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Humphrey Bogart, AKA Bogey

   • Humphrey is a male.

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June 05, 2014:
one of my biggest fears is having this happen to me. I go through my laundry piece by piece and then i make sure i have a head count of my furkids before i start the machine because i'm THAT paranoid.
  Oh, those poor little furbabies :'( Thank you for sending this out, i hope it educates some people and saves some small lives.

PS-here's a picture of my Humphrey (the little guy you helped me to rescue about 4 years ago here on long island). We lost his two brothers within a month of each other last year (cancer/old age..though i maintain Gambit died of a broken heart). Now we have a rescue pup and to rescue kitty brothers to keep him company. He's a happy boy...always playing with them and ruling the house with an iron paw! It's really hilarious to see how the smallest critter in the house is the Alpha. ;) **Humphrey says 'Hi!'**


June 05, 2014:
Hi Brenda! Good to hear from you--I would be happy to talk to the AP and actually emailed the writer this morning. Whether or not she wants to talk to me is another story ;) Humphrey is doing very well. He's the happiest boy of all--he cuddles with the other two and plays like there's no tomorrow but he's still bonded with me :') from the minute my alarm going off he is jumping on my bed, trying to eat my food, watching me brush my teeth...etc....he's ridiculous. We had a scare last month when his best ferret friend, Vladimir, had to have surgery and wasn't responding well...he was in the hospital for 5 days and, needless to say, Humph was NOT having it, it was heartbreaking. But, when vlad came home, Humph literally let food fall out of his mouth to run over and do a dance. Now, a month later, we're all one big happy family again!
Cheers, Liz and her furry brood


October 9, 2013:
Hi Brenda!!
  I'd say we are progressing...slowly but surely. Gambit (the alpha) has calmed down and accepted the fact that Humphrey is staying with us but he is not happy about it. The three of them will play but Bogey is not allowed to cuddle with them--they chase him off and he ends up hanging out with me...poor little guy. I hope, in time, they will accept him as a slumber buddy...in the meantime they are still in separate cages for when I'm not home.
  I have noticed that Gambit has been spending time in Bogey's cage (when it's empty) and just lounging on his blankeys--do you know why he has this sudden interest in the cage or is he just being a brat and trying to piss Humphrey off?
  I will say-Humphrey is such a darling. I think He's made me his best friend-never leaves my side when I'm home (unless it's playtime with vlad and gambit)...he even waits outside the shower for me (once he realizes that I'm not letting him IN the shower). It breaks my heart to know that he was once hungry and alone in the 'wild' of Long Island :(
  I'm attaching a video if Humphrey stealing crackers. This is the third one he stole in a row-he hoards food under my dresser (I then wait until he's busy and throw it all out). He doesn't eat any if it...he just likes having it.

October 2, 2013:
Hi Brenda!
  Thank you for the gifties for my furkids! It was a pleasant surprise to come home from work to see an unexpected package on my stoop--and the boys were all very excited to have Mr Octopus to hop around on-lol! (pictures to come).
  Speaking of 'hopping around' I finally managed to get a picture of Bogart being still for a second (while giving him a smooch no less). I put it on your facebook page but i'm going to attach it here too because, well, just look at those little eyes :)
much love,
  Liz, Humphrey, Gambit and Vladimir


October 1, 2013:
Hi Brenda!!
  So, it's been a week since I brought Humphrey Bogart home!! He is the happiest little boy I can't even take it--he loves having ferret friends! Gambit (my alpha boy) is tolerating Bogey but I still need to separate them on occasion when Gambit decides that a little 'playing' will become a fight for dominance. Vladimir, however, will happily play with Bogart and i always hear those two chirping and running around the apartment like a couple of tornadoes.
  Neither of my original two will let Bogey sleep/cuddle with them. If Bogart goes snooping around and finds them sleeping and is like 'friend!" a fight will ensue and they will run Bogey off...needless to say he has become my shadow. lol!
  I think he is a baby--he has to be. He plays ALL.THE.TIME...he's a bouncing furry ball of adorable energy...especially at 4am when he decides that it's time to play and he throws me out of bed. I will say, the other day he woke me up by licking my head. He was literally licking my scalp like it was an ice cream cone or something...at which point, even at 3am, it's hard to be grumpy about that. :D
  I'm optimistic that eventually Gambit will accept him as he did when I brought Vlad home. I'm thinking, aside from his macho issues, if Bogart really is a baby maybe he's too much energy for a 3 and 4 year old ferret and they can only really handle his hi-jinks for s long before getting annoyed.
  Right now I have them in two separate cages...and i feel so bad for Bogart because i know he wants to cuddle with his 'friends' but it's for his own well-being that i keep them separated when I'm not around (like right now when I'm at work).
  I will try to get a picture of the two of us together---he's hard to hold and take a photo of the two of us so i have to wait until later on in the week when i have an extra set of hands to take our picture.
  I'll keep you posted on the goings on in my household...I'm hoping that, by next week, they will all be best of friends (but I'm not holding my breath).

