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Mallory, Maxim, Pudgy & Ry-Ry

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on September 4, 2010.
   • Maxim & Pudgy found a forever home on October 11, 2010!

   • Mallory was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on July 9, 2011.
   • Maxim is a male.
   • Pudgy was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on December 27, 2011.
   • Ry-Ry was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on September 29, 2010.

   • Maxim and Pudgy were on the 2011 Ferret Giving Tree!
   • Read about how these four arrived at the Shelter by clicking here.


April 17, 2015:
  Good morning. I am up early as I did not expect Max to make it thru the night. He was very weak last night, and more tired. But, he looked out of his cubby just now. I am doing fluids and will keep the Baytril going.

April 6, 2015:
Hello Brenda,   We had a nice weekend with mom in Little Valley, weather there was better than what was going on in Elbridge.
  Max somehow has improved almost back to baseline! Jaundice is gone, his color is almost back to normal. He was out and about like his usual self.

April 3, 2015:
  Max is a little better today. He was up for Reilly, he was up waiting to get out, and was wondering more when loose!

April 2, 2015:
  Max is hanging in there. He actually was up in the pen and not sleeping when I was downstairs tonight. The other ferrets where bugging to get out and so was he. He did not eat quite as good, but still got some good soup. I still have not noticed any change in the jaundice. One day at a time.

March 31, 2015:
Hello Brenda,
  A touch better. He ate soup this morning better, and again tonight. He ate off the spoon and really did not turn away until he had just a small amount left. He has been sleeping again with the other cage mates. Still has his jaundice, I cannot tell if that is better or not. Will keep going with the Baytril, prednisalone, soup as much as I can get to him and SQ fluids. One day at a time.

March 29, 2015:
  I took Max to see Dr Edwards yesterday. He is a sick little ferret. His liver function tests are up significantly. It is not known why, but likely one of two thing: cancer or infection. He is now on injection Baytril. His appetite is very low, and it is a struggle to have him take soup. He has lost several ounces over the last 10 or so days.
  I have given some SQ fluids. With his pretty quick downhill slide I do not have much hope he can rebound.

September 24, 2014:
Hello Brenda,
  I was glad to read your last e-mail and see that you are much improved. I will be taking Max and You-I up to Dr. Edwards tomorrow morning for planned surgery on Thursday (You-I is going along for moral support!). I am planning on picking him up Friday afternoon and would like to be able to bring him to you for postoperative care.
  You will be able to give him much better care than I can. Also, Reilly and I have a fishing weekend planned with some friends coming up from home starting on Saturday morning.
  Let me know if this is something that will work for you.

September 18, 2014:
  Hello Brenda, nice to have you back in NY State safe and sound.
  Max is doing well. Does not appear to have too many issues with urinating. Stool is good. Holding his weight. His sugar 1 week ago after a 4 hour fast was 60.
  Will be talking to Doc Edwards tomorrow and making plans. I think surgery is the better idea, but still not sure. Do you have any ideas? Likely has some insulinoma's. Definitely has an enlarged adrenal on the left.

September 3, 2014:
  Hello, I hope the first day back was not too traumatic for you or the students. Max did well overnight. But today ultrasound showed the catheter was not in bladder but was 1 cm short. Not real surprised as they had a hard time getting the catheter in last night. They were going to try a new on this afternoon as the urine flow as not great.
  He was brighter in the AM, is on some pain meds. Blood work was ok. No signs of any kidney stones in urine. Ultrasound I think shows enlarged adrenal on the left?, prostate is enlarged. He received shot of rapid acting Lupron, which can help reduce size of prostate rather quickly.
  I have not got the afternoon report. Will keep you up to date.

September 2, 2014:
  Hard time getting the catheter in to drain the bladder, but did get done. Urine showed possible sign of kidney stone? I did not understand clearly what the doc meant. He tolerated the procedure good and when we talked was resting (he wasn’t sleeping much has he was too uncomfortable), which is good. I will get a report this morning and will keep you up to date. Hope the 1st day back for the students goes well today for you.

