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Popcorn & Velcro

   • Popcorn & Velcro have found a Forever Home.
   • Popcorn was a male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge August 16, 2012.
   • Velcro was a female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge September 24, 2012.


September 24, 2012:
  Hello friend,
  Unfortunately I have more sad news... little miss Velcro left this afternoon to meet Popcorn at Rainbow Bridge. She had been doing well since his passing but in the past week she started to decline... and after trying our best to keep her with us she crashed this morning... I wanted her to have the same dignity that Popcorn did so we said goodbye to our little girl this afternoon. Our family will never be the same without them.
  I stumbled on some very nice pictures of them from clinic day a few years ago. If you would like I can gladly sent you copies.
  Hope all is well

August 16, 2012:
  Hello Friend,
  It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this. Popcorn left this morning for Rainbow Bridge. Age had been taking it's toll on him this past month, and after a rough couple of days we decided that we would let him pass with dignity. Since we now own our house we plan on giving him a proper resting place beneath a large oak tree in our back yard, with his favorite toy.
  We spoke with the doc at some length about Miss Velcro. Age is catching up with her as well, and after today we are not sure how much longer she will be with us either. But none the less we intend to do everything to make this loss as easy as it can be for her, and keep her with us as long as possible.
  We had been preparing for this since we took them for their yearly check up last month, and at that time the doc said that his days were beginning to be numbered, but all the preparation in the world has made no difference to the hole left in our hearts with his passing.
  I will keep you posted on how Velcro is coping.
  Your friend

December 2, 2011:
  We are all doing great! Actually we have been busy buying a house. No more renting for us! The babies are doing great...both are putting in their new winter coats. They will continue to have their own room at the new house as well. I will let u know when our address changes. We will be moving to east Syracuse. But not til February when all the paperwork goes through.
  Actually I just realized the other day that we have had popcorn and Velcro four years now and they were 3 when they came to live with us which makes them. About 7. Older than any ferret I have ever had.
  How is everyone there doing? Good I hope... I know I have now been the best at keeping in touch especially this year. We have had a tough year and have had to cope with some things. But I am so glad for the laughter the babies have brought us.
  Hope all is well

August 23, 2011:
  Both popcorn and Velcro are doing well. Velcro has decided that her new favorite thing is to hide her clean not popped on yet news papers in their tent. Popcorn is still a crazy man. He chases Chris around when they play. They are always eager to "help" clean their area.

March 8, 2011:
  Hi! Sure... Both Popcorn and Velcro are doing great. Still roly-poly from their winter "fluff". Velcro likes to climb. I think she would climb up on the roof of the house if we would let her! Popcorn.. well he is just a lazy ferret who loves his soft, squishy bed. He likes to terrorize Sammy the dog... and Sammy being the gentle soul he is, lets him!
  How are you doing? Good I hope.

July 19, 2010:
  Both popcorn and velcro are doing great we moved about 3 months ago. They love their new room. We moved into a house we are renting no more apartments for us. Popcorn is quite the lazy boy. While velcro is a little busy body. They are keeping us on our toes.
  Sorry it has been a while. I was busy all the time with work but that ended a few weeks ago. I got laid off. All the animals think me being home is great! I am looking for a new job but it is certainly slow going. How are you doing? How are all your kids?

February 1, 2010:
  The Babies are doing great. They have their own bedroom to raise a ruckus in. Velcro is still as cuddley as ever, and living up to her name. Popcorn is still his crazy self too. he still has his toy that he came home with from the shelter, and he takes it everywhere. even to places it won't fit, but he sure tries really hard to get it to. Attached are some pics for you to do with what you would like. I have some new ones from around Christmas I just have to have Chris help me get them off my camera.

