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Ermine, AKA Mina & Marshall

   • They found a Forever Home February 10, 2018!
   • Ermine, AKA Mina is a female.
   • Marshall is a male.

   • Read their latest updates below.

February 17, 2018:
She is doing much better. Her energy level is clearly higher. She stays awake for longer periods of time. She explores the downstairs. She loves to be scratched behind the head and a good lap cuddle. She even started playing a bit. I’ll check her blood glucose in a week like Doc suggested. I also learned that Marshall is scared of her.
  Marshall is a real people’s ferret. You couldn’t ask for a better combination of playfulness, affectionate, and fun. He likes to play hard and then fall asleep in your arms.

February 12, 2018:
Yes, no problems at all. Discussed with Doc next step. He suggests meds for two weeks to see how her levels improve then call to make an appointment.
Update: A bit of ferretone and her first stroll around the downstairs after her first dose of Pred. I think she’s going to improve greatly over the next few days.

February 11, 2018:
Shelter to Dr Edwards:
We had a couple of ferrets that needed a new home, Danielle Boudet took them in for us. They were dropped off to Danielle on Saturday 2/10/18 the little girl is 7 yrs old. Danielle called Saturday evening to say the Ermine was not doing well so we discussed putting her on soup immediately.
  I talked Danielle through doing a BG with a freestyle lite meter Ermines numbers were 20 at 3 this afternoon. 2/11/18. She has been feeding her soup at regular intervals to keep her going.
  Danielle will be calling the office to speak with you about getting her on some Pred.
  I wanted you to know she was vetted before going to Danielle (see attached documents) they did not do a blood glucose test when she was in. I thought you should know you were going to get a call from Danielle.
  I will be calling to make an appointment for sometime the week of the 19th we have a little one going to a new home so I need to get her vetted before she leaves. I went back to work on 2/5 part time, it is knocking the snot out of me but it is good to be vertical, moving with a somewhat normal gate and manageable discomfort. Doc Charlie is as good at fixing humans as you are at fixing ferrets.
  We have that week off so I will get it done then if I can, I don't want to take any more time off.

Dr. Edwards' response:
Had a chance to visit with Charlie this week and he told me you’d passed your test and we’re sliding back into work. Good job kid. Have written 6/2 in pen on the calendar. I like Danielle and it will be nice to work with her.

Shelter Response: do too, she is a smart lady and does well for the ferrets she cares for. Thanks, I will see you sometime next week. Brenda


February 11, 2018:
Shelter to Owner: How did she make out through the night? I expect the soup will defiantly make her feel better.

Owner response: She readily accepted the soup. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for your advice.

February 10, 2018:
Hi Brenda,
  The two Albany ferrets are in my care. The owners seemed nice and very concerned that they were going to a good home… a good sign. We are getting things settled with the new kids and will send you a picture tomorrow.
  The male is named Marshal. He’s probably 4 1/2, very beautiful, very healthy, very high energy. The female is older, 7, named Ermine. She has adrenal disease, presenting as a swollen vulva. The previous owners are aware but their vet. said she was too old for surgery. I’ll see what Doc says when I go. Her personality according to Kaite is lethargic, sleeps a lot.
  We are letting Marshal run in a room now while she sleeps and spend some time with her in a bit. Apparently, the two do not get along… but I think that’s because the male overwhelms her due to age. I think he’ll acclimate just fine with Max and Princess eventually. I think Ermine just needs her own calm private space for the foreseeable future. Regardless, she will be comfortable and well cared for here. Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ll email again tomorrow and send some pictures.

Shelter Response: Thank you. I am concerned that she will not make this move easily. As bad as I feel that you are taking on this medically challenged ferret I am confident you will be able to pull her through is she has the will to make the changes.
  I am so impressed with your ability to access the situation and move forward with what needs to be done.
  Could be, that information was not passed on to me. I was under the impression they were bonded cage mates.
  I agree with that assessment, and believe that is wise. I've no doubt in my mind, she is in very good hands. Thank you for helping us out with these kids. When you can picture of your two legged and new 4 legged would be great. Brenda

Owner Response: Ermine or Mina as we’ve been calling her is doing ok. We’ll keep at the soup and I’ll try to do a blood glucose later today just to know about where we stand.
  I have their latest reports: rabies, distemper. She said she would email any past history. I can see on some of the paper work that their vet. did recommend the Deslorelin Implant for Ermine’s (I’ve been calling her Mina for short) adrenal disease and gave Kaite a quote for the price. I will ask Doc Edwards what he recommends. I’m not sure if you need it, but her weight on 1/30/18 was 1.43 lbs. I’m not sure if that’s relevant for the Pred. dosage. ’ll watch for your call tomorrow.

Shelter Response: Good - then I don't need to copy the ones she sent to me electronically. I am sure in her condition he will recommend the Deslorelin implant. Okay thanks.