September 01, 2014:
Good morning Brenda,
  Sorry about the call last night. Just got back from Cornell. Max is obstructed with a very distended bladder. When I left they were going to sedate him and try to pass a catheter.
  The ER doc was talking a lot about kidneys stones. I suggested workup prior when he had the adrenal removed did not show any kidney stones, or crystals in his urine. She did understand it could be the prostate, maybe adrenal related (His fur on his belly never grew back, he still has lack of fur on his toes, and the beautiful coat he had for so long this winter {best we have ever seen for him}) has thinned, especially in the shoulders (yes, could be his summer coat).
  They will be giving be a call tonight after they work on the bladder. The exotic team in morning will take over (Same Doc who took care of Katie, Dr. Demotos). If he has to have surgery, and it can be postponed for a few days, I will consider speaking with Dr Edwards. Max is 6 ( as of last week) and has been relatively healthy.
  Will just have to wait and see what happens and deal with things as we go along.

August 30, 2014:
  Max this evening had a very hard time urinating. I actually heard him “grunting”. I tried to express his bladder, which is enlarged. He seemed quite tender when I did this. I was not successful. He urinated earlier as he is the only one to my knowledge that does not use the litter box.
Any suggestions? Thanks

May 29, 2014:
  Boys are good I think. Max is more lively, “faster getting around” than what he was. Still some issues peeing, as he will leave a few different puddles around, and does not seem to pee very quickly. If Friskie was not so skinny, I would say he is doing great. Appetite seems to be pretty good, eating the soup up really well. I will get a BG on him tomorrow morning.

May 19, 2014:
  I took the boys out of the play pen and set up a pen in the kitchen a bit bigger. I was concerned they were not eating and neither of them are finishing their soup. NOT to be concerned as if they are eating kibble they will not be hungry. I found some nice poo this morning so they did eat some soup and kibble.
  I brought them up to my space this morning I wanted to see if they were acting alright they are. I will give them the morning to wander in my living room there is a lot to find to do with little to make them interested in climbing.
  I hope you have recuperated from Saturday, I feel a bit more human today than I did yesterday.
  Have a good day

May 15, 2014:
  Spoke with Dr. Edwards late this evening. Both ferrets got through the surgery without difficulty.
  Max had a right-sided adrenal adenoma, did not get into the liver or vena cava, was resected without problems.
  Friskie ended up having a "bezoar", fancy term for "hairball". It was 1 x 2 cm. Was in a position that likely was causing occasional blockages. That can explain why he was having so much mucus, as the stomach was getting riled up and producing a lot of mucus. He also had 2 insulinomas that were removed. They were both eating soup and kibble this evening without problems.
  At this time I am planning on picking them up relatively early on Saturday morning, and then traveling down to Naples. If anything changes, I will let you know. I hope you both are doing well.

May 01, 2014:
  Max was in this evening to see Doc. No kidney stones, urinalysis still looks “infected”. Will be on clavamox for 2 wks. If symptoms persist, will likely look towards adrenal/prostate.

November 29, 2013:
  Appears Max also has insulinoma. His weight is down from prior, has been a slow loss. Checked a sugar, and he was 69. Cannot "officially" make the diagnosis with that number, but it is close enough and he is now on prednisalone along with two times a day protein soup. Monster and You-i are both doing well. No obvious signs of low sugars.
  Fred has recovered fully. The little devil escaped from the pen, not sure how he did it. He also is back to his rambunctious self, as he never stops when we have him loose.

March 20, 2013:
  They are all in one cage; everyone sleeps with whichever Ferret they want. They are doing great. We have a lot of fun with them. They truly bring me a lot of joy.
  It is interesting how they each have a different personality. Alice and Fred are by far the craziest of the group. Friskie is pretty laid back, but he likes to rough it up with anyone of the others. Hannah is a real sweet heart. It is hard to believe how vicious she was to Friskie and Fred, and now has no problems what so ever. Better than medications what those little Fuzzies do for me.

