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Jack & Jill

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on March 5, 2006.
   • They found a forever home February 18, 2007!

   • Jack was a sable male, DOB January 23, 2005. He left for Rainbow Bridge on October 30, 2011.
   • Jill is a panada mitt, DOB July 23, 2004.

   • Read their latest updates below.

  Jack and Jill came in on Sunday March 5, 2006. Mum says these kids were slated to be PTS. They were in the back room of an independent pet store up near Buffalo, NY. Mum was told the store owner is going out of business, the owner said these kids bite. Fortunately there was a lady that has a store of her own in the same place, she got the owner to let her have them, then she got in touch with our Mum.


January 30, 2013:
  I'll look into it. Thanks Jillie and Scooter say Hi. Jillie just cruised by. She has declared herself a free range ferret for the last few months. We came to a mutual agreement. She can free roam except for a her sleep time when she can be free roam in her room uncaged, but the others have to have time to get out and run too. she agreed.
  Scoots went out for a walk today with her kitties to enjoy the warm weather.
  Take care. Cathy

December 13, 2012:
  Jillie and Scooter are still chugging along. Scooter hopped out the patio door the other day, jumped down the steps and rolled around in the grass. She loves her grass!
  Jillie was very sick, thought I was gonna lose her. Doc said blood work indicated kidney failure. Did my sub q, special foods, special meds and three weeks later called to ask why she would still be alive??? I think it was the extra "special care" and the multiple healings - she is really tuned to that, Thank god. she has been an wonderful, wonderful friend all these years.

March 20, 2012:
  You're welcome. Kids are good. Scoots and Jillie have been enjoying this nice weather with little runs outside. They are both getting up there in years now, so I treasure my time with them. Jillie sees Doc G on Friday for her second implant. I told Doc she was adrenal and he didn't really believe me as she really had not started showing any clinical signs, so I asked for an US. Sure enough. When I went through that with Jack a couple years ago, he didn't believe either, but had time and an US exam just to satisfy himself (no cost - cause I was right!) I laughed all the way home! I just love that guy and his folks there. Scooter will get number three in Nov. Scooter I do every year and for some reason I got confused with Jillie, she is like the first crew Little Feet, Eggie Bear and Lukey who went to PA wit me, they went 18 months, Jillie is on 16. We know it helps other health concerns so I wanted to get hers updated. I have 12 characters here now.

October 30, 2011:
  Good morning Brenda: Colin stopped by to visit today. We went into the ferret room to say hi to Jack and Jillie and Scooter and Charlie. Charlie is holding his own, we are accepting each day as a gift at this point. He is slowing down and getting soupies a few times a day. Scooter is still her old high energy self. They are such sweet old bears.
  Jillie popped up to say hi and get her belly scratched. Jack was in the back of the cage and when Colin lifted him out he looked as though he were doing the death sleep. Mr. Paramedic sensed right away things were not right because of his look and a poofed tail. He went right into his medical mode and sadly informed me Jack had passed. I was shocked as I had just given them soup about 90 minutes before and he ate it all without issue. Poor Jackson never really got back to his old self after this last illness. We never got a definitive diagnosis other than a bacterial infection. I will take him in to Doc tomorrow a.m. as I am certain after all we have been through in Dec and then again September, he will want to see what he can sort out.

September 5, 2011:
  Jack, Charlie and Scooter seem to be on the mend. Charlie has not lost any steam, just trying to keep his weight up and his spirits, he most likely has lymphoma with all his lymph nodes swollen. Seeing what the pred can do for him. Scoots seemed to have a bacterial infection and the amoxi seems to be kicking it. Jack's back is better and his temp is down most of the day. He is getting Bayril to kick whatever bacterial infection he has with this. Mike is making quite a good assistant these days.

September 1, 2011:
  Hi Brenda: Doc was this a.m. and was happy to check Jak again with an exam and US. He'll call when he can get to him and then update me so I can pick him up. He was home for the night and living like a king getting meds and food fed to him from a syringe while lying stretched out on his back! What a suck up.

