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Jellybean & Pheobe

   • Jellybean and Pheobe found a Forever Home December 25, 2001!    • Jolene, AKA Jellybean arrived at the shelter November 17, 2001.
   • Joker, AKA Pheobe Arrived at the shelter December 1, 2001.

   • Jelly Bean is a female black sable Siamese mitt.
   • Pheobe is a female Siamese sable.
   • Ricardo is a dark silver male.

September 11, 2006:
  Jelllybean and Pheobe are good. They both are getting soup now when they get out. They are not sick or anything I just figured since they are getting older if they need anything it would be good if they eat it. They both are around 5 now.

January 22, 2006:
  Pheobe and Jellybean are doing good. No problems with either of them.

December 01, 2004:
  The girls are looking good. Jellybean has gotten her winter coat. Pheobe has not yet though. Hobo has not gotten his yet and he seems a little thin, but is acting fine. Other than pulling on the back of Pheobe's neck once in a while.