March 13, 2013:
  Just a little update from us. Ferrets are well. Alice escaped from our pen 3 different times. Not quite sure on this little ferret did it, may have been related to a piece of tubing right next to the fence. Good news, the little fuzzy has not gotten out in the last 6 days. The rest are doing very good. Max has “come out of his shell”. He has always been “laid back”, letting the other Ferrets tackle him without much ruckus. He now is chasing after others, pouncing and is even trying to beat up on Hannah
  Us humans are doing well. Delaney turned 15 yesterday. Reilly is happy as always.
  I will be ordering some, more prednisalone, and hope to bring this over in the next 2-3 weeks. Likely would be a Sunday. What Sundays would be best for you? Are you in need of any medical supplies or meds?
  I forgot to get Dr. Sandra’s address. We still have some nice black walnuts that should get sent. We are going on vacation starting March 29 – April 6. Do you have room at camp for 5 Fuzzies? We would drop them off on the afternoon of the 29th, and pick them up on afternoon of April 7.
  I hope you are doing well.

August 07, 2012:
  There is something coming up regarding the shelter, a meeting of some kind you emailed about. When is that, and remind me the purpose. Reilly and I would like to come.
  Our Fuzzies are doing good. Reilly wanted me to ask about Max and some hair loss on his tail. I have not noticed, but have not looked close. They all seem to be doing pretty good. I am glad we are getting some cooler weather, as our basement as heated up some (still around 65 – 67), but need some cold nights to get it back down to a nicer level.

July 09, 2012:
  Brenda, glad to hear you are better. The fur kids are well. Max really gets hyper when we go down and open the cage. He of course has no fear, and will just step out of the cage if you do not grab him. This morning Hannah really enjoyed a nice back rub from Reilly. She said laid there and kept moving her back to get more lovin’. Friskie of course is doing very good. They have all gotten into some water recently to help keep them cool. They sometimes will get into the shower when it is running. Hannah seems to like it the most, Max seems clueless sometimes, and Friskie is not too sure of it. Usually after they get wet, they get pretty crazy.

May 24, 2012:
  Brenda, we enjoyed our time with you and the Fuzzies last Sunday. Did nails tonight for our Fuzzies. Nipped too close on Max, did get a sugar and it was 70. I cannot tell you for sure, but it looks like is his weight is done about 10 - 12 oz. Hannah has actually gained, Friskie is down some also (I need to find my prior sheet with the last weights to get better idea on gains/losses). With Max's sugar of 70, do I need to have him checked out? Thanks

January 10, 2012:
  Brenda, Glad you are getting better. No surprised it is taking time to recover, as your lungs were pretty stressed. Once off the antibiotics and the steroids, I expect you will come a long pretty good.
  Katie was in to Cornell today. Blood count was down some from prior, but not at a critical level. We refreshed her prednisalone (Pediapred), and may have to do the same with her other current med (cyclosporine). I would not be surprised if she gets written up, as compared to the other ferret that was reported in the literature, she was far advanced (unfortunately in the wrong direction.
  Max and Friskie are doing pretty good. No obvious problems. They both donated some blood today, in reference to what Pudge seemed to have. They will keep this blood on ice, and the test once they have the final ID on the virus that Pudge had. Could this be a virus that is implicated in ECE? Guess will have to wait for more reports to come.

December 27, 2011:
  Brenda, I am sorry to let you know that Pudge passed this afternoon at about 4 pm. He looked pretty good on Christmas day. At least he was taking the Carnivore Care protein soup really well. Monday a light switch went off. He stopped taking the soup, became quite wobbly, some stool incontinence. When I took his weight this morning, he was down 1 oz, looked poorly. Got Sub Q fluids in, took him to work and decided needed to travel to Cornell. By the time we got there he was very sick. They admitted him, got labs: blood was acidotic, significant anemia. I was on my way home when they called, needed transfusion. Was headed to get Friskie and they called again and said he had stopped breathing, and I ask that they just let him pass.
  Gotta say this hurts a lot. Not sure how you made it thru the Virus outbreak last Spring. Reilly as expected is also upset. They are worried that Pudge may have developed what Katie has/had, and ask to do a post mortem, which I agreed to. If they can discover some useful information that may help other ferrets in the future, it will be worth it.
  I think what likely happened was either I was fooled by the amount of fluids he was drinking, but did not take into consideration that much of that was going out thru the stool. I backed off the SQ fluids, and he may have just become severely volume depleted/dehydrated, the tissue did not get enough blood flow and he got into a bad cascade. The other possibility is he had an overwhelming infection, which would give the same picture.
  Guess it is a mute point. Could not really find a lot of good words to help Reilly. As you know, it is a hard experience to loose something you love. As of note, the rest of the ferrets look very good with no obvious problems.