August 31, 2011:
  Hey Brenda: Jack is coming home at noon and going back in the a.m. when Doc G is back so he can double check that abdominal area to see if that is the cause of his belly tenderness.
  There is another vet in Brockport that is learning more about ferrets. Dr. Orr at Animal Clinic of East Avenue. So I am sending her info from Wagner's work and the symposiums. Doc Edwards won't be around forever. He started before Gschrey and Ed celebrated 25 years in practice this year!

July 25, 2011:
  Hi Brenda: I wanted to let you know that Jack turned 6 in Feb and Jillie turned 7 this weekend. Both are great ferrets and doing well. Jillie is fascinated with Scottie O'Barker our new Lollypop dog that we fostered while he healed from a broken leg which occurred as a stray found in the city. Scottie is most interested in her too but he is still young and wants to plop on her with his paws, so supervision is very close. Scooter is now 5 1/2 and Charlie also turned 6 in Feb. They are doing well too.

April 19, 2011:
  It hardly seems like Jack and Jill loaded their little ferret blankets and sacks into the car to head to their new forever home four years ago!
  Jillie has proven to be smarter than a whip over the years. She is very personable and is now top ferret with Poppa. Her coat has changed some, but people still comment on her unique markings. She is still as gorgeous as ever. It looks like we will be working on another weight reduction program to drop a few ounces. Jillie loves her soupies! Hopefully the spring coat change will assist us in this process. She still is playing soccer and running her stairs to check on Poppa. He has softened over time and she and her side kick Jack are allowed for short visits in his writing room downstairs.
  Jack still maintains his eggplant shape with his soft and luscious sable coat. I call him our chinchilla. He and Jillie still reside together with an occasional renter, Big White Bear sharing their cage and run time. Unlike Jack and Jill, White Bear is an ambassador - he gets along with everyone. Jack and Jill are more particular with whom they hangout.
  Jack still maintains his vigil from under the microwave stand. Here he seems to be able to catch the best view of the outdoors, kitchen and dining room/living room territory. He loves to trundle through his long narrow boxes and head to the kitchen "lounging rug," for any potential snack that may drop in.
  Both are looking forward to their new outside play area when the weather warms up.

December 27, 2010:
  Jillie was last seen sneaking off with my stuffed Hammington for her collection of stuffed toys. I wonder how she will do with the bunny and the Rotweiler.

December 2, 2010:
  Jillie says Hi, she and Jack are out and about. She just took off with a stuffed ferret to stash. I'm sure she is conducting her own healing in her Hidey hole! Jack is guarding his microwave stand -- that is where he keeps track of comings and goings. Jillie lost weight with her implant and Jack put more on too funny!

September 5, 2010:
  Jillie is looking much slimmer since her weight reduction program started several months ago and she too is running the tubes again - more I think because she fits better. she is not as hip on the tuning fork, but she doesn't run away. I use two different frequencies right now and the higher seems to effect them via hearing more. Scooter on the other hand will just pancake and soak it up -- too funny. She is also into brushing. Nearly 1oo strokes a night. What a girly girl she has become.


July 19, 2010:
  Certainly, I'll send one in a few days as I work on them. FYI they are all doing well. Luke did finally go on Pred and Diazoxide, but it has not slowed him down any! Jack just got a Des implant. He and Jillie are still gorgeous ferrets. Scooter now lies in our arms and snuggles on Mike's chest. Charlies is far friendlier and comes by for a snuggle but it is usually far shorter that Pootsie's.
  I believe I told you my beloved Eggie (Jack of Sammie and Jack) succumbed to lymphoma. I was quite thankful it was such a short period of time that he showed any symptoms. Doc called me personally and requested I bring him in so he might do a necropsy which he put on his tab. He was shocked when I called to cancel the ultrasound (in which he was looking for lymphoma because it was not found on papation of the lymph glands.). He called me back and was so great about explaining what he found and expressing his sympathy. I just love all of them over there!
  Hope all is well with the shelter kids and you. CR

