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Isabella & Lakota

   • These two found a Forever Home on April 7, 2014.
   • Isabella is a female.
   • Lakota is a male.

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April 22, 2014:
  This is Lakota. He is a very sweet, happy boy. He loves to play with crochet eggs, he stashes them in the tunnels and tries to take the ball pit balls in there too. He and his cage buddy Isabella got to meet my 3 fur kids, Luke, Jesse and Daisy Dook tonight. There was only a little hissing and lots of sniffing and then the dooking, dancing and chasing started. They got along very well. Isabella looks and acts so much like Daisy. Neither of them can be contained, both are very small and both get into everything and they both think they can fly. When I open Lakota and Isabella's cage door she jumps out to me. Lakota is a ground ferret, Isabella is a squirrel. She likes to hide things on top of the cage under the blankets. I've never had a ferret that hides things up high. I couldn't get a good picture of her because she doesn't stop moving. Every picture I took was a brown blur. All 5 fur kids were snuggled together in a tent when I went to put them to bed. I think they'll do well together.


April 9, 2014:
  They are doing well. I cut their nails which were curling under and gave them ferretone which they loved. Lakota is the silver male and Isabella is the sable female. Their water bottles were slimy inside so I gave them a dish of water and they had a great time snorkeling! They also love their much larger cage and multiple hammocks to snuggle in. They are settling in well! I'll send pictures tomorrow.

Cynthia: O mum I thought Nichole got hold of you. She rescued them Saturday and hit them for free. They are in their new Condo compared to their shoe box and are doing Awesome !!! Nichole let me name them to Isabella and Lakota ( Izzy and lackey for short) with a special meaning Lakota in Native American stands for New Beginning Amen!! Nichole probably has been so busy with her accident and trying to get things straightened out with that Mum. Also I went on Zee maps and added myself for ferret rescues in and around my area it was on my everything ferret pro-boards. How are you doing?



Initial Cragslist Post, March 29, 2014:
Fun, lovable ferrets with lots of extras! - $175
  These two adorable ferrets are male and female. The female is brown and the male is white. They get along excellently with children and each other. They come with their cage, their bed, two water bottles, and their food dishes. Im asking $175 because I would really like them to go to a good home…

March 29, 2014, Cynthia:
  Well my heart is broken she removed the ad after I spoke to her a very pleasant conversation but now I see their removed off craigslist I'm going to send her number **** her name is Leslie. This kills me I just called again to leave my name and number and am willing to give cash to save their lives so I'm on hold with prayers.

March 29, 2014, Shelter Mum reaching out:
  I just got word this morning there are 2 kids that were found left abandoned in Elmira - Cynthia is on it, she is trying to get more information on them, but she lives way up north, can you help by taking these 2 kids in?

March 29, 2014, Nicky T.:
  I will definitely get them. That is happening a lot down here lately with dogs and cats too. Get me the info and I'll get those 2 little darlings.

March 29, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  As soon as I know where the ferrets are I will get back to you… it may need to be ASAP but I have not heard anything more. Cynthia is cc'd so you two can communicate. I have 3 families coming in; the first due now so I am not going to be at the computer anymore today… Thanks Nicky - Cindy, Nicky is going to help us out. -Brenda

March 30, 2014, Cynthia:
  Leslie just texted me about the 2 she said she will let me know this evening so JESUS is working here AMEN

March 30, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Good morning ladies, I am of the opinion we are not going to be able to save these fur kids… Cynthia I know how your heart is breaking, we can only offer and if they do not follow through there is not much we can do but hope and pray they will land in safe hands.. Nicky is in the wings if we need her. Thanks Ladies for helping us help the kids that come through our doors, and those that need our assistance.

March 30, 2014, Cynthia:
  Okay Mum well I have been thrown a curve ball and in my Honest opinion I have been in a battle over these babies but their worth it. She wants $$$ I feel like I'm at an auction block these 2 babies life's hang in the balance over $$$$ and not by myself but if that's what it takes I guess I'm in it. This girl Leslie said her sister will contact me and the price is $150.00 and she want to get them to me and I'm afraid if I don't do this they are going to end up somewhere not good because of some of the conversation we have had. I've seen the cage these to wee ones are being kept in and they might as well be in a shoe box. So now I'm waiting on a text or call to rescue these fuzzy butts and get them to you!!