December 25, 2011:
  Brenda, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. We have been very fortunate here. We had a great relaxing day. I think God has looked over me and Pudge, as this weekend plus tomorrow comes at a critical time for Pudge. I have had lots of time this weekend to get lots of protein supplement into him. I have only given Sub Q fluids once today, as he has gotten his fluids thru food/supplements. I hope you get some nice time off over the next week.

December 21, 2011:
  Got both of your packages today, although only had time to open the one with the food, thanks. Had Pudge to vet, she agrees probably ECE, possibly bacterial overgrowth. Right now treatment is the same: more fluids, feed the high protein powder supplement, cont amoxy, start SQ antibiotic (and a few prayers). Will just have to get this done. Looks like Pudge and Max will be going to work with me so I can get more things done for him during the day. I am confident he will get better.

December 20, 2011:
  Hangin' in there. Ate more soup tonight from dropper. I added two meds to help with the diarrhea, and those went in good. He got another 12 mls of Sub Q fluids. He is much easier than Katy ever was. Looks like between him and Max, they are picking thru the food and leaving some behind. I am going to increase the Purina one, just to make sure he is getting all he needs.

December 19, 2011:
  Got some soup with dropper into Pudge, got another 12 mls of sub Q fluids, activity ok, stools greenish/mucous, no black over night.

December 18, 2011:
  Thanks Brenda, got some soup into Pudge, he took about 3 mls, drank a touch from the bowl and decided that was enough. Got about 12 mls of Sub Q fluids into him, and will try dropper and soup in a while. He is taking the meds ok.

December 17, 2011:
  Brenda, questions on Pudge. Although he seems a little more active than 5 or 6 days ago, he still is not right. I weighed him for the first time. His wt in August was 2 lbs 7 oz, November 29 2 lbs 5 oz, today 1 lb 7 oz. Yes different scale, but fairly accurate. His total body mass is much different from when we first got him: very thin. He seems to also not be cleaning himself very well, as he has urine stains and feces stains. Stools today have been loose, mucous type, one stool black. He is getting carafate usually 3 times per day. He is getting Amoxicillin 3x per day. He takes those meds well. Still will not take Duke soup. His paw/ankles front back have developed some slight redness, slight puffiness? I will be giving fluids in the morning. The diarrhea appears to be consistent, and is likely the cause of the weight loss. No sign of anemia. Any help?
  Thanks Charlie

December 10, 2011:
  I think Pudge has a ear infection. Smelled a foul odor from his ear, it has a moderate amount of wax. Have not looked deeper, but I will. Any suggestions?

December 7, 2011:
  The boys are doing great. I announced to Gail today through an e-mail that they had received their green card, they had been given full citizenship, we were glad to have them here.
  I have come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is simply to not bring them back. What do I have to do to make this official? Thanks,

December 2, 2011:
  Hello Brenda, Reilly here, me and my dad were wondering what do you put in Maxim's and Pudgey's food because we are getting slightly low on food (we have enough for about two more days). Also we are taking a little of our food mix and mixing it with theirs (about 10% per dad). Our food contains Purina one, EVO ferret, Zupreen grain free, Ultimate 8in1 Crunchy advanced. and we have marshal farms. Me and dad saw that some of Maxim's and Pudgey's poops are loose and liquidly. Other than that Friskie seems interested in the boys. Katie looks good and seems active, Hannah is also doing great. Hannah is very very playful. Me and dad think mom is giving in to Maxim and Pudgey (she has already made nicknames for them both). Also putting Katie's meds in the duck soup works great she eats it up no problem.
  From, Reilly and dad