April 22, 2010:
  Have attached a recent photo of Jillie Feet Ryan, head of Ferret OSHA Standards, she is surveying the grounds. She is one beautiful ferret through and through. Jack is well too. I believe he was on vacation fishing in the bath tub when this was shot. Best regards, CR

March 19, 2010:
  Jack is dookin and dancing this morning too. As always he and Jillie are just gorgeous with their beautiful coats. Jillie has become so comfortable with us that this past few weeks she has come to the kitchen "lounging " rug to just lay down and roll over to watch us and be with us when in the kitchen. I might mention this is where snacks are dished out. Jillie is most selective in her treat choices -- probably watching her figure so Doc doesn't tell her to go on another weight reduction program. This is a far cry from the Jillie that ran only the perimeter of the kitchen hugging the cover created by the cupboard edges! Jack wants badly to run the show where Edgar, Theo-dorable and Junior BOING BOING are concerned but alas his efforts are thwarted by the bedroom door. Petunia Rose and White Bear came together and are not Ferret Farm kids, but Jack and Jillie have openly welcomed them to their cage. The four of them play in the mornings together and it is very clear that while spring may be in the air, it is definitely in the Ferrets! Everyone is dooking and dancing these days.

February 24, 2010:
  It is hard to believe Jack and "Jillie Feet" have lived with us for three years. They have been so much fun. Jillie is still my special little girl. Each morning I am greeted with kisses on my hand; a vast improvement from some of her deep bites when she first arrived. She and Jack are still the bonded pair they were when they came to the shelter.
  Poppa now calls Jillie, "Jillie Feet" because she pops her feet out to the sides when picked up. She looks forward to greeting him and waiting to see if he is going to play with her. Jackson takes up his daily post beneath the microwave stand where he can view the all-important aspects of his world. They live together in their Ferret Nation cage. Their favorite spot is a shoebox with a double sleep sack. Jillie is Jack’s blanket, as she prefers to be curled up right on top of him. Lately, they have been having White Bear and Tunes over as guests. Jillie cares for them like a mother hen, sleeping on Tunes last week when she had a rough day.
  Both have also been very healthy for the majority of their time with us. Jack scared me when he picked up a virus this past summer, but he came around nicely. Both have had very good FBG scores, as our vet strongly suggests ferrets over four are tested twice a year. Hard to believe Jillie is my oldest bear now. Luke is right behind her. Here are some pics of the two of them.

February 13, 2010:
  All kids are well. Luke and Eggie are going to get ultrasounds to compare original measurements as I think they are running out of Des in the implant - Luke is getting aggressive - Luke of all ferrets - the lover!! 17 months isn't bad! Both have gorgeous coats still. Scooter got Des in October, had new Des hairs in 4 weeks. Scooter and Charlie are very cuddly bears now. Jack and Jill are hysterical. They are like watching three Stooges movies with toys in and out of rooms chasing each other. Both still have the beautiful coats they came with. Jillie is still mopping!
  More later CR.

April 30, 2009:
  I noticed Jack is looking very light and even white about his head the last two days. He has always maintained that solid sable look. We'll see how he does after a week or so, if it going to stay like this or change after he loses a few more hairs.
  He and Jill have been mingling a little with Luke and the gang. We get a little farther each day, but I have to monitor their interactions. Eggie seems to be odd man out. Tunes, White Bear and Luke hang with him regularly, but for whatever reason, J & J want no part of him or Scooter and Charlie. Que sera, sera.

April 25, 2009:
  Mike and I both commented today how mellow Jillie has gotten - she hardly ever gets called Epi any more.

February 12, 2009:
  Jillie and I helped pack a big box to sent to Lacey too. We almost lost Scooter in it! Aaaarrrgghhh - Mom would have been heart broken, she would have lost her pogo stick. We are living on an island today. Mom made us have our play time in the ferret room last night cause our Poppa was cleaning out the basement from the flood. Eggie wanted to go swimming like he does in the kitchen water dish, but Mom said no he could get sick.