August 16, 2009:
  Hello There in Naples!
  How are things going with your summer? how are our cousins doing? How is you doing? Popcorn and I are doing great! Mum decided to do a overhaul of our room and wash down everything, it was clean for about a day they poppy messed it up again throw rice and toys around. Things here with everyone have been crazy. We had a passing two Saturdays ago. Piggy left for rainbow Bridge. (He was dad's guinea pig). We took him to granny's and buried him next to the rest of our family that is waiting at rainbow bridge. Dad was real sad but mom told him that it happens to us all and that piggy was 12, he lived twice his life expectancy. Dr. R. our doc and mom's new boss, told mom that he has few pigs that die of old age and that piggy well out lived many.
  Momma loves her new job, and we get perks too. half off our doc bills and what mom calls extra special attention. Momma has come home frustrated at some stupid ferret owners that she has seen going through there. Dr. R keeps reminding her that she is the exception to ferret owners and that most of them are stupid. Momma has seen some pretty dumb pet owners in general too.
  Dad has been busy with work, he is heading up an expo for the company's clients at the end of the month at turning stone, so he has been working long hours lately. I don't mind it means I get more of mom to myself. Well mom says i should be getting going. hope all is well there. kisses

July 2, 2009:
  Popcorn and Velcro have been with my husband and I for over a year now and they are thriving. Popcorn is my crazy man racing about and jumping everywhere. He loves his toys and boy does he have a lot of them. Velcro is a bit more reserved than her brother. She is my little cuddle bug, full of kisses and hugs. Unlike her brother, she is not much of a toy player but instead likes playing pee-a-boo with blankets. They have been such a neat addition to our family. I am glad my dear friend Brenda was able to help us find these two little angels!

September 4, 2008:
  The babies are doing well. They are my crazy flying monkeys. they have a piece of ferret furniture that is three story. They run and jump to the top of that leap off or onto the chair right next to it and do their crazy dance. Neither of them have a typical ferret dance they both have a crazy dance and if you are anywhere near them they leap at you. They get me laughing so hard sometimes. They are a hoot. They have their own things when Chris is playing with them too Velcro nips at his heels. She will playfully chase him around the room. When he picks her up or sits down she will give him kisses galore. Popcorn and Sammy remind me of how Jack acted with Sammy. He licks Sammy and climbs all over him. Velcro could care less about Sammy.

March 27, 2008:
  Popcorn has been busy being a cuddle bug and Velcro keeps me on my toes, she likes to make trouble. The kitty has made a new best friend with popcorn. She like to cuddle him. He has also taken an interest in toes! Little girl has been rolling balls through her tubes. she love to do that she will do it for hours on end. I am working with them to get them to like harnesses and walk on a leash so eventually we can go for walks. I am starting them around the apartment so that they associate the harness with fun adventures. I am doing it slowly so not to over whelm them. WE play all morning, then I go to work at 3pm and Chris comes home at 5:30 so they are in the cage a couple hours them they are out until I get home at 11pm and then we all go to bed. Normally they are sleeping somewhere in their room by the time I get home, so the only thing I get are sleepy kisses. I do get to talk to them on the phone when I take my dinner break. little girl gets bored quickly but popcorn will sit and listen to me talk. They are adorable. both Chris and I are so addicted to them.

  Hi mum it's Velcro- or as mom has dubbed me trouble!
  We is doing well, brother shed his winter coat and some of his winter pounds so mom now has a harness that fits him. We had an outing to Petsmart the other day cause we had been doing so well around the house and such with our leashes. Brother loved it, me on the other had not a fan of all those people, momma was good to me though when it was quiet she would let me down to play which I liked but when it got hairy carry she hid me in her coat so i could see out but no one saw me! Momma says I am her special little girl. Daddy says I just need to get used to it but momma tells him that there is not getting use to it it is who I am, I am an explorer, more of an archaeologist, excited about new discoveries but terrible at meeting new people! Momma says I would do better at the park ( she says she is the same way so we are two peas in a pod!) I am excited momma says I can explore all I wants.
  I have been giving mom lots of kisses and cuddles to make her feel better she says it helps. She also brushes me we both enjoy that we lay on the bed and I feel like queen being pampered. Mom has many names for us depending on the day. brothers is pooh bear, stink pot, mess maker and fluffy butt, mine are baby girl little girl, trouble, queen bee ( on my "insistent days), beautiful, and lots that I can't think of right now when we are both troublesome we are the dynamic terroring duo! Don't worry I a taking stock of moms funds to wee what she can buy us!!