July 9, 2011:
  Doc called about 12:30 to tell me some of the barium was getting through the intestines but when he did a second X-ray there was still too much in Mallory's stomach - so he thought there was an obstruction but knew at this point it was not foreign or at least not something that the X-ray picked up. she had peed so he knew her kidneys were functioning. Doc said we either put her down or go in to see if there is something that can be done. I opted to go in to see what was going on - Doc said what he found was a tumor on/in/around the pylorus - don't remember the exact word he used, he said what he found he could not fix so he let her go.

July 8, 2011:
  I am on my way out the door with Mallory for Avon. Mr. Dick is meeting me to continue the run to Brockport to get her to Doc. I have done everything I know to do for her she now needs Doc.

  1:30PM: I just got off the phone with Doc. He has done 60 cc of fluids so far since Mallory got there at 11:30. She is still not peeing, he is going to continue to give fluids. He got carafate into her and gave her Batryl injection. He says her intestines are inflamed. I will call him when I get home from work. He is concerned her kidneys are shutting down. - Brenda

  5:30PM: Doc says he finally got Marllory hydrated he used 100 cc fluids throughout the day to get her there. She has gained 3 oz. He did a barium X-Ray to be sure there was no obstruction. She pooped some out but not all, there was still some in her tummy so he has not ruled out foreign object. She still had not yet peed at the time of the call.

Christmas Gifts, 2010:
  Dear Miss Louise, We got our presents - take a look at us opening them! Mum needs to get Oliver II up here to open his. We also shared some with little Luna, she came in a week ago yesterday. She was found in a dumpster 2 hours north west of here. Miss Mindy went to get her and got her to Mum, so there is a picture of her too - Maxim, Pudgy and Luna


September 7, 2010:
  Good Morning Brenda, Just wondering how the four of them are doing? I forgot to tell you that I didn't get a chance to wash their toys. Mallory likes to curl up and sleep in the black furry hat that is in the bag with the toys. She was hiding it under the couch and sneaking away to nap but it looks like she'll have too many fun things to do to take a nap. - Deb

  The kids seem to be settling in okay. I say seem because it is still early yet to know if they are going to crash on me. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the reality to hit them, but at this point I am thinking they are not going to crash because they are all eating well and their poops look great.
  I gave them the library the first morning - they are in the new kids room so they get up at 3:30 when I get up, they are a part of first shift, then the kitchen, they bounced around some. I then gave them the play room and opened up their cage so they could come and go at will while in the play room. The picture I have attached is of them when it was time to start putting first shift away. All I had to do is close the door and cover the cage. The reason I cover the cage is because when they are new all the noise and movement can upset them, so when I cover the cage they feel they are in a safe cave that no one can get to them. I keep it covered until I see they have adjusted to all the activity that goes on though the day.
  I am encouraged with their activity, we have visitors here this week. 3 more cages full of kids so the out time is a little less, but for a week they will survive. They will get 5 hrs out if it is too warm for the porch 6 if we can use the porch. I am back to work so I have to keep on schedule. They are awesome kids, thank you for trusting me with them. - Brenda

  Thank you for the picture! You obviously have things under control. Five hours a day of play time is fantastic since they were only getting one to one and a half with me. They should be pretty well pooped after that and ready for sleep. They look like they're in a real comfy hammock. You may not look at all you do for them as work but WOW I don't know how you do it.
  Anybody with well behaved children knows that structure and schedules are very important and you have the handle on that. I know not only are their physical needs being met but also their general well being thanks to you and your BIG HEART.
  Dr. Edwards hit the nail on the head when he said you are a Saint. Hopefully your passengers on the school bus appreciate you as much as your fur kids and their previous owners do. Deb

August 17, 2010:
  The new kids seem to be settling in okay. I gave them the library first this morning, then the kitchen, they bounced around some. I then gave them the play room and opened up their cage so they could come and go at will while in the play room. The picture I have attached is of them when it was time to start putting first shift away, all I had to do is close the door and cover the cage


