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Thelma & Louise

   • Surrendered to the Shelter July, 2013.
   • Louise is a DEW female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge April 23, 2017.
   • Thelma was a light silver female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge August 3, 2015.

   • Thelma & Louise have a far away family in Santa Fe, NM!
   • Read about how they arrived by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

  Louise has Insulinoma and adrenal disease. She is on Pred and soup two times a day, as well as being treated for adrenal disease. Louise will spend the remainder of her life with us.



April 23, 2017:
  Louise is gone, she left us during the night.

April 20, 2017:
  I found icky sticky poo from Louise, I had to give her a bath to clean her up.

April 19, 2017:
  I have had to do a Dex shot on both Louise and Kiwi tonight.

July 9, 2016:
  Louise was up and ready for soup this morning ate it all.

July 6, 2016:
Dear Miss Bert,
  Mom got our fountain set up this morning. Take a look, Leo is having some treats while Mum gets things put together and water in the fountain. Mum says I will get my turtle when she strips my cage and puts clean bedding in there. She will get a picture of it in my cage (with me in it?) when she has it done.
  Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me/us, you're the best!


July 6, 2016:
  I found Louise in a crash this morning, I gave her a Dex shot after taking her BG and found it was 63. I was getting concerned because she did not seem to be coming out of it late this afternoon. However when I got in there to do meds tonight Louise popped her little head up and said hey I'm ready to get up. She was not ready to eat soup on her own so I gave her meds by dropper she was eating kibble as I was shutting things down.

July 5, 2016:
  Gus came in from the playroom last week, I was not thinking when I moved him into Minnie's cage. He is not on meds but Louise is. This afternoon I moved Gus over to the other side of the room in the bank of cages with kids that are not on meds. Well not entirely true, Bruno, Ally and Ricardo are but they need the horizontal cage and there isn't one on the side with all the kids on meds. I moved Louise into the cage Minnie and Gus were using because she is on meds. George is not on meds but he will get soup daily to keep him from getting an ulcer now that he is alone, because of his age I expect he will need meds soon enough.

June 5, 2016:
  Hey sweetie- did you get a stick yesterday? Do you have a bill from OFD that I need to pay? Did you sleep through clinic or did you see all the activity- I know you didn't get outside- sorry about that- the challenge of have a far away mom- tell Mum she needs to let us know if you need anything! Faraway Mom Kathy

March 25, 2016:
  Louise hanging out in the ferret room.


August 3, 2015:
  Thelma is gone. I am letting Louise hang out with me this morning. She knows her sissy is gone she was lying next to her when I got down there.

August 2, 2015:
  Thelma is still with us I thought she was rallying but her poo is icky sticky black puddles. I offered her soup she did not want anything to do with it.

August 1, 2015:
  Thelma is not responding and I expect I am going to lose her. I did fluids this morning and she latched on to my fingers and would not let go. When I finally got the fluids in her and moved her to the playpen she nailed me once again. I offered her a dropper with soup tonight she did not want it. I am not going to push her any more, she looks and feels like garbage, I don't think she weighs 1/2 #.

May 11, 2015:
  I found Thelma this morning, well BB did actually. She was under the cage in the playroom sleeping next to the wall in a pile of toys.

March 29, 2015:
  Thelma and Louise allowed the family to hold and cuddle them and gave no indication they wanted to bite. They have really come a long way.

March 16 2015:
  A pretty nice day, Pheona and Louise went MIA today for many hours. I have no idea where they were, they both just sauntered out from where they were while I was getting soup and meds done tonight. They were both supposed to be put to bed at 11.

January 7, 2015:
  We lost Louise for a few hours. We looked all over. Then Donna said maybe she is sleeping in the bedding that fell behind the cage? We had that on the list of things to retrieve while Donna was here. The pile was high and when I grabbed for a box pad it tumbled back behind the double cage last week. We pulled the single cage out away from the wall and I used my Brenda extender (thank you Patty) to pull bedding out; sure enough Louise had found herself a warm hole among the pile and settled in.

January 6, 2015:
  There are 7 places in the playroom for the kids to crawl into to sleep, where does Louise slither into? One of the rolled blankets on the end of the cage between the wall where I stuffed them between the tubes. She was MIA for 7 hrs. Daisy found her but because she was in the blanket between the wall and the cage I could not pull her out. She and Thelma will not be getting that room again until the blankets are no longer keeping the cold out.