March 18, 2008:
  Hi Mum- your favorite kids here!!! Popcorn and Velcro of course!!!
  Hi Mum-it's Popcorn mommy said I could talk first. I have so much to tell you!! First off I have so many toys, and mommy says they are all mine (ok so she said I had to share with my sister but that is it!-no one else!!). She told us this morning she had an errand to do, and when she came back she broght me a rice box my very own!!!! Sister and I danced in it for over an hour and mommy just laughed at us. She told me every "bear" (meaning me!) needs place to dig and hide toys!!! She says I am her gentle bear!! Last night when dad got home from work he came right in a played with us and gave us love and said he missed us all day!! Every morning he leaves for work he picks us up and gives us kisses and tells us to be good for momma, I don't think he knows but momma can be just as crazy ferret like as us. OK momma says it is Velcro's turn now Kisses Mum!!! Love you!!-Popcorn

  Hi Mum your favorite little girl here!! Momma may have brought brother presents but I think I like mine better! She brought me a petite bed for a pretty beautiful petite girl, as momma put it. She said every girl needs her own little place. She also came home with miles more tunnels for me. it is so cool I have tunnels going everywhere in the room! I have a new favorite thing too. Momma picks me up and lets me look out the window. I like to watch the neighbors walk their big ugly dogs. She says it is our thing!! Momma did have to have a talk with me though. After dad got home last night and came in our room to play momma left to go make dinner. I did not want to play with dad so i waited at the door for her instead. Later that night momma took me aside and said that daddy was sad cause I wanted mommy and not him. She told me that I am her baby girl but I also am daddys baby girl and that I should be good to my daddy and give him love too. So talking her advice when they tucked us into bed I gave daddy kisses last night and then again today before he left for work. I try not to have favorties but I like momma. She says as long as we are safe anything goes in our room!! She lets us make messes and say it can always be cleaned up later. and she is right we take a nap and when we get up the room is clean again. I think she has a secret fairy that cleans when we sleep!! ok momma says we should wrap it up for now!! love you, kisses- Your little girl Velcro!

  We is having great fun mum, mommy says she will get some pictures of us to send you real soon. She says we even have a granny- and that we get to meet her on Sunday. We is excited. We have never had a granny before! We loves you kisses!!! your two farovite kids--------Popcorn and Velcro

March 19, 2008:
  Guess what shelter mum we had our first visitor today! Mom says we should feel special because of who it was. It was grandpa. mom says he is not a fan of ferret at least he wasn't till he met us!!! He came in our room and played with us!! Hi mum, Velcro here- I like grandpa he has a fuzzy shirt he held me in and he even let me give him kisses!!! He says I am a pretty girl! Hi mum, Popcorn here- grandpa rough housed with me and let me play with his toes!!! He told mom how big of a boy I was!! Mom was not expecting anyone today and grandpa called her said he was in the area and wanted to stop by. He said he was going to go home a bragged to granny that he got to see and play with us and she has to wait until Sunday to see us. Momma was thrilled that we was such a hit with grandpa. So we have our first big fan! And had our first visitor!! We is so excited!!
  Loves you!! Kisses
  Popcorn and Velcro!!!

March 17, 2008:
  I have learned much about these two today and I am more in love with them every moment. Velcro lived up to her name, after 2 and a half hours in their room this morning I had some things I had to do in the rest of the house. Every time I tried to leave the room she begged and begged for me to stay, when I did she would just go about her playing. I finally told her that no matter how many times I leave the room every single time I leave I will always come back! After that she was fine and has been. She is a huge fan of the tunnels so this weekend we are going to buy her a couple more. She likes to hide food under the bed too. I tell her there is no need, we will not have a famine any time soon but she insists, so I think I will have to clean up under the bed every couple of days to keep piles from forming. That is unless popcorn gets to it first he is like a vacuum for food.
  Now onto Popcorn, whom I've dubbed my grizzly bear. I watched him toddle about today and he walks just like a big burly bear. He wrestled and wrangled half the box of toys I got out for him picking out a few favorites he hid under the bed with his two he brought with him. He is also quite the snorkler... every time he drinks he dives right in. And then shakes off so there is water all over. When Velcro finds a puddle his she tippy toes around it, disgusted by his boyish ways. When he sleeps he is quite the lounger. He has been half out of the hammock on the floor. Completely out of the tent he started in. And propped up like a doll completely passed out cold.
  We are waiting patiently for Chris to come home from work to play. They had quite a nap this afternoon, and are ready for some more fun this evening.
  I hope you are a bit more at ease. We are getting along great, and the kitty has not stopped purring all day!!! She is happy too!!
  Will keep you posted!