Initial Contact, August 17, 2010, Deb:
  My adult son suffers from a chemical imbalance, depression and anxiety. He has four ferrets that he loves dearly but does not take care of them properly. He recently relocated to Denver, CO and was unable to take them with him.
  There are 3 males, Pudgy, Rye-Rye & Maxim and one female, Mallory. They are cute but I work and am gone 10-12 hours a day and am unable to give them the care and love they need. They are all 2-3 years old and only had the shots given before leaving the Pet Store.
  I don't want to send them to someone who THINKS they want a ferret only to find they don't. My son begged me to try and keep them together. I watched some of your videos and you are certainly a Ferret Angel from Heaven.
  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. - Deb

Brenda's Response:
  They are my love, my life, and my passion. Your son is correct they need to stay together.
  This is what I need for you to surrender them:
    · They must be current on Rabies and Distemper vaccines with documentation.
    · Everything that belongs to them must come with them, toys, blankets, including their cage.
    · Enough food and water to get them through a minimum of 4 weeks so it gives them time to acclimate to what I use here.
    · Do they all sleep in the same cage together?
    · What food are you feeding them now?
    · When would you want to surrender them?
  Let me know if you can comply with my requirement and if you still wish to surrender them. I have room for one more intake so you will need to let me know in a timely manner.

Deb's Response:
  They do all sleep in a hammock in a large cage. I let them out 20-30 minutes before I leave for work to clean their cage and 20-30 minutes in the evening. Any longer then that I usually find at least 2 of them curled up and already asleep sometime in their hammock and sometime in the sofa.
  He has been feeding them Purina chicken flavored cat food and occasionally Ferret treats by Hartz.

Brenda's Response:
  That's a ferret for you!
  Cat or kitten food? They really need the kitten if they are in fact on cat food, drop the Hartz treats please.

Deb's Response:
  I live in Georgetown NY but work in Syracuse. I will find a vet to give them the shots they need. I would like to surrender them ASAP because I hate seeing them in their cage all day, though they are sleepy heads.
  Can you please reserve the spot for them and I will call today to see where I can get their shots.
  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Brenda's Response:
  Yes when there is no interaction they sleep
  Okay please keep me in the loop and informed so I know what is going on.

August 17, 2010, Deb's Response:
  I called my vet in Cazenovia , NY and they do not treat ferrets. I've called a few places in Syracuse and the Saturday appointments I can get are 2 in this Saturday and 2 the following. That animal center said they will give the rabies shot but it's a doctors call on the distemper because some ferrets don't do well with them, but they would provide documentation as such. Is that acceptable?
  Do you know of any vets in your area that I can take them to on my way to Naples? I also have a house in Rochester so maybe I can check there. I appreciate any suggestions you may have. They ran out of the Hartz treats on Sunday so I will not replenish. They are almost out of the CAT food so I will get them Kitten food. Is there a brand you would recommend and should I get a very large bag? Will you be able to use it? Thanks, again.

Brenda's Response:
  Perfect, thanks. You really want to stay away from Hartz brands if you can.
  You need to make sure you do not let them run out of the cat food you use, mix the cat and kitten food together - Purina chicken flavored cat food - just get the same brand but get the kitten food, ferrets imprint on their food the first year of their life and if they have not had it by then they do not recognize what you put in front of them as food. As long as you buy the same brand they should do fine going to the kitten but we want to be sure they do - mix the 2 together so they still have the option to eat the food they recognize.
  Yes I will use it. I will need to use it until they adapt to my 6 different kinds of foods here in a mix, one of them is Purina One Kitten food. Brenda
  Actually the distemper shot is more important because you and I can bring that in on our clothes to our pets, it is an airborne virus. Rabies the fur kids have to be bitten by a rabid animal. No matter I have someone you can call
  My area no, but I am going to give you our vets name and number, give them a call. If you tell them the fur kids are coming here they will do their best to work you in soon than later then you can bring them right to the shelter from Dr. Edwards.I prefer it that way anyway - so as long as you do not have anyone up your way to go to this may work out better. Dr. Allen Edwards Brockport Animal hospital Brockport NY phone 585 637 6190

Deb's Response:
  The first Saturday they have available is Sept 4th at 8 AM. Is that too late? We are pretty busy at work but if I need to take a day off to get them to you sooner I will because I don't want them to miss out on this opportunity.