January 1, 2015:
  Mum finally felt better enough to let us open our presents you sent.. take a look at us. Wouldn't you know Mum would mess up the picture with my pose? Anyway thanks for thinking of us for Christmas, thanks for waiting for Mum to get better so she could get pictures of us with our presents.
  Thelma and Louise


May 04, 2014:
  I'm home and they let me play outside until dark last night- I stayed in my front yard so I could run fast to the door if a coyote came. It was soooo great to be under my pinon trees and to explore again. I tried to get out this morning but Kathy said too early- I could be "Coyote Crunch" in the dawn light- so I am going to sit with her like the "old days" and do email in the big green chair- and wait until she unpacks the car when I can go out with her-
  Hope you have a fine Sunday! Your Long-Tailed Friend

February 19, 2014:
  Hey ferret friends- thought you might like to see the most recent pictures of me- taken by my friend Wendell when he came to LaJolla. I prefer to sleep on the moms' bed but sometimes I need to share the couch with Lily and Marilyn. Meow- Hannah


February 15, 2014:
  Dear Hannah, our long tailed friend. We got our valentines card in the mail yesterday. That is the first ever valentines card in our lives. Thanks for thinking of us.
  Thelma with the dark tail and Louise

February 1, 2014:
  Dear Hannah you are such a smart long tailed friend! You sent your moms shopping for us didn't you? Our treats got here yesterday, Mum got pictures of us with them this morning. You and your moms picked out the perfect treats for us! Thank you for getting us yummy treats. Mum opened one of the bags for us to try; peanut butter is the best. Thank you for helping our Mum take care of us.
  Oh we almost forgot, you also made the ladies at the PO smile. When our package came with our names on it they told Mum they love the names Thelma and Louise and thought Mum was so cleaver naming us that.. Mum told them Miss Marcia named us. We do not nibble much anymore now that we know we can stay here for as long as we wish.
Thanks again,
  Thelma with the dark tail and Louise


  Hey, Girl Friends- thought you might like these treats. Mom took them to post office and it was MUCH cheaper to send them to you priority mail than regular parcel post- and it took 2 days from me to you! The post office is not run by ferrets or cats or it would make more sense--
  BTW, this Wendell guy who was here really likes cats. And he knew what he was doing- the first day he talked to me, then gradually stood next to me and slowly raised a hand to pat my head- called to me to come to his lap- and finally after a couple of days picked me up and put me in his lap- NICE and SLOW- that's what I like- and he became a very good friend. I miss him!
  Don't eat too fast like I do sometimes- urp! Cheers- your long tail friend

January 26, 2014:
  Greetings dear ferret friends- Hannah here! It is very busy at my house with these folks H&W. I am now allowing W to pet me but no lap time yet! And in fact there have been very few laps around - these people keep moving!
  Something about pregnant harbor seals yesterday on the Children's Beach- fat and grumpy- and pelicans on the same beach- then something about two symphonies on the same stage last night- imagine that- everyone playing at the same time- one from here and one from England wherever that is but W&H have been there a lot- And W reported that while he refuses to eat anything that swims- after all he is from OK and who knows about fish there- he really likes aquariums where they went yesterday-- seems strange to me- but I'm a cat with a long tail.
  M's beef short ribs were a hit- today she is doing pork tenderloin- your Mum have tried that- Hope you like this new Carolyn visitor today- she will NOT try to take you away-- Cheers from your friend Hannah

  Hey Hannah good to hear from you! Well we know just how that is with new folks in the house we too are careful not to get too close until we know full intentions. It is good to know a stroke of the hand is nice from W. It sounds like a very busy day for sure, we would love to see the seals and pelicans they sound like fun. Symphonies that sounds too much like noise. It is good we fur kids do not have to participate in such things. Ye we must agree going to aquariums to watch but not eat does not make much sense to us either.
  UMM UMM our mum does love short ribs! Yes she did first time ever she baked one and had some she said it was mighty tasty. We had been up all night so Mum did not get us out to meet her. She got to meet the 8 in the box gang now 5 and Dancer.
  Thanks for checking in with us Hannah you be careful around all that water.
  Thelma and Louise