Initial Contact, January 19, 2018:
Mrs. Johnson,
  I am writing to see if you are able to help me with my 2 ferrets, Marshall and Ermine. I recently bought an old house with more cracks and crevices than I am able to keep them out of, and as a result they have been stuck in their cages which breaks my heart, and is unfair/unfit for them.
  I inherited Marshall 4 years ago from my oldest daughter who moved to Florida and couldn't take him with her. I took on Ermine about 2 years ago from a friend who's sister was going into rehab and then a halfway house so could obviously no longer care for her. My estimation for their ages are that Marshall is about 4 1/2 and Ermine is around 6. Marshall is healthy with no medical issues aside from a surgery in March of 2015 because he swallowed a piece of foam that was blocking his stomach/intestines. Ermine was diagnosed with adrenal gland disease this past summer, and is presenting with swollen glands. She is currently not on any meds as the vet said not to unless she is presenting with other symptoms or starts to act differently or ill.
  Marshall is much more active than Ermine, and really needs time to run around and play. I was hoping to put them together in the same cage, but Ermine only tolerates Marshall's playfulness for so long before she gets upset with him. I'm not sure if it's due to her having been alone so long, their difference in age/activity level, or a combination of both, but I have them in separate cages. They both are sociable with humans, and Marshall enjoys interactive play.
  I thought of putting out ads looking for homes for them, but my worry is that someone will take them on without understanding the responsibility of caring for a ferret and they may end up neglected and is a worse situation than they are now Your farm looks like a dream come true for ferrets, and I would be very grateful if you would be able to accept them into your family and possibly find Marshall a suitable home.
Sincerest regards,

Shelter Response, January 19, 2018:
Where are you located? We have an opening at this time, this link will explain all that is required to surrender your ferrets to us http://www.ferretfarm.org/PrivateSurrender.html . The ferrets must be current on vaccines with documentation.
  New York State requires ferrets to be vaccinated with the rabies vaccine yearly, a more important vaccine is distemper. The distemper shots that are given to the ferrets before leaving the breeder are null and void as the FDA label states this vaccine does not work on kits under 8 weeks of age. The kits being moved from the breeder to the stores are 6 weeks when shipped.
  Our web link includes ferret knowledgeable veterinarians available to get this done if you do not have a veterinarian of your own.​ http://www.ferretfarm.org/faq/Vets.html​
  Current means 8 months or longer before the ferrets need to be vaccinated again. As the web site states everything that belongs to the ferrets comes with them up to and including the cage.
  We do not separate cage mates so it is imperative that if you decide you are surrendering your ferrets to this facility you keep us informed so we keep an appropriate opening for you. We work on a first come first serve basis.
  The shelter directors work schedule varies on a day to day basis so we need to determine a time that fits both yours and her schedule. Surrenders generally take 45 min to a hour to complete.

I look forward to hearing from you.
  Brenda Johnson

Owner Response, January 19, 2018:
I am located near Schenectady, NY.
I will have to make an appointment to get them their vaccines, as I'm sure it has been longer than 4 months.
I will contact you to let you know when I have an appointment.

Thank you for your help, Kaite

Owner Response, January 22, 2018:
Marshall and Ermine have an appointment January 30th to get their vaccines.
The link you sent me asks for documentation. What information needs to be included?

Thank you, Kaite

Owner Response, January 31, 2018:
Marshall and Ermine received their vaccines yesterday and are doing well. Attached is their documentation.
Please let me know how to move forward.

Thank you, Kaite

Owner Response, February 6, 2018:
I apologize for the delayed response, apparently I sent this to the wrong person.

Shelter Response, February 6, 2018:
Wow where did you send the emails? I put you in the not interested in following through file. I pulled you out of that file. I may have a home to slid your kids into - I contacted the family this morning.
What is your schedule for getting them to us? Everything that belongs to them comes with them, including cage, dishes, toys etc. what kind of food are you feeding them? We need that too.
Let me know. Brenda

Shelter to potential new home, February 6, 2018:
Danielle - We have a couple of kids that need a place to go they are all vetted, in Albany at the moment. Are you interested?

Potential new home, February 6, 2018:
Yes, I am interested.

Shelter Response, February 6, 2018:
Okay then I will find out when she wants to bring them - can you come to Naples or do I need to find a way to get them to you?

Potential new home, February 6, 2018:
Albany is 1 1/2 hours from me versus 3 to Naples. But whatever works for you so you can check them over and do whatever you have to do. Keep me posted.

Owner Response, February 6, 2018:
I had forwarded our initial emails to my boyfriend, and it seems that all my subsequent ones went only to him. I often cc him in emails, so I saw them as 'sent', he assumed he was seeing them as being 'cc'd', and neither of us realized I was leaving you out of the loop.
It's a bit of a drive for me, so I would really prefer it to be a weekend if possible. Of the next three, this weekend works best for me if you are available. If not, I will manage something to fit your schedule.
I'm happy to hear you may have a home for them. This is really difficult Knowing they will go somewhere and be loved is a comfort.
I feed them Wysong Epigen 90 Ferret Food, and I have one full bag and about 1/2 of an open bag.

Shelter Response, February 6, 2018:
Katie - meet Danielle *** Danielle meet Katie ***
Danielle has adopted from us in the past, she and her family are willing to accept your two ferrets into their home.
I am putting the transfer into your hands - you guys make the arrangements to pass them off to Danielle. Everything still applies - everything that they own goes with them.
I will email paperwork that needs to be filled out and sent back to me separately, Katie surrender papers, Danielle adoption contract. Please keep me in the loop I need a paper trail for these ferrets. If you can I would like the paperwork in my hands before the transfers takes place please.
Again I am going to step aside for the two of you to make the arrangements to transfer the ferrets into Danielle's hands, but again please keep me in the email loop.

Potential new home, February 7, 2018:
Absolutely! We are planning for Saturday afternoon. She is coming to my house.

Shelter Response, February 7, 2018:
Oh wow - that's great.. glad you don't have to travel. Thanks for helpen us out. I am really not up to filling more cages yet, work is beating the snot out of me. I'm getting a day of rest today they called a snow day.

Potential new home, February 7, 2018:
I understand. Glad you are feeling better but it must be tough. We have room for 2 and this works out perfectly. She said she was already planning on the 4 hour drive to Naples so she figured that 1 1/2 hours to my house was a big improvement.