Brenda's Response:
  No not too late - I will hold the spot open for you, just let me know you are defiantly taking them on Sept 4th - 8 am. Will you be bringing them down to me after the appointment? I will leave that up to you, but the 4th works for me if it works for you.

Deb's Response:
  Yes. That will work for me. I can't believe you go all the way to Brockport from Naples for vet appointments. You must really love your animals which sets my mind and heart at ease. I have a GPS which should help get me to your location though I've been known to get lost even with the GPS . One more question. How much water should I bring? Do you have a dispenser for the large jugs of bottled water? Or should I bring gallons?

Brenda's Response:
  When I started sheltering 15 yrs ago - Doctor Edwards was the only ferret knowledgeable vet around. Since I opened my doors there are now 3 ferret knowledgeable vets in upstate NY, Dr. Gschrey in Henrietta and Dr. Armao in Ithaca. I have the best ferret knowledgeable vet you can have. I have shelter friends that come all the way up from the Bronx NY to have Doc Edwards take care of their ferrets, so you see I do not drive all that far for an awesome vet!
  I demand the ferrets get the proper care from a vet that knows how to care for ferrets. You found a vet telling you that he does not do distemper for ferrets, there was distemper out break in the Midwest one summer at a ferret shelter and it killed many ferrets. There is a special vaccine for ferrets that is safe, the vet you spoke to probably does not see enough ferrets to purchase the ferret vaccine. All vaccines have the potential to be harmful, even for our children - so we just need to be vigilant about what we do for our children and our pets.
  If you plug in 7835 State Route 21 it should get you here with no problem. I am sending you a picture of the sign I have out front.
  A couple of gallons should do it, that gets them through the adjustment period, I have 2 fur kids that came in 3 weeks ago last Sunday that still are not happy to be here and are in the sick pen so I can monitor their progress, they are adjusting very slowly.

Deb's Response:
  THANK YOU!!!!!!! You are quite knowledgeable, probably more so than I was told. I look forward to meeting you on the 4th.

Brenda's Response:
  I am not sure I understand this statement. Don't forget everything that belongs to them much come with them.

August 18, 2010, Deb's Response:
  Dr Edwards office said that you are very good with your pets and I believed them but the more you tell me, I may have underestimated what they meant by saying you were 'very good,' which is fortunate for all concerned.

Brenda's Response:
  Oh okay, it did not occur to me that Dr. Edwards' office would even discuss my reputation with anyone. I suppose I should not be it is nice to know how they feel, thanks for sharing. I do hope this means you feel more comfortable about the fur kids coming in. Brenda

Deb's Response:
  Actually, since viewing your website, you have been an answer to my prayers and I was afraid you were too good to be true. When I spoke with the receptionist at Dr. Edwards office, I asked her if she knew of you. At first she was reluctant to say anything but did say you were very good with animals and many people have come to you. I don't always get my thoughts clear when transferring them to paper so I'm sorry if my words, or lack of, concerned you.
  I am very comfortable with moving the fur kids to your farm. It will be sad but comforting to know they will be taken care of with such love. I swear they know what’s going on. Maxium, a big white fella, seemed a little down last night during play time. His longtime companion, Mallory, came over and gave a few nudges and got him going. She is the smallest of the four and loves to give her brothers a good time.
  I told my son a little about where they were going and he got pretty emotional. He has begged me not to send them to a shelter but your farm hardly sounds like a shelter. I'm afraid he didn't make them spend much time in their cages and therefore they pretty much went to the bathroom wherever they could find a corner so they aren't very well trained. They would crawl and drawers or clothes in the closets and sleep. I have been using newspapers in their 3 favorite spots outside their cage and that seems to work. I also use newspapers on the bottom of their cage and sometimes during playtime they do crawl back in to go to the bathroom. I have found that after 20-30 minutes of play time, when I return them to their hammock, they settle right in and go to sleep. They are fun little critters. If you have any suggestions for potty training before sending them your way, I will gladly try it. Deb