January 05, 2014:
  Hi Friends- I am at the beach- Hurrah! I went outside this morning and took a stroll around the neighborhood. There are no coyotes here like at home so I can go outside. I heard the waves crashing in the ocean and it smells sooooo good here. I was very quiet all the long trip - mostly sleeping in someone's lap, usually Kathy's. Now I am settled and have a choice of three beds with down comforters- very cozy. Today they will unpack and then go shopping. I'll watch the unpacking and see where everything is- my bowl is on the counter like last year! I'm not going shopping- boring! Hope you have a very good day! Hannah, your long-tail friend

Response from Thelma & Louise: Hello Hannah it is so good to hear from you, my my at the beach; that is quite the treat! Neither of us have ever seen a beach. We are seeing snow, our Mum brings it in for us to play in. We don't much like it because it is cold! We had to ask our Mum what a coyote is and we are really glad there are none where you are so you get to go out for a stroll in a new neighborhood.
  Holy cow Hannah it sounds as though you are being treated as royalty, three beds and down comforters that is defiantly royal treatment.
  We are sorry we did not get to answer this email yesterday, our Mum was pretty busy with Miss Tori and Mr. Mike here Mum let us meet them and we did not bite too hard. Mum warmed them that we bite new hands because we are afraid they will take us away from here and we are very happy living here at the shelter. We do not ever want to move again so if we bite them they will not want us to go home with them. Pretty neat trick don't you think? When we first got here we drew blood when we would bite but we found out that just a little nip is enough to discourage them from wanting us. Our Mum says we do not even need to nip because we are here to stay 4-ever but we want to make sure that is the case so a bit of a nip seals that deal.
  How nice that your moms made sure your bowl is put right where you remember it being.
  Agreed, our Mum hates to shop too you are wise to stay home.
  Thanks for checking in on us, we look forward to a long and friendly long distance relationship with you and your moms. Thanks for picking us to be your far away girls. We girls must stick together.
Enjoy the beach
  Thelma and Louise

October 01, 2013:
  Louise in the marble box, Thelma watching Mum take pictures.


September 24, 2013:
  Thelma and Louise are adjusting well to shelter life, they have been with us for 2 months and they have blossomed. This morning they got Mum's space when Mum got home from work, Louise was dancing and engaging Mum in play. Mum headed down the stairs to go to the kitchen and both girls shot down the flex tube that runs the length of the stairs to greet Mum when she got to the bottom.
  The girls are putting on winter weight and getting beautiful fluffy coats.

August 13, 2013:
  Marcia you should see the girls, they already run right to the treat dish in the kitchen, when they are in a room and they want to be moved they paw at the barrier, both girls are up and waiting at the cage door when I get into the room. They have allowed me to love on them, play with them and no more bites from them. They are doing so well and have become very happy little fur kids – thanks for helping us save them.


Initial contact, July 16, 2013:
  My name is Caroline Anderson, and I am the Animal Control Officer here for the City of Oswego (we are about 70 miles from Rochester). We took in two old ferrets here at the Oswego Animal Shelter that we are looking to place with a good rescue. They have had multiple homes, and were returned here when their last owner moved out of state (we took them back because he adopted them from us). Our shelter aids provide good care for the ferrets, but they do not get the attention and stimulation here that those animals need.
  I believe they are both female, and are older adults... they are both pure white. I don't forsee them being around much more than a year or two longer, and I would love to see the rest of their days be enriching and enjoyable.
Please let me know if you can help. We are happy to help with transport.
  Animal Control

Shelter Response, July 3, 2013:
Good Morning Caroline sure we can help you with these girls, I have included a shelter volunteer Marcia Cappuccilli on this email; Marcia is scheduled to come help at the shelter tomorrow so she said she would connect with you and get the fur kids to bring them with her tomorrow if that works for you folks.
  She lives in Skaneateles is there a way someone can meet her 1/2 way?
  Marcia has given me permission to give you her cell number - she can and has housed/cared for ferrets that needed transporting in the past you can be assured they will be fine with her. Please let me know if you can get them to her so she can bring them with her tomorrow.
  Thank you in advance

Animal Control’s Response, July 16, 2013:
Let me see what I can do as far as meeting her half way, I have to talk to my volunteers and will get right back to you. Thanks so much for your prompt response.

Marcia’s Response, July 16, 2013:
Brenda, if push comes to shove, I could maybe pick them up in Oswego Wed. to deliver them to you on Thursday. Let's see what they come up with.

Shelter Response, July 16, 2013:
Okay I have not heard back from them yet - I will keep you posted