March 27, 2008:
  Everyone here is fine. We are all back in bed since we were up very early to start our day. Thinking about seeing how Charlie and Cayce feel about each other. I'm seeing things about Charlie that make me think of Jack after he was here a bit last year. That, I think I'd like to play with the other kids look in his eyes. We're taking it easy.
  Scooter spread about 100 of Colin's magic cards across the floor. Jillie showed him how to rearrange his new book case. Cayce has been enjoying his new three level beds in the cage look. He loves to be upside down hanging over the edge checking things out. You can see spring behavior coming through. Jillie has her episodes of 1.5 sec speeds and Jack ensues then is accused of also having episodes by Poppa.
  Colin was calling ferret names as he wanted his sneakers to go off to his appointments this am. I think that is Charlie 's job. Shoe relocation. Tunie is in charge of the insert relocation. White Bear and Smokey are the watch ferrets laying by the heater and rugs on guard when not in tackling mode. Feetsie is just doing his Feetsie Grandpa Bear thing, cruising, eating, pooping, coming over for belly and back rubs and going back to snuggle with Cayce and his other friends.

February 29, 2008:
  Off to shovel the light layer of snow then let the kids play. J Jack has potential to learn how to rollover and sit up I think. Jillie can roll, bit his guy has even her beat. I've heard a little swearing when Colin wants to wear his sneakers. He usually can one of one pair and one the other, Charlie is the guilty party. Tunes seems to be off the hook now when she takes off with inserts - new criminal in town. everyone is doing well.
  Jill has a new name, Eppy, short for Episode!

February 21, 2008:
  Mike is off to the winter quarters for the war in 1864 until Sunday afternoon, so Jillie and I are holding down the fort. We got the floor washed yesterday! None of the ferrets came out to help shovel the drive so I had to settle for the cat's help! He is developing cabin fever. He and Scooter Pie like to have stand offs at the end of the tunnel. Scooter Pie is a little cuddle bug. Charlie is so entertaining. He is still clamoring around with those size 13's. He has found a second pair! We are still working at getting along.
  Jumping Jack was hysterical the other day. Mike asked him what he was up to while sitting on the kitchen rug. He dropped onto his back like he was playing dead and didn't move a muscle. I called him and he sat up. Mike asked him what he was up to again, didn't he drop right over on his back and play dead again! I called him over to me, he came, and I said, attack Poppa. He turned and ran right to Mike and jumped up on his leg - the name seems to fit him! We were in hysterics!

March 29, 2007:
  Just wanted to tell you Jack and Jill had a great day. I watched them playing on the rugs in the kitchen, squeaking and rolling around -- they are so happy it just made me think, seeing them progress as they have was the best part of my birthday! Jack spent a few hours with the gang while Jill and I slept. Mike took me out to lunch at Beale's Cafe in the City. I had Shrimp Etouffles. It was delicious, spicy hot and very filling. We hit a few other places and came home. I think the filled tummy, comfort of home and the relief of the schedule required for Louis and the all the emotion wrapped around loving the little guy and saying good-bye just caught up with me. Jack went to sleep with is new buds in the drawer. When I checked in with Jill she was up to helping me change the cage around a bit. She was perfect, I'd ask her to help me measure a hammock to the food dish or crawl through a hole to see how it worked height wise. She is so smart! Then I fed Feets his soup and Jack woke up so he came out to play with Jill. The two of them helped me clean out Colin's back pack.

