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Pheona & Wilson

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on July 19, 2014.
   • Pheona is a female.
   • Wilson is a male.

   • Pheona and Wilson have a far away Mom in Albert Lea, MN!
   • Read about how these two arrived at the Shelter by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

October 25, 2017:
  Wilson was in a crash yesterday morning, we got him back with Dex.

March 16, 2017:
  Oh where, oh where, has mum gone? Oh where, oh where, can she be?
  Okay fuzzbutts of Lakeroad Ferret Shelter and Rescue (except my honey bunnies, Wilson & Pheona, who are perfect in every way), what have you done with mum? Whose hidey hole is she stuffed in? Someone has answers, so get to dooking. I will get to the bottom of this, one way or another. Don't forget, I have the phone number and I'm not afraid to use it. Lauri

Hi far away Mom - we are boycotting Mum! She was mean to me! She was serving up soup Tuesday night, Pheona has been trying to steal my soup with medicine so Mum set me up in my cage to have my soup! Only SHE FORGOT ABOUT ME! She did not get me back up and put me in the playroom where I was supposed to hang for the night! I am really, really mad at her!
  She let us up early and put us away late on Wed to make up for her mistake but I am still really mad at her. That is why you have not heard from us!
We love you

  Oh no! My poor darling boy. I am so sorry that happened, and understand why you're upset. I wouldn't be happy if I missed out on my playtime either. You know what, mum is really really really sorry that happened. I know in my heart and soul she is. I'm not real pleased with Pheona's behavior and repeated attempts to steal your soup with medicine in it. I think it's time for her to be scruffed and receive a nose-to-nose lecture from mum. Could you do me a favor, sweet boy? Go easy on mum. She's doing the best she can, and you're not her only charge. Again, I understand why you're miffed, and I'm not saying you shouldn't be. I am asking you to consider everything mum does, and continues to do for you and forgive her. It would mean a lot to me and mum, okay? You're my best guy, and I love you bunches and bunches.

  I forgot to tell you that when Mum discovered what she had done she took me out and let me have some out of the cage time right then and there, I even got the kitchen. Sissy had to stay in the cage. I know she keeps telling me that. Mum has started giving her soup without meds so she will leave mine alone, that is making her and Mum happy.
  I am getting over it, I know Mum really tries to keep things going without a hitch, considering we have 44 of us in house, not a single cage empty she does pretty well keeping things going without a real hitch, she also is now setting me in the pan to have my soup so she does not forget me. Like I said I am getting over it, and Mum has adjusted things to make sure it does not happen to me again. Thanks for letting me vent - it makes things better when I can.
  You are the best far away Mom! We love you - Wilson

February 14, 2017:
  I am dropper feeding Clyde, Wilson and Dazzle because they were not finishing their medicated soup. Dazzle and Clyde were looking really bad for a couple of days but they seem to be doing better this morning. Both are on life's edge.

January 28, 2017:
  Hello Everyone in Upstate New York! It's your favorite Minnesota maniac. I haven't been following the weather reports for Naples. I hope it's not unbearably cold and/or icy. The sun is shining bright, clear sky, light breeze, and the temperature's not bad in my neck of the woods, at least for today.
  Down to brass tacks, how is my wonderful Wilson? I've been thinking good thoughts and sending them your way, bud. I hope they're helping, even if it's just a smidge. Have you been eating, and taking your meds without a lot of fuss? Being sick isn't my idea of a good time. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way. Has Miss Tina come by to love on you? You're a lucky guy. You have three women who love you dearly and want the best for you. There are two-legged furless men who would be over the moon happy to have three fearless, fantastic, fabulous ladies devoted to them. I can't close this email without saying hi to my lovely, precious Pheona. I'm sorry if you're not getting as much attention as usual because of Wilson. You are special, you are important, you are loved, and Wilson needs you. Not that he'll ever admit it. Hmmph, boys can be blockheads sometimes. Okay, more often than not. Other than that, how are things in your world? Have you made any new ferret friends? Or have you been concentrating on stealing people's hearts with your charm and beauty, just like you stole mine. You don't have to answer that. Every female has a right to keep her secrets to herself. That's all for now. Take care of yourselves and each other. Lauri