Brenda's Response:
  Not a concern so much as I could not figure out who you would have spoken to, to get that information, I keep forgetting that I have a reputation that spans the globe, literally, because I do this for the love if it I do not give the reputation that precedes me much thought, until someone says something like you did - I expect they know something is up.
  It would help them adjust quicker if you can send them something that belongs to you that they can sleep in - Yes mine is not the typical shelter, all the kids get out of the cage for 6 to 8 hours a day, they have 8 separate enrichment/play areas to hang out in - There is nothing wrong with that except here they will have to so everyone gets the same out time - That is a ferret for you - Yes I use papers here too they are free so that is what I use most of - That is pretty good - You have them on a schedule - they will get more out time here and will adjust to that as well - they bring a smile to my face daily. I can think of nothing I would rather do in my life - you can train a ferret to use a little box, but the world is their toilet. I keep papers down but you will find land minds all over anyway, it is just what ferrets do best. - Brenda

August 18, 2010, Deb's Response:
  You are an awesome lady! Your schedule of 6-8 hours of playtime is far better then what they've been getting for the past 2 weeks. They have my sons blue sweatshirt that seems to be a favorite. I pin it to the side of the cage on a shelf near their hammock so they either crawl in a sleeve or pull a sleeve or the hood into the hammock. If I don't pin it, it seems to make it to the bottom of the cage and ends up in their water bowl or in their bathroom, which probably bothers me more than them. After I wash it I put it on the floor and they love to go in and out of the sleeves so I will certainly bring that. They also have a water bottle they can drink from. They like to hide their stuffed animals so I'll do some searching before we go and gather what I can. Maybe I'll pick up a few more so they won't be new by the time of the move. Deb

September 2, 2010, Deb's Response:
  Hi Brenda, We're ready if you are. I received a call from the Brockport Animal Hospital to confirm our 8:15 appointment on Saturday so we're all set there. My son said they had there shots when he picked them up but that was around 2 years ago and he has no paperwork.
  I have been mixing Purina Kitten food with what the furkids were eating (Dad's Gourmet Blend) and they're coming along with it. I used to put the Hartz treats in a small bowl and now its strictly the Purina Kitten food and it disappears so they're getting there. Is Purina Kitten the right kind? I have been trying to find a large bag (15+ pounds) but haven't had any luck. I will pick up some smaller backs but wanted to confirm that's what you usually use. I will also bring some gallons of water along with their cage, toys, blankets and a my son's shirt that they like sleeping in. Is there anything else I can bring? Do you charge a fee for taking them in? Thank you! Deb

Brenda's Response:
  Purina One Kitten is what they should be on, they do not make anything bigger than 7# bags for kitten food.
  Good, thanks that is what I need current with documentation do you are correct 2 yrs ago does not work - Nope 7# is the biggest you can get in kitten food - Thanks that would be great - Perfect - Can not think of anything else No surrender fee as long as they are vaccinated and looked at by doc with documentation Brenda

Deb's Response:
  You are an awesome lady! Your schedule of 6-8 hours of playtime is far better then what they’ve been getting for the past 2 weeks.
  They have my sons blue sweatshirt that seems to be a favorite. I pin it to the side of the cage on a shelf near their hammock so they either crawl in a sleeve or pull a sleeve or the hood into the hammock. If I don’t pin it, it seems to make it to the bottom of the cage and ends up in their water bowl or in their bathroom, which probably bothers me more than them. After I wash it I put it on the floor and they love to go in and out of the sleeves so I will certainly bring that. They also have a water bottle they can drink from.
  They like to hide their stuffed animals so I'll do some searching before we go and gather what I can. Maybe I'll pick up a few more so they won't be new by the time of the move. Deb