March 28, 2007:
  Jill had a really hard time last night. She was biting through the cages when she and Jack were loose. She has also been spooked all day today. I tried to clear her field last night. It was unbelievably huge!! It was also loaded with debris. She seemed glad I was doing it. You can see a behavior change immediately when clearing a field like that. All her chakkras were closed too. I tried to get her balanced. I'm not sure if an entity came into the house or if she sensed death... anyway, she doesn't like it. I can feel more than Louise's absence here. So I will be smutching this afternoon and having some fresh spring air come in.
  Until last night she was doing so great. She would snuggle with me, I'd find her on my bed comforter, she came when called. Her nipping is minimal and most of that is testing. She is a riot to play with. She and Jack zoom through the kitchen and play with the towel. I have a little baby comforter in her cage she just loves. Jack likes his sleeping bag you send with him. The other day they had the red Lizard you sent, up in the apartment snuggling with it.

March 13, 2007:
  Did some work on Jill last night. Broke through another level, need to sit back and let this settle in. Jack is so curious about he other ferrets. Introduced him to three of the gang this am. He did pretty well, no attacks, but sniffed and nudged and then preened and then would latch on to an ear or neck and hold on. BWB, Smoke and Tunie were cool. They are so great in helping Jack learn about new friends.
  Jill is visiting snooze land these days. Plays hard and then can relax enough to go into very deep sleep. This is when we let Jack meet the others. Jill has so many things to take in she does not have time for the other ferrets, she is too busy investigating sounds, movements, smells.

March 5, 2007:
  Jill was hysterical today. Actually, she made Colin and I laugh hysterically. She got between the cage and the blanket that hangs down the back and looked just like Spider ferret climbing the walls. She and Mike are gaining trust with one another. She tries hard not to bite his feet and he pets her more and kisses her head now. I suggested that maybe Jill didn't have a problem, maybe he just needed to wash his feet and change his socks. Worked for Colin!

February 19, 2007:
  Well, I just spent two hours in the room with Jack and Jill. They were settled down more and we had a productive first hour cleaning. Then Colin and I sat on the bed and watched Jack and Jill go for his smelly feet. He finally retreated and washed them!
  The ride home went smoothly. It didn't take Jack long to burrow under and snooze. Jill eventually did, but they both popped to attention when I opened the door when I stopped to get gas. By the time I pulled into the drive they were both hunkered down and snuggled together.
  They had a few minutes with Colin saying hi. Complete with Jill on his head. Once they hit the ground tails got large and they scooted. It was obvious there were lots of stimuli. Any noise or movement they were not expecting caused a little nervousness. I let them be and just hovered from a distance. They both love to go after socks which I did not know not having taken my shoes off at your place! Jack loves my summer flip flops I wear in the house. In fact, I set up a stash box - it needs to be bigger but I gave away all my boxes to someone.... Anyway, my flip flop is sitting half in and half out of the box. I suppose the good news is that I am not still attached to it, half in and half out of the box too! I was playing with Jill and a hand towel I had in the "apartment." Jill grabbed it and stashed it in the tubing that runs off the "apartment." (That is a cat house on a pedestal with a round hole where I hooked the PVC drainage pipe.) Anyway, it was like having her clog the toilet. She could only come up 1/2 way from the bottom or go half way down from the top. Then you would see this butt come backing out, uphill. Jack figured out he can do the slide like Smokey does in the pipe. They eventually unclogged the drain. Jill tries to stash everything in the pipe.
  They helped me set up their cage and practiced their prepositions....in, out, in, out. I let them run in the room while I laid under the covers and read. Man was I whipped by the time I got home! I had trouble falling asleep. Jack and Jill would sneak under the covers. I had to wrap my feet in two layers and watch my hands when she went past. About seven I gave them some feratone on their bellies and put them in the cage and covered it. They settled right in.
  I closed them in the room and went to see my 6 pack. They were glad to run and have soup and snacks. You could tell they knew "newbies" had been on the prowl. Smokey laid by the door, sniffed and scratched. I was waiting for Jack or Jill to bite his tail as it slid under but they never did. From there I had a three hour nap.
  Thought I would drop this line and let you know things are going less smoothly compared to the other bear transitions as we discussed, but still okay. I still have enough bandaids, gauze and cling wrap to get through tomorrow. My only concern is whether or not I will start showing fur on my face and hands and if my canine teeth will start to extend over my lips...Jill the biting wereferret and all. One of the things I have realized with Jill when I spent time with them alone tonight, is that her energy field is so huge. Energy fields expand and contract. If you want to make your presence known you expand it and if you want to be a wall flower, you pull it in. Her vastness with her field makes her really sensitive to all kinds of stimuli. Jack's is much closer to his body and thus more mellow. As Jill sat on the bed and played with a pillow I have, I worked her field from 12-14 inches away from her. Thus, lesson 1 with my teacher. My goal will be to calm that down a little and I think it will help her be a calmer ferret. It works best to do that when they are sleeping. Does Jill ever sleep????
  I'm going to try to be disciplined enough to journal their transition to their new home. There probably will be some very good learning experiences in it. Heck, maybe a book.
  I will leave you with the first line of their poem and hope you don't miss them too much.