I'll attach a few pictures that I have of him--the fuzzy one I absolutely LOVE (like i said, he can't stop moving) but he's just so damn happy. One day I will get a picture of all of them together and the cuteness with be overwhelming!!
Back to rehearsal for me!
talk soon!
Liz, Gambit, Vladimir and Humphrey Bogart

September 25, 2013:
Hi Brenda!
  I've been meaning to write you but, as you've probably figured, between work and a new furbaby at home it's a little crazy.
  So his name is Humphrey Bogart (we call him 'Bogey' for short). He's a complete sweetheart-I think he's got a little angora in him (if ferrets can have that) because he's super fluffy--I also think he's younger than a year despite his size (he's a big boy). All he wants to do is play--he's been playing and going nuts with me but lately he's befriended Vladimir (my LARGE deaf non-alpha male) and they are happily clucking and playing together-it's adorable! Gambit, on the other hand, is still seeing Bogey as a threat...which is depressing because bogey keeps going up to gambit like 'friend?!' And Gambit is not having any of it. Ah well-it looks like they will continue being separated until gambit can play nice :/
  Other than Gambit's need to prove himself superior we are working on being a happy ferret family.
  I will fill you in on more stuff later-right now I have to set up for the President of the University's convocation address.
Talk soon!


Initial contact, September 21, 2013, Dorothy:
  Hi Brenda this is Dorothy ,I spoke with you yesterday. I found the ferret about 3 weeks ago in my back yard. He is very friendly. I have posted signs, contacted the local shelters, and the local vets. One of the vets at BEST FRIENDS VETERINARY CARE, 145 SMITHTOWN BLVD, NESCONSET, NY, was kind enough to give this ferret a look over and rabies shot . IT is a male. She also posted his picture on her facebook page. You would be able to see him if you look up vet on facebook at the address above. I am kinda at my limit with rescued animals;1 dog,6 cats, feral cats, 6 chickens and a frog not to mention fish. If you can help me to find him a good home, it would be wonderful. thank you for being so nice! Dorothy B

Shelter Response, September 23, 2013:
Good morning. I have reached out to a shelter partner that helps us out with kids down your way, once I hear from her I will let you know what we do next. Hang in there we are working on getting this boy a home. Brenda

Contacting a Shelter friend, September 23, 2013:
How did the matinee go yesterday? I would love to hear about what you do.
  Liz I know this is way soon after our heartbreak however there is a little boy that was found out in a back yard. The lady that has him cannot keep him. I expect someone just tossed him out their back door.
  Dorothy and I spoke on the phone she has had him about 3 weeks this is what she sent me through email :
  Since he is fully vetted and vaccinated we know he is a healthy boy would you consider taking him in? I am asking you first before I post on our shelter list and facebook page. This boy needs a home, I need to help Dorothy find him a home so I am hoping you can help us out with a happier ending this time around.
Let me know please

Liz’s Response, September 23, 2013:
Hi Brenda!
  The matinee went well enough--though I'm a mush and was an exhausted mess the entire day. I'm the technical director of The Staller Center for the Arts in Stony Brook, NY. You can see all the stuff we do at www.stallercenter.com if you're at all interested.
  As for the case of the little boy-knowing what I do now-I don't know if I have the space to introduce a third ferret to my other two. I am still bent that I couldn't keep the little girl that I gave over to the Vet a mere 24 hours ago. I know she was very sick and beyond my financial ability to heal . I'm going to call the vet in a little bit to see how she's doing and if they have her on a fast track to recovery--
  So-I guess the short answer is: I don't think I should. I saw the boys picture and he is ADORABLE and if love to make him part of my family but, though he's healthy, I would hate to see what my current boys will do when a healthy MALE ferret is introduced.
What do you think?

Shelter Response, September 23, 2013:
No doubt in my mind, it was good I did not have to work outside the shelter yesterday because I was useless. Your news, then several other disheartening news reports about other fur kids kept me in a downer funk for the entire day.
  Thank you for the link to the theater you work at it is really interesting you are a very busy lady.
  As we grow as partners I will teach you how to do a lot of what we do right heer on site, however that little girl was probably weeks past the time she needed a vet, the urine fumes alone probably seared her lungs. I am guessing she was well beyond my medical ability as well.
  Liz each ferret is different, and each has their own personality. Giving the new little one time to adjust to your schedule and home would allow him to ease into a business. I AM NOT trying to push you into something you do not feel comfortable with but you need to understand that you had many things working against the new comer yesterday. Now that you know what and how I believe you can make it work. But again that is a decision you need to make. If you cannot take him I need to find him a way to Naples.

Liz’s Response, September 23, 2013:
Essentially what (I think) I've learned is that I need a separate room to bring the new ferret into...thus slowly introducing him to the other two. I live in a studio apartment...so though any new ferret can/will be separated by a cage they won't be able to have an entire secluded space to themselves--which is bad, right?

Shelter Response, September 23, 2013:
Yes at first. Do your other two have free roam when you are home? The way I would do it in your situation is keep the schedule that your two are up normally, when they are in the cage let the new kid up to roam. Vise versa then after a few weeks let the new kid and one of the established kids out together see what happens if they don't mix then the next day try the other. Sometimes it is a matter of this is my space I do not want to share.

Liz’s Response, September 24, 2013:
Oh! Dorothy told me she was going to call you-lol.
  The ferret is with me! He's currently got his own little cage setup in my kitchen area. Now it's a matter of getting Gambit to accept him...which is gonna take a while it seems :/

Shelter Response, September 24, 2013:
Liz I cannot express how blessed I feel to have you in our lives… we are here to do what we can to help you with your fuzz butts
  One at a time for introductions. The one that is the least intimidating to the new kid, do not leave the room you are doing introduction in the minute you see an confrontation separate them and try again the next day.