Hi Far away Mom,
  It has been crazy Mum says.. snowy, icy then the next day warm and thaw.. a couple of days it was dicey on the roads. Mum is telling everyone I am stable...I think that means I am doing better...VBG They are working, thanks.
  I have! Mum puts the meds in soup in a dropper and I get them that way.. I like the soup and the soup hides the meds. Truth.. but I am feeling much better, even dancing at times.
  Nope - 3 ferrets came into the ASPCA in her town - 2 hours north of us, they only do dogs and cats at that facility so Miss Tina takes care of any ferrets that are brought in then usually brings them home to her house to be hers. They came in 2 weeks ago Miss Tina will be bringing them home with her this weekend, she will be coming to help Mum on February break.
  I do, I am one lucky little dude. That they would… I love you far away Mom.
  Oh I am, Mum had a crazy week on the big yellow thingy.. got home from work at 8 had to go back to work at 10:30 she had me and Wilson up, needed to put us away and I would do the happy dance away from her. She kept trying to catch me to put me away and I was too fast for her to catch.. LOL
  Awe thanks far away Mom that is good to know. Boy aint that the truth.
  Like I said Mum had a crazy week so life was a bit hectic and accelerated because of her schedule. Mum got a call from the Rochester Animal Services about 2 ferrets that need to come here, Miss Janette and Mum are working on making that happen today. Mum has a volunteer and a community service person coming this morning till noon so it will be later today when Mum picks them up.
  Yup Yup I do that too I will tell you my secrets but nobody else.. well sometimes I tell Mum. Thanks for checking in on us. We love you .. Pheona

January 21, 2017:
  I got Pheona and Wilson moved to the meds bank of cages, I kept forgetting to give him his meds. Venus is on soup only so if miss her it is not a big deal. I switched them to get Wilson in the bank of cage with meds signs.

January 16, 2017:
  I have both Kiwi and Wilson back on track. Wilson could not get his soup from the dropper fast enough so I will try giving him a bowl tonight.

January 13, 2017:
  Wilson was acting really strange this afternoon so I did a BG on the little guy - meter came up with a "low" reading meaning the numbers are lower than the meter goes. I gave him a Dex shot he had his face in the food dish when I was shutting the shelter down tonight. I will do another BG in the morning to see where he is after the Dex.

January 12, 2017:
  Oh I got Kiwi and Wilson BG done again Wilson's was 36 Kiwi was 53. Wilson is now taking his meds from a dropper without giving me a hard time. Kiwi fights me when I try to give her soup in anyway. I will continue to use the Dex if I have to, to get her numbers up to keep her stable.

November 15, 2016:
  Hey cyber friends and supporters - Daisy here... Miss Tina came to see us last Saturday to help Mum around the shelter. Our round fountain in the library sprung a leak, Mum was blaming us for making the mess... she thought we were playing in the water. She would clean up all the water on the floor, fill the fountain again. Shortly later, there would be water all over the floor again. The third time Mum decided it was not us it was the fountain. The Becker family brought us a new fountain a long time ago; because we live in a very old house we have limited electric outlets. Mum had fountains in all the rooms that she could plug fountains in, so she put the new one away for another day... that day came this last Saturday. Miss Tina got our new fountain up and running for us. Thanks to the Becker family we did not have to go without a fountain for more than a few hours. Mum says we are blessed to have so many help Mum take care of us. The pictures are of Miss Tina with Pheona, she did not want much loving, only play. Wilson on the other hand would have stayed in Miss Tina's arms all day.
I'm off to look for more news, see ya later


March 12, 2016:
  Mum later caught Pheona and Wilson doing the rough and tumble when let them into Mum's space kitchen area to play. They were raising the dust bunnies running from one corner to the next.