March 30, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Okay so get the information you need to know where they are and how to reach them…. MAKE sure you have all that information Phone email and physical address…. Once you have that in your position you tell Leslie that you have contacted Animal Control and if she does not turn them over to one of our shelter volunteers they will be knocking on her door to confiscate them because they are not being properly cared for… She is using this to make money - she is abusing these ferrets… we will have her arrested if she does not turn them over… BUT we need all her contact information before you tell her this… Let's see what she does from there, she is pulling at your heart strings and believes you will pay her this money… DO NOT! - Brenda

March 30, 2014, Cynthia:
  Yes I'm realizing this now when I first contacted her she said that these babies were left behind I her mom and dad's apartment building and were left with no food and water she said in here and she wanted 175.00 but would be willing to negotiate the price for a loving home! I responded back to her and gave my feelings and gave her all your info about the rescuing if she couldn't find a place a good one I at the time also asked if she had gotten their shots thinking that would be a hold up for a rescue I know that's not true now per our conversation. Then I told her if she didn't want to surrender them that maybe depending I could get them. I called her yesterday cause I hadn't heard from her and then I was told that the ferrets were her sisters and she would have to ask her sister if it was okay to do this. I'm thinking so it's your horrible sister that left these babies behind and then after thinking this she said don't worry IV owned ferrets all my life and these two are being well care for I'm livid at this point. So it's been lies all along then yesterday the ad was removed so I'm going to text her and tell her I can come get them tomorrow to get these babies so that I can get her info.

here they are - yep go figure I'm waiting mum

March 30, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Living in shavings? - UGH

March 30, 2014, Cynthia:
  I just checked on all the emails all it gives is the Craig's list info no personal email address I have her phone number **** and her name is Leslie.

March 30, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  We need more than that or we need to let this go.. she is pushing your buttons and pulling your chain, she cares nothing about the animals she wants money.. if she does not respond just text her tell her you have changed your mind you found 2 ferrets closer to home for free …

March 31, 2014, Cynthia:
  Hello mum I gave Nichole the address her first name I don't have a email address and I gave her the girls phone number.

March 31, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Perfect thank you.

March 31, 2014, Cynthia:
  Oops let me know mum I would like to send money to help these fuzzy butts I believe it's fostering I pray all goes good here and you guys get these fuzzy butts. Amen

March 31, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Actually if this happens Nicky said she would take them in for her own.. if that is the case then we are good. I just took in a neglect case today.

Sunday, April 06, 2014, Nicky:
  I've been driving Mike's dad's Jeep while my car is in the shop and my students mom backed into it on Wednesday. Estimates are $700-$1100 in damage.
  I have talked to Melinda (ferret keeper) a few times this week. Here's what I know:
1.She's had them about 3 months
2.They were locked in a bathroom of a vacant apartment (no cage)
3.She thinks they're about 1yr
4.She bought a cage for them and admits she doesn't know much about ferrets.
5.The cage, pine bedding and food is what the pet store suggested she get for them.
6. The female is a sable and the male is a silver.
I can't wait to meet them tomorrow at 230 :)

Apr 5, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  We have heard nothing on the possible rescue correct?

April 06, 2014, Cynthia:
  Wow Nichole I hope you are okay. Now Nichole I was told by her sister Leslie when I first contacted her on this Leslie told me that they were being well taken care of and that there family, family had owned ferrets all their life's so not to worry and they were being well cared for but the picture I sent told a different story!! And I also seen the shavings it thru up a red flag they whole story that I got thru up flags!!!! I'm praying

April 6, 2014, Shelter Mum:
  Nichole - you and the fur kids are in my God Box. - Brenda

April 07, 2014, Cynthia:
  I heard from Nichole she rescued them Amen