  Mum caught me trying to get up on the work counter in the ferret room. It was soup time so mum was serving up soup and meds when I decided I wanted up on the counter top, Instead of taking me down she let me do my thing while she took pictures of me doing it. Mum wanted to see how I had gotten up there one day when she left me in the ferret room. Mum lets us hang out in that room if we can be trusted, she found out I could not be trusted.
  Mum marks all our ID cards with yellow sticky dots so if someone is here watching us they will know we can be in the ferret room.. I don't have a yellow dot on my ID card.. It was fun trying to get away with climbing.
  I almost got away with it.


April 9, 2016:
  Miss Anna - sent a box for me - Gus, she won through Gisele Fund Auction it got here yesterday.
  Mum took pictures of the things Miss Anna sent me.. I love that yellow chick! .. I snatched the yellow chick so fast Mum had to keep putting me back in the hammock with it so she could get a picture of me with it.
  Thanks Miss Anna for sending me presents and helpen Mum take care of me. Thanks to all who participate, donate and help make the Gisele Fund Auctions run to help support shelters.


April 6, 2016:
  Gus has officially settled into shelter life. I have been allowing him to hang out with me in the ferret room. when I finish shelter duties, I will leave him there to hang.. this morning when I went back to the shelter after my morning coffee I found much of what I keep on the island station on the floor. It was obvious that someone had been up on the counter tops.
  As I was picking things up off the floor, I was trying to remember who I had left in the ferret room.. I kept thinking how did I leave someone in this room that I know can't be trusted… it did not take long for Gus to expose himself. He is no longer going to be allowed in the ferret room.

March 19, 2016:
  Gus was playing with me this morning...first time since he got here on Feb 26th. almost a month it took him to feel comfortable here. Gus is holding his own, good poo in the box this morning, he is skinny I wish I could get some weight on him. I guess I should be happy he has decided it is okay to be here.

March 12, 2016:
  It seems Gus has decided that being at the shelter is okay after all.. we finally got a good poo - good indication he is eating. Until today his poo has been minimal and inconsistent. Another indication that he was not eating well or consistently. I believe he has found the food he likes and wants to eat in our mix. He dug the food out of both dishes, I left it as is so he would find what he was looking for. Some fur kids come in and they dig right into our mix, settle right in to our schedules and fit into the systems.
  Gus has had a hard start, it did not help that he lost his cage mate before coming to us. He has learned that if he scratches at the barrier I generally will move him to the room he wants to be in with me. This morning he spent the early morning hours in the ferret room with me while I cleaned cages. He was playing in the tube that is connected to the corn starch peanut box. I can breathe a bit better now that he seems he has come to terms with living at the shelter.


March 12, 2016:
  Gus left me a decent poo. Oh I found safe corn starch peanuts, the companies have started to add 10% polystyrene in the biodegradable peanuts, I had to search hard to find some without it. The kids dig box was so low the kids were having a hard time getting out, I got the box filled I think yesterday. Gus has decided that the starch peanuts are good to eat. They won't hurt him but making a meal of them is not good for his tummy.

March 10, 2016:
  Gus - he is hanging in, some poo not great but some, he begs to get into the kitchen.. he gets the kitchen when he begs. soft touch Mum.

March 6, 2016:
  One step forward, two steps backwards for Gus. Yesterday we had one decent looking poo, this morning we have more of it but it is seedy and somewhat green...NOT ECE - just not digesting properly.

March 5, 2016:
  Gus has been pawing through his food dishes, he must be finding something he likes because he has a decent looking poop in his box this morning. He was ready to get out of his cage when I went into the room. He took his dropper of soup without force feeding, I still had to convince him it was not poison but once I started the dropper he took it. We are gaining.

March 1, 2016:
  Gus...he had a so so poo.. this morning. I put him in the Playpen when I got him up, tossed some peanut butter treats (the good ones) in the pen he was eating them.. at this point whatever he will eat is what I am after. I got another dropper of soup in him this morning he is not crazy for soup but he will be before I am through with him.

February 28, 2016:
Brenda –
  I just wanted to check in with you to see how Gus is adjusting. I hope he is doing well and he's making new friends! I'm sure he misses Lamar. Your facility is top notch and I'm happy that we were able to place Gus with you. It certainly made my daughter's transition to NYC a whole lot easier. I told her how good I felt about leaving Gus in your care. It is like Disney World for ferrets!
  You do amazing work and we can't thank you enough.
  If you could please just send me a quick response and give me an update on Gus.

Shelter Response: We have good looking poops.. I am encouraged.

Previous Owner's Response:
Brenda –
  Thanks so much for the update...that makes me feel so much better! Hopefully he continues to progress in the right direction. Maybe once he can interact with other ferrets he will feel better.
  I will keep watching his page for updates

February 26, 2016:
  The new kid Gus is here - doc had to put his cage mate Lamar to sleep. I spoke with Doc to find out what was going on, the little guy was full of tumors.. that is why we call him magic fingers doc. He told the owner that he probably only had a few weeks to live and it would be less coming to the shelter. So he and the owner opted to euthanize.
  I got pictures of Gus but I forgot the camera and I am not going back down stairs tonight. He is a dark silver boy. He is now in a new place, with new things, a new human and without his buddy Lamar. He may not survive this move, but I will give it all I've got to convince him life here is cool.