January 9, 2016:
Hello Pheona and Wilson,
  My name is Lauri, and I asked Mum if I could be your faraway mom. I don't know how much Mum told you about me. I've been a faraway mom before. Snowy-Bowie and Bandit & Gambit were my faraway furkids. I'm their really faraway mom now.
  Mum told me the two of you are trouble makers. I don't know about that. I see you as high-spirited curious ferrets with a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life. Mum said we're a good match and I'm looking forward to learning more about you. If you have any questions, ask them. I can't promise I'll always have answers. I can promise I'll do my level best.
Take care of yourselves and each other,

December 16, 2015:
  Sarah from http://www.scatinc.org/ asked our Mum to pick a fur kid or two for their Christmas Animal Angel Tree. Mum Picked me and Pheona, this is us opening the presents SCAT sent us.
  Thanks Miss Sarah for including us in your Christmas Angel Tree. Thanks for helpen Mum take care of us.
  Wilson and Pheona


March 18, 2015:
  I tried letting Pheona and Wilson have my space last night they have Tuesday marked on their tag - Pheona would not stop trying to get on my desk so they got moved to another spot for the night.

March 16 2015:
  A pretty nice day, Pheona and Louise went MIA today for many hours. I have no idea where they were, they both just sauntered out from where they were while I was getting soup and meds done tonight. They were both supposed to be put to bed at 11.

March 4, 2015:
  I decided to take the Rochester crew, Razzle and Dazzle, Pheona and Wilson with us to GCC today. They need their nails clipped and the class could use some fun disruption...Razzle and Dazzle can handle that. I thought about taking Max and Princess but they still nibble on occasion.

February 16, 2015:
  This morning I flipped a couple of cage groups. Bear up to a top cage and Pheona and Wilson into Bears cage. Bear was in the bottom cage next to the floor, cold and I found him up pacing a lot so I put blankets behind his cage yesterday, but that did not seem to help. I moved him up top where it is warmer. It took him a few minutes to settle down but he is settled in. I moved Pheona and Wilson below because they are younger, heavier and have each other to keep warm with.

December 19, 2014:
  Dear Rosanne Santa - I got my presents. Mum let me open them, oh man they rock.. I love them all! You are the best Santa I have ever had. Wilson thinks so too he helped me check them out.. thanks for making my first Christmas at the shelter special...Pheona


December 15, 2014:
  When it was time for me to head out I could not find Pheona to move her so I left with Sho in the same room (to the best of my knowledge) Marcia was going to stay until she finished all the rooms that needed doing so if she heard the kids arguing she was going to get them separated and put Pheona where she was to go with Wilson. Pheona did not show up while Marcia was still here, I got home at 3:40 pm started looking in all the rooms with the thought she had gotten into one on her own. No Pheona, so I came up to look in the living room where I had last seen her, and had literally torn the room apart looking for her before I left for work.
  Furniture pulled from the walls, kids Christmas stuff moved from one corner to another. NO Pheona. I gave up, went to the shelter to start putting kids away, then get soup and meds done. Pheona came trotting down the stairs at 4:30. I have no idea where she was sleeping. Once she reappeared I was able to focus on the things that needed doing.

November 18, 2014:
  Check it out! Mum got our fountain set up and then let me and Pheona try it out first. I checked it out and approved, Pheona was not interested... Thanks Miss Wendy for our awesome Christmas present! - Wilson


November 17, 2014:
  I was in the ferret room doing meds and I heard this awful noise coming from across the other side of the house. I started to move in the direction of the sound to see what was going on. I headed through the library and towards the dining room. I had put Wilson and Pheona in there. I jump the barrier into the dining room, I thought at first the kids had found one of the toys that chatter, I scared Wilson when I got over the barrier pulled the light on and found he had a mouse cornered and it was the mouse screaming. I had no idea they made noises. They do.

September 06, 2014:
hello Brenda its Colleen from Syracuse I want to know what the best way is to send money to you for Fiona and Wilson? would you prefer a check or PayPal.