March 22, 2007:
  Jill commandeered Colin's shirt from his drawer for her cage tonight. Jack has been out playing with the gang. They are so funny. Jack is learning how to be a young male ferret. The other day I heard all this squeaking and found him in the tub with BWB. It was hysterical, no one was biting or scratching just squeaking and nudging I have begun pulling up the blankets so Jill can see Jack and the other ferrets when he plays with them. I also take her out and put her near them but hold on to her. She is getting a little more tolerant and relaxed each day. She cuddles now if you pick her up when she is sleeping. Today I got them trimmed and drops in without much fuss. I think she has flashbacks every now and again, she was very skittish today when I approached her in Colin's bottom drawer. When she realized it was me she came to me, but I think she was really asleep- maybe dreaming. When it is time to come out of the cage in the morning, both Jack and Jill will crawl out onto my hands for their hugs and kisses before they can go bombing around.

October 15, 2008:
  Oh Muuuummmmm:
  Do you have an extra space at the shelter for a few days? We may have to come hangout for a few!
  You see, It's all Jack and Bulky's (that's Smokey's fat name in the winter) fault. Mom always thought Jack had allergies, but I think it is because he always has his faces stuck in things like the rice box, or say a bag of pancake mix or corn meal! Bulky and Jack felt they needed more room so they pulled the bag and box out of the cupboard. I was implicated in this whole ordeal because my tracks were found at the scene of the crime with the corn meal and the top to the box. White Bear is guilty too, but he's not talking so I don't have the facts on him just yet.
  Mom never even said a word, well she just kind of talked to us like we were okay and just needed another opportunity to express our true selves. "She did say when the rugs went flying out the door in a large cloud of white and yellow that she felt she was experiencing deja vue. I'm not sure what that means, but I figured she was not gonna be happy. Eggie said she mopped after I went to bed and cleaned all the rugs last night.
  The boys went to the garage so Jack could get some fresh air up his nose and some of the corn meal and pancake mix out! They ran and jumped and generally blew off some stink. Of course each of them ran out the door so Mom could follow them again and catch them she has been trying to increase her aerobics program! Then Mom got the BIG rug and let me ride on her shoulder while she carried it to the deck to shake. There was a big cloud of powder so I ran for cover - I thought maybe it was a terrorist attack! I could even hear helicopters in the distance!
  Mom came and rescued me and assured me it was simply the results of an attack of weasel proportions - nothing she couldn't handle. The helicopters were probably ROTC members from the college getting their annual rides in the Heuys. GO ARMY!! We have to say that because Mom's nephew is ARMY STRONG - he is a recruiter now. Mom says he is her hero. I thought Jack and I were but she says we are her weasel hero's Benny is her human hero. He was awarded the Purple Heart in Iraq.
  Well, maybe I can go unpack my kibble and hammie. The kitty just ate a chipmunk head and barfed it all over the front step - oh gross, right in front of the door. Heeeeeyyy Jack, we are out of the dog house. Yeaaaa, we're out and the cat's in - wait til Poppa sees this!
  Oh well, you never know what the future will bring, keep a cage for us Mum!
  Jack and Jillie