Initial Contact, Owner, February 14, 2016:
  My daughter is moving to NYC on 3/1/16 because of her job. She currently owns two neutered male ferrets that are approximately 4 years old. Gus and Lamar
  Because of the laws in NYC she is not able to take them with her. Both ferrets have been living with two cats and a small dog so they are good with other animals. Neither bite or nip. They are up to date on their shots.
  She is looking for a home for them or placement in your facility. Do you currently have any room at your facility? If not, is there a waiting list?
  She is heartbroken that she must give them up – but this move is necessary for her job.
  Please respond with any information that may help her. I appreciate your response and assistance.

Shelter response:
  We will have an opening by the end of February, where are you located? This link will explain all that is required to surrender your ferrets to us http://www.ferretfarm.org/PrivateSurrender.html . The ferrets must be current on vaccines with documentation.
  New York State requires ferrets to be vaccinated with the rabies vaccine yearly, a more important vaccine is distemper. The distemper shots that are given to the ferrets before leaving the breeder are null and void as the FDA label states this vaccine does not work on kits under 8 weeks of age. The kits being moved from the breeder to the stores are 6 weeks when shipped.
  Our web link includes ferret knowledgeable veterinarians available to get this done if you do not have a veterinarian of your own. http://www.ferretfarm.org/QandA.html#vets
  Current means 8 months or longer before the ferrets need to be vaccinated again. As the web site states everything that belongs to the ferrets comes with them up to and including the cage.
  We do not separate cage mates so it is imperative that if you decide you are surrendering your ferrets to this facility you keep us informed so we keep an appropriate opening for you. We work on a first come first serve basis.
  The shelter directors work schedule varies on a day to day basis so we need to determine a time that fits both yours and her schedule.
  Surrenders generally take 45 min to a hour to complete.
  I look forward to hearing from you.

Owner's response, February 15, 2016:
Brenda –
  Thank you so much for your quick response.
  We are located in Albany NY. I have attached a few pictures – the darker ferret is Gus and the lighter is Lamar.
  The ferrets to be surrendered will be up to date on their vaccines. They are cage mates and it would be her hope that they would remain together as they have been together for the last 3 years.
  If you were able to take them as early as this weekend we could be available either Saturday 2/20, Sunday 2/21 or Monday 2/22 . The weekend of 2/27 is when she is moving to NYC but I can be flexible on getting them to you. I could be available on Friday 2/26 or Monday 2/29.
  These are just a few dates that I have mentioned but our main concern is making sure that the ferrets are safe and happy. I will be willing to work with you on a surrender date.
  The ferrets have toys, bedding, water bottle, food dish, and a cage – all that will be coming with them.
  Please let me know what target dates you have in mind.
  Thank you again.


Shelter response:
  The ferrets need to come with documentation please. As I stated in the previous email we do not separate bonded pairs ever.
  The soonest we can make room for them is the 21st Feb. If you want to make it on Monday 22nd it will need to be between the hours of 8:30 am - 1:00 pm. I drive school bus so we need to do the surrender between my bus runs.
  We can do the 2 earlier days you chose. We need to pick a time for whatever day you chose.
  Thank you, keep me informed, we deal with surrenders on a first come first serve, please confirm your day and time.

Owner's response, February 16, 2016:
Brenda –
  I am having a difficult time finding distemper vaccines for the ferrets. The local vets near us can do the rabies but I guess there is a shortage of the distemper vaccine. Do you possibly have any suggestions?
  Thank you again for your help.

Shelter response:
  Call our vet Dr Edwards - he will do the distemper.. the distemper can be brought in on your shoes, rabies the ferret needs to be bitten by a rabid animal. Tell them the ferrets are coming to the shelter they will try to work you in.

Owner's response, February 17, 2016:
Brenda –
  I did contact Brockport Animal Hospital. I have setup an appointment for Friday 2/26 at 1:30pm for the ferrets to have a physical and get their shots. It looks like it will then be a 1.25 hour drive from the vet to your location. I am guessing if we allow for .5 hour at the vet and then the drive we could be to you by 3:30-4:00pm. Would you be available at this date and time to take the ferrets?
  The other open appointment at the vet was Thursday 2/25 at 11:15am. That would mean I could be to you by about 1:30PM. Would this date and time work better?
  Please let me know!
  I look forward to hearing back from you!

Shelter response:
  1.25 hrs sounds about right. this date works for me if I am not here when you get here I will be right behind you. 26th works best, I will not need to take time off from my bus run if we do Friday afternoon. I will see you on Friday 2/26 about 4 pm.

Owner's response, February 25, 2016:
Brenda –
  I just wanted to confirm our meeting time for tomorrow, 2/26, at 4pm to surrender our two ferrets. I have the vet appointment at 1:30 and then I will be heading to your location.
  See you tomorrow!