Shelter Mum response - Hey Colleen it is good to hear from you. I hope your new life is settling in nicely and you are finding some peace. The fur kids are keeping me hopping, they got to spend the night in my space last night. Fiona kept getting up on my bed to wake me.. little poop head she is.. they are doing well and are happy. Still trying to teach them to like soup. Fiona is okay with it Wilson wants nothing to do with it. VBG
  We will accept the donation whichever is easiest on you. However If you use PP they will charge the shelter a fee.
Thank you for thinking of us. Brenda

July 23, 2014:
Good Morning Brenda,
  I have been meaning to get these pictures to you sooner. I've been thinking about Pheona and Wilson and how wonderfully happy they must be to be in your Ferret Play House Paradise.
  Attached are some of the pictures I took, I will forward the others to you later today.
  On my trip back home from your place, my car broke down and I had to be towed. Everything worked out fine, I happened to break down on the NY State Thruway and I have AAA, so they came an towed my car. I still don't have it back, it had a blown fuel pump and they have to replace the pump, filter and lines.
  As I told you when we met, I will be mailing you a donation for your Ferret family.
  I do hope all is well. Please send my love to my kids.

God Bless and keep you,
  Colleen D

July 21, 2014:
  Pheona and Wilson are eating!!!! They finished up the soup I left in the pen and there was a big divot in the food dish. I piled a big handful of Marshalls food on top of the mix that is in the bowl. They were eating. I am so relieved. I was not up for another marathon with kids that did not want to live.
  They are up here with me this morning, bouncing off the walls. I got the carrier set up yesterday I just need to put food and water in it. I have the information OFD needs to know printed. I will pack him up just before I leave for work. I will load him in the back of the bus (suburban) the kids will not know he is there.

July 20, 2014:
  The 2 new kids are not eating - Coleen brought their food and I put it in both dishes but they are not eating so I started force feeding soup this afternoon. Pheona took it without too much of a fight by the second dropper. Wilson not so much. They will get more at meds time. They both took soup willingly from the dropper tonight. Pheona took about 40 mLs Wilson took 20 mLs I set more soup in the pen for them if they decide they want it.

July 19, 2014:
  The two new kids Wilson and Pheona are here. Cute kids, healthy and happy. I hope they adjust easily. They got here at noon.



Initial Contact, July 16, 2014:
  Hi, my name is Colleen. I have a male and a female ferret that I cant keep due to the relocation of my job out of state. Could you assist me in finding them a home at your shelter please?

Shelter Response:
Good Morning Colleen,
  We have an opening at this time, where are you located? This link will explain all that is required to surrender your ferrets to us. The ferrets must be current on vaccines with documentation. Our web link includes two ferret knowledgeable veterinarians available to get this done if you do not have a veterinarian of your own.
  Current means 6 months or longer before the ferrets need to be vaccinated again. As the web site states everything that belongs to the ferrets comes with them up to and including the cage.
  We do not separate cage mates so it is imperative that if you decide you are surrendering your ferrets to this facility you keep us informed so we keep an appropriate opening for you. We work on a first come first serve basis.
  My work schedule varies on a day to day basis so we need to determine a time that fits both your and my schedule. Surrenders generally take 45 min to and hour to complete.
  I look forward to hearing from you.

Owner's Response:
  Brenda thank you so much for your quick response. They are current with shots. I have vet records cage toys and food required. Does this Saturday work for you? I live in Syracuse N.Y. Perfect. ..did you get the email I just sent you? They have current shots cage toys food...This Saturday would work best for me. Brenda thank you so much for your quick response.
  Thanks so much!

Shelter Response:
  Perfect, that is great they are UTD on their shots, if you do not have the vaccine documentation with you they will not be able to stay. Saturday works for us, does noon work for you?

Owner's Response:
  Yes noon works perfect for me. Thanks again so much.

Shelter Response:
  Then we will see you on Saturday 7/19 at noon.